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2018 Philippines Road Running

7 Eleven Run Highlights: Tabby’s first Run of 2018

Feb 5, 2018

7 Eleven Run Cebu

SEA Games Champion and 5X Milo Marathon Champion Mary Joy Tabal debuted for the first time since her Milo win in December In the 21K Leg of the 7-Eleven Run at Cebu. Tabal clocked 1h23.07 to launch the fastest time in the country easily. 

“[I joined] this race to overcome my fear of what happened to me last year. I still can feel the emotions that I went through after my father passed away on the eve of my big race,” said Tabal, who rested for one month before plunging back to training last January.

“But right now, I can feel that I am ready to bring back my old form to compete.”

The petite runner from Barangay Guba, Cebu City, however, admitted she felt emotional in the early part of the race.

“While running, I still [felt] the presence and memories of my father. But later during the race, my mood changed because a lot of people cheered at the sidelines and I am so happy for that,” the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games marathon gold medalist said.

Based on her assessment, Tabal believes her performance was decent, although she still also confessed that she had to improve on some aspects of her skills.

“This will be a good startup for my year. Though I didn’t have a convincing performance, I have a lot of time to improve my skills through training.”

Although she won easily over runners-up Ruffa Sorongon (1:27.57) and Aileen Tolentino (1:30.31), there was something Tabal found unusual with the race.

“What made this race challenging was that I had to wake up very early. The race started at 1 a.m. I only slept for few hours and the route was challenging [because it had] a lot of turns. The run was too early, it’s unusual to run at 1a.m.,” Tabal said.

Organizers started the race at 1 a.m. since it was held simultaneously with Manila and Davao’s races.

7-Eleven Run Manila’s

long-time opponents Bharcena, Martes, and Banaysag.

While in the Manila Leg 2x SEA Games Marathon Champion Cristabel Martes, 38, won in 1h25.57 from Nhea Anne Bharcena (1h30.59) and former SEA Games Marathon Champion Jho-an Villarma (Banayag) (1h36.53). And in the Men’s Division, Chirchir Jackson of Kenya won very narrowly in 1h09.51 former UAAP 10K Champion Richard Salano won in 1h09.54, from Mark Oximar (1h16.54) and Jonathan David (1h17.27).

7 Eleven Run Davao

While no results were provided, placings were listed in this article below.

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 04 Feb) — Â A farmer and veteran runner from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, won the 42-kilometer race in the 7-Eleven Run 2018 in Davao City early Sunday.

Richeel Laguido, a banana plantation worker, bested Alex Melly and third placer Bryan Quiamco in the marathon.

Laguido is a member of the Malaybalay Runners, a group that has been competing in both local and national races since 2011.

He attributed his win to self-discipline and consistency in his training.

My preparation was only every day jogging, Laguido said.

In the women’s 42K, Judelyn Miranda finished first. Vivian Avergonzado won second and Maria Theresa Basallo third.

Besides Laguido, other Bukidnon racers also emerged triumphant after taking home several medals in their respective divisions, like Christine Hallasgo, who landed the top spot, and Lalaine Patricio placed third in women’s 21K.  Emerly, Avergonzado won second in the same division. Bukidnon bet Bobby Tadlas placed second to Jerald Zabala while Jimboy Lugay placed third in 21K men.

Bukidnon runners Keenan Caburnay and Esterlita Organiza maintained group dominance in their respective divisions in the 16K race.

Caburnay topped the race, followed by Arlan Arbois and third placer Rodel Salvane in men.

While Organiza won first in women where Rosabel Pura and Jaylou Maloloy-on placed second and third, respectively. Hence the 7-Eleven Run in Davao was simultaneously held in Manila and Cebu. (Antonio L. Colina IV)

Salano time leads the SEA Rankings for the Half Marathon, while Tabal is placed second behind a Malaysian for 2018.

Any other results for  21K or Marathon races in the Philippines will be appreciated; please

email [email protected]


2018 CONQUER RIDGE RUN 25K/ 10K – RESULTS (January 12)

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January 12, 2018, Starting the 2018 trail running season on January 7 at Mariveles, Bataan.

This also marked the start of another series of Conquer Trail Adventures. This is mountain running.

