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19-year-old Sydney Siame clocks 9.88 hailed as New Usain Bolt

Sydney Siame has been hailed the new Usain Bolt. After clocking 9.88 (+0.2 m/s) and breaking the Zambian Record of US-trained Gerald Phiri (10.03, 2014).

 At the Heroes Stadium, All-comers meet in Lusaka. Siame has qualified for the London IAAF Olympics. In other words, his time puts him as a medal prospect. His previous best was 10.18 from 2 years ago.

Also, Sydney Siame 200m PB is 20.53 from 2015.

Sydney Siame first came to prominence in Nanjing in 2014, winning the Youth Olympic Games in 10.56.

Therefore now a string of Non-West African runners clocking Sub 10 seconds. Also, The Question is? Is South Africa developing into a newsprint powerhouse?

For instance, the African Record of 9.85 is held by Nigerian Olusoji Fasuba in 2006. However, the majority of Nigerian sprinters representing European or Middle Eastern nations. Does this, in fact, now turn the power to South Africa and its neighbors?

Similarly, Siame 9.87, Simbine of South Africa (9.92, 9.93, 9.94), and Rato of South Africa (9.95, 9.95, 9.98) lead the World Ranking Lists for 2017.

Another Zambian Hazemb Chimba, who finished second to Siame in his race, has run 10.11 is ranked 16th. Leotella South Africa = RSA 10.12, Bruintjes (RSA) 10.17, Tsumba (ZIM) 10.19, Jobondwa (RSA),10.19, Munyai (RSA) 10.20, Eramus (RSA) 10.22. 7 South Africans in the IAAF Top Rankings.

And in the wind-aided section Sesele (10.15 +2.9) and Alkana (10.15 +3.8), Tsumba (ZIM) 10.18 +2.8. Titi and Jobondawa (RSA) 10.21.

ZAAA All Comers, Lusaka (Zambia) 8/04/2017


(5, +0.2) 1. Sydney Siame 9.88 NR, 2. Hazemba Chidamba 10.11, 3. Joseph Sinkala 10.43, 4. Knight Chongo


(5, 0) 1. Sydney Siame 20.78, 2. Hazemba Chidamba 21.12, 3. Knight Chongo 21.12, 4. Joseph Sinkala 21.65, 5. William Zulau 22.05, 6. Mbachi Kaira 22.18



Edward Osei-Nketia chasing an All Blacks jersey and father Gus Nketia’s 100m record

The son of New Zealand’s fastest man has come home to break his father’s 100m record — and to chase his All Black’s dream. Phillip Rollo reports.

Speed runs in Osei-Nketia‘s family.

Edward Osei-Nketia’s father, Ghanaian-born Gus Nketia, broke the New Zealand 100m record after posting a blistering time of 10.11 seconds at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

Edward Osei-Nketia after smashing his own personal best by running 10.30 seconds last month in a time that quickly makes him the fastest schoolboy the country has ever seen, 17-year-old Edward Osei-Nketia appears on track to better his dad’s record in the not-too-distant future.

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