3 Fil-Heritage Tracksters no Passport

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Article by Enzo Williams

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3 Fil-Heritage Tracksters with no Passport

3 Fil-Heritage Athletes Lauren Hofman, Angel Frank, and Danae Manibog. All failed to secure passports. As of the March 10 Entry by name extension deadline. Set by the SEA Games Organizing Committee.

This was verified by PATAFA Sec Gen Edward Kho in an on-air interview with News Radyo Pilipinas host Judith Caringal. In the SEA Games entry list presented by Kho. The three Female athletes had asterisks next to their names. And light brown highlights to indicate they have not yet secured Philippine Passports. Kho also stated the PATAFA is trying to get them passports still. But he is unsure as to whether the SEA Games organizers will accept their entries as it’s already 2.5 weeks before SEA Games start.

Due to not having Philippine Passports. This means they are not eligible for National Rankings, SEA Rankings, All Time lists, or Philippine National Records set while they do not have a valid Philippine Passport.

The three women competed at the Philippine National Open March 22-26 in Iligan City.


Performances Revoked from Phi Lists

Hoffman took silver in the 100 Hurdles and defeated SEA Games Bronze medalist Robyn Lauren Brown to win the 400 Hurdle title. In The 100 Hurdles the performance ranked Hoffman 3rd on the SEA Rankings in a new PB of 13.72, and #1 Phi Rankings and #4 Philippine All Time Lists (however performances are revoked from all lists).

In the 400 Hurdles, Hoffman ranked #1 in Phi Rankings, #1 in South East Asian Rankings, and #2 in Phi All Time Lists (however performances are revoked from all lists).

Angela Frank clocked 53.69 in 400m (winning the Philippine National Open) ranked her 1st in Phi Rankings and 3rd in SEA Rankings, the Performance was also below the Philippine National Record of Kayla Richardson (53.81) (however performances are revoked from all lists).

Manibog clocked 24.73 in 200m (placing 2nd at National Open) which ranked her 3rd in Phi Rankings and 10th= in SEA Rankings (however performances are revoked from all lists).

Manibog clocked 54.73 in 400m (placing 2nd at National Open). Which ranked her 2nd in the Phi Rankings. 5th in SEA Rankings. And 5th in Phi All Time Lists (however performances are revoked from all lists).

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