2022 Philippines Marathon and Road Race Results

711 Run Results (Sep 28, 2022)

Monkey Elite Mile 2022 – Cronie Melliza clear win – Meet Record

(September 9)

Monkey Elite hosted a Road Mile held in Malaybalay, which was staged at 6 am on September 9th, 2022. And it was the second edition of the event with one held on July 18, 2021
While the Monkey Elite mile or ‘The Triple M’ is the Premier Mile of the Philippines Athletics Calendar.
Cronie Melliza of Monkey Elite won the event in 4:32.14 (equivalent to a 4:13 road mile or 4:05 on a track, 2 seconds for every 400m without spike shoes and rubberized surface = 7.5 seconds total on conversion)  And Cronie mark broke the previous meet of record of 2021 National 5000m Champion Ricky Organiza in 4:40. While Organiza who ran for Malaybalay is now at Far Eastern University.
The Philippine Record for the Mile is held by Carter Lilly at 4:15.87 (Indoors) there is no outdoor record. Records run on rubberized ovals are considered valid.

Melliza’s wins this year include the 10k at the Environmental Run on April 3 and the 5000m at the ASICS rock-n-roll run in Manila. Cronie bagged 3000 Pesos and a shirt for winning the event.

UAAP Record Holder and 2017 ASEAN School Games 800m Champion Elbren Neri of Tangub took the prize for being the first man to 1000m mark in 2:44. Hence Neri took 2000 pesos for runner-up and 1000 pesos for making it to the 1km line first. Third place was Danny Tignao who got 1000 pesos.
Thank you, coach Kirk Gapulan of Monkey Elite Performance for hosting this successful event.


1st Cronie Melizza 4:32.14(run town course record)
2nd Elbren Neri=4:4.52
3rd Danny Tigao =4:47.43
4th Miggy Quirino= 4:53
5th Jacob Taylor = 4:55
6th Kirk Gapulan = 5:03
7th Lemuel Suela = 5:07
8th Dhuddles Comitan= 5:10
9th Richard Organiza = 5:11
10th Gian Taylor= 5:15
Sources: Monkey Elite & Trisha




Preparation Run Cebu Results from July 24

Phi Mens 1500m Rankings 2021, Monkey Elite Mile Fun Town in Malaybalay

Monkey Elite – Road Mile Fun Town in Malaybalay (Jul 20, 2021)

The event was organized by Monkey Elite Performance

Would you please check out their Facebook Page? They are based in Malaybalay. 

The event was sponsored by

Organized for the good people of Malaybalay. This came in after the April Half Marathon, and a team of Sprinters from Malaybalay joined the Pinoyathletics SprinTopia leg Cagayan De Oro leg.

Emerging as the clear winner was Ricky Organiza, the younger brother of SEA Games Women’s Champion Christine Organiza Hallasgo

Monkey Elite
Ricky Organiza


  1. Ricky Organiza= 4:40
  2. Bobby Tadlas= 4:49
  3. Joseff Miguel Quirino= 4:51
  4. Richard Organiza= 4:55
  5. Louie Niala= 5:00
  6. Novenne Lagua =5:02
  7. Kirk Gapulan = 5:05
  8. Christian Luangco= 5:09
  9. Jhaymore Pugoy =5:14
  10. Kharl Ocon = 5:50

Monkey Elite

2021 Philippines Mens National Rankings 1500 Meters

Please note Pinoyathletics is waiting on the Philippines Passports of Guermali and Dawal hence the *** Team Classification. 

The SEA Games Bronze Mark is 4:08.90. However, Mariano Masano (Philippines) took the Silver Medal in 4:08.27.

Duong Van Thai won the race in 4:06.63; Van Thai collected his 4th consecutive SEA Games title.

His win will go down as the slowest SEA Games winning time since 1961 (4:09.7) when it was the SEA Peninsula Games (started 1959, became SEA Games 1977). 

If both Fil-Americans Guermali and Dawal submit their passports, they will be ranked #1 and #2 ahead of Guermali, and the SEA Qualifying standard will become the 3:55.38 of Dawal. 

Please note the times from the Malayabalay Monkey Elite Mile are all converted from road Mile runs (1609m).



2022 Philippines Marathon Davao Ultra Runners Club Event Report Rrrrrrricky Organiza! (July 10)

davao sibblings
Ricky Organiza and their sister Christine Hallasgo win the 5000m Run events at Davao.


The Davao Ultra Runners Run for a cause is the biggest event in Mindanao so far this year on the road run circuit with a prize of 10,000 pesos for the winners of the men’s and women’s 5000m.

2021 National 5000m Champion Ricky Organiza of Malaybalay pulled off a big win in the Davao Ultra Marathon in Davao 5000m netting 10,000 Pesos. With a huge improvement in his PB timing at 15:35, the 4th fastest time in the Philippines this year behind Sony Wagdos (15:31.92), Alfrence Braza (15:31.95), and James Orduna.

Ricky Organiza showed his narrow 2021 National title win over SEA Games 1500m Bronze Medalist Alfrence Braza last December in Baguio was no fluke. Despite it being one of the slowest 5000m ever won in 16:43.34 over Braza at 16:43.65. At that time Organiza from Malaybalay, Bukidnon the younger brother of SEA Games 2019 Women’s Marathon Champion Christine Hallasgo was the underdog and not expected to win but pulled off the upset.

Coming in 2nd was Cronie Melliza of Monkey Elite Performance (also from Malaybalay) who ran a PB of 16:03, improving from his 16:12 win at the Asics Rockn’ Roll event on June 19. National Marathon Athlete Jerald Zabala representing Lanao was third in 16:40.

