Best Hamstring Exercises

exercises for hamstrings

Best Hamstring Exercises

This article will cover the Best Exercises for the Hamstrings. 

During the time of COVID-19. With Gyms closed and, in some cases, curfews imposed. Athletes and fitness buffs are turning towards Home hamstring Workouts.

Exercises for Hamstrings at Home

We will go through some Hamstring Exercises at home.

These will be bodyweight hamstring exercises that can do without weight equipment.

Glute hamstrings raise, advanced with eccentric overload:

best hamstring exercises

  • This must be the most challenging exercise in the hamstring I ever used, also known as ‘Nordic Curls.’ 
  • Proper leg alignment is necessary if optimal results are to be achieved.
  • It would help if you had the knees on top of the floor with the shins parallel to the ground.
  1. Perform the concentric phase of the glute hamstring raise without a load.
  2. Have a partner hold your ankles. Perform a slow (minimum three seconds), controlled, eccentric contraction.
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  4. We do no more than six reps for this exercise.

All you need is a partner; you can do these Hamstring exercises without weights. 

Single-Leg Deadlift Exercises for Hamstrings

This one needs a piece of equipment. Suppose you don’t have a dumbbell at home. Then, you do what UAAP MVP and SEA Games Steeple Chase Silver medallist Joida Gagnao of FEU does and use a Milk bottle.

Single-leg deadlifts are particularly good for sprinters as they isolate the single-leg movements.

  1. When performing a single-leg deadlift with dumbells, you will want to restrict the amount of weight you do (a lot less than half a normal deadlift) and be careful not to drop the weight on your toes.

With a straight barbell, you always can drop the weight at any time if you need to, and the height of the plates will restrict how far down the bar can go. With dumbbells, you lose both of these abilities. Here so here’s the impact it’ll have:

  • Because you cannot easily drop the weight if you need to, you’ll have to watch your toes if you ever have to bail out of a lift. DropAlso, dropping0lb weight onto your toe will cause some real pain.
  • Because dumbbells can get much closer to the floor, you’ll have a wider range of motion, which is mostly bad. Fully extending your back until your fist is nearly touching the floor can cause too much stress to be put on your lower back.

To deal with both of these,

I like to put one of those stair stepper steps in front of me, with my toes right underneath it. It gives me a platform to drop the weight on if I need to, and it also gives a higher floor to rest the weight on when at full depth.

Leg Curl With Exercise Ball Exercises for Hamstrings

This is a hamstring exercise without weight. But it does require a Swiss ball, which can purchase via lazada. Ph.

  1. Sit on top of an exercise ball, face up on your heels.
  2. Raise your pelvis to form a straight line through your head and knees, exhale, and then use your heels to move the ball into your glutes.
  3. Correct the motion to roll back out the ball and lower the hips.
  4. Do 3 8 to 10 sets of reps.

Hamstrings Tantrums Exercises for hamstrings

This is a good and useful hint I learned while doing my Level 3 Athletics Australia Sprints Coaching course. Hamstring tantrums are good as they require minimal equipment. And are very specific for developing fast, rapid movement speeds, which sprinters require.

  1. Just lie down on your stomach on a mat, or if you don’t have one, a towel.
  2. Then in a leg curl-type position, swing your legs as fast as possible back towards your butt.
  3. Start with 3 sets of 20 seconds with 1-2 min rests, then move to 30 secs and eventually up to a minute.

Conclusion Best Hamstring exercises

Well, that’s all we have time for today. So I mainly wrote this article on bodyweight hamstring exercises that can be done with minimal equipment for my athletes, mainly in the Philippines.

The younger population of the Philippines was demanding a hamstring workout at home. So Pinoyathletics was obliged to provide hamstring exercises at home.

For now, we will leave it with four useful exercises for you to apply.

But we ask the audience now. 

What are you doing for your hamstring exercises without equipment?







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