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2020 Vietnam Athletics

2020 Vietnam Athletics Takes the Leads in the Women’s Marathon

Hoang Thi Ngoc Hoa is a new athlete.
Pham Thi Hong Le is the SEA Games Bronze Medalist in the Women’s Marathon 2019. At only 22 years of age, she has already broken her PB from 2019 of 2h52.14.  She ran a very impressive 34:30.61 in 10,000m

Hallasgo and Tabal are the gold and silver medalists from the 2019 SEA Games.

2020 Vietnam Athletics

VNexpress Marathon – Vietnam Marathon 2020 Results

Although he was sometimes 1km away, the young Quang Tri-Le Quang Hoa excellently came upstream and won the championship with a new personal record of 02:33:35.
Equally excellent is Ha Van Nhat (Thanh Hoa) at 02:33:42.
Followed by Le Tan, Hi.
Marathon recorded the impressive return of senior general Nguyen Van Long (Gia Lai) and the excellence of two runner movements: Dang Anh Quyet and Nguyen Dong Dinh.
On the female side, Vietnam’s leading Marathon runner Pham Thi Hong Le was quickly crowned with 2:57:41. Hong Le is the SEA Games Bronze Medalist in the 2019 Marathon and Silver medalist in 10,000m womens.

TOP MEN (Provisional)

1. Le Quang Hoa / 02:33:35
2. Ha Van Nhat / 02:33:42
3. Le Tan Hi / 02:38:11
4. Nguyen Van Long / 02:45:15
5. Dang Anh Quyet / 02:45:55
6. Nguyen Dong Dinh: 02:50:03
7. Huynh Quoc Hung: 03:02:33
8. Le Tuan Lam / 03:06:58
9. Dam Hong Phong / 03:09:57
10. Phung Minh Tuan / 03:14:51

TOP FEMALE (Provisional)

1. Pham Thi Hong Le / 02:57:41
2. Nguyen Thi Nga? / 03:22:42
3. Do Thi Nguyet / 03:23:59
4. Nguyen Thi Duong / 03: 33.06
5. Nguyen Phuong Thuy / 03:35:56
vnexpress Marathon Hue 2020 is part of the VNexpress Marathon series, held on December 27 morning in Ho Chi Minh City. Hue with distances of 5km, 10km, and 21.1km, and Marathon 42.2km.

Mekong River Delta 2020 Athletic Meet Full Results (December 23)

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 Mekong River Delta 2020 Athletic Meet

Mekong River Delta 2020 Track and Field Meet Day 1 Results (December 5)

This morning, the Mighty Mekong River Delta 2020 Track and Field Meet framework took place at Vinh Long Province from Dec 5 to 8.

It was a fascinating discovery at the Mekong River Delta meet to discover new stars.

On the way to run 100 m female, 16-year-old girl Nguyen Thi My Hanh of Tien Giang made a surprise when she won the HCV with a time of 11.9 (11.81), Le Thi Bé Tram (2001, Can Tho) with 11.9 (11.85) and Huynh Thi My Tien (Vinh Long) with 12.0

 On the south run, Huynh Nguyen Tan Phat’s throne (2003, Kien Giang) with 10.5 (10.45), HCB is also 1 Kien Giang Athletes – Danh Hanh, about 3 is Tran Hao Nam (2004, An Giang).

Still, on the way to relay 4 x400m men and 4 x400m women, An Giang’s team had gathered all two gold medals at the Mekong River Delta meet.

The meeting used hand timing; no electronic clock measured the above parameters. Fans pages will update full competition results from the 2020 Mekong River Delta Track and Field Meet later.

P / S: Thank you, Uncle Lam Hien Trung, for saving and sharing these moments.

Mekong River Delt 2020 Athletic Meet

Mekong River Delta 2020 Track and Field Meet 23 Summary

Vietnam holds its 5th Track and Field Meet for the Second Half of 2020.

After the thống nhất Speedy Cup, National Juniors, Ho Chi Minh, and National Championships. 

This time the competition will take place on the Delta of the MIGHTY MEKONG RIVER. The world’s 12th largest river. 

Vietnam will host the SEA Games in 2021 in Hanoi next November.

The Mekong River Delta meets 13 provinces. And is part of Vietnam’s grass-roots program to identify new talent. 

Including the city. Can Tho, Long An, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Hau Giang, Soc Trang, Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang, Bac Lieu, and Ca Mau.

The conference was held twice a year, it was supposed to happen in 2019, but for some reason, it was back in 2020.

