Body Changes in the last 50 Years


Body Changes in the last 50 Years Body Changes in the last 50 Years  In many sporting disciplines, the body shapes of past top competitors were different from those we see today. Advancements in training and nutrition have created specialized athletic body shapes that are more extreme than their historical counterparts. Sprinters have become more slender, … Read more

Wei Yongli- Track Beauties

Wei Yongli

YongLi Wei Indeed YongLi Wei has come a long way since winning the Asian Games in 2014 in 11.48. She has run the three leading times for Asian Woman this year with 10.99, 11.07 and 11.10. In fact, the 26-year-old is within shouting range of countrywoman Li Xumei of China’s Asian Record of 10.79 set in 1997. Wei is the firm favorite at the 2018 Asian Games to defend her Asian Games Women’s 100m title.

Ideal Body Weight Calculation Amazing #1 Guide

ideal body weight calculation

This article will discuss the ideal body weight calculation for height.  By the end of reading this, you will unlock the ideal body weight according to height.  The ideal body weight should be unique for everyone.  Significant factors contributing to a person’s ideal body weight are height, gender, age, body frame, body type, etc. In … Read more

What are the current UAAP Residency Rules?


UAAP Residency Rules UAAP Residency Rules Tagalog Version Here This article is continued from the effects of the DEPED K TO 12 Implemented Program. Furthermore, we have gathered information from various sources. Yet as we are not the official representatives of the UAAP. will not be held accountable as this information can be updated … Read more

Xie Zhenye – Amazing Chinese #2 Sprinter

xie zhenye

Xie Zhenye Xie Zhenye Xie Zhenye as China’s Second Fastest ever 100m men after Su Bingtian. Is the current Asian Record Holder over 200m. Zhenye opened 2020 with 10.31 (-.2) on 15 September 2020 and 10.13 (+2.9)  on 23 August, running both these times in China. He also clocked 20.72 (-0.4) on September 17. September … Read more

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