Asian Games Records in Athletics

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2018 Asian Games Athletics Summary of Philippine  Performances in Athletics


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2018 Asian Games Athletics – Decathlon Men’s Report – Aries Toledo (Videos)

Aries Toledo. 2018 Asian Games Athletics

100M is good for Aries Toledo, who was 2nd overall in the 100m in 10.84. Just outside his 10.81 effort from the 2017 SEA Games (7433 points).

That gives him 897 points.

The Asian Champion from Saudi Arabia ran 10.77 to lead the times. So early days yet, but so far, so good for Aries Toledo.

Meanwhile, the only athlete with over 8000 points, Keisuke Ushiro of Japan, blotched it up with an 11.39 effort.

In seeing this, whoever wins the Asian Games Decathlon will probably be more along with the 7800 points.

Leaving the door wide open for Aries to get on the podium possibly.

2018 Asian Games Athletics

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2018 Asian Games Athletics – Inoue Japan wins Men Marathon, but Thai British athlete looks good for SEA Games

Hiroto Inoue reclaims the Gold Medal in Men’s Marathon for Japan. Photo Credit: Asian Athletics

The Sun rose for the nation of Japan as they reclaimed an event they had not won for 32 years.

The first gold medal of the Asian Games Athletics 2018 went to Japan in the Men’s Marathon on Saturday morning.

Hiroto Inoue, who has a personal best of 2h06.54 earlier this year in the Marathon, won 2h18.22. 

It was the first time since 1986 that Japan won the Men’s Marathon back then, with Takeyuki Nakayama, who went on to finish 4th in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics, just missing out on a medal.


Japan edges off Bahrain in the Asian Games. Photo Credit: Asian Athletics

Following closely behind was Elhassan Elabassi of Bahrain in the exact time of 2h18.22 it was a wire finish, with Japan holding onto clinching its first title in this event in 32 years.

With Duo Bujie of China in third.

2018 Asian Games AthleticsThailand has a new star

Tony Payne
Tony Payne. 2018 Asian Games Athletics

Meanwhile, we must note that even though way back in 8th place is Thailand’s new athlete Tony Payne.

The Thai Kiwi athlete has a personal best of 2h19.39 from last year in Berlin. In his first time representing Thailand, Tony ran 2h24.52.

His time is 5 minutes faster than the 2x SEA Games Champion Soh Rui Yong of Singapore 2h29.27. 

Soh Roi PB was 2h24.55 from the Chicago Marathon in 2016.

This makes Payne look like a powerful challenger to 2x champion Soh Rui Yong.

Yong did not participate in Asian Games, SEA Games silver medalist Agus Prayogo of Indonesia Did not finish the race, and Sanchai Namkhet of Thailand ran 2h37.

So far this year, Tan Huong Leong of Malaysia has run 2h25.32, and now Payne takes the season lead for Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, Leong did not participate here.

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2018 Asian Games AthleticsAthletics

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For the Full Games Schedule, visit here

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Men’s Decathlon

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Asian Games Athletics Men’s 400M Heats

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Asian Games Athletics Women’s 100m Heats

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2018 Asian Games Athletics Men’s Long Jump Qualifying

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  1. Men’s 100m Report Su Bingtian;
  2. Men’s 200m Xie leads

2018 Asian Games Athletics Rankings of the Philippines

*Revised June, July, and August 2

PATAFA endorsed the Following athletes to represent the Philippines at Asian Games in Athletics.

For the 3 Fil-Heritage athletes, until we have copies of their passports, we will not be listing them in this write-up.

We will take into account the 2 athletes per country rule.

So in some events where there are like 20 Chinese or/and Japanese ahead of a Filipino Athlete, we will only consider 2 for ranking purposes. So we will do the ranking for 2018 as of January 1, 2018. 

UPDATE I have received a CC. of the Final Submission of the POC to the Organizing Committee, with the deadline being July 30. 

The PATAFA had asked for an extension as the original deadline was the 15th of June to include additional athletes that started at 11 and then came down to 7 additional.

This extension also involved getting 3 Fil-heritage athletes’ passports, which and had not done in time.

None of these additional athletes appeared in the final submission list of the POC. This also means no 4×100 or any relays.

