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ASEAN School Games 2018  Full Results

ASEAN School Games 2018 Athletics

Medal Tally:

  1. MAS 10 + 12 + 8 = 30
  2. INA 8 + 9 + 7 = 24
  3. VIE 7 + 3 + 1 = 11
  4. PHI 6 + 4 + 6 = 16
  5. THA 5 + 6 + 13 = 24
  6. SGP 1 + 2 + 1 = 4
  7. MYA 1 + 2 + 1 = 4
  8. LAO 0 + 0 + 1 = 1
  9. BRU & CAM = 0

16 Medals in Total for the Philippines less than the 21 Total won in 2014, but the most Golds they have won at an ASEAN School Games Athletics.

2014 and 2018 had 35 athletes and an even number of boys and girls, so same size team.

It improved from the 4 Gold Haul in 2017, all from Boys.

My prediction before These games for athletics was the spot in predicted 6-7 Golds from the Girls only.

And they got 6 from the girls. My boy’s prediction was also fairly accurate 2; bronzes (2 medals total) got a silver and a bronze.

Overall compare this to the SEA Youth, which had the same group of athletes in 2017 and 2018  as they had 1 gold out of 80 athletes and finished 6th overall.

In 2018 they had a smaller team and finished 7th overall behind SEA Games minnows Timor Leste, who had 0 golds and more silver medals than the Philippines. At the ASG, the Philippines finished 4th overall in 2014 and 2018 with pretty much the same athletes.

ASEAN School Games 2018 Athletics Quitoy sets ASEAN School Games Record in Javelin

Ann Katherine Quitoy continued the golden run for the Philippines on Day 2 of the ASEAN School Games in Malaysia.

Quitoy not only took a glorious 2-meter win. She also helped herself to a new championship record hurling the 500-gram Javelin 49.18 meters.

Absolutely demolishing the old record of 46.04m set by a Malaysian athlete just last year.


Her first throw of 46.74 was already over the old mark, and her second throw of 49.18 already sealed the gold medal. In fact, 4 of her 6 throws were over the old record.

Supisara Klinla-or (Thailand) was a distant second with 47.89m, and Yuni of Indonesia took bronze in 43.35m. 


Quitoy is part of a new breed of athletes being developed by Addy and Miguel Arca in Bacolod.

Threw a distance of 45.72m which was a Palarong Pambansa record in April with 600 grams.

And just 2 cm of the National Junior record of Fil-Heritage athlete Cerah Moren.

She joins her training partner Trexie Dela Torre on the 3 gold medal tally by the Philippine Athletics Women at the ASG. 

Trexie Dela Torre surprises at the ASG with Second Gold

Trexie Dela Torre
Coach Adriana Arca and Trexie Dela Torre celebrate gold at the ASEAN School Games.


Trexie Dela Torre has emerged as the surprise winner of the 2018 ASEAN School Games.

In Malaysia, with a big personal best of 5.84m in girls’ long jump. So it was another gold for the girls and another gold for jumpers.

Adding to the gold won by Evangeline Caminong.

Dela Torre’s personal best was 5.64m going into this competition at the Western Visayas meet. 

She nailed 5.59m on her first jump and then hit a new personal best of 5.69m on her second jump. 

At this point, Giang of Vietnam and Ishak of Malaysia led both with 5.83 efforts.

At this point, after two jumps, she was only seeded 4th.

However, Dela Torre blasted out a surprising 5.84m effort to take the lead by 1 cm. Dela Torre won over Giang and Ishak that could never bounce back on the last 3 jumps.

The best result ever at the ASEAN School Games, improving on the bronze medal Angel Carino won at the 2015 edition.

At the SEA Youth competition back in April, Dela Torre finished a disappointing last place.

After it was clear, her jumps were landing about 40-50cm behind the take-off-board.

Adriana Arca was one of the coaches accompanying Trixie here in Malaysia.


“She can jump 5.80m+ buddy said her coach Adriana Arca” said after we observed the video together after the SEA Youth. It was clearly obvious from the video she was right.