The Meet will take place from December 5 to 8 at Vinh Long Provincial Stadium in Vietnam. Bookmark Pinoyathletics so you don’t miss out on the 2020 Mekong Delta Track and Field Meet results.

mekong river
The Mighty Mekong River is Asia’s Greatest River. Host the Mekong River Delta Meet


2020 Mekong River Delta Track and Field Meet Typical faces that have become famous in the International arena must mention:

* NAM: Duong Phuong-400 m fence (Can Tho), Nguyen Van Tang-400 m fence (Long An), Le Van Duong 800/1500 m (Kien Giang), Nguyen Duy Bang – High jump (Ben Tre / HCM), Nguyen Truong Giang – Lao (Ben Tre), Nguyen Hoai Van – Lao (Long An), Nguyen Thanh Nhan – High Dance (Tien Giang)…
* FEMALE: Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc-7 coordinating subjects (Can Tho), Tran Thi Tham – Throw Lao (Vinh Long), 100 m set includes: Vu Thi Huong – Le Ngoc Phuong – Mai Thi Phuong – Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham (An Giang), Duong Thi Viet Anh – High Dance (Bac Lieu), Pham Thi Diem – High Dance (Hau Giang), Nguyen Thi Truc Mai – Dance far away (Vinh Long), Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong – Throw the plate (Vinh Long)…
At the last National Athletics Championship, the Mekong Delta provinces also brought 6 HCVs, 8 HCBs, and 3 HCDs, including:
? HCV:
* Huynh Thi My Tien, 110 mR (Vinh Long), Pham Thi Diem – High Dance (Hau Giang), Le Thi Lai – throw plates (Soc Trang), Nguyen Thi Yen Linh – Throw hammer (Tra Vinh),
* Nguyen Hoai Van – Throw Lao (Long An), Luong Minh Sang-10 subjects PH (Bac Lieu)
? HCB:
* Nguyen Thi Truc Mai – Dance far away (Vinh Long), Le Thi Lai – Push Weights (Soc Trang), Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong – throw plates (Vinh Long), Bui Luu Phuong Ngan – Throw Hammer (Vinh Long), Bui Thi Healthy-7 Coordinate subjects (Can Tho),
* Vo Hong Thai – throwing discs (Soc Trang), Tang Van Hai – throwing hammer (Vinh Long)
? HCD:
* Le Thi Hong Han 400 Mr (Vinh Long),
* Nguyen Truong Giang – Launching (Ben Tre), Tran Son Tung – Throwing hammer (Tra Vinh)
I hope the athletes have a successful festival!

Vietnam Marathon National Results and Video (Jul 5)

Due to super-hot temperatures of 37 and 38 Degrees. Times were not as quick as anticipated at the Tien Phong Marathon, which served as the Vietnamese National Championships for that event.

Both the winners of the Men’s and Women’s came from Binh Phuoc province. Hoang Nguyen Thanh a former SEA Games bronze medalist won the Men’s race at 2:36:56 While Hoang Thi Ngoc Ha won the women’s in 3:07 well off her 2:45 best time clocked in 2017.



Marathon nam tuyển
1. Hoàng Nguyên Thanh (Bình Phước). Thành tích: 2:36:56
2. Lê Văn Tuấn (Bình Dương): 2:41:27

3. Lê Tấn Hi (Lâm Đồng): 2:49:26

Marathon nữ tuyển

1. Hoàng Thị Ngọc Hoa (Bình Phước): 3:07
2. Lèo Thị Bình (Sơn La): 3:25:57

3. Phạm Thị Hồng Lệ (Bình Định): 4:06:39

21km nam tuyển

1. Nguyễn Văn Lai (Quân Đội): 1:17:32
2. Phạm Tiến Sản (Bắc Giang): 1:17:39

3. Nguyễn Văn Bình (Bắc Giang): 1:19:46

21km nữ tuyển

1. Phạm Thị Thuý Hạnh (Hà Nam): 1:31:20
2. Nông Thị Hường (Đăk Lăk): 1:32:18

3. Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Dương (Đồng Nai): 1:33:12

10km nam tuyển

1. Đỗ Quốc Luật (Quân Đội): 32:16
2. Trịnh Quốc Lượng (Quân Đội): 33:04

3. Lê Trung Đức (Thanh Hoá): 33:37

10km nam trẻ

1. Nguyễn Quốc Anh (Quân Đội): 33
2. Lê Tiến Long (Hà Tĩnh): 33:19

3. Nguyễn Đăng Đông (quân Đội): 33:38

5km nữ tuyển

1. Nguyễn Thị Oanh (Bắc Giang): 18:15
2. Nguyễn Thị Hường (Quảng Bình): 18:50
3. Lê thị Lan (Thanh Hoá): 18:56
5km nữ trẻ
1. Bùi Thị Thu Hà (Thanh Hoá): 18:25
2. Đoàn Thu Hằng (Quảng Ninh): 18:38
3. Nguyễn Thị Quyên (Thái Bình): 19:11
Photo Credit: Dat Nguyen

Vietnam National Marathon Gets a Big Jump Head Start for SEA Games 2021

Photo Credit: Nguyen Dat

With 0 COVID Deaths. Vietnam’s second competition of the year is underway next month. They had their first meet of the year earlier in June, the Thong Nhat Speedy Cup.

