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2017 Palarong Pambansa

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Alexie Caimoso wins High Jump at Palarong Pambansa 2017

Palarong Pambansa 2017: Master Speech Calis and Magic Meagey Ninura One last Bump

One of the greatest rivalries and shows in Palaro’s History is sadly about to come to an end.

For several years Meagey Ninura of Digos waited in the shadow of the more illustrious Jieann Calis of Misamis Oriental. The two teenagers from Mindanao put on a spectacular show, with both surpassing records in the last two years.

Meagey Ninura will be competing at the 2017 Palarong Pambansa.


Both girls are now 18 this year and are in Grade 11 the first year of senior high school.

In Tagum 2015, Calis wearing the orange of NMRAA, dusted off the 800, 1500, and 3000m Records of the Palaro. But it was Ninura in the purple who got the better of her longtime friend and rival when she lowered the palaro records in the 1500 and 3000.

Jieann, who managed to hang onto the Palaro title yet was humbled, said

“Its ok if I lost to Meagey this time, I couldn’t ask for a better opponent and its ok but we are good friends” -Jieann Calis

Meagey’s performance broke the long-standing 36-year-old, 3000m National Junior Record of Rosalinda Catulong set in 1980.


One Last Bump

Having managed and selected the two and first met them as 15-year-olds at the ASEAN School Games in Marikina 2014. I

s amazing to see how time has flown. 

The two small girls barely stand 5 feet even still.

I recall them running 1500 and 3000. and at that time, inexperienced were bumping into each other a lot going around the curves.

I’m not sure if that was deliberate or due to inexperience.

Anyway, I met both their coaches Maylene, who also played a small part in Mae Barit, alongside her mentor Eran Escalona.

Another previous Palaro 1500 and 3000m Champion went onto coach Meagey Ninura.

Escalona serves as the mentor to Coach Maylene and Coach Aldwin Escalona.

The three work together as a team at Kapatagan, about an hour outside of Digos City. Escalona ward David Gemar Marcelo took silver in the steeples and 5000 last Palaro.

I also met Rhodelaine Paragmoc, who was coaching Jieann Calis.

She also coached Palaro record holder Efrelyn Democer in Javelin.

Happy to say both are wonderful people and doing well to develop grassroots in their parts of Mindanao.

Interestingly the two coaches were schoolmates together at University in Iligan.

Jieann, in 2016 is now studying at the University of Santo Tomas, so this time will line up for NCR, having represented NMRAA for several years mainly because her family moved to Luzon.

She is doing well and top of her class in UST.

Meagey has been the recipient of several offers for college in the United States.

But has decided to stick with Maylene until she finishes senior high school.

The opportunities given to Meagey to compete in the US’s NCAA can lead to more significant breakthroughs on the international stage later in her career.

With both girls doing better than in previous years at their regional meets, it is possible records again are expected to fall. 

But what is certain is one last bump for the two friends and rivals at Palaro 2017.


Palarong Pambansa 2017. James Lozanez’s 59.46 is not a new record in Javelin. (Updated)

James Lozanez of Western Visayas took an upset win in the Secondary Boys Javelin with a

hurl of 59.46m. Beating his teammate Ronald Lacson 57.30m. Lozanes was not even in the

Top 8 last year in Albay. Lacson improved his best from his last year winning a throw of

55.81m, but this was not enough to secure the win.

James Lozanez (holding Javelin), Noel ‘The Zen Master Diel (Trainer, bearded master) Palarong Pambansa 2017


Iloilo’s Raymond Steil Delos Reyes coaches Lozanez.

Lacson, the two-time Palarong Pambansa champion, earned silver. Manny Maquiling of NMRAA 54.66m, fourth last year, won bronze.

Lozanez shattered 2013 Bryan Jay Pachecho CLRAA 57.81m, according to DEPED. Pachecho’s 2014 Laguna Palaro throw was 62.47m. DEPED documents are unrevised. All weights are 700 grams.
Aurora-born Pachecho attends FEU. Shotput and javelin golds for the Philippines in the 2014 and 2015 SEA School Games.

Pinoyathletics wishes James and his coaches well. A nearly 60m throw and a first palaro title are great accomplishments. Bronze was 54.66m instead of 51.14m. 5 threw over 51m.

