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SEA Games Tuneup Pasig Aries Toledo Mens 200 March 24

Back to Back SEA Games, Decathlon Champion got the better of the sprint specialists today taking the win in 22.22 in the Mens 200m.

Aries Toledo Decathlon

Named after the God of War. Aries Toledo made his presence felt at the 2019 SEA Games successfully defending his Title as the Iron Man of South East Asia.

Aries Toledo defends SEA Games Title

He won the Philippines’ final gold medal in athletics after winning the decathlon at the Southeast Asian Games on Tuesday at the New Clark City Athletics Stadium.

Janry Ubas bagged the bronze for the 1-3 finish for the Philippines, while Vietnam’s Van Su Bui took the silver.

Along with Eric Cray, Aries Toledo was one of only two athletes to defend their SEA Games titles. Mary Joy Tabal had finished runner-up to Christine Hallasgo. And Trenten Beram did not show.

In conclusion, Aries Toledo at SEA Games 2019 came out victorious in the Decathlon Men Athletics event. He was able to sustain his strength throughout the event to really defend his title.

However, he came out strong on the first day of the event and managed to widen the gap to make sure that he really stays on top even though our fellow Filipino, Janry Ubas, his team was inching closer to his lead.

Above all, very inspiring indeed, and really looking forward to him really defend his title once again in the Sea Games.

Also, Toledo had to fight through a hamstring injury; he did it again, albeit with 7033 pts this time. Compared to his 7433 National Record in 2017. Bui Van Su of Vietnam tucked into Silver with 6911 pts, and Janry Ubas, a bronze medalist way back in 2015 in this event, retook bronze with 6769 pts. 


Also, Toledo had to fight through a hamstring injury he did it again albeit with 7033 pts this time. Compared to his 7433 National Record in 2017. Bui Van Su of Vietnam tucked into Silver with 6911 pts, and Janry Ubas, who was a bronze medalist way back in 2015 in this event, retook bronze with 6769 pts. 


Surprise Win

However, it was a shocking surprise as Asian Champion Suthisak Singkhon of Thailand, who had 7600 points this year, withdrew after the 100m due to injury after setting a lifetime best of 7.89m Long Jump to take Bronze earlier in the meet. 

In conclusion, Toledo is the first Filipino to win more than one Decathlon title. Fidel ‘Toto’ Gallenero and Jesson ‘The Panda’ Cid are both former champions.

He was coached for many years by Sean Guevara However is now coached by Dario De Rosas.

Aries Toledo
Aries Toledo of the Philippines won gold in the Decathlon. Photo by ROY DOMINGO


Aries Toledo 2018 Asian Games

Aries Toledo only managed to finish 6 of his 10 events at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, pulling out after the Discus Throw.


Toledo Decathlon King

Rondo, as he is more popularly known, hails from a low-income family in the North.

In contrast, it was an SCUAA Standout. So he made a move to the Decathlon. And was able to become the Philippines ‘ third-ever SEA Games Decathlon Champion. He was the surprise winner at the 2017 SEA Games over Singkhon of Thailand, the Asian Champion. In the 2017 SEA Games, Toledo was the only athlete trained by a local PATAFA coach to win gold at  SEA Games.


  • Born: 1993
  • Birthplace: Cuyapo, Nueva Viscaya
  • College: Central Luzon  University
  • Location: Manila
  • Coach: Sean Guevara
  • Philippine Team from 2016 onward

Aries Toledo


Decathlon Personal Bests

  • Decathlon 7433 pts (Phi Record)
  • 100m 10.81 (-0.3)
  • 200m 21.87
  • 400m 47.71
  • 1500m 4.39.80
  • 110H 14.71 (-0.1)
  • HJ 1.97m
  • PV 4.20m
  • LJ 7.49m (-0.1)
  • SP 11.68m
  • DT 38.61m
  • JT 55.77m


Decathlon Achievements:

  • 2016 National Champion Decathlon
  • 2017 SEA Games Champion Decathlon
  • 2019 SEA Games Champion Decathlon
  • Philippine Record x 3 in Decathlon


Aries 3rd gold for Philippine Athletics and 3rd ever SEA Games Deca Champion from the Philippines.


