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Interview: Laguna Sports Head Albert Abarquez

Run for Change Athletes visited Laguna and helped train the local youngsters in athletics. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of Laguna Sports and Games office head Albert Abarquez. Pinoy athletics Writer Airnel T. Abarra caught up in this 18-minute video interview with Mr. Abarquez.

In summary, Mr. Albert Abarquez is a very positive man who we can tell is very passionate about helping develop sports and athletics. appreciated him ‘Yes We Can Do It’ attitude instead of putting up obstacles and didn’t make up excuses about barriers he talked about what is being done to improve sports in Laguna and how it is going to be done. Grassroots of provincial athletes and sports event is very important in the Philippines as we cannot revolve around a centralized only system as of now we are probably only developing less than 1% of our potential talent in athletics/track and field. In order to develop more talents, we simply need more manpower. The evolving self-sufficiency of provinces such as Laguna is contributing greatly to the development of sports in the Philippines.

Mr. Abarquez shares the same positive vision as his friend and boss Governor E.R. Ejercito which is to make Laguna the sports development capital of the Philippines. This will help lead the way towards promoting the spirit of sports in the province which hugely contributes towards the development of athletics in the Philippines. Laguna is very keen and puts its hand up to host national and international games in the future in line with its vision of the development of sports.


Athlete Village

They are working on building a multi-purpose stadium and an athlete village. The athlete village will accommodate athletes for national and international games. They are also working on a convention center. The Laguna sports complex located close to the nation’s capital is only an hour away.

Laguna is looking at being a future source of National athletes. As of now, Laguna excels in Swimming.

Working closely in co-operation with organizations such as PATAFA and recently Run for Change. Laguna housed the athletes and in exchange, they helped share their knowledge with local youngsters.

Albert says the obstacles with athletics in Laguna is that athletes need to travel quite far from different parts of the province to get to the sports complex. Also, a lot of athletes are from poor families but do have a lot of determination to succeed in sports and in life. Some of these athletes even lack a coach.

Laguna is leading by example in terms of Sports Development. Mr. Abarquez surely has a very bright future in his contributions to the development of Sports in the Philippines and is ideally the type of sports leader with his ‘WE CAN DO THAT’ attitude we need to help revive sports in the Philippines.

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