Dealing with Piriformis syndrome

Dealing with Piriformis syndrome 3

Piriformis syndrome Sciatic Nerve Piriformis Syndrome (running injuries) Jun 2, 2014 The piriformis muscle creates a real pain in the butt for many people. Repetitive actions could be the cause of all your pain. Read on to learn what a piriformis muscle is, why repetitive actions can create the pain and how to resolve these … Read more

Amazing Kristina Knott targets Tokyo 2021

Amazing Kristina Knott targets Tokyo 2021 6

Kristina Knott Kristina Knott targets 100 and 200m at 2021 Tokyo Olympics Kristina Knott will aim for both the 100m and 200m at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The 100m standard is 11.15. Knott best in that event is 11.27 .And in the 200m the standard is 22.80. She ran 23.01 at the SEA Games last … Read more

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