For the Full Write up Please Visit Here

Cheryl Owen, at the left (2nd Runner-up Team UGAT Mountaineering Club), Alyssa Ashley Usman, center (Champion), Rocelda Frayna, at the right (1st Runner-up Team Cholo flight) Photo Credit: Camc


2018 CONQUER RIDGE RUN List of Sponsors

  1. Municipality of Mariveles, Bataan headed by Mayor Hon. Atty. Ace Jello Concepcion.
  2. Barangay Alasasin headed by Hon. Roberto M. Arsenal, Brgy. Chairman.
  3. Alasasin Elementary School is headed by Ms. Marjorie M. Palomo, school Principal
  4. Nature Hike the Philippines
  5. Tokz Gear
  6. WISAR
  7. Buting Fire Rescue
  8. PARDSS Foundation International Inc., Mariveles Chapter
  9. Subimonte Outdoors
  10. ALTRA Shoes
  11. Feetures socks
  12. Oofos Recovery Sandals
  13. Team Maranat Trail Runners
  14. Team TAPSI
  15. Team XC
  16. Ms. Elizabeth Naga
  17. Team Conquer


2018 PSE Bull Run – Buenavista takes top Honors – Results

Jan 18, 2018

At the PSE Bull Run at Fort Bonifacio City, Taguig, while the 21K, was dominated by 4 Kenyans taking the top 4 places.


At nearly 40 years of age, 4 Times SEA Games Champion Eduardo Buenavista won the 25K event in 1h30.02; he won the win from former National 10K Champion Cesar Castenato based in Baguio 1h32.24 and Erwin General 1:32.26.

Buenavista, a former national athlete, is based in Baguio and originally from Cotobato.

The legendary Mario Castro coached him. Buenavista is one of the eight hopeful candidates with PATAFA as a national coach that applied at the end of last year.



1 25056 Eduardo Buenavista M 35-39 01:30:08 01:30:02
2 25061 Cesar Casta?eto M 25-29 01:32:29 01:32:24
3 25062 Erwin Generalao M 18-24 01:32:30 01:32:26
4 25351 Mark Christian Garcia M 18-24 01:41:46 01:41:43
5 25353 Rey Mark Quezada M 18-24 01:41:46 01:41:39
6 25259 Roy Dacutanan M 35-39 01:42:07 01:42:01
7 25354 Robert Arellano M 40-44 01:45:54 01:45:46
8 25060 Jeffrey Aligan M 40-44 01:45:54 01:45:49
9 25352 Kenji Akinaga M 18-24 01:55:15 01:55:08
10 25255 Geoffrey Perez M 55-59 01:55:35 01:55:28









1 22005 Jackson Kiprotich Chirchir M 30-34 01:10:00 01:09:57
2 22277 Alexis Deo Melly M 17 Below 01:13:05 01:13:03
3 22278 Elphiz Kiptarus M 17 Below 01:16:23 01:16:22
4 21532 Wilfred Esporma M 25-29 01:20:18 01:20:14
5 21186 Darry Bado M 35-39 01:25:35 01:25:31
6 21868 Name For Verification M ? 01:26:40 01:26:35
7 21659 Roldan Antonio M 35-39 01:33:32 01:33:28
8 21817 Youngjae Lee M 35-39 01:34:36 01:34:31
9 21698 Michael Viduya M ? 01:36:16 01:36:12
10 21777 Miguel Villar M 40-44 01:36:24 01:36:23









1 10867 Jonathan Enriquez M 17 Below 00:35:44 00:35:30
2 10901 John Ronel Candong M 18-24 00:37:10 00:37:23
3 10174 Juan Gabriel Velasco M 30-34 00:40:06 00:39:50
4 10257 Name For Verification M ? 00:40:05 00:40:05
5 10132 Rodelio Gadapan M 17 Below 00:41:03 00:40:50
6 10784 Jovy Sy M 30-34 00:41:19 00:41:19
7 10190 Sangyong Lee M 40-44 00:42:53 00:42:53
8 10684 Sam Gipson M 25-29 00:45:44 00:45:22
9 10163 Jaymes Shrimski M 18-24 00:45:47 00:45:25
10 10695 Jhon Henry Bueron M 25-29 00:46:05 00:45:50









1 51065 Ryan Garcia M 25-29 00:21:24 00:20:56
2 50640 Timo Hoelzchen M 40-44 00:21:28 00:21:04
3 50364 John Brian Estares M 18-24 00:21:30 00:21:46
4 50290 Maurice Flaviano M 17 Below 00:22:18 00:22:14
5 50648 Peter Gonzalez M 45-49 00:22:23 00:22:20
6 51104 Michael Romulo Trinidad M 18-24 00:24:35 00:24:31
7 50430 Jungmin Cha M 17 Below 00:25:09 00:24:17
8 50744 Name For Verification M ? 00:25:41 00:25:26
9 50674 Zapiro Dante Requinala M 30-34 00:25:51 00:25:42
10 50396 Michel Dangca M 45-49 00:25:51 00:25:48








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