Dela Torre is coached by brother and sister team Miguel and Adriana Arca in Bacolod.

Miguel constantly communicating via video call, working together with Addy on technical advice. She won the Palarong Pambansa.

The 5.84m mark bumps the 17-year old into the #2 spot behind the great Marestella Sunang

Elma Muros hold the National Junior record at 6.11m set 32 years ago.

Trexie still has another year to play in the Palaro in high school for Western Visayas.

Moves ahead of the personal bests of all UAAP Athletes.

Trixie envies and is inspired by her older teammate Jerry Belibestre, the 2015 ASEAN School Games Champion in the Long Jump.

But for the Arca’s who continue to follow their own program producing SEA Age Grade champs now seems to flow so easily.

And was looking forward to the day she got her own article from Well, today, she is truly deserving of that.

The Philippines contingent which composed entirely of 4 Grass-Root coaches and selected by the DEPED with suggestions made by Pinoy athletics

They now already have 2 golds after a day and a half. 

They have exceeded the efforts of the last 2 SEA Youth Meets, which could only produce 1 Gold and 0 Gold and finishing behind overall to SEA Games minnow Timor Leste.

Last ASEAN School Games had 4 Gold medals with 25 athletes; to surpass 35 athletes, they would need 6 golds.


Keep Updated with our updates and reports here on the 2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics.


Eliza Cuyom #6 Gold Medal at ASG

*Please Note we reported prior that Eliza Cuyom had broken the Philippine Junior Record at the 2018 ASEAN School Games.

However, reviewing the meet report summary, the height of the Hurdles was actually 76.4cm.

The National Junior Record of Karen Twister Janario 14.52 +0.0 m/s at the 2014 ASEAN School Games in Manila.

With an 84cm hurdle barrier, the mark cannot be compared for record purposes and did it at the lower height.

Karen ran this time as a 15-year-old but could not surpass it as a junior in the next 3 years.

The previous record of July Rose Forbes 14.61 +1.0 2002 Asian Grand Prix, which PATAFA still lists on their website as the National Junior Record, despite Karen already surpassed this) was also done with 84cm hurdles. 

Therefore the previous ASEAN School Games Record of 14.51 was set by Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar of Malaysia, who narrowly beat Karen for the Gold in 2014.

They stay at the meet record. Cuyom  14.45 76.4cm hurdle mark cannot replace Syafiqah 14.51 84cm mark.

It’s up to the organizers of the ASG if they want to recognize it as a separate record for that height.

Pinoyathletics is constantly keeping guard that we are delivering accurate reporting on records.

And in the case of errors such as these, we are willing to backtrack and make amendments.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the achievement of Eliza Cuyom for her winning her first international gold medal for the Philippines may be the first of many.

Eliza Cuyom
Eliza Cuyom  #6 gold for Team Philippines.


Eliza Cuyom took the Gold Medal in the Girls 100 Hurdles at the ASEAN School Games.

As the Hurdles were at 76.4cm, this.

However, it did not surpass the current Philippine National Junior Record or ASEAN School Games Record.

Cuyom timed 14.45 into a -1.0m/s headwind.

She was clear of her nearest rival, Liza Ramandha of Indonesia 14.76 and Halamatul Raja of Malaysia 15.52.

Cuyom had already established a name for herself, breaking the 22-year-old Palarong Pambansa record of Michelle Patasha at the Palarong Pambansa with a 14.6 hand clock. 

Also, she now has an electronic time for the 76.4cm height. Cuyom from Dasmarinas is a senior high student at NU Nazareth in Manila.

Together with her teammates Evangeline Caminong (National Junior Record in High Jump) and Jessel Lumapas.

The trio was coached by Grass root coach Fernando Dagasgas of Dasmarinas.

And have set leading marks in the Philippine Rankings for High Jump, 100 Hurdles, and locally for 200 and 400.]

Pinoyathletics predicted before these games at the ASG; there would be 6-7 golds from the girls only.

And now, after Cuyom Gold, the team is on 6 golds, with only the 4×400 relay left.

