2023 Philippines NCAA Athletics

The Highlight of the 2023 Philippines NCAA from April 19-20 at Pasig. Has been four athletes breaking the Discus Record in the Men’s. 

According to Pilipinas Run Jump Throw at the 98th NCAA Track and Field Championship at Philsports Complex, Pasig City, four discus throwers broke the NCAA record.

Russell Ricaforte

Russel Ricaforte of the University of Perpetual System-Delta won the gold with 46.91 meters, followed by Ariel Legaspi of Mapua University with 43.26 meters, Dominic Woodard of Jose Rizal University with 43.12 meters, and John Michael Fajardo with 42.56 meters.

The four athletes shattered Arellano University’s Carlos Corpus’ 2018 NCAA record of 41.46 meters. 

Ricafore big improvement catapulted him to second place on the Philippine Rankings in 2023 just behind National Champion John Albert Mantua’s 48.63m. Cut off for Top 10 in South East Asia for 2023 so far is 47.23m. The Performance also catapults Ricaforte to #7 on the Philippines All-Time List.


1 52.10 Fidel Repizo
2 51.46 William Morrison
3 49.57 John Albert Mantua
4 48.10 Caleb Stuart
5 48.04 David Bunevacz
6 46.98 Arneil Ferrera
7 46.91 Russell Ricaforte
8 45.80 Nixon Mas
9 44.52 Romeo Sotto
10 43.94 Ronald J. Fetalvero

Aldrin’s Hatrick

Aldrin Gomez

Aldrin Gomez (Mapua University) secured a hatrick winning the Mens 100m in 11.32. Considerably a slow time compared to previous years. The fastest time came from Jason Sonio (Mapua) who clocked a PB of 11.11 in the heats. Sonio however was disqualified from the final for a false start. Gomez also went on to win the Long Jump and Triple Jump titles for Mapua.








Unbroken 4×100 Mens Record of Mapua

On a personal note, I can see that the 4×100 Record of 42.2 was set 20 years ago in 2003; by Andrew Pirie, Henry Dagmil, Allan Erocido, and Smith Torres is still intact. Despite this fact, there have been much better individual sprinters since passing through the NCAA since.

Numbers are down

While the NCAA made a return after a 4-year hiatus. It’s important to note that the numbers were down as there were around only 100 entries. Also, there was no high school division played in this edition. The numbers being down could be because during the pandemic one school disbanded its team and several other schools cut or reduced the number of athletes on scholarships. This has led to provincial students feeling safer at SCUAA (State colleges) where tuition is provided free by the government and is not subject to the stability of athletics budgets.

Results Partial

100m: 1. A. Gomez (Mapua) 11.32, 2. K. Alolosan (CSB) 11.39, 3. G. Orillano (JRU) 11.44

200m: 1. F. Ramirez (JRU) 22.56, 2. J. Ceballos (UPHS) 23.10, 3. Alolosan 23.11

400m: 1. Ramirez 48.03 (Rec), 2. J. Gonzales (UPHS) 50.24, 3. E. Mengorio (UPHS) 50.58
800m: D. Monton (JRU)

1500M: Monton

5000M: Monton

Long Jump: 1. Gomez 7.12m,2. L. Grospe (Mapua) 6.99m

Triple Jump:1.  Gomez 14.61m, 2. Grospe 14.03m,3. L. Millanes (JRU) 13.89m

Shotput: 1. J. Fajardo (Mapua) 13.96m,2. R. Ricaforte (UPHS) 13.70,3. C. Lacayanga (ARE)

Discus:1. Ricarforte 46.91m (Rec), 2. A. Legaspi (Mapua) 43.26m, 3. D. Woodard(JRU) 43.12m

110H: 1. R. Marfa (Mapua) 15.98, 2. R. Marfa (Mapua) 16.08

4×100: 1. Mapua, 2. UPHS, 3. ARE


If you have more results please email pinoyathletics@gmail.com

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