Update: James Lozanes broke the ASEAN School Games record with a 66.39m (700-gram Javelin) throw. He is a future star. In June 2018, he won the national junior title in Ilagan despite a 60-meter performance. Please note that British and American English use Lozanes and Lozanez interchangeably.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Alcantra Surprises

Kassandra Alcantra (NCR) won the secondary girl’s shotput after improving from 10.07m at the UAAP, where she finished second to DLSU high school’s Daniella Daynaata.

Alcantra defeated Daynaata for her first palaro title. Alcantra lifted 11.16m. Only 4km from the 1992 Palaro Record of Marites Barrios 11.20m.

Calabarzon’s Jane Marie Cambonaga improved from last in 2016 to silver this year. Daynaata won bronze, like in 2015. New Javelin record holder Sylvian Faith Abunda finished fourth this year.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Agonizingly close for Elvy

Another agonizingly close record for Elvy Villagoniza of Iloilo. She leaped a lifetime PB of 5.63m to defend her Long Jump title in the Secondary Girls.

The 5’6 Elvy, a Grade 11 student at Iloilo National High School, playing her final year in the Palaro, improved on her best jump from last year of 5.39m. However, she was the silver medalist two years ago in Tagum.

In conclusion, she came very close to breaking the 2002 Palaro Record of Maricel Sibog of Cotabato set at 5.66m.

Elvy Villagoniza. 2017 Palarong Pambansa

2015 Batang Pinoy Champion Gianelli Gatinga (NCR) took the silver in a new PB of 5.48m, improving her mark from 5.36m. Gatinga has represented the Philippines in several age-grade competitions now. She has one more year in the Palaro to try and win the title.

Trixie Dela Torre (Negros) was the Batang Pinoy 13-15 champions last year and went on to win the 13-15 at the Batang Pinoy last December. Took the bronze with 5.36m. Dela Torre represented the Philippines at the SEA Youth last month.

Arguably the best athlete in the group and last year’s silver medalist Sheila Talja (WV), who has a PB of 5.71m last year, only managed 4th place this time with 5.25m. Talja won the National Junior Long and Triple Jump last month at the National Open in Ilagan.

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Monkey’s Arm Bart!!!! Giron wins Palaro 800 and 1500 double: updated.

Apr 29, 2017

Edwin Giron Jr., also known as Monkey’s Arm Bart, won the Palaro 1500m Title at 2017 Palarong Pambansa. Giron timed a big PB of nearly 9 seconds to win in 4.06.3. He was very close to the Palaro Record of Kevin Capangpangan (NMRAA) 4.05.8 set in 2014.  The win catapulted him to 7 on the 2017 National Ranking Lists.

Fernando Dagasgas coached Edwin Giron Jr..


He defeated last year’s Eastern Visayas champion James Orduna (NCR). UE student Orduna finished second in 4.09.5, slightly off his record of 4.09.43. The 5000m champion Dave Gemar Marcelo (DAVRAA) won bronze in 4.11.4.

Bart won the 800m with a sluggish 1.57.3, below his NCAA PB of 1.56.83.

Bart went to Cavite last year after playing for Zamboanga City. Palaro visited Legazpi in 2016 Giron approached. Giron left Zamboanga City because he lacked strong opponents and training partners. Giron sought a Palaro title or medal.

Zamboanga Del Sur Sports Academy coach Eleazer ‘Jong’ Salinas was recruiting him. Instead, I recommended him to coach Fernando Dagasgas at Cavite. Bart won the Batang Pinoy National titles in 800 and 1500 at Tagum and broke the NCAA 800 record. I doubt he would have medaled in the sports academy with coach Jong Salinas.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 – Master Speech Jieann Calis makes it three in a row

As the Palaro grew too close. A familiar face, Palaro’s career came to an end. Jieann Calis, who I had befriended when I looked after and selected the 2014 ASEAN School Games in Marikina, made the third win in a row in the Secondary Girls 800.

Calis, who I nicknamed Master Speech due to her ditation at the Palarong Pambansa 2017, has been an athlete I have been watching carefully develop for 5 years.

