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2018 Korean Athletics Open

The Philippines Athletics sends 3 Athletes to Korea Open

June 15, 2018

The Philippines Athletics will send 3 athletes to the Korea Open on June 16-17 in Yecheon, South Korea. The team is comprised of

Philippines sends 3 Athletes to Korea Open

Clinton Kingsley Bautista 110 Hurdles (14.14 PB)

Janry Ubas Long Jump (7.88m PB, 7.76m SB)
Julian Reem Fuentes Long Jump (7.71m PB)

The Men’s 4×100, which had last run 39.11 at the SEA Games in August, where they got a baton drop at the Nationals earlier in the month, will not attend. As core members, Eric Cray and Trenten Beram will not be joining the Korea Open.

Beram and Cray Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

As per the Taskforce of the Philippine Olympic Committee. Qualification for Asian Games is

until June 30, 2018. Which makes the Korea Open probably the last chance for Athletes to qualify for Asian Games. According to the article, a later email had been expanded to 21, with 3 unnamed college athletes begging out due to school commitments, which totaled 18.

As of December 2017, the qualifying criteria stated by the POC were as follows.

As none of the three athletes were SEA Games Gold or silver medalists, it reverts to the 4th in 2014 Asian Games 13.66 4th or 13.83 for a top 8 finish. Clinton PB 14.14, which he has run twice at the 2017 SEA Games and matched more recently at the Taipei Open. In the Long  Jump, the 4th is 7.81m.

Ubas leaped 7.88m in May, which is above the standard, and 7.76m in 2018, which is good for 5th place based on 2014 Results, while Fuentes, also with 7.71m PB, is good for the Top 8.

2018 Korean Open

In the long jump event, Janry Ubas and national open champion Julian Fuentes failed to crack the top 3, where Sapwaturrahman ruled with a leap of 7.98 meters.

While Ubas finished 4th with 7.58 meters, which was below his year’s best of 7.76, a bronze medalist in the 2017 SEA Games, Ubas was vying to reach the 2018 Asian Games qualifying standard of 7.81 meters.

Also, Fuentes wound up 5th at 7.42 meters, likewise below the 7.71 marks he set at the nationals.

Korea Open Athletics June 16-17, Yecheon


100 Heats H2 (-2.0) 7. K. Amadi (SIN) 11.06 H3 (-0.9) 3. T. Yap Jin Wei 10.99 

(neither of the Singaporeans makes it to Semis)

200 Heats (0.0) T. Yap Jin Wei (SIN) 21.92, T. Beram (PHI) DNS

200 Final (-0.1) – G. P. Taken(KOR) 20.93, S. T. Yap Jin Wei (SIN) 21.74, B. M. Heeyun (KOR) 21.85

4×100 Final – Indonesia 39.76, Korea 40.61, Korea 41.06

(Indonesia B- Team didn’t field Zohri 10.25 guy and Mudiyasa)

(Philippines DNS as Cray and Beram are not available)



100 Heats (-0.4) H1 4. P. Kim (VIE) 12.63, 5. S. Menon (SIN) 12.85; H2: 1 T. Le Thi Mong (VIE) 12.06 Q, D. Lim (SIN) DNS; H3 1. W. Enn (SIN) 12.06 Q, 2. T. Ha Hai (VIE) 12.24 Q, 5. J. Phuettonglang (THA) 12.42, 6. N. Bin Zaini (SIN) 12.50

200 Final (0.1) – G. K. Minji (KOR) 24.08, S. L.Minjeong (KOR) 24.26, B. W. Enn (SIN) 24.49 (PB), 4. D. Lim Prasad (SIN)  24.57 (PB), 5. T. Ha Thi (VIE) 24.99, 7. T. Vuong Ngoc (VIE) 25.89

100H Heat 1(-0.4) G. J. Hallyum (KOR) 13.22, S. R. Nee (KOR), B. I. Rajasinghe (SRI) 14.29, 4. S. Meesri (THA) 14.66; Heat 2 (0.6) 1. E. Nova (INA) 13.61, 4. Zaini (SIN) 14.51

4×100 Singapore 46.59, Vietnam 46.62, Korea 47.70

(Singapore no Shanti and Vietnam no Chinh, so pretty much B Teams)

Pole Vault C. Yunhee (KOR) 3.80, V.S Sureka (IND) 3.60, R. Bingjie (SIN) 3.40

2018 May Roundup Philippines Athletics


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