2019 Asian Athletics Championships

2019 Asian Athletics Championships 

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As now out of time for Asian Rankings Preview and Updates, here is who in action tomorrow.

2019 Asian Athletics Championships FULL RESULTS

2019 Asian Athletics Championships News Clips

  1. Records Broken in Doha
  2. Shanti 11.58 Breaks Singapore 100m Record
  3. Shanti Breaks Singapore 100m Record
  4. Dutee Chand 11.28 Breaks Indian 100m Record
  5. Hima Das pulls up with an injury in 400m
  6. Samba to lead challenge at Asian Champs

Philippines Athletes Competing/Results

Time, Athlete Name, Event, Season Best, PB. PERFORMANCE

Sunday 21st April


  • 8.45 AM – Marco Vilog (800m Heats) 1.49.91/1.51.63 1.52.82 dnq 17th of 24
  • 9.00 AM – Mark Harry Diones  (Triple Jump) 16.70/16.08 16.16 qf 4th to Finals of 17
  • 9.35 AM – Joyme Sequita (400m Heats) 47.26/NT 47.93 dnq 4h4 18th of  28
  • 10.10 AM – Kristina Knott (100m Heats) 11.43/11.64 11.70 2h3 qf 11th to Semis of 26


  • 5.28 PM – Ernest Obiena (Pole Vault) 5.61/5.40 GOLD 5.71m Asian Record, SEA Record, Phi Record
  • 5.30 PM – Francis Medina (400 Hurdles) 50.93/51.52 dnq  52.49 6h1 14th of 19
  • 6.26 PM – Anfernee Lopena (100m Heats) 10.47/10.61 10.65 3h5 qf 22nd to semis of 40
  • 6.26 PM – Eric Cray (100m Heats) 10.25/10.63 10.57 5h4  qf 19th to semis of 40 (SB)
  • Monday 22nd April
  • 9.08AM – 4x100m Heats (Lopena, Cray, Medina, Bautista) 39.57 3h2 (qf 6th to final) SB
  • 9.30 AM -Aries Toledo (Decathlon /100m) 11.03
  • 10.25 AM Decathlon Long Jump 6.78m
  • 5.05 PM – Decathlon Shotput  Toledo DNS
  • 5.17 PM – Triple Jump Mens Final 6th Mark Harry Diones 16.24m (SB)
  • 5.30 PM – 100 Womens Semi-Final Kristina Knott 6h2 11.77 
  • 5.45PM – 100 Mens Semi-Final Eric Cray 10.56 6h2 18/24 (SB), Anfernee Lopena 10.66 7h3 19/24
  • 7.03 PM – Decathlon High Jump  Toledo DNS
  • 8.46 PM – Decathlon 400m Toledo DNS

Tuesday 23rd April

  • 8.30 AM – Decathlon 110 Hurdles  Toledo DNS
  • 8.50 AM – Clinton Kingsley Bautista (110H Heats) 14.14/14.18 Clinton Kingsley Bautista 14.06 (PB) 5h1 11/24
  • 11.30 AM – Decathlon Pole Vault Toledo DNS
  • 5.02 PM – Decathlon Javelin Toledo
  • 5.08 PM – Janry Ubas (Long Jump Qualification) 7.88/7.55
  • 5.10 PM – Natalie Uy (Pole Vault Final) 4.30/4.25
  • 5.10 PM – Alyana Nicolas (Pole Vault Final) 4.06/4.06
  • 6.22 PM – Kristina Knott (200m Heats) 23.23/23.62
  • 7.05 PM – Decathlon 1500M

Wednesday 24th April

  • 5.15 PM – 110 Hurdles Final
  • 5.30 PM – 200m Women’s Final
  • 5.46 PM – Long Jump Men’s Final
#flash #asianathletics Gen. Dahlan Al- Hamad of Qatar ?? re-elected to lead Asian Athletics Association as President for the term 2019-2023. @iaaforg @qatarathletics @qatar_olympic

Asian Rankings Preview and Updates

Mens 100M

Japan’s Yoshihide Kiryu is the top-ranked man with 10.08, Kiryu’s best achievement outside of the 4×100 was his 2014 Bronze Medal at the World Juniors. 

Kiryu is a sub 10 man, having run 9.98 in 2017, and is the Japanese National record holder, having broken Koji Ito long-standing national record for a long time, the Asian Record. World Junior Champion Lalu Zohri (PB 10.18), the fastest man in South East Asia from Indonesia, has run 10.20 so far this year. Zohri looks relatively easy with a rather sluggish start but mowed down his opponents at the Malaysia Grand Prix a few weeks ago. Perhaps the 9.91 Asian Record of Femi Ogunode of Qatar will be strongly challenged by Kiryu.

100M National Champion Anfernee Lopena ranks 48th in Asia this year in the 100m Dash (10.61) and 2015 SEA Games Champion Eric Cray  (10.63, 55th). 


