2021 Olympic Games Steeple Chase Previews and Predictions Mens and Womens

Lamecha Girma of Ethiopia one of the event favorites in the 2021 Olympic Games Steeple Chase

2021 Olympic Games Steeple Chase Previews and Predictions Mens and Women’s

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2021 Olympic Games Steeple Chase Mens

With the absence of Consensus Kipruto, the men’s steeplechase looks like a royal rumble with no clear dominant figure among the projected finalists.

Projected finalists are the Ethiopian trio of Takele Tadese (ETH), Girma Lamecha (ETH) Getnet Wale (ETH).  Lamecha and Wale are a pair of 20-year-olds with so much potential and talent they might dominate the event in the years to come.  Tadese, on the other hand, won the Ethiopian Olympic trials.

Then there’s the fearsome Kenyans: Abraham Kibiwot, Benjamin Kigen, and Leonard Bett.

Another projected finalist is Djilali Bedrani of France.  And last but not least is the tall Moroccan Soufiane El Bakkali.

Girma, Kibiwot, and Kigen had a fantastic battle at Monaco last July 9, where the bell was rang one lap earlier than it should be.  All three were clear of the rest of the field when they responded to the bell, but eventually, Girma and Kibiwot realized the mistake, held back after about 150m.  But poor Kigen never realized the mistake.  Girma eventually won with the skin of his teeth after a late rally by Kibiwot, while Kigen faded into 10th.

That race left unanswered questions—so many what-ifs.

Bakkali’s impressive 1500m race at Doha last May left an impression that he’s riped for the Olympic gold this year.  He clocked 3:31.95 and placed 3rd behind Cheruiyot and McSweyn. 



2021 Olympic Games Steeple Chase Womens

With the absence of the reigning Olympic champion (doping) and world leader Norah Jeruto (who did not qualify), this event has one clear dominant name -Beatrice Kepkoech, the 2019 World Champion.  However, she has not totally reached his peaked based on her race at Monaco last July 9, where she lost to another Kenyan, Hyvin Kiyeng. 

On the other hand, American Coburn looks sharp in Monaco last July 9, where she was on course to break the 9:00 minute barrier.  But tragedy happened in the last water jump where she slumped after hitting the barrier.  She eventually finished at 9:09.02 on the 4th, but it was clear that she could have a 9:00 mark.  In that race, she left Kepkoech and Winfred Yavi of Bahrain for good until that unfortunate event.

Another runner to watch out for is the 20-year-old Ethiopian Mekides Abebe, with a 9:02 mark this year.






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