So Pinoyathletics prediction was 100% accurate.

We are also happy we were given input into the selection of the team.

And the fair-selection policy set in place led to what could have been the best possible outcome for the team.

This is the most number of golds the team has won in the ASEAN School Games. As its previous record, last year was 4 golds.

Evangeline Caminong captures the first Gold ASG National Junior Record.

Evangeline Caminong
Alexie Caimoso, Evangeline Caminong, and Coach Fernando Dagasgas


Evangeline Caminong continued to build on her National Junior Record, increasing her personal best to 1.74m.

The 18-year-old from Palawan, whose family moved to Dasmarinas, also captured the Philippines ‘ first gold.

And what may have seemed like a tranquil morning with just 1 Bronze medal hardly making a ripple as the team slumped to 7th place on the first day?


  • ASEAN School Games Gold
  • National Junior Record
  • #2 All-Time
  • First International Medal for her


Caminong had reset the National Junior Record earlier in the first days of June at the National Open in Ilagan with her 1.71m effort. 

Caminong started at 1.55m then had 2 fails at 1.72m with her Thai Opponent Chitkhokkruad, clearing her second attempt at 1.72m; it was made or broke for the gold.

Evangeline answered back with this pressure by surprising the stadium and clearing 1.74m on her first attempt.

Chittkourad had 2 fails, which gave Caminong her first international medal. 

Caminong then had 3 attempts at 1.76m but failed on all of them.

Chittkourad got the silver, while Palaro record holder Alexie Caimoso who Caminong was second to at the 2018 Palaro, took bronze in 1.69m (setting an official PB but still behind her 1.72m marks). 

It was even harder a setback for the Vietnam athlete, the defending champion who could only manage a disappointing 5th place.

Anh had leaped 1.76m going into this competition but was nowhere near that shape, some 13cm back with 1.63m.


Evangeline’s performance was a big surprise.

She came into the competition ranked 5th, so she was not expected to win.

Caminong Performance is the #2 all-time by a Filipina athlete and a new Junior Record.

Only Narcissa Atienza has ever jumped higher with her 1.81m National Record. She is no longer tied with former national record holder Corazon Magante (1.71m, 1985).

Caminong, who Fernando Dagasgas coach, is enrolled at National University. Gold, Silver, and Bronze’s last SEA Games was 1.83m.

We would like to take the time to thank the following people Mayor PIDI BARZAGA of Dasmarinas and Congresswoman JENNY A. BARZAGA, and Division School Superintendent Manuela Tolentino.

Respectively believing in the athlete’s program, supporting financially and morally to help make her success possible today.


2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics Girls 400 Final

Jessel Lumapas makes it 4 Golds with one more in the 400m

Boys 400m Heats

Suhaimi of Malaysia, a rising junior, leads with 47.91. Alhyran Labita did very well to run a PB of 49.64 and qualify 6th place into the final. Meanwhile, Kenneth Corpuz timed 51.78, nearly 2 seconds behind his personal best.

Girls 400m Heats

Last year, Jessel Lumapas, who took silver in this event, leads the Heat 1 in 57.68. Divina Mahusay won the 2nd heat in 58.09 and qualified 4th into the Final. Can Jessel add another gold to Team Philippines?

2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics Boys 5000m Walk

Philippine was well beaten in 5th and 6th. The first time the walks has Filipino entries at the ASEAN School Games.

2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics Results Day 1 

2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics Boys 3000 Final

Le Tien Long of Vietnam broke the meet record of James Orduna with 8m54.86. However, the Philippines this time was out of the medals with Mancao 9m15.19 in 4th and Josh Buenavista way down in 7th in 9m27.53.

Boys 800 Final

Indonesia took the Gold, with Malaysia and Thailand getting the other medals. The Philippines finished 5th and 7th.


Boys 100 Final

Into a relatively strong head-wind. Sidiq, the SEA Youth Champion, added the ASEAN School games title to his resume. Sa’adon of Malaysia took silver in 10.88. Fahrurrozi of Indonesia took bronze in 10.97. In 5th was Veruel of the Philippines. Only .22 or a stride and a half separated first through to 7th.