Note Volleyball list of 14 girls was on the final list. So this means even self-funded athletes.

As the PSC will not cover volleyball.  Self-funded athletes also needed to be included on this final list.

Hence this writes up now reverts to just focusing on the 8 athletes PATAFA originally endorsed for the Asian Games.


UPDATE: PATAFA appealed to the POC, and The Taskforce allowed 5 additional athletes to be included in Asian Games, which brings the total to 13 in Athletics. We have now added them to the article below. 


As new results have come in from other Asian countries. We will now update this report as of August 2, 2018.


#1 Eric Shauwn Cray and 400 Hurdles Review

#2 Ernest John Obiena and Pole Vault

#3 Kristina Knott (Added)

  • EVENT: 100 and 200M
  • 2018 Asian Ranking 8th and 13th


China’s Wei Yong Li leads the Rankings with a 10.99 clocking, the 2014 Asian Games Champion 4 years ago with 11.48. Zyabinka of Kazakhstan at 11.20 and Dutee Chand of India at 11.29 occupy the top three spots. Knott has a PB of 11.44 and has run 11.50 earlier this season. However, the recent performance was 11.85 in the Vietnam Open. Therefore, she will need to register around 11.60 or faster to make the finals. 

Event Review



Zyabinka 22.73 and Odiong 22.81 lead, along with Wei, has a much slower 200 22.97 than her 10.99. Knott does have a PB of 23.23, which would rank her 6th from 2016. This year her best time of 23.65 ranks her 13th. Her recent time in the Vietnam Open was 23.93. She would need to run at least a season’s best to make the top 8.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Women’s 200m
1 22.73 1.5 Zyabinka KAZ
2 22.81 1.0 Odiong BRN
3 22.97 1.6 Wei CHINA
4 23.10 0.0 Das IND
5 23.15 1.1 Ge CHINA
6 23.33 0.0 Sharipova UZB
7 23.35 1.1 Fukushima JPN
8 23.41 0.0 Chand IND
9 23.43 0.3 Rathnayaka SRI
10 23.58 -0.6 Ameri BRN
11 23.59 1.5 Bulanova KGZ
12 23.61 1.2 Aono JPN
13 23.65 0.4 Knott PHI PB 23.23, 23.11 +5.3

#4 Trenten Anthony Beram

Beram, Photo Credit: Sunstar. 2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes


EVENT: 200M & 400M

2018 ASIAN RANKING: 15th (12th June ) and 10th (8th June) 5th Asian Championships 2017, SEA Games Champion 200 & 400 2017

200M Review Article


Another Qatari Dominates Abdalelah Haroun, holds the lead with 44.07, While Haroun was the surprise bronze medallist at the World Champs in 2017. Samba has run 44.62. At the same time, the up-and-coming Indian runner Mohammad Anas Yahiya who was 4th in the Commonwealth Games has run 45.24.

Pinoyathletics thinks Trenten will land easily in the final here. And it is going to go considerably under 46 seconds.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s 400m
1 44.07 Haroun QAT
2 44.62 Samba QAT
3 45.24 Yahiya IND
4 45.50 Litvin KAZ
5 45.63 Walsh JPN
6 45.63 Karem KUW
7 45.78 Rajiv IND
8 45.79 Dharshana SRI
9 45.81 Wakabayashi JPN
10 46.01 Beram PHI PB 46.01

#5 Marestella Sunang

Marestella Sunang

EVENT: Long Jump

2018 Asian Ranking: 11th (9th June)

Olympian, 2009 Asian Champion, 2005 Silver Asian Champs, 2002 Bronze Asian Champs, 2016 Asian Beach Game Bronze, SEA & SEA Game Record Holder Long Jump, 4X SEA Games Champion Long Jump, 

One of the All-Time Greats of Philippine Women in Sports. Furthermore, with a career spanning nearly 20 years (with a year off to go on maternity leave).

Marestella Sunang (formally Torres) is the oldest athlete on the national athletic team, now at 37. So this will undoubtedly be her 5th and last appearance at the Asian Games (but again, the newspapers did say that back in 2014).

While Torres has leaped 6.24m this year, slowly building back. Consequently, this pail compared to her comeback year at 35, when she unleashed a 6.72m Personal Best.

