2020 Vietnam Athletics Comprehensive Reports and Results

vietnam athletics

2020 Vietnam Athletics vnexpress Marathon – Vietnam Marathon 2020 Results Although he was sometimes 1km away, the young Quang Tri – Le Quang Hoa excellently came upstream and won the championship with a new personal record 02:33:35. Equally excellent is Ha Van Nhat (Thanh Hoa) with 02:33:42. Followed by Le Tan, Hi. Marathon recorded the … Read more

High Jump How it Evolved: Amazing brief history

high jump

high jump ; How the High Jump Evolved: History of the Evolution of the High Jump [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mprtNILdmOE] Scissors The First recorded High Jump operation was in Scotland within the 1800s.¬†¬†Early jumpers used either a straight-on approach or a scissors technique. Eastern Cutoff Around the turn of the twentieth century, techniques began to modernize, the high … Read more

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