Girls 100 Final

Agreta of Indonesia won the Gold in 12.05 from her countrywoman Nuryanti who had to settle for silver again. Eliza Cuyom of the Philippines ended up 6th in 12.44.


Girls 400 Hurdles Final

Bui Thi Trang defended her title with her first-ever sub 1m00 run. The Vietnamese athlete continued a strong winning tradition of Vietnam in this event. Riza Jane Vallente, who really should have been nominated by PATAFA for world juniors, took silver in a new Personal Best of 61.52.

Just outside the 61.07 National Junior record of Jenny Rosales. Vallente has another 2 years to build on that. Thailand took bronze in 63.13.

Bernalyn Bejoy, the silver medalist at the 2018 SEA Youth, missed the gun at the start and fell behind into fourth in 64.40s, over 2 seconds off her personal best.


2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics Boys 400 Hurdles Final

Kenneth Corpuz slipped down to 6th place for the Philippines. Malaysia and Indonesia had a blanket battle in the first place.

Girls High Jump Final

Caminong breaks the Record and wins the first gold

Boys Shotput Final

With a 6kg Shotput Noisri of Thailand did 18.12m. Just outside the 18.66m meet record set 5 years ago.

Lamatian of the Philippines was 5th in 15.17m.

Boys 400 Hurdles Heats

Please note the height of the Hurdles is not senior height. Rosli of Malaysia and Kaewkul of Thailand in Heat 1 lead with 53.52 and 53.55.

The second heat was much slower, with Yulianto of Indonesia at 56.02.

The Philippines only entry Kenneth Corpuz qualified 7th to the final. With only 9 entries, only 1 athlete didn’t make the final.

Boys Long Jump

Continuing a strong program of Jumpers in Indonesia, Ahmad Sukur leaped 7.65m. Mirroring the potential shown by Sapwaturrahman

Muhammad Mustafa leaped 7.52m.

These are the strongest performances at the ASG since Supanara of Thailand set the record in the inaugural games at 7.96m back in 2009.

Palaro Champion Algin Gomez was 4th in 6.86m, and Clint Neri faded to 10th with 6.36m.

Boys 100m Heats

Sidiq of Indonesia, the SEA Youth Champion, had the fastest time in Heat 1 with 10.82. Inspired by the win of countryman Zohri at the World Juniors.

Sa’adon of Malaysia, who is a 10.5 guy, won the second heat in 11.01. There was a slight headwind Veruel the Palaro Champion, qualified 7th to be final in 11.21.

And Vince Buhayan failed to progress, finishing 11th in 11.38.

Firstly, Le Tu Chinh of Vietnam, the 2017 SEA Games 100 and 200 Champion, holds the meet record here at 11.79.

Jenny Agreta won the first heat in 12.11, and last year’s silver medalist Nuryanti won the second heat for Indonesia in 12.35.

Cuyom and Lumpas qualified through to finals in 6th and 8th place.


Discus Girls

Thanata Promin of Thailand won with a great throw of 40.93m. Stunning Jasmin Phua of Singapore, who was well under her 45m PB with 38.61m. Thailand also took bronze in 37.55m.

Palaro Champion Franz Gela Bintad faded to 6th place with a 35.27m throw.

This year, the event proved stronger than the previous 2 editions with 8 competitors instead of just 4 like previous years. Unfortunately, Palaro silver medallist and did not include Kassandra Alcantara as she already graduated from grade 12. And the DEPED specified no Grade 12 graduates to be included in the lineup.


Girls 3000m

Winning time was really slow here, with Thu of Vietnam defending her title in 10m18.09 (10m02), 16 seconds slower than her PB. Myanmar took second in 10m47.25. Just holding off, Tubiano of the Philippines is well off her PB of 10.07. Even further behind there, PB was Lheslie De Lima (10.06), the Palaro Champion, who faded to 6th place in 11.27.28. The first event did one Bronze for the Philippines.