Therefore Sunang will need a big improvement to barge into medal contention here. At the same time, a top 6-8 finish is more likely here.


2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Women’s LJ
1 6.64 0.2 Xu CHN
6.55 NWI The VIE
2 6.53 -0.2 Lu CHN
3 6.52 -0.8 Londa INA
4 6.51 0.7 Nayana IND
5 6.44 0.8 Kora JPN
6 6.43 1.4 Nakano JPN
7 6.42 0.0 Neena IND
8 6.41 0.7 Chuaimaroeng THA
6.41 NWI Nguyen VIE
6.30 NWI Khotseemueang THA
9 6.28 0.0 Bulanova KGZ
10 6.25 1.0 Kim KOR
11 6.24 1.4 Sunang PHI

#6 Francis Medina (Added)

  • Event: 400 Hurdles
  • 2018 Asian Ranking: 13th
Francis Medina

He was looking good for a bronze at the 2017 SEA Games until a hamstring injury set him back. Has bounced back well this year with a 50.93 PB in the February Pre-Asian Games in Jakarta. Took the win at the Vietnam Open in 51.08 recently. We will need a big run and probably a PB to make the final. Must go all out to ensure makes the final even if they are tired.

#7 Janry Ubas (Added)

  • Event: Long Jump
  • 2018 Asian Ranking: 13th
  • 2017 SEA Games Bronze Long Jump, 2015 SEA Games Bronze Decathlon


Janry Ubas 

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s Long Jump
1 8.47 0.7 Wang CHN
2 8.43 0.7 Shi CHN
3 8.10 1.9 Prasad SRI
4 8.09 1.2 Hashioka JPN
5 8.06 1.5 Ju KOR 8.07 +2.8
6 8.05 1.3 Lin TPE
7 8.01 0.0 Tsuha JPN
8 7.99 0.4 Sreeshankar IND
9 7.99 1.1 Piyarntha SRI
10 7.98 1.1 Sapwaturahman INA
7.96 NWI Taherkhani IRQ
11 7.89 0.4 Kim KOR
7.88 NWI Darisavi IRQ
12 7.84 -0.3 Wen TPE
7.82 NWI Ramlan MAS
13 7.76 0.5 Ubas PHI PB 7.88
8.04 2.7 Kawashima JPN
7.93 3.1 Wimalsari SRI
7.93 3.0 Jayasiri SRI

#8 2018 Asian Games Athletics Aries Toledo

Aries Toledo 3rd gold for Philippine Athletics and 3rd ever SEA Games Deca Champion from the Philippines. 2018 Asian Games  Athletics
  • EVENT: Decathlon
  • 2018 Asian Ranking: 16th (June 11th)
  • SEA Games Champion

The Surprise package at the 2017 SEA Games was a former tricycle driver turned Decathlete Aries Toledo. Toledo scored an upset win over Asian Champion Suttisak of Thailand. In 2018 Toledo won the Pre-Asian Games, his only Decathlon outing this year. And took significantly continued streaks of improvements to his Long Jump and 110 Hurdles best times.

At the last Asian Games 2013, SEA Games Champion Jesson Cid could not finish the event pulling out in the Javelin’s 9th event.

Leading the charge in 2018 is defending Asian Games Champion Keisuke Ushiro of Japan. The 32-year-old has a PB of 8308 points; he won the Gold 4 years ago in Incheon Korea with 8088 points. This year he has the top two performances of 7948 and 7487 points. 

Kewei Gong of China trails miles behind with 7321 points and Yonglang Zhao with 7122 points. Thai Sutthisak Singkhon is ranked #5 with 7122 points at a meet in Italy.

Toledo is ranked 16th in the event. With a lot of athletes not yet having many meets, it’s hard to say. The best thing to do is look at the PBS of other athletes entered. Toledo PB is 7433 pts,

Usuhiro is the clear favorite as the only one over 8000 pts. Gong and Zhao are mid-20 age athletes with 7421 and 7238 PBS only.  Toledo could have a chance based on many athletes from 2017 not making an appearance, making this event difficult to call.

PA – will rank a lot higher than 14th and over 7000 points.

