ASEAN School Games 2019 reliable Full Results

ASEAN School Games 2019 Reliable Full Results

ASEAN School Games 2019: Samantha Limos resigns from  Team

July 8, 2019

Samantha Limos takes bronze at the 2016 Children of Asia meet at Yakutsk Russia.


In an act of extreme sportsmanship, Samantha Limos has withdrawn from the ASEAN School Games 2019.

Unsure as to why she was selected, Limos has vacated her slot in the 2019 ASG Team that will take place in Indonesia July 17-25 in Semarang Indonesia.

Limos were scheduled to run the 100 and 200, originally by coach Ilde Banzon from the University of Cebu.

A coach who worked with several Palaro sprint Champions Balani, Navaja, Noval, Lera Dela Cazada, and Jonas Etoile.

Limos captured the Palaro record in 2016 with an 11.99 run in Legazpi city at age 14 and won the gold in 200 in 25.51.

Before this, she had reset the Batang Pinoy Record in her hometown Cebu with run of 12.37. While still with Cebu, Limos also captured her only International medal so far at the Children of Asia Meet in Russia with a time of 12.48 a few months after her Palaro win.

In 2017 she was recruited by Elma and Jojo Posadas at Brent School, Laguna. And has not been able to surpass her Palaro 2016 times.

Limos went to 2017, 2018, and 2019 sea youth and finished 5th (12.81), 4th (12.52), and 6th (12.73).

She won the national open in Ilagan in the juniors but could only manage 12.57; her 200 also has declined to 26.27.

Limos did not participate in the 2018 and 2019 Palaro events. But her best 100m performances for those years would have landed her 4th place in the 100 and 7th in the 200.


Limos Progression

  • 2015 – 12.48s (Batang Pinoy) /  25.86s Batang Pinoy
  • 2016 – 11.99s Palarong Pambansa / 25.51s Palarong Pambansa
  • 2017 – 12.73s Weekly Relays / 26.26s SEA Youth
  • 2018  12.36s Shanghai Sports / 25.71s STCAA Meet
  • 2019 – 12.57s National Open / 26.27s SEA Youth

Meanwhile, Melbert Diones was initially chosen as the ASG  team despite his NCR team being ranked 4th in Secondary Boys at the palaro.

Was replaced as Men’s Head Coach by Elisio Navarro, the winning coach of the 2019 Palaro of Western Visayas. The DepEd taking action upon reading the previous writeup of Pinoyathletics.info.


ASEAN School Games 2019 Team Athletics – Full List – Athletics a Big Question Mark?

Please note it seems the DEPED submitted this list for the ASEAN School Games 2019 (June 17), so it appears to be the official list. For All Sports.

While Pinoyathletics will not comment on other sports.

Regarding athletics, it’s odd that a coach who was not a winning coach in Palaro be included as Head Coach for Boys. NCR finished 4th. 

Secondly, an athlete who hasn’t played in the Palaro for 2 years.

Was included in the girls. At the same time, and did not include several gold medalists on the trip.

While we haven’t done the data yet on the other countries (that is to come).

It’s unlikely this team will exceed the 6 gold medals won in 2018 or that half of these athletes will win awards.

Several athletes who were more qualified were left out of this team.

This leads Pinoyathletics to question not just

How was this team put together?

But also WHO advised the DEPED on how to put this team together.

Regardless we will have to ‘Wait and See’ as the games are scheduled for July 20-24. Which is less than a month before we will answer questions. A

We know if the DEPED made the right team selection with a group they seem to have put together randomly. 


ASEAN School Games 2019 Team Athletics

June 25, 2019

ASEAN School Games 2019


I am sharing the list of selections for the ASEAN School Games 2019.

There have been mixed reactions from the athletic community, including a non-winning coach as the Boy’s Head Coach.

Of the three coaches that finished ahead.

And the winning coach in the 2019 Palaro for Secondary Boys Athletics was Alessio Navarro of Iloilo for Team Western Visayas.


Boys Secondary Results at Palaro 2019 Overall Team

  1. WEST V – 1ST 6 golds
  2. 4-A – 3 golds 2 silver 2 bronze
  3. REGION 2 – 3 GOLDS
  4. NCR  – 2 GOLD

List of Palaro Medalists as per the DEPED Website


Note the Following Athletes are not Top 8 in Palaro

Michael Adan 2:09 800 5th in SEA Youth. (Top 8 Palaro 2.02)

While Rex Amanangpang’s 13.09m and 6.30m Triple Jump and Long Jump were 6th and 6th in SEA Youth (Top 8 Palaro 6.59)

*John Lera,  silver medalist in the Long Jump and Triple Jump 7.39m and 14.60m, is not in the lineup

Manuel Banatao 1.78m High Jump 7th in SEA Youth (Top 8 Palaro 1.75)

And Samantha Limos did not participate in the Palarong Pambansa in 2017 or 2018. She competed at the SEA Youth and finished 6th (12.73). Her best time for 2019 is 12.57 (Philippine National Open).

While, Lianne Pama, who clocked 12.10w / 12.28 for the 100m and took silver at the Palaro, was not included in the lineup.

Pama was also silver in the 200 with a time of 25.04 at the Palaro. Limos have not broken 26 sec this year in 200m.

Janey Gallano, although not top 3 in Palaro in the 400 Hurdles 5th at Palaro, took a silver medal a the 2018 SEA Youth (56.65) in 400 Hurdles. 


The Following Athletes are stronger qualifiers (who had the following medals at 2019 Palaro.

  • Patrick Tolentino (Silver) (High Jump) Boys Palaro 1.95m (getting his phi passport processed)
  • John Lera (Silver) (Triple Jump and Long Jump)
  • Jerry Vasquez (Gold) (3ks) 9:35 Palaro Record (No 3ks at ASG, but he can run 8.50-9.00, which puts him in medal contention. He also already has a Philippine Passport.
  • Gabriel Dulay (Gold) (800m) 1:56.51
  • Lianne Pama (Silver) (100m/200m) 12.28/25.04
  • Joanne Masangkay (Gold) (Discus)







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