Toledo leads the team Thai Open (Apr 10, 2018)

The team is spearheaded by one of its 4 gold medalists at the 2017 SEA Games. 

Aries Toledo, who won the Decathlon in Kuala Lumpur, will compete in the Shot-put, Pole Vault, Long Jump, and 110 Hurdles. This is the second outing of Toledo’s year, which won the 2 man Pre-Asian Games Decathlon in Jakarta back in February. 

SEA Games Silver Medalist Marco Vilog and Ebren Neri will line up in the 800m. Their main opponent will be Jirayu Pleenram of Thailand. 

In the Triple Jump, the duo of SEA Games silver medalist Mark Harry Diones will make his season debut in the Triple Jump, and Ronne Malipay, the SEA Games 4th placer who opened in March with 15.76m. So I should be able to go 1-2.


Toledo wins another Gold

Feb 14, 2018

Aries Toledo


In a 2 man Decathlon competition, SEA Games Champion Aries Toledo emerged victorious with the first gold for the Philippines Athletic contingent at the Pre-Asian Games.

Toledo was able to overcome his sole opponent Ajith Kumara Rajakarunawala of Sri Lanka.

Despite the score being very far from his 7433 pt National Record, he was happy to get his first Decathlon competition since the SEA Games underway. Toledo scored 6659 points and Kumara around 6413 pts.

There was confusion in the Decathlon 100m with recall with no disqualifications due to technical issues with starting equipment.

However, believing and would also recall the second start, the runners stopped, and then when they realized it wasn’t going to be recalled.

They started running again, which led to 12.11 and 14.37 times.  Which had a significant effect on the total Decathlon score of both athletes

Aries Toledo

Aries Toledo


7433 Pts Aries Toledo tames Asian Champion SEA Games Deca

Aug 24, 2017

Toledo 3rd gold for Philippine Athletics and 3rd ever SEA Games Deca Champion from the Philippines.

I am writing this article as several newspapers had quoted incorrect results from the SEA Games scoreboard reported in error.

Aries Toledo


Toledo Decathlon takes SEA Games Title

An unexpected Gold came from Aries Toledo of the Philippines. Toledo humbled recent Asian Champion Sutthisak Singkhon of Thailand. As a result, he becomes the third man to win the Decathlon title. 

Following in the footsteps of Fidel ‘Toto’ Gallenero, 2001, now a coach in Brunei. And training partner Jesson ‘The Panda’ Ramil Cid in 2013. It was the third gold medal for the Philippines after Mary Joy Tabal in Marathon and Eric Cray in the 400 Hurdles.

However, he topped the podium with 7433 points. Slightly in front of Sutthisak Singkhon of Thailand, who took silver. Suttisak was clearly exhausted as he was nowhere near his 7732 scores at the Asian Champs.


Our Goal was to get over 7400 points, we weren’t really expecting a win its just and added Bonus.  Said Toledo’s Coach Sean Guevarra as Toledo shattered his own National Record by over 300 points.

Aries Toledo Humble Beginnings

Toledo from Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija is from a low-income family. He actually earned money as a Tricycle Driver to help support his studies. At CLSU, the Toledo siblings, with their parents, lived in a tiny one-room dwelling. Fate opened a new route for Toledo.

In contrast, Toledo was an SCUAA champion in multiple events and would win everything from the 100, 200, and 400 to the High Jump and Long Jump. His High school teachers knew the boy was exceptionally fast.

In conclusion, doors opened for Aries Toledo, which National Coach Sean Guevara approached in 2015.

2017 SEA Champion ‘Rondo’ Toledo and 2013 SEA Champion Jesson ‘The Panda’ Cid Before teaming up with PATAFA coach Sean Guevara.

Guevarra had helped Cid to his 2013 SEA Games Gold in Decathlon. In 2015 Cid and Ubas took Silver and Bronze. Cid served as Toledo’s training partner leading up to SEA Games 2017.

400M Runner before

Before focusing on the Decathlon, Toledo debuted at his first national championships in Laguna, making the 400m Final However getting silver behind SEA Games 400m Champion Archand Bagsit 200m. In this race, he beat many current members of the national team.