Jieann Calis reunited with the woman that made it all possible, her coach since Elementary and secondary Rhodelyn Paragmoc.


Calis broke the 800, 1500, and 3000 records for NMRAA in 2015 in Tagum, then won a 1500 bronze medal for the Philippines at the 2015 SEA School Games in Brunei. In 2016, Meagey Ninura broke her Palaro 1500 and 3000 records, although she kept her 800 titles in Legazpi.

This year despite several obstacles, including her family moving to Luzon from Plaridel, Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao. Jieann left her longtime palaro coach Rhodelyn Paragmoc for UST.

Jieann won the Palarong Pambansa 800m. Her time of 2.13.35 beat Celestia (Western Visayas) and Nierves (Eastern Visayas) by 4 seconds.

Its hard to become a champion but even harder to stay one. But for me you will always be Master speech the clever and quite often witty young girl that entertained us with your ditation at the SEA School Games. Palarong Pambansa 2017

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Coffee Piglet Bejoy overcomes odds to qualify first in 400 Hurdles.

Bernalyn Bejoy. Palarong Pambansa 2017

SAN JOSE. Bernalyn Bejoy, Coffee Piglet, Negros Islands. Leads Secondary Girls 400 Hurdles qualifiers.

With 1.04.15, 5’6 Bejoy led the Philippine Ranking Lists in Women’s 400 Hurdles. Even ahead of the three national team members, 4 months into the and requested a re-run Silver at the SEA Youth last month, where she set the time above.

In 2016, Palaro Bejoy won the silver medal by trotting around the 2nd bend, frustrating her coach and mentor Miguel Arca.

A friend and longtime grassroots athletics supporter. After being diagnosed with tonsilitis two days prior, Bejoy’s preparation stalled.

She ran nonetheless. The last four hurdles were substantially higher than usual, adding to the drama. A re-run was ordered after several coaches protested within 30 minutes.

Coffee Piglet led the finals despite rerunning. She won in 1.05.0.

Cebuan Riza Jane Valiente won the second heat in 1.05.3. Valiente won Palaro last year with 1.03.3. Bejoy won silver in 1.03.7. Girls love both.2016 National Rankings placed these times #3 and #5. Despite the odds, Bejoy aims to move up the Philippine Juniors’ all-time list.

Ellah Sirilan of NCR finished third in 1.05.3. Three are separated by milliseconds. Pamela Maquillero WV 1.05.7 and Batang Pinoy Champion Lealyn Sanita EV 1.05.94 are also contenders.

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Eugenio Breaks 400 Elem Girls Hurdles mark, Other Champions Day 2 and 3

Eugenio breaks the Elem Girls Record. 2017 Palarong Pambansa

IRAA’s Ana Marie Eugenio broke Junelou Cabal’s 19-year-old Bacolod elementary record of 1.08.6 in the 400 hurdles with 1.08.1. Merry Joy Terio won silver in 1.08.8.

Palaro 400m Hurdles Champion Marjun Sulleza won the heats in 54.74. Lorenz Sediarin 56.41.

NCR long jump champion Jay Mark Gacson leaped 7.04m. Gacson, 5th in Juniors at National Open, improved his 6.72m best. Karl Aquino of STCAA won silver with 7.02m. CARAA’s 6.88m Alvin Gomez earned bronze. Eastern Visayas’ sea young player Nino Azores was 4th in 6.86m, up from 6.73m.

Gomez defeated Cebu’s John Marvin Rafols in the Triple Jump with 14.57m. After being gravely hurt, Rafols won silver. 14.42m won Karl Aquino bronze.

Discus Elem Girls


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Kate Julienne Martinez shatters Palaro Record in Elementary Discus, 400H and LJ Boys.


Kate Julienne Martinez


Kate Julienne Martinez of Negros threw 35.56m to break the 10-year-old Elementary Record. Maika De Oro’s 2007 mark disappeared. De Oro, from Negros, Bacolod, competed while Western Visaya’s record was 33.07m. The mark broke by over 2m.

Martinez is 12, born in 2005, whereas De Oro broke the record at 13. Thus, Martinez’s mark is a new Philippine Age Grade Record for 12-year-olds, breaking Fil-am Cerah Moren’s 2011 26.23m mentioned character (probably not the best performance).