Other athletes who  have a better PB than Toledo

  • Singkhon (Thailand) with a 7587 Pts
  • Sang Hwa Be (Korea) 7448 Pts
2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s Decathlon
1 7948.00 Ushiro JPN
2 7321.00 Gong CHN
3 7292.00 Taue JPN
4 7200.00 Choi KOR
5 7182.00 Bae KOR
6 7069.00 Singkhon THA
7 7043.00 Cao CHN
8 7037.00 Karunathilaka SRI
9 6980.00 Yasseen KSA
10 6919.00 Ram IND
11 6812.00 Wang TPE
12 6797.00 Singh IND
13 6701.00 Chang TPE
14 6659.00 Toledo PHI PB 7433

#9 Mary Joy Tabal

  • Event: Marathon
  • 2018 Asian Games Ranking: Not Top 10
  • Olympian, 2017 SEA Games Gold Medalist
Defending SEA Games Womens Marathon Champion Mary Joy Tabal

 In Italy, Mary Joy Tabal notched up 5 Milo Marathon titles, SEA Games Silver and then Gold, a National Record. And made the Olympic Games. But let’s cut straight to the point; it’s going to be tough for Tabby to be on top. Her ranking doesn’t even turn up on the first page of the IAAF. 

However, it’s interesting to note the first page is flooded with the Top 100 Times to 2:24:27 being Japanese or Chinese athletes.

But take into account the two athletes per country rule, and that is 2:19:12 by Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi of Japan. Yingjie Sun of China is a 2004 World Half Marathon Champion and former Asian Champion at 5 and 10k 2:19:39. Yoko Shibui (Japan) 2:19:41 and 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist

Chunxiu Zhou (China) 2:19:51. Take into account that all 4 of these women are 10 years older than Tabby. So after Page 1, Tabal is ranked #5.

Bahrain, on Page 2, is ranked 5th and 6th. Surprisingly, as you would expect with getting African athletes, they would be competitive against the Japanese. But still 2:24 Marathoners. North Korea 2:25 in 7th. South Korea 2:25, North Korea 2:26 8th, South Korea 2:26 in 9th. Then onto page 3. Kryzgkstan 10th 2:27. The Rankings stop at 2:30, with 10 athletes (going on 2 per country rule listed).

PA – Tabal PB is 2:43; the best to hope for would be a personal best. Unfortunately, Asia is with Africa the strongest region in the world for the women’s Marathon, so it’s a tough event. Tabal’s PB will land her 12th place based on the last Asian Games results. 2:40:05 is 11th place, and 2:45 is 12th place.

#10 Mark Harry Diones

Mark Harry Diones
  • 2018 ASIAN RANKING: 16th (June 13th)

With a PB of 16.70m, the #HarryHolics are waiting for a breakthrough performance this season. With Harry gradually making it to 15.93m after returning with Silver at SEA Game, it has been a slow start. Diones leaped 16.70m at the 2017 National Open and beat SEA Games Champion.

Hakimi Ismail of Malaysia avenged this defeat by Diones and retained his title in Malaysia SEA Games later. 

Bin Dong of China leads the Asian Rankings with 17.22m. The 2016 Olympic Bronze medallist with a PB of 17.58m World Indoor Champion and 2010 and 2012 Asian Champion. He was second at the Asian Games 4 years ago behind countryman Cao Shuo, who leaped 16.65m this year. China has great depth hogging the top 4 spots in Asia.

PA –  Diones will need to go past his PB to have any chance at the top 3. And with time running out, a Top 8 finish seems more feasible if he can get around the 16.40-16.50 range.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s Triple Jump
1 17.22 1.8 Dong CHN
2 17.11 -0.5 Zhu CHN
3 17.09 0.0 Singh IND
4 16.70 1.0 Kurbanov UZB
5 16.63 0.0 Babu IND
6 16.59 1.0 Yamashita JPN
16.52 NWI Boonun THA
7 16.49 1.2 Denislov UZB
8 16.40 0.5 Ektov KAZ 16.44 +2.2
9 16.36 -0.9 Ismail MAS 16.63 NWI
10 16.34 1.0 Jayasinghe SRI
11 16.25 1.5 Li TPE
12 16.22 -0.2 Hasegawa JPN
13 16.13 -0.5 Sung KOR
14 16.03 -0.6 Tepparak THA
15 16.03 2.0 Ahamed SRI
16 15.93 0.1 Diones PHI PB 16.70


















#11 Clinton Kingsley Bautista (Added)

  • Event: 110 Hurdles
  • 2018 Asian Ranking: 16th 
  • 2017 SEA Games Bronze 110H


The biggest competition he has ever attended. Clinton would require a Sub-14-second run to make the final. He tied his current PB this year at 14.14, which he made at the 2017 SEA Games to take the bronze.

