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4 Best Yoga Mat That Is Suitable for Yogis

A yogi who does yoga would always want to invest in a good yoga mat. There is no doubt that the best yoga mats is needed if you practice yoga daily.

There are many benefits yoga mats can provide, and some of them are protecting you from injury, maintaining body temperature, and improving balance by giving a better grip.

Hence, if you are keen on practicing yoga and are looking for the best yoga mats, you’ll need to check out this list to find out the 4 best yoga mats that best suit you!;


1.  IUGA Pro Non Slip 

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One of the best yoga mat brands is known as IUGA. The IUGA Pro non-slip is famous for its non-slippery and non-sliding effect. The IUGA mat is made out of SGS-certified material, and it is layered with polyurethane to provide a strong grip and non-slippery surface.

Unlike many yoga mats, the IUGA Pro non-slip yoga mat is made out of eco-friendly products. Biodegradable materials such as harvested tree rubber are used to produce. Hence, no chemical substances are used to produce, and it is free from any odor. 

It also comes in several colorways: gray, dark blue, and red. With a range of color choices, you can purchase your favorite yoga mat according to your color preferences.

Thus, if you enjoy practicing yoga in different types of yoga forms, this mat is surely meant for you as it is suitable not only in a normal yoga environment but it also suits you best for hot yoga.


2.  Liforme 

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If you are new to yoga, investing in the Liforme Yoga Mat will be the best option. The Liforme Mat is designed for beginners who are just starting to practice yoga. This quality mat is produced with unique features alongside the “Align For Me” system and the “Grip For Me” materials.

The “Align For Me” system provides yogis of all sizes with better alignment, preventing them from having any injuries. Besides, the high-quality mat is also produced with “Grip For Me” material that enables yogis to have a good balance no matter how much they sweat while practicing yoga.

The length and width of the mat are also made well for yogis to have a wide and big comfortable space. With the mat’s thickness being 4.2mm, the mat is thick enough to provide yogis with comfortable cushioning.

As with the IUGA Pro Non-slip mat, the Liforme  Mat is also eco-friendly. The mat is made out of polyurethane material and is free from toxic materials that can harm yogis.

Thus, this mat is a must-buy if you’re a beginner and keen on practicing yoga.


3.  Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

Image courtesy of Lululemon


Have you ever struggled to practice yoga due to the  mat being too small in size? If your answer is yes, then fret not! We have found you the perfect mat that will sort out all your problems and worries.

The Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm is designed especially for yogis who are tall and big. The dimensions of the reversible mat are 66cm by 180 cm, and it is wide and long enough to provide an ample amount of space for the tall yogis to stretch themselves freely while practicing yoga.

Another wow factor of this mat is the materials that are made from polyurethane and natural rubber. The polyurethane and natural rubber enable yogis to freely practice yoga without worrying about falling off even if they sweat too much. The polyurethane absorbs the moisture to create and provide a better grip.

Additionally, if you’re into aesthetics, this mat will be the best option for you. The design of this mat comes in various aesthetic colorways such as chalky rose, soft cranberry, lunar rock, seawater, and a few other colors. You’ll rock when you’re going for a class with your mat!


4.  Clever Yoga Travel Mat

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The Clever Yoga Travel Mat is here to save yogis! So often, after a long tiring yoga session, many yogis tend to leave their sweats on their  mat to dry off by themselves, or they would clean them by using a wet cloth, which may be too time-consuming and burdensome.

But with the existence of Clever  Mat, yogis can now just put their mat into the washing machine to wash off all their sweat. Yes! It is simple as it is! The Clever Y Mat is made to be machine-washable as the yoga mat materials are made of natural rubber, and the mat’s surface is layered with microfibre for an efficient grip effect.

It’s a bonus if you are a yogi that enjoys traveling! The Clever Mat is not only machine-washable but is also foldable, making it extremely easy to be carried around compared to other mats. So whether it is a suitcase or backpack, this yoga mat will surely be able to fit in it and follow you around.

Everyone dislikes practicing yoga on a smelly mat. So why not get yourself a Clever Yoga Travel Mat?

It will help you sort all your worries out, and you can finally practice yoga without worrying about the bad odor from your mats again.





By Andrew Pirie

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