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Pinoyathletics Amazing Virtual Women’s 60 meter Dash for Cash

DISCLAIMER – The Pinoyathletics Virtual Women’s 60 Meter Dash for Cash event was organized by Pinoyathletics and is in no way, shape, or form affiliated or associated with PATAFA or PSC. Virtual Women’s 60 Meter Dash for Cash.

All Credit, responsibilities, and queries go to Pinoyathletics.

3 Girls from Bicol received their TShirts from our Sponsor, Masiv Sports. and 13 Girls from 7 parts of the Philippines.
Congratulations to both the Winners of Pinoyathletics Virtual Women’s 60m Dash for Cash.
A special thanks also to our sponsor Masiv Sports, for providing free singlets.
Both the winners have now been sent USD 50 into their bank accounts, courtesy of Pinoyathletics and Masiv Sports.
Karen Janario and Lianne Pama both timed 7.75 secs. And it was too tough to decide a winner that they were both declared winners.
On that subject, every participant in this meet is a winner. And the coaches are blessed to have such fine athletes who, despite the obstacles of COVID, Workloads and wifi connections for an online school, and no competitions in 2020 still.
We want to acknowledge the 13 girls that participated and others involved who made this event possible.


2 Winners, the Pinoyathletics Dash for Cash, had not just 1 but 2 winners.

Karen Janario, the National Junior Record Holder in the 100 Hurdles, and Lianne Diana Pama, the Palarong Pambansa Silver Medalist in the 100 and 200 in 2019.

Each participant will receive USD 50 from Pinoyathletics and Masiv Sports for winning the event.

Final Results Pinoyathletics Virtual Women’s 60 Meter Dash for Cash.

Media Release

Virtual Womens 60 meter dash
Virtual Women’s 60-meter dash

I just want to just say on behalf of Pinoyathletics and Masiv Sports. We greatly respect and appreciate the 14 brave girls in the Virtual Womens 60 meter dash. 

Who are helping keep the sport alive through determination, perseverance, and consistently finding ways to train in these dark times of the New Normal of COVID-19.

This unique first of its kind event in the Philippines as inspired by Jim Lafferty after he did the World’s Greatest Pole Vault event with Ernest Obiena.

Andrew Pirie – Co-Founder

Virtual Womens 60 meter Dash Start List
Virtual Women’s 60-meter Dash Start List


The event is spearheaded by National Junior Record Holder Karen Janario of Leyte and Lianne Diana Pama of Misamis Oriental, the Palarong Pambansa Secondary Girls silver medalist 100 200m Dash.

Also joining is Palarong Pambansa 200m Bronze medalist Divina Mahusay, who has already represented the ASEAN School Games country.

Also featured is a Philippines National Team member in Rugby Women’s Volcanoes, Happy Aldee Denuyo.

Virtual Womens 60 meter Dash Entries

Entries will have until December 12 at 11:59 pm to Submit a video via PM to Pinoyathletics, ‘Enzo Williams’ or email to [email protected].

  1. Videos for the Virtual Womens, 60-meter dash, should view the start and finish. So we can use Kinovea to get the athlete’s time.
  2. And must realistically align times with the athlete’s 100m capability. 
  3. If either of these is not met athlete will be asked to resubmit the 60-meter dash video. They have until December 12, 11:59 pm, to resubmit.
  4. If the video is accepted, no further attempts will be allowed to redo the 60-meter dash Video.
  5. Athletes can have other people in the race, male or female, but additional participants will not be eligible for prizes if they are not on the entry list. Would you please ensure additional entries do not obscure the camera for a start and finish line as per #1?


  • 1st Place – USD 100 (via PayPal or similar means), Prize from the anonymous sponsor, Singlet provided by Masiv Sports, Certificate of Participation
  • Everyone else – Free singlet x 1 and certificate of participation. Additional Singlets might be awarded to place getters if available. Singlets will only be sent out to those who submit a valid video.

We are proudly sponsored by Masiv Sports, which outfits most of the UAAP Schools and National Teams.

Pinoyathletics in support of Women’s Sports Virtual Womens 60 meter Dash Dash for Cash

Pinoyathletics, in support of Women’s Sports in the Philippines, is planning to hold a Virtual Women’s 60-meter Dash.

NB/Disclaimer. This is a Pinoyathletics event, and in no way, shape, or form is associated with the PATAFA or the PSC.

Would you please email the following details to

[email protected]

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • 100M (Personal best time)
  • Team / Province
  • The location where and will run the 60m time
  • Type of Surface where and will run the 60m

Would you please email details to [email protected]

  1. Performances for Virtual Womens, 60-meter dash, can be recorded between  December 7-12 but must be submitted by no later than December 12 (10.00 pm Phi Time). December 13 Results and Podcast.
  2. and can do performances for Virtual Women’s 60-meter dash on a
    1. Rubberized Oval
    2. Dirt Oval
    3. Grass Field
  3. For Virtual Women’s 60-meter dash performances to be validated for Ranking in Results, a neutral person must use a measuring wheel to certify distance accurately on a dirt oval or grass field.
  4. And must present a clear video of the athlete starting and a clear view of the athlete crossing the finish line. We suggest placing cones or visible markers at the finishing line to be easily identifiable on video.
  5. And will accept no Hand Times.
  6. We will extract Video Times from the video using Kinovea Software.
  7. The event will be free entry. 
  8. The Winner will receive a USD 50 prize awarded to the winner/fastest time of the competition, USD 50 from the Sponsor + Total pool of entry fee money, and gifts from sponsors. Entries to [email protected]
  9. A Certificate will be awarded to all participants who meet the above criteria, and also that will rank the athlete’s official performance in the combined results.
  10. Only athletes based in the Philippines will be eligible for the Cash Prize. However, non-Philippine resident athletes can join and enter the official results and be sent a certificate of participation.
  11. The Minimum Age for joining this competition is 15 years of age. This is an open age meet, meaning we will not have a kids division on this occasion.
  12. We are considering forming an A-Division for Top 10 athletes based on seed 100m times.
  13. Videos of athletes and official results will be provided via Live Cast on Pinoyathletics Facebook Page, with articles and official results available via
  14. A Committee of five, including myself, will be formed to evaluate the performances from the videos. And moderate consensus on times. We will also be looking at the athlete’s past performances to ensure the reliability of performances.



Virtual Womens 60m
Virtual Women’s 60-meter Dash


End of Media Release 

High interest with 15,288 visits from 5,301 visitors in 2 days.





By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. And Currently is Consultant Coach with VMUF 2021- Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is  Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. Currently working towards a Masters Degree in Education. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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