2020 Zimbabwe Athletics

2020 Zimbabwe Athletics Inter-Provincial NAAZ (29.11.20) insane weather

2020 Zimbabwe Athletics. Part of my work as ATFS Vice President involves hunting down Athletics Results.

Usually, I focus on Asian Athletics.

However, as I am also a Level 3 Athletics Australia coach.

I was on the hunt for Results from 2020 Zimbabwe Athletics as I coach two athletes online from that country in the sprints. 

And recently was informed by one of them they were competing at the NAAZ Interprovincial meet in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Meet in Bulawayo was a 3-5 hour meet limited to 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000. With 2 athletes per region. 


A Tale of Two Makusha’s

One thing for you to know is that there are 2 Ngoni Makusha in 2020 Zimbabwe. One, born in 1987 who was a world bronze medallist in the long jump and held the national record in the 100m (9.89).

He’s been based in the US since moving there for his studies.  Now retired from athletics. 

One active sprinter born in 1994, based in Zimbabwe PB 10.21 and 20.49

2020 Zimbabwe Inter-Provincial NAAZ (29.11.20) Meet Results

Unsure of wind readings for this 2020 Zimbabwe Athletics Meet. A wind gauge is present in the video, but not sure if working.


100m  (4 athletes)

Dickson Kamungeremu
  1. Dickson Kamungeremu 10.76
  2. Makanaka Charamba 10.92
  3. Carlos Gwerendende 12.49
  4. DNF

200m  (4 athletes)

  1. Ngoni Makusha 20.85
  2. Tapiwa Makarawu 21.43
  3. Gereen Muwishi 22.46
  4. *24.10

400m –

800m – Nyasha Mutsetse 1:56.15


100m (5 athletes)

2020 Zimbabwe Athletics
  1. Dorothy Kavhumbura (Mashonaland Central) 13.28
  2. Samukele Ngwenya 13.38
  3. Linnet Zembe 13.49
  4. *13.54
  5. *14.80

400m – Precious Mutumwa (Harare) 58.82

800m – Maryjoy Mudyiravanji (Mashonaland Central) 2:18.82


Zimbabwe Athletics Sources:

  1. Youtube
  2. Information from Mrs. Carole Fuchs





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