The Armed Forces Philippines Olympics 2018-2019

The Armed Forces of the Philippines

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Olympics 2018-2019 Athletics Results

The 2019 AFP Olympics was held on October 17-18 at Marikina Sports Centre, Marikina. It is the Philippines Military Games. Hand Times only and no wind readings reported.

Participating was the Philippine Army, Police, Coastguard, and Airforce.  Airforce won the overall title. Airforce won the Men’s and Army the Women’s Titles.

Aries Africa (Army) held off Sony Wagdos (Airforce) in the 1500m 4:03.2 to 4:04.3. Wagdos, who has qualified for SEA Games in the 5000m, took a win in 15:31.4 ahead of Richard Salano (Army) 15:52. It was about 16 seconds, shy of the 15:14.89 Wagdos had clocked at the Weekly Relays a few weeks ago. 

Salano won the 10k in 32:24 over Nerza (Airforce) 32:54.9.

Former National sprinter Isidro Del Prado Jr. (Airforce) (a 2013 Gold medalist at SEA Games in 4×4) took the win in the 100m in a season-best 10.9 (ht); he also went onto take silver in the 200m in 23.12, narrowly behind his training partner Ryan ‘The Duck’ Bigyan (Airforce) the national junior record holder in the 400m. While in the Women’s Charmaine, Fagaragan (Airforce) took a 1.5-second win with a 12.6 clocking.



National Coach and National Record Holder Danilo Fresnido (Army) hurled the Javelin 56.91m to win comfortably over his brother Roberto (Airforce) 47.96m. 2009 SEA Games Champion Rosie Villarito (Army) took the win in women’s 41.07m from National record holder Geralyn Amanodoron (Army)  35.70m.

Jerby Deriada (Coast guard) took the Men’s Discus in 37.38m from 47-Year-Old Former national coach Nixon Mas (Airforce) 36.67m. Former SEA Games Hepta silver medalist Narcissa Atienza  (Army) won the Shotput and Discus titles.


Not one single Philippine Airforce record was broken at the 2019 AFP Olympics. Or for this year so far.

List of Philippine Airforce Records

Philippine Airforce

2018 The Armed Forces of the Philippines Olympics Schedule Athletics / Return of the Fishman

Article by Andrew Pirie ATFS Statistician

A recent turn of events saw the return of an old favorite. Consequently, former national athlete ‘The Fishman Wenlie Maulas. Is now training for 2 months with former national coach Ernie Candelario and Airforce Coach Bernard Buen. In conclusion, Maulas is showing a return to forming. However, Maulas had done no speed training in 2 years. Yet now 50.9 seconds in the Airforce trials, not far off his PB of 50.0 Seconds from 2012.  Maulas, a Philippine Airforce soldier, will lineup in the AFP Olympics in the 400 and 800 on 22-23  October. 

Most noteworthy is that Wenlie was originally a boxer. Before being helped by former UP coach Jun Potenciano. At the same time, moving to athletics at Maris high school. And eventually was set up for a scholarship with coach Art Fronda at the UAAP.

The first time he showed up to the trials. I was like what the hell. He came dead last. But he went away thought about his loss. And came back and beat all my best athletes in his second chance. said Fronda.

Wenlie beats Law Mac of DLSU in one of his famous UAAP Victories.

While from there, Wenlie went onto win a hattrick of 800m titles in the UAAP. The witty and hard-working Maulas had a strong liking of frying  Galungong in the athlete’s quarters on an almost daily basis. Hence earning the moniker ‘The Fish Man’ as a result. 


As a result of his efforts

Maulas was selected for the national team in 2012 after graduating from UE. However, Maulas was not able to win the national title in the 800. The closest he ever came was landing silver in the 2015 National Open to Marco Vilog (later 2017 SEA Games silver medalist) in what was one of the fiercely fought 800 Filipino races of all time. Maulas digging in but succumbing to Vilog deadly double kick 1:51.60 to 1:51.91. Hence, the 1:51.91 stands as Maula’s PB, which qualified him for the SEA Games. 

In contrast, the following Month, Wenlie won the Singapore national title. While at the 2015 SEA Games, he ended up 7th. Therefore after 2016, Maulas left the national team with a PB of 1:52 to focus on his Airforce career.

Wenlie Maulas becomes the 2015 Singapore National Champion. He is yet to win a Filipino national championship title.

Yet, it will be a note of interest if Wenlie, at 29, can continue his run of success at the AFP Olympics. And could he possibly win that elusive first national title? Even against his much younger rivals.

*NB AFP Olympics Day 1. Michael ‘Tophex’ Villamor won Heat 1 in 51 seconds, and Maulas in Heat

2 52 seconds. Timed Heat Finals. Villamor Gold, Maulas Silver.

*AFP Olympics

Womens 10,000m

Triathlete Marisol Abad triumphed. While former SEA Games Marathon Champion Jhoann Banayag and 2x Milo former Champion Mary Grace Delos Santos were 3rd and 4th. Most noteworthy was only four entries in the race.

  1. Marisol Abad (Airforce)
  2. Janice Tawagin (Army)
  3. Jhoann Banayag (Army)
  4. Mary Grace Delos Santos (Airforce)

Day 2

Mens 1500m

  1. Arnis Africa (Army) 4:02
  2. Sony Wagdos (Airforce) 4:03

Mens 10,000m

Winning Time 32:50

  1. Richard Salano (Army)
  2. Nerza (Airforce)
  3. Poliquit (Airforce)
  4. Panique (Army)
  5. Police

#1 is national champion, #3 and #4 former National athletes. Also, Panique sea games bronze medalist in Marathon before.

Discus Mens

  1. Coast Guard (former UE Varsity?? name) 38.89m
  2. Mas Nixon (Airforce) 38.58m

6th place Ernie Candelario (Airforce)

Former national coaches Mas Nixon and Ernie Candelario

Triple Jump Men

  1. Robert Grover Delicano (PAF) (National Coach, Former SEA Games medalist) 13.22m (short approach)
  2. Mark Ian Delos Santos (PAF)
  3. Army
  4. Mandawe (Police)
  5. (Police)

High Jump Men

  1. Reycris Capispisan (PAF) 1.80m
  2. Sean Guevarra (PAF) 1.70m (42 years old!) (National Head Coach) (National Record Holder in the event)

Pole Vault Men

  1. Coast Guard
  2. Alonzo Jardin (Army) Former National athlete
  3. Sean Guevarra (PAF)
  4. Mike Pelaez (Police)

2018 AFP Olympics Schedule Athletics

2018 AFP Olympics Schedule Athletics
2018 AFP Olympics Schedule Athletics
2018 AFP Olympics Schedule Athletics

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