Bruce Ventura athlete – Legendary Thrower

Photo Caption: Bruce Ventura athlete in 1991

Bruce Ventura athlete – Legends of the Throwers Circle

First Published  September 14, 2013

Today we add another Legend to our circle of champions of the past. Fil-Heritage Thrower Bruce Ventura will be immortalized forever among the legends of our sport. 

Bruce Ventura was the Philippine National Record Holder in the Shotput for 15 years from 1992 to 2007.

Although his name is not known today, many of the senior coaches with Bruce Ventura still remember him. asked Bruce Ventura for his insight as Bruce Ventura was one of the more successful Fil-Heritage athletes who won a silver at the 1993 SEA Games. Although he had a short career in the Shotput, Bruce contributed a lot to the Philippines.

My dad Emilio Ventura is from Piddig, Ilocos Norte; he left the Philippines and became part of the US Navy and was retired after 25 years.

 My grandfather is Emilio Ventura Sr and graduated from California at Berkeley

He is the founder of Roosevelt High School in Ilocos Norte.



Early Days

My mom is from Bolinoa, Pangasinan, was a doctor in the Philippines. She sacrificed her career to come to the US and have a family. 

In 1971 my parents got married, and the Ventura Family was born.

The Shotput was introduced to me in high school by my coaches Chuck Bean and Al Vacio. 

 Initially, the Shotput and discus were so dull; I lost interest. 

But all that changed when this 14-year-old Freshman in his first meet beat his upper-class man right then and there, which made me realize I could be good at this. 

Four years 1991, I broke the school record, and until now, it still stands 56 ft 11 inches (17.10m 6kg shot). 

I also was involved with my favorite sport, Football. I was captain of our team and still have the best record in school history, 9-1.

The individuals that have attributed to my success, high school coach Tony Flores, teammates Mike Arreola, Sergio Ramos, Kenley Shirakawa, College Coaches at San Jose, DeAnza, and Chico State.

 I want to acknowledge my Idol, Mentor Ron McKee. Back then, this man amazed me with his technique. 

20 plus years later, we work together, and he still amazes me with his knowledge and guidance

I had no intention of throwing after High School; however, my good friend and neighbor from San Jose, California, Ed Lasquete, told me about it and boomed here.

Edward Lasquete and Bruce Ventura
Edward Lasquete and his friend Bruce Ventura


The most memorable moment was my first competition in the Philippines.

I was 19 years old, flying 16 hours on the plane. Arriving 5 hours later, I throw and break an 18-year-old Shot put record (15.82m)15.82m was not my personal best. I was throwing over 16 during my college years at 52 feet.

Bruce Ventura won a silver at the 1993 SEA Games.



Bruce Ventura Why did I end my Shotput career short? 

Well, this is a sensitive topic. But back in 1995, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

My life changed, and I was too young to understand this disease at the time. 

Above all, I was depressed and still kept my pride to fight it. 

When I threw in Thailand 1995 SEA Games, I hoped to win the Gold, even though I suffered. 

I ended up 4th. No one knew what I was going through. That’s life.

I am currently working Full time at a Juvenile Detention Center

And I have been coaching Shotput and Discus at local high schools in San Jose.


I want to thank my Auntie Dulce Lukban for letting me stay at their house, Pops Fernandez‘s old room lol, Also Jocelyn, Joey. 

My auntie Pura Cerdan Joy and Jonas Cerdan. And all The Ventura cousins in Piddig Ilocos Norte

And last but not least, my Family here, Dad Ronnie and Omar Ventura. Shiela, Derek, Liselle, Kennedy, Cammy, Omar Jr, and Vegas.

Bruce Ventura


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