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2018 June Roundup Philippine Athletics

2018 June Roundup Philippine Athletics

Edwin Giron places 7th at the Asian Juniors 800m, first Filipino in 16 years to Top 8

Edwin Giron Jr., has finished 7th in the 800m at the Asian Junior Championships in Gifu. Giron’s feat makes him the First Filipino athlete to make the top 8 at Asian Juniors in 16 years. The last being Julie Rose Forbes in 2002 in the 400 Hurdles who finished 5th, and Ralph Waldy Soguilon in 2001 in the 100m who finished 8th. 

Edwin Giron

Our very own Edwin Giron Jr. of the Philippines (313). Doing his very best battling it out with some of the biggest names in the Asian Juniors.

Edwin Giron clocked 1:54.17, with 3rd place in his heat, 5th fastest time, and qualifying 7th to the final on placing. The Final was a slow tactical race won by Anu Kumar of India in 1:54.11. It was slow as Kumar has a PB of 1:50.60. Dorzadeh of Iran took silver in 1:54.23 and Fuki Torii of Japan bronze in 1:54.55 (1:51.34 PB). 

For Giron back in 7th in the Final in 1:56.79. He was left to do some serious soul searching despite a rather credible feat of making the final that had not been done for 16 years. It seemed all runners had a 3 second discount in this race in the wrong direction. Giron relayed this message to Pinoyathletics

Coach sorry I didn’t made it.  My time in heat is only 1:54.17. I’m 7th in final. Our heats done 11:20 already then final in afternoon,only 2 hours and have rest. I feel like my body can’t recover yet after the PNG and national open. Very heavy and my running has no force. Sorry buddy. Maybe if the final was tomorrow i could have won Bronze.


2018 June Roundup Philippine Athletics
A very tired Edwin Giron (maroon) fades in the background after a long season of events.

Pinoyathletics would like to commend Giron on his effort. And the hard work of his coach Fernando Dagasgas of Dasmarinas. Giron was endorsed by yours truly to Dagasgas as he was originally a product of Zamboanga City.

Under Dagasgas Giron went from 2:02 to 1:52.70 in the 800m and 4:16 to 4:01 in the 1500m. Along the way he went from 10th place to Palaro Champion in the 800 in 2017, and 7th place to Palaro Champion in 1500.

More recently he set a new PB of 1:52.70 at the National Open in Ilagan just a week ago. 

Giron was supposed to only run 1 event at the nationals, but instead ran 800 x 2 rounds, 1500 and 4×400 which probably over-exhausted him for Asian Juniors.

Giron was the only representative of the Philippines at the Juniors. He hit the bronze standard in the 1500 of the 2016 edition. But entry in the 800 turned out ok. Briefly glimpsing through the results I feel they should have sent more athletes to Asian Juniors from the Philippines as there were some possible top 8 finishes we missed out on. Coach Dagasgas and myself had endorsed Giron for selection for Asian Juniors to the PATAFA.

Which at the end of the day as the dust settled proved to be a very wise and rightful choice.

1598アヌ クマール(02)Anu KumarIND
24129ドルザデ アブドルラヒム(99)DORZADEH, AbdolrahimIRI
36162鳥居 風樹(00)TORII, FukiJPN
48126アミリアン オミド(00)AMIRIAN, OmidIRI
53138ラフタ フセイン ハイタム(99)LAFTA, Hussein HaithamIRQ
62137アルブザズナ モハンメド ラヒーム(99)ALBZAZNAH, Mohammed RaheemIRQ
79313ヒロン エドウィン(99)GIRON, EdwinPHI
797ナンダクマール スリーキラン(01)NANDAKUMAR, SreekiranIND


The Philippines sends 3 Athletes to Korea Open

June 15, 2018

The Philippines will just send 3 athletes to the Korea Open June 16-17 in Yecheon, South Korea. The team is comprised of

Philippines sends 3 Athletes to Korea Open

Clinton Kingsley Bautista 110 Hurdles (14.14 PB)

Janry Ubas Long Jump (7.88m PB, 7.76m SB)


Julian Reem Fuentes Long Jump (7.71m PB)


The Men’s 4×100 which had last ran 39.11 at the SEA Games in August where they got baton drop at the Nationals earlier in the month will not attend. As core members, Eric Cray and Trenten Beram will not be joining the Korea Open.

Beram and Cray Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

As per the Taskforce of the Philippine Olympic Committee. Qualification for Asian Games is

until June 30 2018. Which makes the Korea Open probably the last chance for Athletes to qualify for Asian Games. In a later email had been expanded to 21, with 3 unnamed college athletes begging out due to school commitments which brings the total to 18 according to the article.

As of December 2017, the qualifying criteria stated by the POC were as follows.

