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2020 UAAP Athletics

Clark Half Marathon (Results) (Feb 23)

21KM Top Finishers
121263ARGEL JOSEPH MENDOZAM01:19:2601:19:22View Analysis
221606KARLTRONER GALIMAM01:21:5101:21:46View Analysis
321441ELDIN HENRY MAGTOTOM01:23:0201:22:57View Analysis
421507REYMARK TORIOM01:26:0301:25:59View Analysis
521104JERONE COMANDAM01:31:5601:31:50View Analysis
621539RUDDY MADRID JRM01:34:0801:34:02View Analysis
721461DANNY DEXTERM01:34:2901:34:25View Analysis
821624ROBIN JOHN NAVIDAM01:36:4201:36:38View Analysis
921285ROBERT GONZALESM01:38:1901:38:14View Analysis
1021518JERRY CASTROM01:38:5601:38:50View Analysis
10KM Top Finishers
110043CLIFFORD PUSINGM00:39:0000:38:58View Analysis
210303IVAN ESPELETAM00:40:3600:40:34View Analysis
310704JOHN MICHAEL AQUINOM00:40:5800:40:56View Analysis
410318ELEAZAR SERFINM00:41:1700:41:14View Analysis
510321ALEX AQUILAM00:41:5100:41:49View Analysis
610294AIRWIN RODRIGUEZM00:43:3100:43:28View Analysis
710097ERVIN SALUNGAM00:43:3800:43:37View Analysis
810035ZORINE CAELIANM00:43:4000:43:37View Analysis
910222ALLEN SIMBAJONM00:45:0200:44:59View Analysis
1010701CHRISTIAN REYESM00:48:1900:48:15View Analysis
5KM Top Finishers
15192CHRIS CALLOSM00:19:4900:19:44View Analysis
25011MARFIL SERRANOM00:21:2100:21:02View Analysis
35130MATTHEW DIZONM00:21:3300:21:31View Analysis
45092CHRISTOPER REYESM00:22:2000:22:16View Analysis
55050MARLON DAYRITM00:23:2600:23:24View Analysis
65083LOVEN SUGANOBM00:23:5800:23:50View Analysis
75001JORGE HYVAH JUCOM00:23:5800:23:56View Analysis
85075OLIVE SUGANOBM00:24:1600:24:09View Analysis
95143CARL LOZANOM00:24:4200:24:40View Analysis
105099EISSEL RONQUILLOF00:25:3300:25:26View Analysis

Updates to Phi Athletics Calendar and 2020 UAAP Athletics

Adjustments made to the calendar. The tentative date for 2020 UAAP Athletics is 21-25 to March. When we say Tentative we mean Tentative as 2020 UAAP Athletics has been postponed so many times it’s unlikely it will push through.

In addition, we were duly informed a Pre-UAAP was held at Imus Cavite. As the meet had no PATAFA officials and used hand timing we will not honor these performances for rankings and record purposes with the Asian Athletics Statisticians.

Above all please note postponements of various International and regional competitions which we kindly informing the athletic community has been postponed.

However, if anyone has updates or additions to this calendar. Whether it be local Road Races, International meets Phi athletes are joining or track meets please email [email protected] so we can update our calendar. Thanks.

For a Calendar of Events for Phi Athletics

Baguio-Benguet sports meet in limbo with CARAA delayed

“We have problems on venues, most will be used for the CARAA (Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association) and are being prepared,”

said CCDC athletic director and BBEAL tournament director Eduardo Laureano said on Friday.


They have asked for the use of the Baguio athletic bowl sports complex, venue of most of the events, but these are either under renovation or being used for training of Baguio athletes.

However, The CARAA board has finally selected March 22 as the start of games with the closing ceremony on March 27, a day before the formal opening of the Panagbenga with a parade. 

For a Calendar of Events for Phi Athletics


In addition, the Panagbenga Flower Festivaal closes on April 5 with the closing ceremonies to be staged at the Baguio athletic bowl.

So only then the BBEAL can have use of the sports facility.


“As of now, we still do not know when to start or even stage most of the events but the volleyball,” he added.


Full Article Here parts not relating to athletics removed from pinoyathletics lead-in

However other events to be played this season are athletics, judo, swimming, lawn tennis, taekwondo, arnis, badminton, table tennis, and the demonstration sports muay Thai and boxing. (PNA). 

Article on Adivay another famous Baguio Festival.