2017 SEA Champion ‘Rondo’ Toledo and 2013 SEA Champion Jesson ‘The Panda’ Cid

Also, Toledo first broke Cids National Record in the Thailand Open earlier this year with 7127 points. Cid’s previous mark was 7069 points.

However, none of the three medalists from the last SEA Games stood on the podium, with Van Hue NGUYEN of Vietnam retired, Cid not qualifying, and Janry Ubas opting to focus on Long Jump.

*Below Reports are by Coach  Sean Guevara  of PATAFA, Aries Toledo Coach


Day 1 Decathlon Report

Decathlon first-day update: THE BATTLE BETWEEN

  • 100M – Aries Toledo (10.95sec Season Best) finished closely with Thai decathlete Singkhon (10.92sec).
  • Long jump – Aries jumped 7.33 meters(PB), and Singkhon did 7.56meters. They are unlucky in the long jump at the 7.80 m range; however, they are foul on the take-off board.
  • Shot Put Aries registered another PB of 11.63meters. At the same time, Singkhon broke away on a points margin with a throw of 14.01 meters.
  • High jump, Aries cleared another PB of 1.91meters. While Singkhon did 1.97 meters, leading with a large margin ahead of Toledo at about 257 points. 
  • In the last event of the first day in the 400 meters, Aries lead all the way with a strong finish with a clock time of 48.13 sec. Simultaneously, Singkhon left behind with 52.93 sec, which made Aries snatch a whopping 218 points difference in this event.


In conclusion, the Total points earned by Aries on the first day were 3 975. While Singkhon made 4,018, that is close to 43 points difference. Rank 3  from Vietnam Bui Van Su scored 3,561 points.

While 2015 Sea games Gold medalist Nguyen Van Hue retired during the long jump and suffered a back injury. 

In contrast, the battle continues today from 3 pm until 10 pm with 5 more events to go to Decathlon. So who is Southeast Asia’s next all-around Greatest Athlete?


Day 2 Decathlon update; OFFICIAL RESULT

The Battle has just ended, and the new Southeast Asia greatest athlete has been crowned.

  • On the 6th event at the 110-meter hurdles. Aries cross first on the finish line, clocking a time of 14.95 sec (PB). At the same time, Singkhon of Thailand did 15.22 sec. Which makes the point difference drop to 10.
  • Discus throw, Singkon registered a distance of 41.40 meters. At the same time, Aries did a decent 37.85 meters (PB).
  • In Pole Vault, Aries made a huge improvement jumping 4.20 meters (PB) while Singkhon cleared 4.30 meters.
  • Javelin, Aries threw a distance of 52.55 meters, and Singkon got 55.65 meters. After the 9th event. Singkon led with 6,909 points, and Aries got 6,751 points, a 158 points difference. Aries needs to leave Singkon for 30 seconds or at about 150 meters at the last event in 1,500 meters run to win.
  • 1500m Last Event. It so happens that Aries is so determined to win, and he did run at a good pace according to our plan. He was able to increase the gap for Singkon from the first lap to the last lap leading all the way with a strong finishing kick. And giving all his best, crossing the finish line and registering a personal best time of 4:39.80. At the same time, Singkhon manages a time of 5:10.23.


Aries’s total points are 7,433 points (Personal Best, New National Record, and the new DECATHLON GOLD MEDALIST). While Singkhon’s score is 7,411 points taking the SILVER and Van Sue from Vietnam got the

BRONZE with a score of 6,737 points.


Aries Toledo
Toledo and Coach  Boar – Sean Guevarra

Toledo Breaks Cid’s Decathlon Record

Jun 16, 2017

Article by Andrew Pirie & Sean Guevara

Aries Toledo with Coach ‘Boar’ Sean Guevarra

Aries Toledo broke the Philippine Decathlon Record of 2013 SEA Games Champion Jesson Ramil Cid. Toledo, who National Coach Sean Guevara trains, is the training partner of Cid. He scored a total of 7127.

In conclusion, he came in second behind Suttisak Singkohn of Thailand. However, it was a big improvement on his 6964 at the Thai open last year.

However, Singkhon, who was 5th in the last SEA Games, really stepped up with a magnificent 7587 points. Breaking the national record of former SEA Games Champion Thai American David Yimsumruay. Set in 1997. When Singkohn was 1 year old. 