Based on this as none of the three athletes were SEA Games Gold or silver medalists it reverts to the 4th in 2014 Asian Games 13.66 4th or 13.83 for a top 8 finish. Clinton PB 14.14 which he has ran twice at the 2017 SEA Games and matched more recently at the Taipei Open. In the Long  Jump 4th is 7.81m.

Ubas has leaped 7.88m in May which is above the standard and 7.76m in 2018 which is good for 5th place based on 2014 Results, while Fuentes also with 7.71m PB is good for Top 8.

2018 Korean Open

In the long jump event, Janry Ubas and national open champion Julian Fuentes failed to crack the top 3 where Sapwaturrahman ruled with a leap of 7.98 meters.

While Ubas finished 4th with 7.58 meters, which was below his year’s best of 7.76. A bronze medalist in the 2017 SEA Games, Ubas was vying to reach the 2018 Asian Games qualifying standard of 7.81 meters.

Also Fuentes wound up 5th at 7.42 meters, likewise below the 7.71 mark he set at the nationals.

Korea Open Athletics June 16-17, Yecheon


100 Heats H2 (-2.0) 7. K. Amadi (SIN) 11.06 H3 (-0.9) 3. T. Yap Jin Wei 10.99 

(neither of Singaporeans makes it to Semis)

200 Heats (0.0) T. Yap Jin Wei (SIN) 21.92, T. Beram (PHI) DNS

200 Final (-0.1) – G. P. Takeun(KOR) 20.93, S. T. Yap Jin Wei (SIN) 21.74, B. M. Heeyun (KOR) 21.85

4×100 Final – Indonesia 39.76, Korea 40.61, Korea 41.06

(Indonesia B- Team didn’t field Zohri 10.25 guy and Mudiyasa)

(Philippines DNS as Cray and Beram not available)



Korea Open Athletics

100 Heats (-0.4) H1 4. P. Kim (VIE) 12.63, 5. S. Menon (SIN) 12.85 ; H2: 1 T. Le Thi Mong (VIE) 12.06 Q , D. Lim (SIN) DNS; H3 1. W. Enn (SIN) 12.06 Q, 2. T. Ha Hai (VIE) 12.24 Q, 5. J. Phuettonglang (THA) 12.42, 6. N. Bin Zaini (SIN) 12.50

200 Final (0.1) – G. K. Minji (KOR) 24.08, S. L.Minjeong (KOR) 24.26, B. W. Enn (SIN) 24.49 (PB), 4. D. Lim Prasad (SIN)  24.57 (PB), 5. T. Ha Thi (VIE) 24.99, 7. T. Vuong Ngoc (VIE) 25.89


100H Heat 1(-0.4) G. J. Hallyum (KOR) 13.22, S. R. Nee (KOR), B. I. Rajasinghe (SRI) 14.29, 4. S. Meesri (THA) 14.66; Heat 2 (0.6) 1. E. Nova (INA) 13.61, 4. Zaini (SIN) 14.51

4×100 Singapore 46.59, Vietnam 46.62, Korea 47.70

(Singapore no Shanti and Vietnam no Chinh so pretty much B Teams)

Pole Vault C. Yunhee (KOR) 3.80, V.S Sureka (IND) 3.60, R. Bingjie (SIN) 3.40

2018 May Roundup Philippines Athletics

2018 May Roundup Philippines Athletics – Christian Ampong wins Palaro Gold despite struggles

Christian Ampong took the Javelin Gold Medal at the 2018 Palarong Pambansa in Vigan for his new team NCR. Most noteworthy is that Ampong’s throw of 58.51m (@700 gram) is a big improvement on his personal best (PB). Furthermore, the silver medalist was nearly 5 meters back at 53.87m. His PB, however, remains outside the Palaro Record of 62.47m registered by Bryan Pachecho last 2014.

Christian Ampong

Ampong’s situation is not your typical athlete poaching story but of an athlete let down by the DEPED system of his home province Zamboanga del Sur. Despite having won the Javelin Bronze at Batang Pinoy (51.46m) in 2016 and the Javelin Bronze at the SEA Youth in 2017 at Ilagan. 

Ampong was still not selected for the Palarong Pambansa by Zamboanga del Sur. The 5’11 18-year-old from Kumularang, however, will be 1 of 35 athletes representing the country at the 2018 ASEAN School Games (list coming shortly).

The purpose of this write up is to inform the public that no-poaching of the athlete took place in the case of Ampong, as he decided to leave on his own due to the fact that he was unfairly deprived of the chance to represent ZPRAA in the 2017 Palarong Pambansa.

While DEPED has the ultimate authority to decide the final composition of the team, Coach Jong Salinas was not the winning coach at the 2017 ZPRAA. In fact, Salinas ended up losing to Zamboanga City his designated spot as the secondary girl’s coach of Zamboanga Del Sur.

