2021 UAAP Season 83 Cancelled

4 Way Fight for First Place and Top 3 UAAP Girls 200m Zulueta, Janario, Malonzo and Luzon

UAAP 2021 Season 83 Cancelled

FANS AND athletes alike held on to a glimmer of hope as they awaited the fate of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines’ (UAAP) Season 83. However, as the stringent community quarantine protocols persisted. The league’s Board of Trustees (BoT) officially announced the season’s cancellation last December 11. 

Although the cancellation of Season 83 yielded a dismal response from the athletic community. Multiple factors such as health concerns, financial stress, and logistical issues ultimately led the league’s officials to their final decision. 

Checking in

At the beginning of 2020, most second-semester sports for Season 82 faced a delayed start due to concerns over early COVID-19 outbreaks. Following this, President Rodrigo Duterte suspended all classes on March 9. Due to the country’s increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

According to a Rappler Sports report, the UAAP planned to implement other tournament formats to complete Season 82 if the national government declared class resumption. However, the fate of Season 82 reached its crescendo on April 7 when the UAAP BoT announced the cancellation of Season 82 due to the extension of enhanced community quarantine.

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UAAP 2021 Athletics doubtful to push through

According to several UAAP Athletic Coaches, there will be no Athletics in UAAP 2021. And UAAP will resume in 2022.

Pinoyathletics asked UAAP Chairman Em Fernandez of Ateneo to clarify if UAAP 2021 Athletics will push through?

But Em Fernandez did not even respond to the messages in regards to UAAP 2021.
Although UAAP Coaches stated the board already advised them, it has not yet been made public.


As of November 3, no exact date for the UAAP 2021 Athletics.

UAAP 2021 Athletics Will it Pushes Through?

It has been more than two years now since the UAAP Athletics was staged. 

The last staging was in December of 2018, Official Results Here.

2018 had 2 UAAP; it also had another one in February 2018 as the previous UAAP to December 2016. 

The Question now bodes will the UAAP Athletics finally push through with the mounting COVID Cases in the Philippines increasing from 20-30 to up to 100 cases a day. When NCR decided to lift ECQ and go back to GCQ, the instances had skyrocketed and showed no signs of slowing down. 

The UAAP, as per host Adamson University, is expected to commence at the end of February 24-27. 

Adamson initially was meant to host the UAAP in December, January then February before the COVID Pandemic started in the Philippines but delayed doing so. 

Hence the UAAP had bounced around a bit more before the UAAP Board decided to cancel Season 82.

In light of the Postponement of the UAAP for a season, the UAAP Board has now allowed seniors one more playing year.

Photo by Ann Margaret De Nys UAAP 2021 AthleticS?


What happens to these plans if the UAAP gets postponed any further?

What about the rules regarding the residency?

Regarding the UAAP Delay, schools have offloading athletes, with UST Scheduled to ax several of its B-Team in Athletics by December. And FEU Women’s offloading four female athletes from its scholarship programs. 

Adding to this the massive loss of morale of several athletes who have returned to the province. Having to cope with all kinds of obstacles from track ovals being closed to curfews if they are Under 21 to some of the slowest internet speeds in the world, which make online learning almost impossible in some cases. 

It’s not surprising that several UAAP Coaches have stated.


We would not be surprised if 50-60% of Athletes walk out on the sport due to losing motivation to continue after this Pandemic.


And Other Athletic Meets Also in the Philippines?

Scheduled Weekly Relays of PATAFA were due to start in September in Imus or New Clark but have been delayed due to COVID.


The Weekly Relays of PATAFA were supposed to start in September. Seem to have not pushed through And it seems like PATAFA has entirely forgotten about them for 2021. Also, plans for a Proposed ‘Bubble style’ Training Camp in November for national athletes. And a National Open in December seem to be limbo with the rising COVID Cases and Deaths in the Philippines.

The problem now seems that only 1/20 athletes are training now, even among the elite with the national athletes, relegating Some of them to home training, with no access to any track oval or gym. 

And in better cases, those in the Armed Forces have minimal time actually to train. Currently, the only members of the National Team actively competing are overseas-based. Sprinter Kristina Knott and Pole Vaulters Ernest Obiena and Natalie Uy. While Eric Cray and William Morrison are in training aiming for Olympic standards but haven’t competed for this half of the year. 

With many athletes not even in training in the Philippines, the high risk of holding a National Open in December could put many at injury risks as the first transition from home-based to regular practice could take around six weeks. They are followed by a general base and then specific and competitive preparation, even if formal training could resume.


The National Open would have to wait until at least March of 2021. (More on this in next articles).

Now is perhaps its time for PATAFA to evaluate Regional Programs. With its newly trained group of coaches on its National ACES Program as Pinoyathletics conducted a research project assessing athletes’ improvements in each event from each UAAP School over the last five years.

 Which further backs up the suspected status quo of a lot of slight or even no improvements. 

But now, with actual data to back it up. 





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