2020 Philippines Road Running

Clark Half Marathon 2020 (Results) (Feb 23)

21KM Top Finishers

1 21263 ARGEL JOSEPH MENDOZA M 01:19:26 01:19:22 View Analysis
2 21606 KARLTRONER GALIMA M 01:21:51 01:21:46 View Analysis
3 21441 ELDIN HENRY MAGTOTO M 01:23:02 01:22:57 View Analysis
4 21507 REYMARK TORIO M 01:26:03 01:25:59 View Analysis
5 21104 JERONE COMANDA M 01:31:56 01:31:50 View Analysis
6 21539 RUDDY MADRID JR M 01:34:08 01:34:02 View Analysis
7 21461 DANNY DEXTER M 01:34:29 01:34:25 View Analysis
8 21624 ROBIN JOHN NAVIDA M 01:36:42 01:36:38 View Analysis
9 21285 ROBERT GONZALES M 01:38:19 01:38:14 View Analysis
10 21518 JERRY CASTRO M 01:38:56 01:38:50 View Analysis

10KM Top Finishers

1 10043 CLIFFORD PUSING M 00:39:00 00:38:58 View Analysis
2 10303 IVAN ESPELETA M 00:40:36 00:40:34 View Analysis
3 10704 JOHN MICHAEL AQUINO M 00:40:58 00:40:56 View Analysis
4 10318 ELEAZAR SERFIN M 00:41:17 00:41:14 View Analysis
5 10321 ALEX AQUILA M 00:41:51 00:41:49 View Analysis
6 10294 AIRWIN RODRIGUEZ M 00:43:31 00:43:28 View Analysis
7 10097 ERVIN SALUNGA M 00:43:38 00:43:37 View Analysis
8 10035 ZORINE CAELIAN M 00:43:40 00:43:37 View Analysis
9 10222 ALLEN SIMBAJON M 00:45:02 00:44:59 View Analysis
10 10701 CHRISTIAN REYES M 00:48:19 00:48:15 View Analysis

5KM Top Finishers

1 5192 CHRIS CALLOS M 00:19:49 00:19:44 View Analysis
2 5011 MARFIL SERRANO M 00:21:21 00:21:02 View Analysis
3 5130 MATTHEW DIZON M 00:21:33 00:21:31 View Analysis
4 5092 CHRISTOPER REYES M 00:22:20 00:22:16 View Analysis
5 5050 MARLON DAYRIT M 00:23:26 00:23:24 View Analysis
6 5083 LOVEN SUGANOB M 00:23:58 00:23:50 View Analysis
7 5001 JORGE HYVAH JUCO M 00:23:58 00:23:56 View Analysis
8 5075 OLIVE SUGANOB M 00:24:16 00:24:09 View Analysis
9 5143 CARL LOZANO M 00:24:42 00:24:40 View Analysis
10 5099 EISSEL RONQUILLO F 00:25:33 00:25:26 View Analysis











SM2SM Run 2020 Salano beats Milo Champion Zabala

February 16, 2020

Richard Salano got the better of reigning Milo Champion Jerald Zabala with a win at the 2020 SM2SM Half Marathon held in Cebu. SM2SM is the biggest road running event in the Visayas. Salano timed 1h09.11 to beat Zabala 1h10.31.

Salano and Zabala’s times were the top 2 times in South East Asia Rankings for the Half Marathon for the first two months of 2020.

Both Salano and Zabala are members of the national team having, competed at the 2019 SEA Games in the 10k and Marathon events, respectively. 

Salano’s time of 1h09.11 was slightly off his 1h08.45 clocking at the 2018 Milo Marathon Eliminations in Manila.

Zabala time appears to be a PB; we do not have anything else on file. It was a great 21k with local Prince Joy Lee of Cebu third in 1h11.46.

In fact, Nerza, Lapiz, and Emia also ran times that ranked them Top 10 in South East Asia for the event for the year so far.


Martes takes the Women’s Half Marathon.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Former SEA Games, Double Marathon Champion, Cristabel Martes now 40 years of age, took the Women’s 21k in 1h29.09. Barely holding off Lizane Abella 1h29.35.

The performances still rank behind another Filipino athlete Nhea Ann Bharcena who currently leads the SEA Rankings for the year with 1h26.51 during the Milo Finals. Bharcena did not join this race.

Azlan Pagay and Ruffa Sorongon won the 12K Race event.


10th edition of SM2SM Run slated on Feb. 16

By: Mars G. Alison – CDN Digital|February 15, 2020 – 11:18 AM

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Running couple Azlan Pagay and Ruffa Sorongon will be among the 6,500 runners joining the SM2SM Run 10 scheduled on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

Start and finish will be at the SM City Mall at the North Reclamation Area in Cebu City.

Both Pagay and Sorongon will be competing in the 12-kilometer distance, wherein Sorongon is the defending champion in the women’s division.

However, this will be the couple’s sixth time competing in the SM2SM Run, which is already on its 10th edition this year.

Above all, Sorongon has been a three-time 12K women’s champion, while she finished second to Olympian Mary Joy Tabal in the 21K at least two times.

Also, Azlan, for his part, had his best finish last year, which was fifth in the 21K. He has consistently made it to the top 10 and has made it a priority in these races to pace Sorongon.

Azlan and Sorongon both emerged victorious in the Cebu Marathon last month.

10 that will be held on Sunday, February 16, 2020. | CDND File Photo


Read more: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/288213/10th-edition-of-sm2sm-run-slated-on-feb-16#ixzz6E4ADjcwV.

