ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Brunei Comprehensive Results

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ASEAN School Games 2015 Results from Brunei – Athletics 

The Philippines school team could only gain 8 Medals at the 2015 ASEAN. 2 Golds, 1 Silver, and 5 bronze. This pail compares to the 2014 Haul in Marikina of 21 Medals, 2 Golds, 9 Silvers, 10 Bronzes.

Publishing shortly will be a more detailed report. The Philippines was 4th overall in athletics in 2014 but dropped to 5th behind Indonesia in 2015.

ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Results
ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Results Conclusion and the need for ‘Fair Selection’ of Athletes Brunei

Dec 16, 2015

Initially, I was contacted by Mr. Cesar Abalon of the DEPED to provide comparative data for the ASEAN School Games. Mr. Abalon texted me wanting to compare lists; this was back in early August. I gave my comparative data to Mr. Abalon Assistant Edmon Prado, who passed them onto Mr. Abalon. Documenting well recommendations as also posted on

As I have now had a few days to gather information and clear my thoughts. I will present my analysis, report, conclusion, and findings of the Philippine Athletics Team at the 7th ASEAN School Games in Brunei November 21-29, 2015.

As a primary selector in the 2013 and 2015 SEA Games and 2014 ASEAN School Games, my data helped lead fair teams with 12, 21, and 21 medals.

In reality, the ASEAN School Games 2015 haul of eight’s overall outcome is a disappointing effort that we cannot allow to happen ever again. Considering the team won 21 medals last year in Marikina. Recommendations had they been followed; the team would have more than doubled their medal count.

I will highlight in my report the reasons why and medal opportunities that and missed.

Let’s first begin off with a summary of the results of the 7th ASEAN School Games. With a list comparing the best performance of each team member.

2015 ASEAN School Games Results
7th ASEAN School Games Brunei 2015

Summary 7th ASEAN School Games Brunei 2015 Results

  1. Jose Jerry Belibestre (G)
  2. Bryan Jay Pachecho(G) (B) 6
  3. Martin Esteban (S) 4
  4. Angel Carino (S)
  5. Gilbert Rutaquio (B) 4
  6. Jieann Calis (B) 6
  7. Anjelica De Josef 5, 7
  8. Maverick Machino 5
  9. Bryan Dumaguit 5
  10. Karen Janario 6, 7
  11. Mclord Cabalonga 6, 7
  12. Rosemarie Olovida 7,7
  13. Feiza Jane Lenton F, DNS

The names highlighted in red were not in my original recommendation. And that was not the athletes’ fault as they were not ready for the ASEAN School Games and had no performance in the past, indicating they would win a medal. Furthermore, de Josef had decided to self-fund, while I initially recommended Maclord for 5000m, which got scratched from the event.

I will provide my original recommendation in the appendix.

While Janario performed poorly compared to her 14.52 silver in the Hurdles last year, clocking 15.23 and placing 6th. She was in my original recommendations as she had good performances inside the qualifying period, although she wasn’t in good shape in the months leading up to the ASEAN.

I had no say in the selection, says Head Coach of Team?

Please note that Dumaguit, Olovida, and Lenton all have one thing in common: current or former Athletes of coach Trece Academia. The coach the DEPED chose to head the delegation. Coach Trece claims that he had no power in the selection, and the DEPED chose the team. He stated the DEPED basis was Palaro Champions. However, there were several reasons why this won’t stand.

  1. Other Palaro Champions who my research pointed out to DEPED and were made available publicly pointed out that other Palaro Champions such as Mosqueda would have taken at least a silver. But instead, Trece chose his two athletes Lenton and Olovida, which my research demonstrated as non-medal chances.
  2. Every athlete in the lineup was a Palaro Champion or a medalist then; why was Bryan Dumaguit chosen if he was never a Palaro medalist. Dumaguit is at University Perpetual Help Delta was Trece is a coach. The DepEd would not have recommended an athlete who is ranked only 5th in the country.
  3. To make matters worse, Palaro Champion in the Hurdles event, Alvin Vergel, wanted to go and offered to self-fund but was left out of the team. While Vergel, according to data, may not have medalled, it was unfair that Dumaguit was given priority over Vergel the Palaro Champion as per the DepEd guidelines.
  4. As stated before, I had recommended Olovida, and Feiza had not been sent. I didn’t know about Dumaguit till the last minute. Both Feiza and Olovida had no medal chance for these games, as my comparative data displayed. Trece had insisted his two athletes be included in the lineup. As predicted, his ‘own’ athletes provided not 1 single medal for the whole team.
  5. Trece also had refused to supply me or anyone else who asked for it the list. That is why I was unaware Dumaguit was on the team till the last minute. This led to a lot of confusion amongst the athletic community about the lack of transparency. Trece claims he didn’t know the list despite going to several meetings with the DepEd.
  6. On the whole team, the performance was abysmal. Planning was left very late by DepEd. And Brunei Athletics had advised me 35 athletes and 6 coaches could be provided accommodation and food free. (post FB message). Athletes were willing to self-fund but not give a chance.
  7. While it’s not 100% clear how much influence Trece had on the selection. His athletes did make the team. I would like to know what effort can be presented in a written form that Trece made any attempts to defend the DepEd’s original lineup.