Vietnam, which will host the 2021 SEA Games Next Year, is well underway with its preparations with a big jump head start on its SEA Rivals. Having won 17 and 16 Golds in athletics without the home ground advantage at the last 2 SEA Games. It’s possible Vietnam could land over 20 Gold this time.

Meanwhile, the Philippines, still under GCQ, cannot even get approval from the IATF to this date for athletes to resume training. Simultaneously, athletes who ended up with a 50% pay cut from the PSC are mainly focused on other work to supplement income.

While in Thailand no competitions yet, but the Athletes are fully training in the track oval. Taipei also had its first competition for the year.


Hong Le is the Favourite in the Women’s Vietnam National Marathon

Pham Thi Hong Le ran with the 2 Athletes from the Philippines at the 2019 SEA Games.

The Tien Phong Marathon, Vietnam’s longest-running Marathon, will be held July 4-5 on  Quang Ngai Province’s Ly Son Island. Among the featured athletes will be SEA Games Bronze medalist Pham Thi Hong Le, who goes in as the favorite, she finished behind Christine Hallasgo and Mary Joy Tabal of the Philippines in the 2019 SEA Games. The 22-year-old Hong is the favorite in the event next month and has a PB of 2:52.14 from June last year. Hong also took Silver at the 2019 SEA Games.

Le will face familiar rivals Hoang Thi Ngoc Hoa of Binh Phuoc and Leo Thi Tinh of Son La. Hoang has the most vital best time in the race, a 2:45.25 from 2017. Leo has a PB of 2:54.46 from 2014. Le won the event last year at 3:01.58.

“I have focused on learning about the running track, the weather in Ly Son and my rivals. But the biggest opponent is still me,” said Le.

“For the past half-year, I have not had the feeling of competing so I’m very excited about this race. I trained to get used to the weather and climate in Ly Son. The COVID-19 pandemic did not significantly affect my training. Just me and my teammates were not allowed to compete,” said Le.

*Correction to the original article states Le didn’t compete this year; she did compete on January 5 at the Taiwan Excellence meet where she timed 3h00.49.


2020 SEA Games Women’s Marathon Rankings

Men’s Race

Athletes getting ready for Men’s Race of Vietnam Marathon Photo Credit: Nguyen Dat

This year’s men’s race features several experienced runners who could triumph, such as Le Van Tuan of Binh Duong, Hoang Nguyen Thanh of Binh Phuoc, Nguyen Van Long of Gia Lai, defending runner-up Dung of Khanh Hoa, Le Tan Hi of Lam Dong, Le Quang Hoa of Quang Tri and Vu Van Son of Ninh Binh.

  • Tuan clocked 2:30.52 for Marathon.
  • Thanh has a PB of 2:26.37
  • Van Long has a PB of 2:30.33
  • Van son has a PB of 2:24.43

As defending champion Anh will not compete in this year’s event, Son, who won the event in 2017 in Ninh Binh Province, is being tipped to win.

The return of Thanh is a notable development. The Binh Phuoc Province is native brought Vietnam a bronze medal in the men’s marathon at the 2015 SEA Games.

Thanh has participated in the Tiền Phong Newspaper Marathon for six years but has never been on the top podium.

“Regarding my rivals this year, I appreciate Tuan, Nhat, Son, and Hi. I am very excited to face them,” said Thanh.

“My goal is to get to the top because I have failed in this race before,” Thanh added.

*Correction to original article this event is only open to local athletes due to COVID; no international athletes based outside of Vietnam will be flying in to join.


  1. Full 2020 SEA Rankings (will be updated again after Vietnam Marathon)


2020 Thống nhất Speedy Cup (June 11)

For Information on Le Tu Chinh, please click here.

Duplicate 1-2 400M as SEA Games

Trần Nhật Hoàng

Meanwhile, on the Men’s Side, it was the same 1-2 as SEA Games, with Tran Nhat Hoang winning in 47.21 narrowly over Dinh Son 47.26. The Gold and Silver medalist from the SEA Games. Quach Thi Lan, the SEA Games 400m Champion, took the Women’s Gold in 53.12 from Huyen, Silver last SEA Games.

