2021 Philippines Road Running Results

2021 philippines road running results

2021 Philippines Road Running Results

Result for 10km Actual Run Bakbakan 1 @UP academic oval UP Diliman (Feb 22, 2021)

The event was won by SEA Games Steeple Chase representative for the Philippines Junel Gobotia.

1. Junel Gobotia 34.35
2. EJ Lee Jr 34.48
3. Welfred Esporma 34.51
4. Roy Laudit 35.35
5. Adan Perpetua 36:50
6. Gary Pedregosa 36:50
7. Jimboy Bernal 37:40
8. Joey Riano Jr. 37:43
9. Rogelio Sarmiento 42:00
10. @Jameskevin Cruz
11. Evelou Abutas
12. Jomar Angus
13. Ericson Agrepa
14. Nelson Elijeran

Hoka One 2021 Davao International Marathon 1319 Entries biggest Virtual Event of 2021!

Proof Edited by Doctor Vic Salas


The Hoka One 2021 Davao International Marathon is fast shaping up as the premier long-distance event of 2021.

After the indefinite delay of the Milo Marathon events.

US Shoe Company Hoka One proudly sponsors the team at BBGRUNPH.

I have put together quite a spectacle of an event with over 6 months of planning.

The event will run from February 12 to March 13.


It is due to become the biggest virtual event the Philippines has ever had in terms of participation.

  • The 42km Marathon got 308 entries.
  • The 21km Half Marathon had 510 entries.
  • The 10km had 380 entries.
  • The 5km has 121 entries.
  • In Total, that is 1319 Entries.


Check out the start list for the DIM Virtual Run.

For inquiries, please message us or email us @[email protected].

BBG 10K Run Official Results – Alfrence Braza wins

BBG RUNPH Track Talk Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Questions Asked to Coach Roel, the Founder and Organizer of BBGPH Run



PA -What does BBG Mean

Roel – Basta Bisaya Gahi. Or in English Visayans are strong.

PA – What is the motive or aspirations of the BBGRunPH group

Roel – To provide provinces with opportunities to compete in meets, whether local or overseas, we are here for the athletes.

PA – When is the Next Virtual Run

Roel – Planning on Having Davao International Marathon in March. We have 1000 entries so far.

PA – Like other Marathon events, will it also feature shorter distances?

Roel – Yes 4 Categories 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k.

PA – Were you expecting 32 entries for this event?

Roel – Actually, more surprisingly, we ended up with 50. But we had to cut it down to 30.

PA – There were a lot of questions asked on Runfit Ph and other groups about Abigal Manzano. Her rapid improvement from 57 minutes to 41:02 cast doubt on the timing.

Roel – Wels, it was a learning curve for us as we are new to this, so Strava discovered some issues. However, she did submit her PB as 57 minutes.

PA – It might be better to let her join the Pinoyathletics / Talking Chinoy 5k and race on a track. At 41:02, if that is legit, she should be able to time 19:40-19:50. 

Roel – Yes, we can. I will personally accompany her on a track if need be to clear this up.

Questions asked to Louie Niala – Upcoming Athlete from Bukidnon who with Coach Stephen Tan Talking Chinoy improved his 5000m time from 16:48 to 15:37 in a year.

PA – What are your aspirations in the sport

Louie – I want to one day be a national athlete and compete abroad.

PA – Did you join Palarong Pambansa

Louie – No, Sir, I only made it to NMRAA. I had no structured program then.

PA – We understand you came from a Middle distant background.

Louie – Yes, Sir, I ran sprints and jumps at first, then moved to Middle distance in High school. I then decided to move up to 5000 and 10,000.

PA – What is your favorite event

Louie – I like the 5000m, Sir.

PA – Recently, we saw big improvements for you 5k 16:48 to 15:37 and 10k 35:05 to 33:25.

Louie – Yes, Sir, I started working with coach Stephen. First time I had a lot of structure and Garmin data used to monitor my training.

PA – If you had to choose one athlete you wanted to race against in Philippine Athletes, who would it be?

Louie – Immuel Camino Sir, he is my idol.

PA – Is he from the same province?

Louie – Yes, Sir, he is also from Bukidnon.

PA – Thanks, Louie, and congratulations on your 3rd place in the BBGRUNPH 10K. See you in the Pinoyathletics/Talking Chinoy 5000m Virtual on January 17.


Questions asked Alfrence Braza Palarong Pambansa 2019 1500 and 3000 Secondary Boys Champion and Winner of the BBGRUNPH 10,000m Run.

PA – Congratulations on your win with a time of 32:01

Braza – Thanks, sir

PA – What your previous best time

Braza – 33:42 in Iloilo run sir

PA – Same Question I asked Louie who your idol is in sport and who you would like to run against.

