Pre-Game Hygiene Boost Performance

Pre-Game Hygiene Boost Performance

Jane Sandwood

Filipinos continue to soar in the athletics world as the 8 bets for the 2018 Asian Games have just been named.

As sports fans are gearing up to watch Pinoy athletes compete this September, many will be interested to learn how these contenders prepare for their respective events.

It’s a well-known fact that some athletes can be extremely superstitious when it comes to game day—for instance, there’s volleyball player Aby Maraño, who regularly adorns her hair with hair clips for good luck on game day.

There is certainly no harm in having pre-game rituals before the big day, as it’s a great way to prepare oneself before competing mentally, but there are other ways to prepare yourself to feel good and boost performance.

Here are some pre-game hygiene practices that athletes should try before the big day.

Boost Performance; Never underestimate the power of a good shower

In the days leading up to his 2014 fight with Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley revealed that he doesn’t take shower one whole week before a fight. Pacquiao was said to be concerned about his opponent’s strange ritual, saying that it was a little over the top. Indeed, taking a shower is just one of the things that you should do to care for yourself at the gym or the night before your game.

Whether it’s a hot, relaxing shower after a stressful day or a blast of cold water during a sweltering day, it’s a great way to revive your spirits and prepare yourself for your game. Moreover, regular showers keep germs at bay and keep your skin clear and healthy.

Swap out your socks

If you’ve never changed your socks since the day you won your first game. It may be high time to swap it out for a new pair. Wearing worn-out socks can affect your performance. Especially if you’re a runner or if you do a lot of footwork in your sport. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable doing so. At least have an alternate pair of socks in the same color. And try to rotate your socks as much as possible.

Tame your tresses

Now it’s almost impossible to maintain a pristine hairstyle, especially when you’re killing it on the field. But having a go-to hairstyle that can keep your hair off your face while you’re playing can help to secure that gold.

It’s especially recommended to play sports such as volleyball, gymnastics, softball, baseball, soccer, or basketball. For female athletes, instead of a haphazard ponytail, try securing your strands by braiding your hair. Men who opt to have long hair can keep their hair out of their faces. By styling it in a man bun. Or wearing a bandanna if the sport permits it.

Proper hygiene not only keeps you healthy, but it’s a great way to boost your mood before a game. Try these pre-game hygiene tips to boost performance. And increase your chances of getting the gold on the big day.

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