Please also note that Trece took Olovida, Lenton, Janario, and Dumaguit to Pampanga the day before they were scheduled to leave and should have been resting for the ASEAN School Games. Instead, Trece was conducting one of his motivational speech clinics at that time.

2015 ASEAN School Games Results in Brunei  Medals Lost

Next, we will discuss the medals lost in the team. Which was due to the fact the DEPED and Trece had not followed my primary recommendations.

And lost the Following medals that had appeared on my original recommendation list.

  1. (G) Capangpangan 4.03.8, 40.41, 4.04.3, 4.05 (4.06.77) Mens 1500
  2. (G) Jerremay Rubias 42.90 (41.21) Women’s Javelin
  3. (S) Kaylene Mosqueda 1.65×2, 1.60×5 (1.65 Gold, 1.55 Silver) Women’s High Jump
  4. (S) Efrelyn Democer 42.34 (41.21) Women’s Javelin
  5. (S) Dianne De Jesus 12.73 (12.73) Women’s Shotput
  6. (B/B) Vicent Ramos 7.07, 14.86 (7.04, 14.18) Men’s Long, Triple
  7. (B) Margo Quilo 2.00, 1.95×5 (2.00 Silver, 1.85 Bronze) Men’s High Jump
  8. Women’s 4×400 won in 4.04 Pamatian has the best of 57.31 average of 1.01 each athlete.

The medal count for the team was 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze = 8

Last year in 2014, it was 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 10 Bronze = 21

However, it could have been 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 9 Bronze = 17 more than double just by following the original recommendations I had provided. Note some athletes were unavailable such as Joshua Patulud and Meagey Ninura, who withdrew voluntarily. The above athletes in my lists were all willing to go, and a lot of them had been turned down at the DEPED, possibly at the consultation of Trece.

On Sunday, December 13th, at PATAFA Weekly Relays, Jeremay Rubias (FEU) threw 42.78m  more recently to go with her 42.90m PB at the last UAAP. Again proving my theory, she would have won over the 41.21m at the ASEAN School Games and have taken the gold.

What I initially provided to DEPED

Attaching as supplementary information is what I initially was providing to the DEPED as a reference.

  1. A list of the most qualified athletes based on the previous medal standing and comparative ranking compared to other SEA Athletes for 2015
  2. The SEA Ranking Lists for 2015 for Athletes were born in 1997 and after. This was also readily available to the public on throughout the whole selection process.

It’s interesting to note 13 athletes were selected for ASEAN School Games. Kayleen Mosqueda, who was ranked Number 6 and was the Palaro Champion in the High Jump, Louielyn Pamatian, who won the silver medal at the last ASEAN School Games and was still eligible for 800 and the 4×400, Vincent Ramos, who was forecasted for two bronzes, Jeremay Rubias in Javelin who would have won the gold, and Kevin Capangpangan who would have won the 1500 gold as explained earlier.

Five athletes were ahead of Lenton, Olovida, and Dumaguit. One of these was a current Palaro Champion that was disregarded in favor of athletes that only under or had recently been under Coach Trece. Dumaguit let not only has never won a medal for palaro but hasn’t even made a palaro final for his event 110 Hurdles.

As pointed out in my original submission Lenton is not ranked in the Top 10 in SEA Youth for 400m, she was ranked 7th in the 800 but is behind Louielyn, Jieann, and Anjelica De Josef on standings. Olovida was ranked 8th in SEA Youth for Long Jump behind Carino and Andrade. However, she was sent instead of Andrade, who has the better PB, and also, her PB was more recent than Carino’s current form. Finally, Dumaguit was sent in disregard to Alvin Vergel 14.68, who was willing to self-fund but was declined a spot on the team. Vergel is the Palaro Champion in his event.

