Awesome Deborah Samson

Deborah Samson

Deborah Samson Long before Natalie Uy. Another Fil-Heritage women’s jumper had the Philippines Record. Through Deborah Samson’s efforts, the Philippine Record was taken for the first time beyond 4 meters.   High School Career Deborah Samson was from Los Angeles and attended the University of Santa Barbara. Born in 1982, She attended Mayfair High School … Read more

How to Calculate BMI? 7 Interesting ways

How to Calculate BMI? 7 Interesting ways 1

How to Calculate BMI Do you think BMI Index is a good way to measure someone’s health? l How to Calculate BMI Metric The BMI index doesn’t measure the fat in your body directly. By the end of reading this article with a Free BMI Calculator. You will discover your Body Mass Index and what … Read more

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