You step back to look at the view in the mirror only to notice that you still lack lower leg development.

How can that be?

You have trained calves a million and one ways; you have eaten properly, received adequate rest, and still fail to see any distinct results.

Do you suffer from small calf syndrome? Are you tired of putting in 100% effort and receiving only 10% results? Does any of this sound familiar?

Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t work out or exercises very little yet possesses beautiful and balanced calves? Just as with any other muscle, calves are genetic.

The length of a muscle and the tendon’s insertion point will determine how great your calves will be.

Those with short calf muscles and a long tendon insertion will have a much more difficult time building them to greatness, as this makes them smaller and higher.

Building calves can be frustrating, and it has to be the most difficult muscle in the body to deliver desired results.

Even if you are not genetically gifted in the calf department, there are some tactics that you can employ to maximize your lower leg development.