Recommendations and Conclusion

  • Trece should not be included in delegations going overseas anymore and, more so, should not be given say in selections. It is a conflict of interest when the team coach is also be allowed to be one of the selectors as its apparent favoritism was applied to athletes associated with him.
  • DepEd needs to control selection better in the future. PATAFA should be consulted in the future as it shows that Trece took advantage of the DEPED lack of technical knowledge to choose his own words in the lineup. PATAFA in the past has consulted, which has led to successful results and a scaled system methodology (explained later)
  • It seems by looking at our previous meets SEA Games, past ASEAN School Games, etc. In Athletics, the amount of talent we have right now if we apply fair selection and everyone is available is not always the case. It seems our carrying capacity is 20-25 medals total. Proper selection will provide 25 medals but increase, and must prepare a more extended plan. Announcing and finalizing the team early is a must and suggested at least three months before the competition. A training camp should be established at Ultra and the Weekly Relays used as a preparation meeting.
  • With the K212 Being implemented and high school athletes now up to 18, it’s even more important to have better statistical knowledge applied in selection.

All in all, Pinoyathletics will continue to protect ‘Fair Selection’ and the scaled selection methodology.

We ask that on behalf of the athletic community, the PSC, PATAFA, DEPED, and Leyte Sports Academy will also protect our sport from individuals and groups who violate its principles and clearly have no place whatsoever in our sport.

ASG Data for comparison

For a refresher course in the scaled system

Big Bryan Jay Pachecho takes ASEAN School Javelin Title.

Nov 25, 2015

Bryan Jay Pachecho
ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Bryan Jay Pachecho Takes Gold

Brunei – 18-year-old Bryan Jay Pachecho (FEU) took the 2nd gold for the Philippines during the 7th ASEAN School Games. Pachecho heaved the Javelin unofficially 58m (will confirm later).

Playing in his final year at the ASEAN School Games 2015. Pachecho stamped a strong legacy for many athletes to follow. The Behemoth, who hails originally from Aurora, has provided the Philippines four Medals over three years.

  1. Thrower Joel Sta currently coaches Pachecho. Mina is under the program of FEU Head Coach Dario De Rosas. Pachecho holds the Palaro Record in the Shotput and Javelin, which he established in Laguna in 2014.
  2. While he failed to defend his Shotput title won in Marikina, Pachecho took the Gold in his former specialty, the Javelin.
  3. He skipped participating in the Javelin last year due to an injured shoulder. This made it difficult for him to execute the required flexion movements for the Javelin. Defending the title Bryan Pachecho last year was won by the Philippines, also with  Joshua Patulud of DLSU. Unfortunately, this year Patulud was unable to participate in the meet due to school commitments.
ASEAN School Games 2015 Results
ASEAN School Games 2015
  • 2013 ASG, Vietnam (Bronze) Javelin
  • 2014 ASG, Marikina, Philippines (Gold) Shotput
  • 2015 ASG, Brunei, (Bronze) Shotput
  • 2015 ASG, Brunei, (Gold) Javelin

Badrul Manap (P

Badrul Manap. ASEAN School Games 2015

18-year-old Badrul Manap 10.29 ASG & Malaysia 100M Record ASEAN School Games 2015
Nov 24, 2015

Brunei – One Name to watch on the horizon of southeast Asian sprinting will be 18-year old Hisram Badrul Manap of Malaysia, who just lowered the ASEAN School Record to 10.29; and did this with a +1.92 wind, which rounds up to +2.0.

The Maximum amount of wind to be recognized as a Record. Manap shattered the meet record of 10.59 set by Sapwaturrahman of Indonesia set in Surabaya in 2012.

At the 7th ASEAN School Games 2015, Manap had a commanding lead leaving his teammate Hashim nearly half a second behind in 10.71. Thailand’s Salabal was third in 10.87.

Manap successfully defended his ASEAN School Games 2015 title that he won last year in Marikina.

ASEAN School Games 2015 Results
ASEAN School Games 2015

Manap also broke the Malaysian National Record of Watson Nyambek, 10.30 set before the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Manap next big thing at SEA Games level

Manap, whose previous best was 10.48 and 21.31 at the Kedah Open in April. At the University Games, Manap clocked a  sizzling wind-aided 20.88 (+2.6), which would have been under the National Record of Dr. M. Jegathesan’s 1968 mark of 20.92s.

Manap is scooping up age-grade regional titles, having won the Asian Youth Champs in Wuhan 100m and the 200m at the SEA Youth Champs Nyapidaw Malaysia.

Albeit, Manap is one of the rising stars of South East Asia and, at 18, has what it takes to one day succeed Eric Shauwn Cray as SEA Games 100 Meter Champion.


Jerry Belibestre crowns himself ASEAN School Games 2015 Champ brushes Delicano Junior Record (rev 1)

Nov 23, 2015

The media can use this information, but please make sure you acknowledge has the source.

2015 ASEAN School Games Results Jerry Belibestre.
ASEAN School Games 2015 Champion Jose Jerry Belibestre.

ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Brunei

17-year-old Jose Jerry Belibestre crowned himself the ASEAN School Games 2015 Long Jump Champion. Hence setting a new PB of 7.47m. Also, Belibestre is the SEA Youth Champion and Asian Youth Bronze medalist. Accordingly improved on his silver medal finish from 2014 in Marikina.

