Ezel Divingracia

2020 PRISAA WVRAA (Partial Results)

Above all, thanks to the coaches for providing me with partial results from the Western Visayas PRISAA. Held at Capiz Feb 1-6. In addition, if anyone has more results not included here, please kindly email pinoyathletics@gmail.com.

However, feel free to check out other GREAT EVENTS on the Pinoyathletics Calendar.

In addition, please note this event was not sanctioned by PATAFA. In conclusion, performances are not counted for records purposes. However, it had to hand timing, no wind gauges noted, and a clapper instead of a starting gun.

In contrast, very few results from this meet were worth noting. Above all, considering how drained the meet would be, many of the best athletes from Western Visayas have already been plucked by Manila Colleges.

Most notable were the men’s 100m times 10.9, 10.9, 11.0 hand-timed and the time of Alfrence Braza, the 2019 Sec Boys Palaro 1500 Champion, who ran 4:06. In the PRISAA meet, high schoolers can run up at the college level, as is the case with Braza. Former Palaro Champion Ezel Divingracia was the best performer in the women’s and had several golds in the Women’s Division.

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