Braza- For me, Sir, it would be Sony Wagdos (2019 SEA Games Bronze 5000m). I admire it. I think he is awesome. Hoping I will get to run with him at nationals, sir. 

PA – Yes, like you, he came from a Middle Distance background. And he is also at PRISAA.

Braza – Yes, sir, at Western Institute of Technology.

PA – Who is your coach?

Braza – Now sir Noel Diel. Before, sir, I worked with Ellie Navaro.

PA – Yes, I know coach Diel the Zen Master, one of the best grass root coaches in the Philippines who produced many SEA Games Champions and medalists.

Braza- Yes, sir, he is excellent.

PA – Well, I want to say some doubted your 32:01 accuracy, Cause your 1500 PB is 15:56. But I advised them its 2 years ago or so, and I believe you can run 15;20-15:30

Braza – Thanks for believing in me, sir.

BBG 10K Run Unofficial Results – Alfrence Braza wins

The Virtual 10K Run of Roel Ano BBG comprised a 10k road run conducted on January 3, 2021. Overall it was a very successful well-run event with about 30-40 entries. Hoping that this will become an annual event.

Pinoyathletics would like to thank Mr. Roel Ano and his team for providing the athlete hope and motivation in these dark COVID times.

And served as the first meeting of any kind for the Philippines in the year 2021.

Please note this meet was not affiliated with PATAFA or PSC in any way or form, so performances will not be officially used for qualification to international meets, national records, or official rankings.

They may be ranked unofficially on stats lists at the discretion of the Chief Asian Statistician. 

Palaro Champion Alfrence Braza wins Roel Ano’s BBG 10K Virtual Run

Alfrence Braza of Iloilo, the Palarong Pambansa 1500 and 5000m Champion from 2019. Has added yet another prestigious title to his collection. Braza took the honors in Roel Ano’s BBG 10K Virtual Run, taking the win in 32:01.

The 19-year-old beat his older opponents Virgel John Archangel of Tarlac and Louie Niala of Bukidnon.

Alfrence Braza clocked 15:56.94 at the Palarong Pambansa at the Palaro.

Braza has already represented the Philippines, competing at the 2019 ASEAN School Games in Singapore but did not land a medal in the 1500 or 3K Steeple events.

The Speedy teenager will see action at the Pinoyathletics/Talking Chinoy Virtual 5K Run on January 17-24, where he will take on Former UAAP 10,000m Champion Darwin Lim. As the exciting action of early 2021 racing unfolds with several more virtual events.


Official Results from BBG Run Facebook Page



  1. 32:01 Alfrence Braza (Iloilo)
  2. 32:40 Virgel John Arcangel (Tarlac)
  3. 33:25 Louie Niala (Bukidnon)
  4. 33:26 Eduard Suico Flores (General Santos)
  5. 35.02 Ariel Cudy (Bukidnon)
  6. 34:00 Mark Ruto (General Santos)
  7. 35:11 Dhem AJ Monton (Sarangani) 
  8. 35:46 Jeffrey Tenorio (South Cotobato)
  9. 35:48 Jojie Dagaas (Manila)
  10. 36:00 Welfred Esporma (Quezon City)



  1. 31:42 Carlito Sausal Jr. *Treadmill Run
  2. 36:23 Jerome Sayre
  3. 38:09 Reymark Quezada
  4. 38:11 Jomar Acita Avaria
  5. 38:47 Novene Eduard Lagua
  6. 38:47 Jhaymore Pugoy
  7. 38:51 Janua Cantanae
  8. 40:20 Mark Carlo Davis
  9. 41:49 Christopher David Gonzaga
  10. 41:55 Melvin Gulano
  11. 41:56 Jason Operio



Meanwhile, in the Women’s Spartan Racer and trail runner, February Manzano, a mother of 3 children, crowned herself the BBGRunPH 10K Run Challenge Queen. 

  1. 41:02 February Manzano (Rizal)
  2. 43:18 Jocelyn Elijrean (San Juan City)
  3. 47:00 April Rose Diaz (General Santos City) (tied)
  4. 47:00 Rencee Salazar (General Santos City) (tied)
  5. 49:14 Angelica Papna (General Santos City) (tied)
  6. 50:59 Germel Lyn Montalban (Koronadal City) 
  7. 51:59 Rica Bautista Kilayco (Davao City)
  8. 52:06 Myline Campoamor (Bukidnon)
  9. 54:45 Sharmaine Yonson (Davao City)
  10. 1:14.22 Mhel Tuazon (Pasig City)
  11. 1:14.26 Juvelle Alexa Matinog (Bohol)





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