CVIRAA meet to push through on March 15 to 21 in Dumaguete City

By: Mars G. Alison – CDN Digital|February 18,2020 – 10:00 AM

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA) Meet will finally be pushing through from March 15 to 21, 2020 still in Dumaguete City. 

The dates were officially announced via a memorandum issued by the Department of Education (DepEd) Region 7 dated February 13, 2020. 

The week-long multi-sporting meet, which serves as a selection for Central Visayas representatives to the Palarong Pambansa, was supposed to be held from February 22 to 29, 2020.

However, DepEd Central Visayas decided to reschedule the regional meet to a later date amidst the threat of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Read more:

For More Information on the 2020 Athletics Calendar

Salano beats Milo Champion Zabala

February 16, 2020

Richard Salano got the better of reigning Milo Champion Jerald Zabala with a win at the 2020 SM2SM Half Marathon held in Cebu. SM2SM is the biggest road running event in the Visayas. Salano timed 1h09.11 to beat Zabala 1h10.31. Salano and Zabala times were the top 2 times in South East Asia Rankings for the Half Marathon for the first two months of 2020. Both Salano and Zabala are members of the national team having, competed at the 2019 SEA Games in the 10k and Marathon events respectively. 

Salano time of 1h09.11 was slightly off his 1h08.45 clocking at the 2018 Milo Marathon Eliminations in Manila. Zabala time appears to be a PB we do not have anything else on file. It was a great 21k with local Prince Joy Lee of Cebu third in 1h11.46. In fact Nerza, Lapiz and Emia also ran times that ranked them Top 10 in South East Asia for the event for the year so far.

Martes takes the Women’s Half Marathon

Meanwhile in the Women’s Former SEA Games Double Marathon Champion Cristabel Martes now 40 years of age took the Women’s 21k in 1h29.09. Barely holding off Lizane Abella 1h29.35. The performances still rank behind another Filipino athlete Nhea Ann Bharcena who currently leads the SEA Rankings for the year with 1h26.51 during the Milo Finals. Bharcena did not join this race.

Azlan Pagay and Ruffa Sorongon won the 12K Race event.


10th edition of SM2SM Run slated on Feb. 16

By: Mars G. Alison – CDN Digital|February 15,2020 – 11:18 AM

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Running couple Azlan Pagay and Ruffa Sorongon will be among the 6,500 runners who will be joining the SM2SM Run 10 scheduled on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

Start and finish will be at the SM City Mall at the North Reclamation Area in Cebu City.

In addition, Both Pagay and Sorongon will be competing in the 12-kilometre distance wherein Sorongon is the defending champion in the women’s division.

However, this will be the couple’s sixth time to compete in the SM2SM Run which is already on its 10th edition this year.

Above all Sorongon has been a three-time 12K women’s champion, while she finished second to Olympian Mary Joy Tabal in the 21K at least two times.

In addition Azlan, for his part, had his best finish last year, which was fifth in the 21K. He has consistently made it to the top 10 and has made it a priority in these races to pace Sorongon.

Azlan and Sorongon both emerged victorious in the Cebu Marathon last month.

10 that will be held on Sunday, February 16, 2020. | CDND File Photo

Read more:

For more Great Events check out the 2020 Pinoyathletics Calendar

2020 UAAP Athletics

2020 UAAP Athletics Cancelled Again and Again

February 12, 2020

Another Fact there was no UAAP Athletic Championships in 2019. In 2018 They had 2 UAAP Athletic Championships one in February and one Nov 28 to Dec 2. Meaning there has been no UAAP Athletic Championship now for 13 Months.

However, the UAAP Board led by President Em Fernandez of Ateneo has been postponed 5 times the 2020 UAAP Athletics. From January to eventually the end of February.


In addition to the list of canceled events in Athletics let alone other sports. Asian Indoor, World Indoor, possibly the Palarong Pambansa next. 2020 UAAP Athletics and Palaro as Department of Health are advising against mass gathering type events until the Corona Virus is cleared.

2020 UAAP Athletics in Review

“The UAAP will be closely monitoring the country’s situation in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to determine the resumption of the games,” the statement continued.

“We ask for your understanding and your prayers for the safety of our community, our nation and all countries affected by this outbreak.”

Also postponed men’s football tournament set to begin on February 16, softball tournament (February 17), seniors baseball tournament (February 19), athletics (February 19-23), and judo (last week of February).

As Athletics was rescheduled about 5-6 times from January to February 19-23 it is now canceled until further notice.