While Belibestre was consistent with his jumps, adding a staggering 21cm onto his best jump.

Yet his leap of 7.47m was just 8 km away from the National Junior Record of Joebert Delicano 7.53m (he will have until Dec 31 of 2017 to break this mark). Jerry dominated the field of a Thai (7.09) and a Malaysian jumper (7.04). Simultaneously, the other participant from the Philippines, Martin Esteban, was fourth in a new PB of 7.01m.

Also, it was a very consistent day for the Bacolod-based Belibestre. Most noteworthy, he had five of his six leaps above his previous personal best.

Series foul 2nd 7.28 3rd 7.33 4th 7.47 5th 7.38 6th 7.43

Also, would like to congratulate our good friends from Bacolod. The hard-working brother/sister team of Miguel and Addy Arca, Jerry’s foster parents/dedicated coaches. is proud that the spike shoes Jerry wore were a donation from us to him.

We would also like to thank Mr. Benigno Marayag for donating a new pair of spikes to Jerry Belibestre. “Helping young piglets grow into Big Strong Boars.”

While Jerry is also a product of the PSC’s Grass Roots Program, the Batang Pinoy provided him the necessary experience for the Palarong Pambansa. While Batang Pinoy is 15 and under, and Palaro is 17 and under the age bracket.

Belibestre is concrete proof that athletes do not need to train in Manila to become international champions if they are guided well by dedicated and caring coaches.


Jerry opted not to take up college in Manila. And if he joins the national training pool would like to stay under the care of the hard-working Arca coaches.

His performance of 7.47m ranks him third against the seniors, with Julian Fuentes 7.53m and Donovont Arriola 7.51m already making the qualifying mark for the 2017 SEA Games.

Jerry would need to be in the top 2 leading up to the SEA Games to compete in the Malaysia SEA Games in December of 2017.

2015 ASEAN School Games Results Jerry Belibestre
With the hard-working Addy Arca. ASEAN School Games 2015
2015 ASEAN School Games Results
The Participants in the Boys Long Jump (Jerry center blue), Martin, second from right in blue. ASEAN School Games 2015
2015 ASEAN School Games Results
With the Big T-Rex Isidro Del Prado Sr. National record holder 400m Philippines.

2015 ASEAN School Games Results
Aristeo Dela Pena with coach Pines Lim.

Aristeo Dela Pena (6.98m Long Jump) is #6 to join 2015 ASG Squad (rev 1)

Arellano’s Aristeo Dela Pena may have only landed fourth at the recently concluded NCAA, just missing out on a medal with a 6.98m leap. The 17-year-old from Pangasinan, who is in his first year at Arellano University, was one of the latest athletes recruited by legendary coach Rosito Andaya but now coached by Pinesito Lim.

He has secured three ticks for the ASEAN School Games 2015 in Brunei, leaping at the NCAA 6.79, 6.90, and 6.98; he has gone over the 6.74m bronze standard three times. Ranking #2 now to be displaced, the other contenders need to leap better than 6.98m.

3 ticks for Aristeo Dela Pena

ASEAN School Games 2015 Results 3 ticks for Aristeo Dela Pena

Aristeo Dela Pena Benefiting from the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays despite not making the final in the Palaro.

Qualifying to the finals leaping 6.47m. In the finals (Nov 2014), he won the youth boys’ long jump with a leap of 6.63m.

The Rankings for the Men’s Long Jump (athletes must be born in 1997 or after to be eligible for ASEAN School Games)

*Top 2 will go to ASEAN School Games 2015 and be over 6.74m 3 times.

  1. 7.09m Jose Jerry Belibestre (Bacolod) (98)
  2. 6.98m Aristeo Dela Pena (Arellano) (97)
  3. 6.89m Ryan Ornales (EAC) (97)
  4. 6.87m ‘Giant’ Martin Esteban (Central Luzon) (97)
  5. 6.78m Mark Vincent Ramos (Mapua) (97)

Complete List for ASEAN School Games 2015

ASEAN School Games 2015 Results in 2015 ASEAN SCHOOL GAMES RANKINGS

  • Athletes born in 1997 and after attending schools in South East Asia are eligible even if attending college
  • Two athletes maximum per individual event per country
  • The chart shows medal probability in certain events
  • Removing events such as Women’s 3000m, Men’s 5000m, Men’s, and Women’s Pole vault, Women’s 400 Hurdles and Steeples will be 2000m for men, not 3000m
  1. ASG Rankings Issue 2 (Oct 12)
  2. ASG Rankings Issue 1


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