Provincial DEPED was responsible and had full authority in the selection of the secondary boy’s team as Zamboanga Del Sur won the Regional meet in Secondary Boys.

They delegated full authority to Coach Salinas for the selection of the athletes. In the end, Salinas opted not to select Christian Ampong in the team and instead selected Mark Puspos, who was only 4th at the Regional meet (Ampong took silver in the meet). This shows inconsistent reasoning.


The Provincial Government was not at fault. Ampong is very thankful for the opportunities provided him as a budding athlete at the sports academy. This would never have been possible without the help of Governor Cerriles and his original coaches, Messrs. Ebrahim Esmael and Jomel Ogocadicon.

Coach Sy did not poach him either. Ampong chose to go to Sakya as he was deprived of the opportunity to go to the 2017 Palaro and did not want to risk the DEPED system blocking him again from going to Palaro.

The DEPED, via PESS Coordinator Noel Sangrenes, allowed Coach Salinas to be the boys’ coach even though he was not the winning coach. As Zamboanga Del Sur won the regionals, it was well within their right to do that. As earlier stated, Salinas opted not to select Ampong in favor of Puspos (who he coached), which was also well within his right to do so.

Salinas and Sangrenes did what was well within their rights as DEPED representatives for Palaro team selection. However, whether the selection was consistent and fair is another question altogether. Ampong left the academy and eventually went onto win the gold for NCR.

And his decision to join Sakya and team up with coach Joseph, who improved him from 53m to 58.51m, was one of the best things that ever happened to Christian Ampong.

Riza Jane Valiente is the most qualified for World Juniors

Only Fil-Heritage athletes have ever qualified for World Juniors

Fil-Heritage Sprinters Kayla Richardson (2015 SEA Games 100m Champion) andZion Corrales-Nelson in the 2014 and 2016 World Juniors were the countries only legitimate qualifiers. As other athletes sent prior to this were all wild cards. 

Richardson went to the 2014 World Juniors in Eugene as a 16-year-old and clocked 12.03 and 24.53 finishing 5th and 4th in her heat and not professing to the semifinals.  In 2016 in Poland 11.97 and 24.29 6th and 5th in the heats.

Zion in 2014 ran 24.34 5th, and was dqed in the 400 for stepping out of her lane. In 2016 she ran 100 and 200 11.80 3rd in heats, and 24.00 in 200, placing 4th and qualifying for the semifinals where she ran 24.05 to finish 5th in the semifinals.


So in 2018, the Philippines has no legitimate qualifier in any event for World Junior Championships.

Somethings to note

  1. only athletes with Filipino Passports can be considered
  2. Only athletes aged 16, 17, 18 or 19 on 31 December 2018 (born in 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002 may compete. The maximum number of events in which a Youth athlete (born in 2001 or 2002) can compete in two individual events plus one of the relays. If the two individual events are Track Events, only one of these may be longer than 200m 
  3. Members who have no male and/or female qualified athletes whom they wish to enter in any Championships event may enter one unqualified male athlete OR one unqualified female athlete in one event of the Championships (except the Field Events (see below),
    Combined Events, 10,000m, 3000m Steeplechase, and 5000m Women).
  4. Members who have no male and/or no female qualified athlete but whose best athlete excels in a Field Event, may submit to the IAAF, by the time of the Preliminary Entry deadline, the name of their athlete plus performance they would like to enter in the Field Event. The Technical Delegates will make the final decision and, to do so, may seek the the opinion of the relevant Area Association.
  5.  All performances must be achieved during the period 1 October 2017 to 2 July 2018. Please note that the Final Entries deadline remains three Mondays before the first day of the competition, i.e. 25 June 2018. (entry due

List of IAAF World Junior Qualifying Standards and Rules

Malaysia Open – Philippines Results (videos) May 12, 2018

May 12, 2018

Three athletes were sent to the Malaysian Open from the Philippines. This was not on the original request list with the PSC.

  1. Clinton Kingsley Bautista (110 Hurdles)
  2. Anfernee Lopena (100m)
  3. Julian Reem Fuentes (Long Jump)

Julian Fuentes leapt 7.08m to finish 5th. This is behind his 7.22m Jump at the Trials last month and his life time PB of 7.69m set in 2016. 

Long Jump (12)
1. Kim Sang Sun (KOR) 7.39
2. Latiff Romly 7.37
3. Luqman Hakim Ramlan 7.24
4. Asak Ebrahim (KUW) 7.10
5. Julian Reem Fuentes (PHI) 7.08
6. Khang Meng Linn (SGP) 6.98
7. Willy Gew Teng Yon 6.71
8. Maxwell Sumuk 6.70

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By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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