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2020 Philippines Track and Field Roundups and Results

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Philippines Track and Field 2020 Roundups

February 2, 2020

Philippines Track and Field Other Results

  • Meanwhile, William Morrison had another 19m throw.
  • Singaporean Percy Muncherji, who is the same school as Morrison, ran a 48.95 400m Indoor.
  • 60m runner based in Canada Jonelle Halog clocked 7.10.
  • The Quintero sisters have now provided their passport scans to, firming up their age-grade records.

January 2020 – Week 3

Philippines Track and Field Other Results


Pole Vaulters at Reno

At the Pole Vault Summit at Reno. SEA Games Record Holder and Champion in Pole Vault Natalie Uy started her season off with a 4.05m, winning the event. Uy holds the Philippine record at 4.25m. It needs 4.75m to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the next 5 months and 4.70m for World Indoors. Uy will be lined up for the Asian Indoors in March.  While Uy holds the meet Philippine Outdoor record, the Indoor Record belongs to another Fil-Heritage athlete Deborah Samson who leaped 4.11m back in 2008. 

Alyana Nicolas had been expected to land silver at SEA Games. Simultaneously, she had a less than memorable SEA Games with a 3.60m leap placing last. Took 5th place in the Reno event with a leap of 3.70m. Alyana’s personal best is 4.06m. Both Natalie and Alyana are 25 years of age.

Philippines Track and Field Other Results

Following on from his surprise SEA Games Silver to Duong Van Thai. Carter Lilly started the year with 600m (1.18.95) but could not finish the indoor mile at Larry Wieczarek Invitational on 17th January in Iowa. Lilly was not able to break his 600 Record of 1:16:89. Lilly holds the 600, 800 indoor, and 800m Outdoor Records.

In Canada, Jonelle Halog ran for the Phi Airforce Alliance super team before, opened his season on January 18 with a 7.05 run for the 60m. Halog PB is 6.90 and 10.75 for the 100m; he did take off nearly 2 years to focus on the skeleton (individual bobsled, winter Olympic type event). But at 24 is now back on track. Halog held the Phi Junior Record in the 60m until Manuel Guzman erased it. Guzman has only managed 7.17 so far this year in 60 meters.


Aqua Run Results 2020 (Jan 26), Manila

10KM Top Finishers
1 10148 Mathew Sigei M 00:31:48 00:31:47 View Analysis
2 10150 Gilbert Rutaquio M 00:36:30 00:36:28 View Analysis
3 10138 Edgar Lee M 00:36:30 00:36:30 View Analysis
4 10133 Anthony Atable M 00:38:19 00:38:18 View Analysis
5 10283 Hirozul Matsuda M 00:41:03 00:41:02 View Analysis
6 10548 Jocelyn Elijeran F 00:41:58 00:41:57 View Analysis
7 10504 Sto Elmer M 00:42:37 00:42:37 View Analysis
8 10201 Ken Toritsuka M 00:43:02 00:43:02 View Analysis
9 10134 Norman Domingo M 00:46:00 00:46:00 View Analysis
10 10222 Jayson Cruz M 00:46:33 00:46:32 View Analysis

Bible Run Results 2020 (Jan 26), Quezon City

6KM Top Finishers
1 6009 Stephen Lance Agbanglo M 00:28:37 00:28:36 View Analysis
2 6034 Justin Ray Batacandolo M 00:30:03 00:30:00 View Analysis
3 6293 Jose Santos M 00:31:22 00:31:20 View Analysis
4 6232 Ramdhale Matthew A. Salting M 00:32:10 00:32:08 View Analysis
5 6067 Godwin Dalupang M 00:32:24 00:32:23 View Analysis
6 6230 Hans Levin Sabellina M 00:33:16 00:33:08 View Analysis
7 6365 Abrio M 00:33:33 00:33:25 View Analysis
8 6370 Bernard Lunao M 00:34:44 00:34:43 View Analysis
9 6391 Chonny Chan M 00:35:07 00:35:07 View Analysis
10 6287 Irineo Mendoza Jr. M 00:36:11 00:36:11 View Analysis







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