Milagros Mondale, who found Rosie “The Little Boss” Villarito, coaches Martinez.

Kate is great friends with Elem Girls 100 and 200m Record Holder Angel Ann Pranisa!

De Oro congratulated the winner.


I would like to congratulate the new Record Holder in Elementary Level Kate Martinez for surpassing my previous record in Naga 2006 (33.07m). It was almost 12 years of my reigning years as the “Princess of the Oval” and yet here we have another fruit coming from our own Negros Occidental Pride!!
It may be sad and down-hearted for my part but ironically I am still pleased and delighted on the other hand. I am overwhelmed that after all these years, there’s someone who was able to break my record that I established. And I am looking forward to your next reigning years as the new Princess till Secondary Level. Continue to train hard, my dear. SO PROUD OF YOU MY FELLOW ATHLETE AND NEGROS PRIDE!

Palarong Pambansa 2017: Talja takes Triple Jump, Combate leads 200m (other results)

Many products come and are very busy and the traffic booming on Pinoyathletics.info and various background deals. My updates will have to be delayed. Imagine, within the last 4 days, this is my 23rd post.

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Talja defends title

Sheila Talja won the palaro title in the Secondary girl’s Triple Jump with a leap of 12.18m. The 5’7 Talja, who hails from the province Aklan, beat Gianelli Gatinga (NCR) at 11.91m and teammate Elvy Villagoniza at 11.72m. Talja is in her last playing year of the Palaro.

It was the same three as last year but in a separate order, with Elvy, Gatinga, and Talja being the standings in 2016. Gatinga, the champion in the 2015 edition, has one more year left to play in Palaro. At the same time, Elvy has no more years left.

Talja fell short of the 12.35m Meet Record of Felyn Dolloso set in 2010. Talja bettered her season’s best of 11.60m, which she leaped in Ilagan last month to win the National Junior title. Her best is 12.21m from last year’s provincial meet.

Meanwhile, in the elementary division, Rona Bacus (NMRAA) came agonizingly close to breaking the palaro record of Alyssa ‘Chirpy’ Andrade with 10.75m, just 5cm short of Andrade’s 2010 mark of 10.80m.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Combate leads 200m Qualifiers.

New Palaro 100m Champion Bianca Jane Combate, 14, of Eastern Visayas led the women’s 200m qualifying with 25.5. Last year’s 400m champion Jessel Lumapas finished second in the heats in 25.6, SEA Youth rep Catherine Manese of Eastern Visayas in 25.7, and reigning champion Samantha Limos in 25.8. Elementary record-holder Angel Ann Pranisa was the 6th fastest qualifier in 25.9.

Last year’s final qualifier ran 27.0. Despite yesterday’s slower 100m Final, these females were faster.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Day 1: Other Results and Recap

2017 Palarong Pambansa Day 1 2017 Palarong Pambansa

*Please note all times are hand-timed; unsure if and used wind gauge.

Datunot Mangaluyon of Region 12 progressed through the heats in 11.89, the only Sub 12 in Elem boys. The Elementary record is 11.40 from 1998. It was a close qualifying with 13.22 to 13.42 separating the elementary girls in the heats. Reah Bacani of Cagayan 13.22 and Aubrey Mae Mercado of NIR 13.25, and Hazel Malco of WV 13.27 lead the Elem Girls.

Pamela and Ezel Divingracia Palarong Pambansa 2017


Defending champion Ezel Divingracia led the Secondary Girls 100 Hurdles with 15.65, while newcomer Ailyn Tumbali finished second with 15.75. Divina Gracia’s teammate Pamela Maquello won silver at 15.87 last year.SEA Youth silver medallist Eliza Cuyom (STCAA) qualified last in 16.78.

Ruthelma Laylay of ZPRAA, the SEA Youth Bronze Medalist and Batang Pinoy 13-15 Champion, placed 3rd in her heat and missed the finals.

Batang Pinoy Champion leads Boys Ruther Dela Cruz (NCR) 110 Hurdles in 15.45. Ruther won bronze last year. The two youngsters who beat him are no longer Palaro eligible. Jerrick Azarga (R12) and Renato Marfa (WV), 7th last year, followed at 15.52 and 15.53.