The Topman is 400 Hurdle world record holder Abderrahman Samba who has already timed 44.60 this year. The Bronze and Silver medalists from India at the last Asian Games, Arokiarajiv and Yahiya of India, have run 45.73 and 45.89. 

National 400m Champion Joyme Sequita (PB 47.26) is ranked 42nd for the year with 47.61 so far. Jomar Udtohan, who has now withdrawn due to injury (46.95), ranked 20th. 

2019 Asian Athletics Championships 800m

Qatari occupy 1-2-3 slots in this event. Abdalla of Qatar, the Asian Games Bronze Medalist, leads the rankings with a time of 1:45.60. Hairline 2017 Asian Champs silver medalist has run 1:46.22. Hassan. Fil-Heritage middle-distance runner Carter Lilly has clocked 1.48.95 this year, which ranks him 9th in the Asian Rankings (7th based on the 2 entries per country rule). Unfortunately, Carter is not available for Asian Champs due to other commitments. 

Instead, the Philippines will enter SEA Games Silver Medalist Marco Vilog, whose 1:51.63 ranks him 34th in Asia for 2019.

2019 Asian Athletics Championships 110H

The Chinese are once again at the head of the Asian Hurdling world.  Wen-Jun Xie, the 2014 and 2018 Asian Games Champion, leads with 13.46.  Asian Games silver medalist Kuei-Ru Chen of Taipei ranks #2 with 13.68.  SEA Games Champion Rayzam Shah Sofian of Malaysia ranks #7 with 13.82. And in #12 is Clinton Bautista of the Philippines, the SEA Games bronze medalist with 14.18 so far this year.


2019 Asian Athletics Championships 400H

Defending Asian Champion Eric Cray is yet to run 400 Hurdles this year, as is Favorite Abderahman Samba of Qatar.  This years fastest is Dharun of India, the surprise silver medalist at the Asian Games.

The other Filipino in this event, Francis Medina, ranks #19 with 51.52 this year.

2019 Asian Athletics Championships Long Jump

Xing Long Gao, the 2015 Asian Champion, leads the Asian Rankings with 8.18m. Taipei’s National Champion Chia-Hsing Lin leaped 8.14m this year. Meanwhile, SEA Record Holder Sapwaturahman, who took bronze at the Asian Games last year (PB 8.09m), opened with a 7.97m jump on very minimal training to rank 4th Asian Rankings. Janry Ubas of the Philippines leaped 7.55m for #21 Rank.

**More Updates Coming

Philippines Team List for 2019 Asian Athletics Championships Doha Qatar April 21-24

  1. Eric Cray (400H, 100? 4×100, 4×400?)
  2. Kristina Knott (100, 200)
  3. Natalie Uy (Pole Vault)
  4. Alyana Nicolas (Pole Vault)
  5. Clinton Kingsley Bautista (110 Hurdles, 4×100)
  6. Anfernee Lopena (100, 4×100)
  7. Jomar Udtohan (400, 4×100, 4×400)
  8. Francis Medina (400H, 4×400?)
  9. Mark Harry Diones (Triple Jump)
  10. Marco Vilog (800)
  11. Ernest Obiena (Pole Vault)
  12. Janry Ubas (Long Jump)
  13. Aries Toledo (Decathlon)
  14. Joyme Sequita (400, 4×400)


  1. Kayla Richardson
  2. Zion Corrales-Nelson
  3. Carter Lilly

Were invited but declined to join due to other commitments

2019 Asian Athletics Championships No Marathon

Please note, as advised by Asian Athletics Association Facebook Page, there will be no Men’s and Women’s Marathon at Asian Champs. And for the record, there has not been held at Asian Champs since 1985. In contrast, It is held at Asian Games every 4 years. Please note the 13th Asian Marathon Champs will be held.


2019 Asian Championships April 19-24 Doha, Qatar. 4 South American Nations and Oceania, including Mighty Australia, Invited CRIKEY!

As Per Wikipedia.

There have been talks for years of Australia and Oceania nations joining the Asian Championships. Australia is already part of FIFA Soccer qualifying in the Asian sector. The organizers have also invited four South American countries to compete as they want the Asian Champs in Doha. To serve as the dress rehearsal for the World Champs, which will also be held in Doha. Doha is in a unique position with its Multi-Billion dollar sports complex and facilities of hosting both the Asian and World Champs in the same year. Also interesting to note is North Korea and Unified Korea are separate teams. 

As per the website, the actual competition dates will be April 21-24



Afghanistan Bangladesh Bahrain Bhutan Cambodia China Chinese Taipei Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Macau Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar Nepal North Korea Oman Pakistan Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Syria Tajikistan Unified Korea Thailand Timor-Leste United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen



Australia (58) New Zealand (35) Guam American Samoa Fiji Samoa Tonga Cook Islands Papua New Guinea Northern Mariana Islands Micronesia Solomon Islands


Guest Nations

Mexico Peru Colombia Chile





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