Brume OKEOGHENE Emerging Talent 10.27 at 15

Brume OKEOGHENE Emerging Talent 10.27 at 15

Proof Edited: by Doctor Vic Salas

Brume OKEOGHENE of Nigeria is the latest of impressive emerging Juniors.

While all focus was on Enoch Adegoke 10.16 (+0.8) run at an All-comers meet in Akure, Nigeria, in January.

According to World Athletics, I was more impressed with the second placer Brume OKEOGHENE who I later discovered was born on 5th March 2005. Making him still 15 years old when he clocked 10.27 to take second place against some good senior athletes. 

Brume was also the tallest in the field.

It was a significant improvement for Brume, who improved from 10.50 last year. Brume is the top contender, along with Japan’s Hiroki Yanagita, born in 2003, who also ran 10.27 (+0.7) last year. 

The World Junior Championships will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 17 to 22 of August.

In retrospect, Usain Bolt ran 20.58 at 15 years old and 11 months to win the World Juniors. Bolt never ran the 100 meter’s at his stage—the comparable performance to Brume’s 10.27 at the same age for 100m. Brume will be 15 years old, and 5 months at World Juniors, so he will get the chance to set another record of being months younger than Bolt when Bolt became the youngest winner in the World Juniors’ History.

As Brume turns 16 next month, he is classed in the ’16 age category for world age-grade records. 10.15 is the world record for 16-year-old’s held by Anthony Schwartz of the USA. Brume has also run a 10.68 as a 13-year-old.


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Brume OKEOGHENE Emerging Talent 10.27 at 15 1

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