Puripol Boonson 16 year old Clocks new 200m SEA Record in Kazakhstan.

2022 SEA Rankings

Puripol Boonson breaks SEA Record 16-year-old Puripol Boonson (born January 16, 2006). Again took a considerable chunk off his SEA Record with a 20.19 clocking, beating the 20.37 he ran to win the SEA Games 2 months ago. The wind reading was +1.7 so Boonson had a legitimate wind reading. The performance came at the … Read more

Early sport specialization the pitfalls

Early Sport Specialization

Early sport specialization Early sport specialization (ESS) is defined as the intensive training or competition in organized sport by prepubescent children (under the age of 12) for more than eight months per year, with a focus on a single sport to the exclusion of other sports and free play. Early Sport Specialization Per Reviewed study co-authored by Jad Adrian … Read more

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