2019 Philippines Athletics

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Pinoyathletics Polls

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  • 17 Voted for Ernest Obiena. However, it was not able to quite make the standard for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Better Luck for 2020. 
  • Marestella Torres, who only had 6 votes in a distant second, actually qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • Katherine Santos, who tied for 6 votes, also failed to qualify.
  • Mary Joy Tabal, who was 4th with only 4 Votes, qualified for the Olympics along with Marestella and Eric Cray (who had already qualified at the time of this poll)

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The Audience predicted with 14 of 41 votes 30-35 Golds, The Philippines in the 2017 SEA Games, in fact, ended up with 24 Golds total. So the voters were totally wrong again on this one. Pinoyathletics had predicted 25-32 golds. Pinoyathletics was correct as the Philippines had 25 Golds until Colin Syquia was stripped of Gold as his horse failed a doping test. 9 Predicted 25-32, which was somehow correct but not as correct as of the 7 that predicted 20-25

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The Winner was, In fact, CLINTON!!!!!!!

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The Audience (13 votes) predicted Trenten Beram would rank the highest at the 2018 Asian Games. However, Beram was not able on this occasion to advance to either final in 200-400. Eric Cray and Ernest Obiena ranked fairly highly in the 6th positions. While Kristina Knott, who got 1 vote, also ranked 6th.

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8 People voted for Lopena at Asian Games to emerge the fastest man in 100m. While he put in a valiant effort, his run ended in the semi-finals. Bingtian Su, in fact, went on a win (6 votes)


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Rank Athlete Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s)  Su Bingtian (CHN) 9.92 GR
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Tosin Ogunode (QAT) 10.00
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Ryota Yamagata (JPN) 10.00
4  Abdullah Abkar (KSA) 10.10
5  Yang Chun-Han (TPE) 10.17
6  Hassan Taftian (IRI) 10.19
7  Lalu Muhammad Zohri (INA) 10.20
8  Kim Kuk-young (KOR) 10.26




2019 April Philippines Athletics Roundup

Asian Grand Prix 2019 (April 2019)

June Philippine Athletics Roundupl


Pinoyathletics announces the closure of Three Legacy Groups.

Union of Grass Root Coaches

Pinoyathletics is announcing we are ending our ‘Union of Grass root coaches Group’. The page really did not serve its function. With members who will remain anonymous, one poaches an athlete from another group member, and others do not understand the group’s relevance regarding regionalization concepts.

Many members are going on about their issues and how they believe in regionalization but then do the complete opposite when recruiters come knocking. An upcoming project will fix all that soon.

The more trusted members have been added to my training group. And others in Mindanao can join the Mindanao Athletics Group.

One dude who definitely has been on board the whole time is Prof. Airnel Talatala Abarra, who now successfully is running his own Competition League in Mindanao.

2019 January to March Roundup Philippines Athletics


2018 Pinoyathletics Athlete of the Year

We will, at the end of 2018, Announce the Prestigious Pinoyathletics athlete of the year awards. Hence the 6th year running.

While it is the only mid-year but here are the current leading candidates a mid-year. And could, of course, change towards the middle of the year.


2019 January and February Roundup Philippines Athletics
2018 Pinoyathletics Athlete of the Year


Male Athlete of the Year 

Ernest Obiena
Ernest Obiena
  1. Ernest Obiena (Pole Vault) WINNER
  2. Eric Shawn Cray (Hurdles) RUNNERUP
  3. Trenten Beram (Sprints) 2ND RUNNERUP








Female Athlete of the Year

Kristina Knott
  1. Kristina Knott (Sprints) WINNER
  2. Marisa Kwiatkowski (Jumps) RUNNERUP
  3. Mary Joy Tabal (Marathon) 2ND RUNNERUP

Honorable Mention 

Aira Teodosio (Throws), Marestella Torres (Jumps), Angel Carino (Jumps), Josefa Ligmayo (Multi) 




Junior Female Athlete of the YEAR

  1. Evangeline Caminong (Jumps) WINNER
  2. Jessel Lumapas (Sprints) RUNNERUP
  3. Kassandra Alcantara (Throws) 2ND RUNNERUP

Honorable Mention

Eliza Cuyom (HURDLES), Riza Jane Valiente (HURDLES), Karen Janario (HURDLES)

2018 Pinoyathletics Athlete of the Year Nominations as of June

Men’s – Ernest John Obiena (Pole Vault)

Women’s – Mary Joy Tabal (Marathon)

Junior Men’s – Edwin Giron Jr. (800m/1500m)

Junior Women’s – Riza Jane Valiente (400 Hurdles)


2016 Writeup

2017 Writeup


Mens Athlete of the Year


Womens Athlete of the Year


Junior Mens Athlete of the Year

  • 2012 Daniel Noval
  • 2013 Ernest John Obiena
  • 2014 Ernest John Obiena
  • 2015 Francis Medina
  • 2016 Feberoy Kasi
  • 2017 Jerry Belibestre
  • 2018 Edwin Giron Jr.


Junior Womens Athlete of the Year

2019 Brent International School Track and Field Invitational Results (March 23, 2019)

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