SEA Ranking Men’s 400m

1 47.21 VIE Tran Nhat Hoang
2 47.26 VIEW Tran Dinh Son
3 47.71 MAS Muhammad Ilham Bin Suhaimi
4 47.79 THE Jirayu Pleenram
5 47.80i PHI Eric Cray
6 47.82 THE Phitchaya Sunthornthum
7 47.94 THA Aphisit Chumsri
8 48.17 THE Natthapong Kongkraphan
9 48.17 MAS Loganes A/L Thilaganathan
10 48.37 VIE Bui Van Nghiem

For More 2020 SEA Rankings, visit here (we will post updates once the Speedy Cup is finished)


Selected Results

JR Women’s

100m – Hua 12.05

800m – Phuong 2.18.42, Van 2.19.93, Huyen 2.21.36

  • 60m Chinh 7.40, Thu 7.61
  • 100m – Chinh 11.55, Thu 12.10 
  • 400m – Quach 53.12, Huyen 54.60, Hang 56.30
  • 800m – Bich 2:12.50,  Nanh 2.15.90, Duyen 2.17.20
  • 400H – Huyen 1:01.25
  • Long Jump – Mo 6.23m
  • High Jump -Diem 1.71m, Trang 1.68m
  • Shotput – Hoa 13.50m
  • 100m – Nhia 10.62, Kien 10.77 (01), Loi 10.81, Tu 10.82
  • 400m – Nhat 47.21, Son 47.26, Nghiem 48.37
  • 800m – Phuoc 1:57.13
  • 400H – Cuong 53.80
  • Long Jump – Lam 7.51m, Anh 7.49m
  • High Jump – Luong 2.06m

thong nhat

Day 1 Report

Tu Chinh
Tu Chinh

For Information on Le Tu Chinh, please click here

Meanwhile, in the Men’s 60m Trin Viet Thu narrowly got the better of Ngan Ngoc Nhia 6.86 to 6.89. (Eric Cray of the Philippines leads the SEA Rankings for the year with 6.71).

Ka Hoa took the Women’s Shotput with 13.50m, the 2nd best throw in SEA for 2020.

We will be updating results here, so bookmark this page. After the Speedy Cup is done, we will be updating the 2020 SEA Rankings.

the thong that

thống nhất Speedy Cup

Vietnam has been largely unaffected by the COVID, with 0 Deaths will open its Athletics season on June 10 with the Speedy Cup.

The competition will be the first meet of the year for the South East Asian powerhouse. This begins Vietnam’s preparation for the 2021 SEA Games. Vietnam will be the host nation.

The thống nhất Speed ​​Cup track and field tournament in 2020 (June 8 to June 14) at Thống nhất Complex (Ho Chi Minh City) will be the first race to occur after the epidemic in Vietnam. 

It all begins with the Speedy Cup, in which National athletes will be evaluated, and new athletes from the provinces will emerge and vie for spots in the National Team.

thoong nhat

SEA Games Power House

Vietnam has gone from 6 golds in 2013 to 9 in 2015, 17 in 2017, and then 16 in 2019. 

The scary thing is Vietnam has had the most number of golds in the last 2 SEA Games, 17 and 16, without even being the host.

They will have the added advantage of being the host next year. Undoubtedly the Vietnam government will be putting in a much more significant investment toward building a stronger team.

The scary thing is if Vietnam can get 16-17 golds without the home ground advantage in athletics. They could be looking at 20 golds or more if they are the SEA Games hosts.

SEA Games Champions join thống nhất Speedy Cup

Vietnam Athletics

This year the Unified Speed ​​Cup was held on a large scale, attracting many stars’ participation. Track and field competed at SEA Games 30:

  • Le Tu Chinh (Ho Chi Minh City, 100m SEA Games 30 gold medal);
  • Nguyen Thi Oanh (Bac Giang, 3 gold medals in SEA Games 30); 
  • Quach Cong Lich – Quach Thi Lan (Thanh Hoa, mixed HCV 400m); 
  • Nguyen Thi Huyen (Nam Dinh, Gold Medal 400m and fence 400m SEA Games 30); 
  • Dinh Thi Bich (Nam Dinh, HCV 800m SEA Games 30) …

Spectators who love athletics can go to thống nhất complex to watch for free and support the athlete’s competition.


Gold Medals Increase with Foundation set by Foreign Coaches

Vietnam leveled up with Foreign coaches such as world-renown American sprints coach Loren Seagrave (who is now with Thailand athletics), German Hurdles Coach Rudiger Harksen, Australian sprints coach Gerard Keating, and several Russian and Soviet satellite coaches. Who helped provide coaching knowledge, information, and mentorship that helped lift the local coaches’ level to the point where they continued to produce good results. 


On a Further note, it will be good to see the first Athletic competition in South East Asia in March. The 2020 SEA Ranking Lists have been relatively quiet for the past 3-4 months. It will be good to be able to update them finally.

Photos of Vietnam athletes preparing for the Speedy Cup

thống nhất

The source and schedule of events can be found here:

We will also post updated results here





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