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Author: Airnel Abarra, MSc.

Airnel T. Abarra, LPT, MSc is a Ph.D. currently a student at the Testnevelési Egyetem (University of Physical Education) in Budapest Hungary (2019-2023).

Mr. Airnel Abarra is the pioneer Filipino Ph.D. student and scholar of the said university specializing in Sport and Social Sciences. Prior to his Ph.D. studies. In addition, he is the Grade School Sport Officer of the Ateneo de Davao University and the Head Coach of the Ateneo de Davao University Track and Field Team.

Above all an advocate of genuine grassroots programs in Athletics, his initiatives include Mindanao Blue Knights Track League which is an independent Track and Field Tournament in the Philippines (2014-present). In addition,Airnel Abarra

Mr. Abarra has also extensive networks among the Athletics clubs in Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

In addition every year, he collects sports shoes and apparel from different sports clubs. In the said countries and sends it to less fortunate athletes in the Philippines. Above all professionally, he is a licensed teacher and doing research activities in Athletics, Sociology of Sport, etc. email: [email protected]

Join Tuesday Track Talks with Airnel Abarra. Every Tuesday 5pm Philippine Time Via Zoom Cloud Chat.

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