Pinoyathletics has deleted all 2020 Schedules Posted to avoid any further confusion for the Athletic Community.

However, in the meantime check out our Reviews on each UAAP school based on the last 5 years of data of improvements of all athletes in each event from each school. Which is an ongoing project with more data being analysed.



For more Great Events check out the 2020 Pinoyathletics Calendar

Olongapo Half Marathon Results (Feb 9)

21KM Top Finishers

121237ROGER SARMIENTOM01:23:2701:23:27View Analysis
221298ROMNICK TEHM01:28:4301:28:40View Analysis
321079JOVEN NACULANGGAM01:33:2501:33:25View Analysis
421004ZORINE CAELIANM01:33:5901:33:58View Analysis
521104JONAS FAMITANCOM01:34:2201:34:22View Analysis
621095RYAN WHIGANM01:39:0101:38:57View Analysis
721257CHRISTIANM01:40:1301:40:06View Analysis
821036DANNY DEXTER BELTRANM01:40:2901:40:07View Analysis
921207M01:42:2901:42:29View Analysis
1021024DAN CONCEPCIONM01:43:0701:42:47View Analysis

10KM Top Finishers

110198CHRISTIAN DENOTUAM00:39:1100:39:06View Analysis
210178IVAN TUAZON ESPELETAM00:39:1800:39:12View Analysis
310138GIAN FRANCIS RINM00:39:4800:39:48View Analysis
410038MARTY BALDONAZAM00:41:2700:41:21View Analysis
510193MARK PAGUIAM00:43:1400:43:09View Analysis
610001ADRIAN CARLO FRANCISCOM00:47:4100:47:39View Analysis
710189NOEL ORUGAM00:47:5000:47:46View Analysis
810190RYOTA SASAOKAM00:49:0700:49:03View Analysis
910046M00:50:5200:50:40View Analysis
1010047CARL MARTHY GARCIAM00:50:5400:50:42View Analysis

Stallion Rub (February 9)

5KM – Open Top Finishers

17010RICKSON KEN OLEGARIOM00:23:2700:23:27View Analysis
27007LORENZO MIGUEL PLAZAM00:25:3900:25:39View Analysis
37079ERNIE LOZADAM00:26:1700:26:17View Analysis
47006Gerald EscamosM00:27:1900:27:19View Analysis
57005HUAI TAN ZHANGM00:28:4400:28:44View Analysis
67023EDRIC MAGUANM00:29:0100:29:01View Analysis
77033ARJAY DUMALINM00:30:2000:30:20View Analysis
87004CARLO LEEM00:30:3800:30:38View Analysis
97080RENATO MACATOM00:31:4400:31:44View Analysis
107035DENNIS LORENCE RIVEROM00:31:4600:31:46View Analysis

5KM Top Finishers

15104ROBERT KEENAN ZIAKITAM00:28:2600:28:26View Analysis
25105JOSE MARI CAGURANGANM00:28:4000:28:40View Analysis
35088HUGO BENITEZM00:30:4500:30:45View Analysis
45058ALMIRA CAGURANGANF00:30:5000:30:50View Analysis
55038JOANNE TENGCOF00:31:2200:31:22View Analysis
65032MARCUS TYM00:32:1600:32:16View Analysis
75076FRANCIS REGALADOM00:32:2300:32:23View Analysis
85091JOSE MARIA GARCIAM00:32:2500:32:25View Analysis
95057DEO CUSTODIOM00:32:4500:32:45View Analysis
105120MHIGS PANGANM00:32:4600:32:46View Analysis

3KM Top Finishers

13100SEBASTIAN VINCENT PABLO SILVAM00:15:1700:15:17View Analysis
23091IAN SEAN UYM00:15:2800:15:28View Analysis
33238FRANXINE LOUISSE REGALADOF00:16:0700:16:07View Analysis
43101EVO SANTIAGOM00:16:1900:16:19View Analysis
53092SHAUN KHOM00:16:2100:16:21View Analysis
63243DARREN LIM00:16:2200:16:22View Analysis
73241MICHAEL CHANM00:16:3300:16:33View Analysis
83042CATHERINE JAYCOF00:18:1900:18:19View Analysis
93023ROBERT LUCAS LEEM00:18:3500:18:35View Analysis
103022RYAN LEE