It didn’t run so well in Vietnam at 14.38; I will be looking to bounce back in a month.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s 110 Hurdles
1 13.36 0.9 Al Moulaed KSA
2 13.36 0.7 Kanai JPN
3 13.45 0.7 Takayama JPN
4 13.49 -0.4 Chen TPE
5 13.53 -0.3 Xie CHN
6 13.74 -0.1 Chan HKG
7 13.75 -0.1 Yang TPE
8 13.75 -0.4 Thingalaya IND
9 13.76 0.2 Zeng CHN
13.82 NWI Nadheem IRQ
10 13.85 -0.4 Kim KOR
11 13.86 1.1 Zhang CHN
12 13.86 0.5 Sofian MAS
13 13.99 0.0 Jayakumar IND
14 14.01 0.1 Yerfremov KAZ
15 14.09 -0.3 Maholtra INA
14.09 NWI Anousone LAO
14.10 NWI Kareem IRQ
16 14.14 Bautista PHI PB 14.14

#12 Marco Vilog

  • Event: 800m
  • 2018 Asian Games Ranking: 25th (18 June)
  • 2017 SEA Games Silver 800m
Marco Vilog charges away from the rest of the pack to win his first national title in the 800m.

Having broken through the ranks in 2015, winning the 800 at the National Champs. Vilog qualified for the 2015 SEA Games but didn’t join due to PRISAA restrictions.

He did line up in 2017 and went sub 1:50 with a 1:49.91, which was good enough for a silver. Behind 3x SEA Games 800m Champion Duong Van Thai of Vietnam.

Liver issues meant a difficult return for Vilog, who slowly ground his way from 1:58 to 1:51.98 in 3 months to hold onto his national title from youngster Mariano Masano narrowly.

In his current form, Vilog is well out of making the top 8. In fact, at the last Asian Games in 2014, it took 1:49.90 to make the finals.

So Vilog will have to run at least a PB to make the final. 

As is the case with Medina, an all-out effort in the heat is required, even if they are tired in the finals.

They do not have the luxury of an Eric Cray where they can just qualify through a submaximal effort.

It’s tough as 14 athletes from Asia have run under 1:50 this year so far.

His recent time was 1:53.83 at the Vietnam Open.

PA- With his current times no chance of making finals.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s 800m
1 1.45.65 Johnson IND
2 1.45.67 Hairane QAT
3 1.46.02 Abdallah QAT
4 1.46.05 Rotich BRN
5 1.46.24 Singh IND
6 1.46.84 Hashim IRQ
7 1.47.01 Murashima JPN
8 1.47.16 Kawamoto JPN
9 1.47.79 Alzofairi KUW
10 1.48.09 Moradi IRI
11 1.49.83 Chathuranga SRI
12 1.50.00 Ma CHN
13 1.50.01 Li CHN
14 1.50.02 Ismatov TJK
15 1.50.14 Dzholomanov KGZ
16 1.50.20 Kushantha SRI
17 1.50.25 Yarvali IRI
18 1.50.34 Masyouf UAE
19 1.50.54 Akhmadaliyev UZB
20 1.50.62 Van Thai VIE
21 1.50.64 Bzanzah IRQ
22 1.50.91 Alzaabi UAE
23 1.51.28 Oh KOR
24 1.51.35 Lee KOR
25 1.51.98 Vilog PHI PB 1.49.91

Men’s 4×100

Japan clear favorite here with 37.85. Despite having 2 Sub 10 men China still only 38.72. Indonesia, which has world junior champion Zohri 10.18 and 3x 10.3-10.4 guys, should be in contention as well and look perhaps for a 38.5-time range.