This was a fantastic breakthrough from his 6600 points at SEA Games in 2015 and 6942 points at the Thai University Games in March. The SEA Record of 7755 points belongs to Vu Van Huyen of Vietnam in 2010. Van Huyen is the 2011 SEA Games Champion. Van Sui Bui of Vietnam was third in 6840 points.

“2 years ago, I told you that you could be one of the Decathlete that could reach 7,000 plus points. Look at you now, you made it ” said his coach Sean Guevarra

Singkhon vs. Toledo

In the 100m, Toledo timed 11.04, although disappointed as it’s off his PB of 10.81 set at the Thai Open last year.  While Singkhon led with 10.87, Van Su Bui of Vietnam won the Toledo heat in 11.02. Janry Ubas, after his long jump gold, also won his heat in 11.06.

However, Toledo ran a PB in the 110 Hurdles of 15.16 behind Sitipon (Thailand) at 14.85 and Bui of Vietnam at 14.98.

Also, in the 400m, Toledo timed 47.71 improving his 48.13 PB at the PATAFA time trials last month. And the fastest-ever time by a Filipino Decathlete. Singkhon ran 48.05.

Toledo 400m was the fastest 400m of the whole competition. And Ranks him second behind Fil-Heritage athlete Trenten Beram on the national ranking lists.

However, Toledo ran a decent 4:45.13 in 1500 behind Bui of Vietnam 4.42.05.

He was 4th in the High Jump in 1.84m PB.3.70m PB in Pole Vault. 11.40 in Shotput vs. Sitipon 13.29. Toledo 34.75m in Discus and 54.84m PB in Javelin.

Also, there was a very impressive 7.83m from Sutthisak Singkhon, which is the best jump in the competition even ahead of Ubas’ 7.78m.  And 2nd to Ubas on the 2017 SEA Ranking Lists. Furthermore, Aries was second in the Deca Long Jump at 7.31m (PB 7.22m last year).

Visit here for SEA Rankings 2017


Mighty Aries Toledo close to 7000 points at first international Decathlon

Jul 8, 2016

Coach Boar with Toledo

Aries Toledo’s performance is second on the Philippine all-time list behind Jesson Ramil Cid, the 2013 SEA Games Champion in the Decathlon, with 7069 points. Originally coached by Rosito Andaya, Cid was guided by Coach Sean Guevara (Coach Boar) in the national team; Sean’s latest protege is Aries Toledo hails from Nueva Vizcaya.

Aries Toledo


Thailand Open Track and Field Championship 2016 last update 

By National Coach Sean Guevara

Aries Toledo did throw a distance of 50.15 meters at the Javelin Throw, surpassing his personal best of 47.78m. However, on the last event of the 1,500 meters, he did pace too fast on the first lap and manage to run with a time of 4:57.53, which is below his personal best of 4:41.8  set last Philippine National Open 2016.

In contrast, he earned 6,964 points above the Bronze medal standard of the recent South East Asian Games in 2015, which is only 6,796 points.

In conclusion, this performance is good for silver as the Thailander won the Gold with a total point of 7,082 and Vietnam for the Bronze. Therefore, I think this is not bad for his 2nd Deca Competition. Thank you, everyone, for your support and prayer.

Decathlon Competition update: Philippine decathlete Aries Toledo continue to surpass his personal best on day 2 with a groundbreaking throw at discus here at Thammasat Stadium;

1. 110 hurdles – 15.65 sec PB
2. Discus Throw – 38.61 meters PB
3. Pole Vault – 3.50 meters PB
4. Javelin Throw – this afternoon
5. 1,500 meters – this afternoon


In conclusion, if he could throw around 50 meters at javelin and run 4.40 at 1,500, they will score more than 7,000+ points. 

Philippines All-Time List in Decathlon (points)

1 7069   Jesson Ramil Cid
2 6964   Aries Toledo
3 6963   Fidel Gallenero
4 6796   Janry Ubas
5 6713   Arnold Villarube
6 6581   Alonzo Jardin
7 6551   Roberto Fresnido
9 6473   David Bunevacz
10 6248   Leonardo Obligado




By Andrew Pirie

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