Can Athletes train in the rain?

Can Athletes train in the rain

Can Athletes train in the rain? First Published  September 17, 2020 By Andrew Pirie (Enzo Williams) Vice President of the ATFS   Photo: An athlete I am coaching in Calapan City. Pia, a native of Surigao.   The 22-Year-old Former SCUAA 400m Finalist currently works for the Fruitas company. Can Athletes train in the rain? … Read more

Kasi Feberoy – Former Palaro Record Holder 100M Boys

Kasi Feberoy

Philippines 2016 Athlete of the Year Male Junior Athlete of the Year – Feberoy Kasi (100m); While no National Junior records were broken in 2016, 17-year old Feberoy Kasi of Cotabato had the most impressive performance. Feberoy clocked 10.75 to shatter the Palaro Record of Jomar Udtohan (10.8ht). His performance was just .01 off the … Read more

How to Use Starting Blocks in track

How to Use Starting Blocks in track 7

How to use starting blocks in track How to use starting blocks in track – Positioning the Blocks Edited by Megadean01, Teresa, Dave Crosby, Emma, and 6 others   This is the absolute best way to set up and properly use athletics starting blocks.   1. Hold the unit in your hands.       … Read more

Tara Davis – Hurdler


Tara Davis US High School windy 12.89 100 Hurdles (video) and some International Results Jun 18, 2017 On 12 May 2017, 17-year-old Tara Davis ran 12.89 in the 100 Hurdles. The 2nd fastest time in US Track and Field History. Unfortunately, it was 2.5 tailwind. Before then, only 3 High school girls in US Track … Read more

Is Milo drink Healthy? Comprehensive #1 Guide


Is Milo drink Healthy? Drinking Milo drink isn’t as nutritious as what you might suspect it seems to be. Is Milo your preferred beverage? Or then again, it’s your to-go drink for breakfast? All things considered, I figure you should begin considering having different beverages as your to-go drink for breakfast. Is Milo HEALTHY Milo … Read more

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