With 4 Gold Medals at the 2017 ASEAN School Games. The Philippines will certainly surpass its 1 Gold 2017 SEA Youth and 0 Gold at 2018 SEA Youth (behind Timor Leste in medal tally) at the 2018 ASEAN School Games (a 1.02% gold return and 0% gold return per athlete).

Aided by 4 Grass root coaches this time. This time, the Philippines sent 35 athletes; last year, it sent 25 and got 4 golds or a 16% return. 16% of 35 is 5.6. So to exceed last year’s effort, they will need to come away with 6 Golds.

Schedule and Team Lists below. Philippine Athletes to watch out for.


3000m Girls

First up for the Philippines is Leslie De Lima 10.06h and Camila Tubiano 10.07h in the Girls 3000m. De Lima from Bicol, who is only 14 years old, won the Palarong Pambansa. She holds the Age Grade record for 14-year-olds. The National Junior Record, which belongs to Meagey Ninura at 10.03, is indeed within her reach. The #1 contender is Thu Hang Doan of Vietnam, with a PB of 10.02, who won this event last year. 

Predict – De Lima and Tubiano should be in the top 3 in this event with a slight chance of one of them working together, upsetting the Vietnamese champion.


100M Girls

Jessel Lumapas
Jessel Lumapas


The 100m Girls is led by Duong Thi Hoa of Vietnam, who just won the SEA Youth in 12.11 back in April. SEA Youth silver Erna Nuryanti of Indonesia 12.18 & 12.19.  Jinthana of Thailand 12.19. Jessel Lumapas with 12.21 is ranked #4. At the same time, Cuyom was only 4th at the Palaro, not within medal reach. Palaro 100m Record Holder Samantha Limos was not in the delegation as she had skipped the 2018 Palaro to compete at a small meet in China instead.

Predict – Lumapas should scrape into Top 3. However, Cuyom is not likely to top 3 in this event.


2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics 400 Hurdles Girls

Riza Jane Valiente
Riza Jane narrowly holds off the trotting Bejoy of Negros in the Girls 400 Hurdles.


This should be interesting, with Bui Thi Trang of Vietnam defending her title in the 400 Hurdles (1:01.53). Riza Jane Valiente, the Palaro Record Holder (1:01.64), and Bernalyn Bejoy (1:02.04) will go round 3 against each other after Valiente got the better of Bejoy at the Palaro and Philippine National Games. Both of them look to challenge the Vietnamese runner for the Gold. 

Predict – Valiente and Bejoy are certainly in the Top 3. Then a slight chance one of them can beat the Vietnamese runner.

2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics High Jump Final

Probably the most interesting event of Day 1. 5 Girls all over 1.70m going head to head. The defending champion from Vietnam with 1.76m this season. Followed by Thailand, who got 6th at Asian Juniors with 1.74m and 1.72m. Alexie Caimoso of the Philippines has a 1.72m, the Palaro Record Holder, Evangeline Caminong, the National Junior Record Holder of the Philippines 1.71m, and another Malaysian 1.71m.

Predict – Vietnam for the win. The other 2 girls have a chance of a minor medal.

Boys Coaches –  Fernando Dagasgas. Anthony Valdez and Henry Chaneco all from STCAA


Also, they added Clint Neri #18 

Article on

Veruel Verdadero

Christian Ampong 

Team Coaches in Girls Adriana Arca (Negros), and Noel Diel (WV).


Changes to girls line up

#2 Bianca Combate unavailable Replaced with Angel Ann Pranisa (100)

#16 Kassandra Alcantara has already completed Grade 12 as per DEPED instructions replaced with Franz Gela Bintad (Discus)

#17 Trexie Dela Torre (Long Jump) replaces Charmaine De Ocampo

The 10th  2018 ASEAN School Games Athletics will be held at Bukit Jalil Stadium Kuala Lumpur from July 21 (this Saturday) until July 24. will be covering this event, so stay tuned for updates.

The Philippines had 4 Golds in Athletics in 2017, Was blocked in 2016, Had 2 Golds in 2015, and 2 Golds in 2014.



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