1KM Top Finishers

11450RYAN GABRIEL TANM00:03:5000:03:50View Analysis
21539DIEGO ILAGANM00:04:0700:04:07View Analysis
31481LANCE REYESM00:04:3400:04:34View Analysis
41451MICKELSON CHUAM00:04:5600:04:56View Analysis
51072NATHANIEL INIGO CASTILLOM00:05:0600:05:06View Analysis
61014MYLES TANM00:05:0700:05:07View Analysis
71288MACKENZIE CHUAM00:05:1000:05:10View Analysis
81420MARCUS RENZO MENDOZAM00:05:3700:05:37View Analysis
91251LI MENDOZAM00:05:4400:05:44View Analysis
101137RONBERT BULALACAOM00:05:4600:05:46View Analysis

February 2, 2019

Other Results

Meanwhile, William Morrison had another 19m throw. Singaporean Percy Muncherji who is that the same school as Morrison ran a 48.95 400m Indoor. 60m runner based in Canada Jonelle Halog clocked 7.10. The Quintero sisters have now provided their passport scans to firming up there age-grade records.

January 2020 – Week 3

Other Results

Eric Cray opened his season with a 400m Indoor PB

Several SEA Games Champions were in action this weekend.SEA Games Shotput Record Holder and Champion William Morrison followed up with a win in the Shotput.  

Pole Vaulters at Reno

At the Pole Vault Summit at Reno. SEA Games Record Holder and Champion in Pole Vault Natalie Uy started her season off with a 4.05m winning the event. Uy who holds the Philippine record at 4.25m. Needs 4.75m to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the next 5 months and 4.70m for World Indoors. Uy will be lined up for the Asian Indoors in March.  While Uy holds the meet Philippine Outdoor record the Indoor Record belongs to another Fil-Heritage athlete Deborah Samson who leaped 4.11m back in 2008. 

Alyana Nicolas who had been expected to land silver at SEA Games. While she had a less than memorable SEA Games with a 3.60m leap placing last. Took 5th place in the Reno event with a leap of 3.70m. Alyana’s personal best is 4.06m. Both Natalie and Alyana are 25 years of age.

Other Results

Following on from his surprise SEA Games Silver to Duong Van Thai. Carter Lilly started off the year with 600m (1.18.95) but was not able to finish the indoor mile at Larry Wieczarek Invitational on 17th January in Iowa. Lilly was not able to break his 600 Record of 1:16:89. Lilly holds the 600, 800 indoor and 800m Outdoor Records.

In Canada Jonelle Halog who ran for the Phi Airforce Alliance super team before opened his season on January 18 with a 7.05 run for the 60m. Halog PB is 6.90 and 10.75 for the 100m he did take off nearly 2 years to focus on the skeleton (individual bobsled, winter Olympic type event). But at 24 is now back on the track. Halog held the Phi Junior Record in the 60m until it was erased by Manuel Guzman. Guzman has only managed 7.17 so far this year in 60 meters.

Aqua Run Results 2020 (Jan 26), Manila

10KM Top Finishers
110148Mathew SigeiM00:31:4800:31:47View Analysis
210150Gilbert RutaquioM00:36:3000:36:28View Analysis
310138Edgar LeeM00:36:3000:36:30View Analysis
410133Anthony AtableM00:38:1900:38:18View Analysis
510283Hirozul MatsulaM00:41:0300:41:02View Analysis
610548Jocelyn ElijeranF00:41:5800:41:57View Analysis
710504Sto ElmerM00:42:3700:42:37View Analysis
810201Ken ToritsukaM00:43:0200:43:02View Analysis
910134Norman DomingoM00:46:0000:46:00View Analysis
1010222Jayson CruzM00:46:3300:46:32View Analysis



Bible Run Results 2020 (Jan 26), Quezon City

6KM Top Finishers
16009Stephen Lance AgbangloM00:28:3700:28:36View Analysis
26034Justin Ray BatacandoloM00:30:0300:30:00View Analysis
36293Jose SantosM00:31:2200:31:20View Analysis
46232Ramdhale Matthew A. SaltingM00:32:1000:32:08View Analysis
56067Godwin DalupangM00:32:2400:32:23View Analysis
66230Hans Levin SabellinaM00:33:1600:33:08View Analysis
76365AbrioM00:33:3300:33:25View Analysis
86370Bernard LunaoM00:34:4400:34:43View Analysis
96391Chonny ChanM00:35:0700:35:07View Analysis
106287Irineo Mendoza Jr.M00:36:1100:36:11View Analysis


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By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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