For more Great Events, check out the 2020 Pinoyathletics Calendar

Olongapo City Half Marathon Results (Feb 9)

21KM Top Finishers

1 21237 ROGER SARMIENTO M 01:23:27 01:23:27 View Analysis
2 21298 ROMNICK TEH M 01:28:43 01:28:40 View Analysis
3 21079 JOVEN NACULANGGA M 01:33:25 01:33:25 View Analysis
4 21004 ZORINE CAELIAN M 01:33:59 01:33:58 View Analysis
5 21104 JONAS FAMITANCO M 01:34:22 01:34:22 View Analysis
6 21095 RYAN WHIGAN M 01:39:01 01:38:57 View Analysis
7 21257 CHRISTIAN M 01:40:13 01:40:06 View Analysis
8 21036 DANNY DEXTER BELTRAN M 01:40:29 01:40:07 View Analysis
9 21207 M 01:42:29 01:42:29 View Analysis
10 21024 DAN CONCEPCION M 01:43:07 01:42:47 View Analysis

10KM Top Finishers

1 10198 CHRISTIAN DENOTUA M 00:39:11 00:39:06 View Analysis
2 10178 IVAN TUAZON ESPELETA M 00:39:18 00:39:12 View Analysis
3 10138 GIAN FRANCIS RIN M 00:39:48 00:39:48 View Analysis
4 10038 MARTY BALDONAZA M 00:41:27 00:41:21 View Analysis
5 10193 MARK PAGUIA M 00:43:14 00:43:09 View Analysis
6 10001 ADRIAN CARLO FRANCISCO M 00:47:41 00:47:39 View Analysis
7 10189 NOEL ORUGA M 00:47:50 00:47:46 View Analysis
8 10190 RYOTA SASAOKA M 00:49:07 00:49:03 View Analysis
9 10046 M 00:50:52 00:50:40 View Analysis
10 10047 CARL MARTHY GARCIA M 00:50:54 00:50:42 View Analysis

Stallion Rub (February 9)

5KM – Open Top Finishers

1 7010 RICKSON KEN OLEGARIO M 00:23:27 00:23:27 View Analysis
2 7007 LORENZO MIGUEL PLAZA M 00:25:39 00:25:39 View Analysis
3 7079 ERNIE LOZADA M 00:26:17 00:26:17 View Analysis
4 7006 Gerald Escamos M 00:27:19 00:27:19 View Analysis
5 7005 HUAI TAN ZHANG M 00:28:44 00:28:44 View Analysis
6 7023 EDRIC MAGUAN M 00:29:01 00:29:01 View Analysis
7 7033 ARJAY DUMALIN M 00:30:20 00:30:20 View Analysis
8 7004 CARLO LEE M 00:30:38 00:30:38 View Analysis
9 7080 RENATO MACATO M 00:31:44 00:31:44 View Analysis
10 7035 DENNIS LORENCE RIVERO M 00:31:46 00:31:46 View Analysis

5KM Top Finishers

1 5104 ROBERT KEENAN ZIAKITA M 00:28:26 00:28:26 View Analysis
2 5105 JOSE MARI CAGURANGAN M 00:28:40 00:28:40 View Analysis
3 5088 HUGO BENITEZ M 00:30:45 00:30:45 View Analysis
4 5058 ALMIRA CAGURANGAN F 00:30:50 00:30:50 View Analysis
5 5038 JOANNE TENGCO F 00:31:22 00:31:22 View Analysis
6 5032 MARCUS TY M 00:32:16 00:32:16 View Analysis
7 5076 FRANCIS REGALADO M 00:32:23 00:32:23 View Analysis
8 5091 JOSE MARIA GARCIA M 00:32:25 00:32:25 View Analysis
9 5057 DEO CUSTODIO M 00:32:45 00:32:45 View Analysis
10 5120 MHIGS PANGAN M 00:32:46 00:32:46 View Analysis

3KM Top Finishers

1 3100 SEBASTIAN VINCENT PABLO SILVA M 00:15:17 00:15:17 View Analysis
2 3091 IAN SEAN UY M 00:15:28 00:15:28 View Analysis
3 3238 FRANXINE LOUISSE REGALADO F 00:16:07 00:16:07 View Analysis
4 3101 EVO SANTIAGO M 00:16:19 00:16:19 View Analysis
5 3092 SHAUN KHO M 00:16:21 00:16:21 View Analysis
6 3243 DARREN LI M 00:16:22 00:16:22 View Analysis
7 3241 MICHAEL CHAN M 00:16:33 00:16:33 View Analysis
8 3042 CATHERINE JAYCO F 00:18:19 00:18:19 View Analysis
9 3023 ROBERT LUCAS LEE M 00:18:35 00:18:35 View Analysis
10 3022 RYAN LEE

1KM Top Finishers

1 1450 RYAN GABRIEL TAN M 00:03:50 00:03:50 View Analysis
2 1539 DIEGO ILAGAN M 00:04:07 00:04:07 View Analysis
3 1481 LANCE REYES M 00:04:34 00:04:34 View Analysis
4 1451 MICKELSON CHUA M 00:04:56 00:04:56 View Analysis
5 1072 NATHANIEL INIGO CASTILLO M 00:05:06 00:05:06 View Analysis
6 1014 MYLES TAN M 00:05:07 00:05:07 View Analysis
7 1288 MACKENZIE CHUA M 00:05:10 00:05:10 View Analysis
8 1420 MARCUS RENZO MENDOZA M 00:05:37 00:05:37 View Analysis
9 1251 LI MENDOZA M 00:05:44 00:05:44 View Analysis
10 1137 RONBERT BULALACAO M 00:05:46 00:05:46 View Analysis

Olongapo City

For More Calendar Results




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