Excellent Coaching Philosophy in Athletics

Coaching Philosophy

Excellent Coaching Philosophy in Athletics Coaching Philosophy in Athletics. Nothing is as practical as a well-developed philosophy. Philosophy is simply the way you see situations and experiences. So, whether you have given it much thought or not, you already have a personal philosophy of life. It is based on your ideas, opinions, and attitudes from … Read more

Nancy Navalta Controversial Gender Issues

nancy navalta

Clocking a time of 11.44 seconds for the 100-meter dash, Given how undeveloped Nancy was, is an even more amazing feat. Nancy lacked training, too; in contrast, she just jogged over sandy beaches while carrying a bag of boulders.

Newspapers, however, praised this girl who transformed from a Luna stone picker to a renowned athlete and was the daughter of a fisherman. Most importantly, her early victories qualified her for the national training program. However, some commentators then started discussing the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Nancy was never able to visit Atlanta. Though it was questioned whether Navalta was a man because of the notion that a female newbie could run so quickly and physical characteristics like her “flat chest,” “muscled build,” and a “wispy moustache.”

Motivation to workout Sports Videos and Books [Updated 2022]

motivation to workout

Mental motivation to workout for Athletics Training Article by Jane Sandwood Motivation to workout  Being a competitive athlete involves every area of your life, in other words, from your diet to your daily routines. Also, finding the inner motivation to work out to keep at it is fundamental to success. At the same time, Olympic … Read more

Doping in Sports feat. Ben Johnson

Doping in Sports

What Doping in Sports It was continued from Article Drug in Sports Testing. I did not write the following material below just found it from another source; a lot of it may now be outdated. Also, read up on the Drug in Athletics archive. Provides a background to all the pointing fingers and the whole … Read more