Meanwhile, Christine Hallasgo won the 5000m Women’s event Netting 10,000 Pesos in a time of 18:17.

Meanwhile, in the Men National PRISAA, 800m and 1500m Champion Dhem AJ Monton of H12 Running coached by Singapore-based Filipino Reginald Montano got the better of Jimboy Lugay and Benjie Duhac winning the 3000m in a PB of 8:39.

5000M Men’s National Ranking

Ranking 16:15
1 15:31.92 National Team Sony Wagdos
2 15:31.95 Weekenrun Team Alfrence Braza
3 15:34.65 UE James Orduna
4 15:35R Malaybalay City Ricky Organiza
5 15:42.23 South Cotobato Arlan Arbois
6 15:46.33 UP Diliman Roy Laudit
7 16:03R Monkey Elite Malaybalay Cronie Melliza
8 16:08.82 CPU Rogen Aguirre
9 16:10.30 Rundags Sports Gabriel Gemphil
10 16:17.86 Mariano Masano

The Green Run Vermosa (July 3) Results

Asics Rock n Roll Running Series (Jun 19)

Non-National coached athlete Alfrence Braza the SEA Games 1500m Bronze Medalist took the win in the 10,000m run from James Orduna with Edgar Lee posting up a big PB in 3rd in 35:35.

Asics Rock n Roll Running
Cronie Melliza wins the 5000m at the Asics Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series 2022

Meanwhile, in the 5000m, Cronie Melliza of Monkey Elite Malaybalay made his trip from Bukidnon worthwhile with a 16:12 PB. Cronie who has been highlighting the Bukidnon road race circuit was comfortably nearly 1 whole minute ahead of former national athlete Aris Africa of the Army.

In the Women’s 5000m, 16-year-old Kira Ellis of Brent whose specialty is Triathlon clocked 20:10, to easily finish ahead of Jona Lina Abutas of FEU at 21:29.

Women’s 10000m results need some more thorough screening as 35:03 by Michaela Ebreo is faster than anyone in the national team so his highly doubtful and probably a typographical error.


Women’s 5000m

Men’s 5000m

Women’s 10000m

Men’s 10000m

2022 Philippines Marathon Kidney Run Valencia City(June 12)

2022 Kidney Run Valencia

2019 SEA Games Marathon Champion Christine Hallasgo highlighted the 2022 Kidney Run Valencia City event winning the women’s half marathon. Part of the series of Road running events in Bukidnon during the middle of the year 2022.

The event followed the 2022 Golden Harvest Marathon event also held in Malaybalay.


2022 Philippines Marathon Full Results

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Race Organizers, Please email any road or race results or Inquiries about advertising your road events to [email protected]

Butuan 5k Dagan Results (June 12)


Butuan 5K DAGAN JUNE 12 (note 5.09km times not adjusted in
the results)



1. Rico Patanao 17:29
2. Benjie Duhac 17:30 (PinoyAthletics)
3. William Luminidas 18:18
4. Jayvie Duhac
5. JP Es-ooro 18 (PinoyAthletics)



1. April Clampiano 20:30 (PinoyAthletics)
2. Art Torregosa Clampiano
3. Shine Cardona
4. Judilyn Impron (PinoyAthletics)
5. Janette Mendoza
6. Honeycel Jane Opiso

2022 Cebu Water world Road Runs Results (May 29)

2022 Cebu Waterworld

Prince Joey Lee and his buddy Rinmarch Gonzaga had the fastest times in 2022. With 32:36 and 32:41 on the road making it 1-2 for Spectrum Runners.

While Chery Andrin of Paksit Running clocked 1:29.05 for the Half Marathon, Lizanne Abella 1:33.13.



2022 Philippines Marathon Cebu Waterworld Road Runs Results (May 29)

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2022 Philippines Marathon Kanak Ha Banuwa – Entries and Results (April 22, 2022)

Full Results

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2022 Philippines Marathon Golden Harvest Half Marathon Event (Jan 12)

2022 Golden Harvest Half Marathon

The first event of 2022 for Philippine Athletics. The 2022 Golden Half Marathon Event kicked off in Valencia on January 9. It was a follow-on event from the Monkey Elite Mile.

VALENCIA CITY — National Athletes Jerald Zabala and Rosalyn Tadlas (1:37:21) ruled the men’s and women’s divisions of this city’s Golden Harvest Half Marathon 2022 held early today here in the city.
Zabala, the 2019 National Milo Marathon King and a resident of Cagayan de Oro finished the race at 1:12:30. Not far behind are Richard Organiza (1:18:29) and Jemarvin Cabilan (1:20:17) of Malaybalay Runners.
Completing the podium for the women’s category are Myline Campoamor of the Don Carlos Runners Club who clocked in at 2:22:32 and Maria Lourdes Bolivar (2:48:02) of Malaybalay City.
The rest of the top 10 men finishers were Jhaymore Pugoy (1:22:04), Ryan Estrera (1:33:35), Paul Jumamil (1:42:51), and Kim Luardo (1:43:17), Romeo Christopher Hernandez (1:43:28), Christian Jay Leyses (1:43:42), and Benjamin Obod (1:45:48).
Leading the presentation of awards is Honorable Mayor Azucena Huervas.
The Golden Harvest Half Marathon 2022 is one of the several sports competitions held by the City of Valencia today, January 9, 2022, in cooperation with Valencia Runners Club and Bukidnon Trail Runners as part of the 21st Charter Day Celebration.

2022 Philippines Marathon Full Results

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