Then it’s fairly even. The Philippines clocked 39.73 without Beram at Vietnam Open recently. However, they will have Beram in their lineup at Asian Games. They ran 39.11 last SEA Games with Beram.

The Middle East countries that have obtained outstanding sprinters mainly from other nations are not featured, apart from a few in the individual 100m lists.

#13 Anfernee Lopena joins Clinton, Cray, and Beram in this event for the Philippines.

2018 Asian Games Rankings of Philippine Athletes Men’s 4×100
1 37.85 Japan
2 38.72 China
3 39.07 Indonesia
4 39.08 Sri Lanka
5 39.29 Taipei
6 39.37 Malaysia
7 39.44 Hong Kong
8 39.73 Philippines Ran PB 39.11 with Beram, 39.73 no Beram

Asian Games Athletics

2018 Asian Games Athletics Schedule

For Information on the Philippines’ athletes at the 2018 2018 Asian Games Athletics and their chances, please read this.

Please bookmark this site, so you know what time events are on.

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Venue: Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dates: August 24-30

8 Bets for 2018 Asian Games Athletics

Apr 13, 2018

PATAFA has named the eight tracksters that will compete in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, from August 18 to September 2.

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2018 Asian Games Athletics

The PATAFA contingent will be composed of Southeast Asian Games gold medallists.

The last time the country won a gold medal in the Asian Games was through Sprint Queen Lydia De Vega during the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, India and the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul, South Korea.



2018 Asian Games Athletics Philippines Team List 

Pens down and pass your papers to the front of the class. These were the words of the POC Taskforce as it finalized its 2018 Asian Games Athletics Philippines Team List for the 2018 Asian Games on June 29. The deadline for Athletes to be submitted on June 30. For previews and data on the 2018 Philippines Asian Games Athletics Team.

Powerhouse China set its sights on another pot of gold

2018 Asian Games Philippines Team List
Su Bingtian

Since the 1982 Games in New Dehli, Chinese athletes have consistently outshone their regional rivals while setting new benchmarks.

As the 10th anniversary of the 2008 Beijing Olympics ticks by, China will seek to maintain its sporting pre-eminence at the Jakarta Asian Games and top the medal table for the 10th time in succession.

Since the 1982 Games in New Dehli, Chinese athletes have consistently outshone their regional rivals while setting new benchmarks.

On home soil in Guangzhou in 2010, China narrowly missed out on breaking through the 200-gold medal barrier, but the 199 golds and 416 medals in all remain an Asian Games record for a single nation.

China may struggle to surpass those benchmarks but will expect to dominate as usual.

At Incheon four years ago, China claimed the largest medal hauls in athletics, cycling, diving, gymnastics, rowing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, and the martial art of wushu.

Sprint duo Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye are expected to lead China’s charge on the track, with the pair pushing each other to new heights so far this season.

Twice in the space of eight days in June, Su recorded 9.91 seconds in the 100 meters to match the Asian record he shares with Qatar’s Femi Ogunode, while Xie has also dipped under 10 seconds with a 9.97 run this season.

China’s supremacy is under threat in certain disciplines, with Japan and South Korean table tennis closing the gap.

They have also brought a relatively inexperienced team, leaving multiple Olympic champions Ma Long, Xu Xin, and Ding Ning out of the squad.


“All of the five female players we have for the Asian Games are qualified enough and boast great skills,” women’s head coach Li Sun told the China Daily.

“The Asiad is also a test for our young players to see if they can handle the pressure without the help of top players like Ding Ning.”


China will hope their women’s volleyball team can reassert themselves after picking up silver at Incheon behind South Korea.


“We gather all the force we have to prepare for the Asian Games,” said Lang Ping, who coached the team to gold in Rio.

“To win the Asian Games is not easy, and will require a tough fight. No matter who will go, we all have to play our best games to win.”


Article on Chinese Sprinter Yong Li Wei, Asia’s Fastest Woman 



Thailand Athletic Team for the 2018 Asian Games

June 22, 2018

Thailand Athletic Team for 2018 Asian Games




By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. And Currently is Consultant Coach with VMUF 2021- Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is  Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. Currently working towards a Masters Degree in Education. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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