Again, only.3 or 1.5m separates 1st to 8th qualifiers. Ruther, Aldzona, and Marfa compete again.

In the Men’s 800, Raul Payon of Davao led with 2.00.08; Edwin Giron, who hails from Zamboanga City but now runs for Calabarzon, was second fastest in 2.00.4. Giron is the Batang Pinoy Champion in this event.

In the girls, 800m, Aaliyah Ingram (STCAA) leads with 2.17.22 from last year’s winner and Palaro Record Holder Jieann Calis (NCR) with 2.19.19. Also notable is the SEA Youth silver medalist in this event Bernalyn Bejoy (NIR) 2.21.26 qualified 4th, and Meagey Ninura (DAVRAA) 2.23.16 qualified 6th.

Last year silver medalist Cesar Fernandez (NIR) became Palaro Champion in the High jump with a leap of 1.90m. He only won on countback from Kent Celeste 1.90m of IRAA.

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Riza Jane Valiente

In the Girls, Riza Jane Valiente (Cebu) defended her Palaro title, improving her PB to 1.03.1.

Becoming Philippine 400 Hurdles #1. The Palaro record should be 1.03.1 as Jabrica’s 1.00.5 is bogus. Jenny Rose Rosales’ 2013 National Junior record of 1.01.07 was lower.

With nearly four months of Loterte, Avila, and Baloloy (PB 1.03.5, 2014) on the national team, 2017 is almost here.

SEA Youth Silver medallist Bernalyn Bejoy (Negros), who led through the repeat run of the heats after tonsillitis, won silver again with 1.04.3. Outside last year’s final’s 1.03.7 PB.

Valiente defends title at the Palarong Pambansa 2017


Ellah Sirilan of NCR won bronze in 1.04.5, matching her best time. After careful study, I found that primary, secondary, and national women’s hurdle heights are 76.2cm with a 35m spacing between them. Seniors, Secondary, and Elementary compete under the same conditions, making it comparable.

Palarong Pambansa 2017

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Marjun Defends

Region 12 400 Hurdles champion Marjun Sulleza defended. Sulleza’s 54.16 was agonizingly near to Patrick Unso’s 2010 meet record of 54.1. In the recent six months, Sulleza won the Milo Mindanao, Batang Pinoy, and National Junior titles. Marjun improved his winning time by 54.5. 2015 Tagum silver in 56.3 seconds.

He beat Lorenz Sediarin (NCR) 55.8 and Sea Youth athlete Kevin Melendez (IRAA) 56.2.


Palarong Pambansa 2017 Verdadero 5 Golds

Veruel Verdadero of Calabarzon took 5 golds. 100-200-400 and 4×100 and 4×400 at this Palaro. Veruel sped to a new PB of 21.9 in the 200m Dash his first time to go sub 22. The 16-year-old was just within range of the 21.8 records set by Jomar Udtohhan at the 2014 Palaro.

John Carlo Yuzon of Cagayan Valley, the defending champion, bronze at sea youth last month, and national junior champion settled for silver with 22.4. The surprise bronze was unknown Russee Sarana of NMRAA, who clocked 22.6. He beat out the more experienced

Jovianne Calixto 22.6, last year’s bronze medalist in the 100m. Jeremiah Cortez, who had left with 22.1 in the heats, faded out of the picture to 6th at 22.9, and Kennard Alarba, who was bronze in the 100, was seventh in 22.9.

Palarong Pambansa 2017 Limos Defends 1 of 2 titles.

Limos. Palarong Pambansa 2017


Cebu’s Samatha Gem Limos took bronze after losing her 100m crown. Samantha Limos won the secondary girls’ 200m in 25.40 to avenge her defeats.

Bianca Jane Combate of Eastern Visayas, who had taken the 100m crown from Limos earlier in the game, won. Combat moved from lanes 6 to 5 after complaints and official discussions. Limos won after Combat was disqualified.

Limos’ 25.4-second time was comparable to last year’s 25.55. Jessel Lumapas of Calabarzon finished second in 25.6.

Angel Ann Pranisa of Negros won bronze in 25.8.

This helped grade 7 Pranisa, who was the only athlete in Miguel and Adriana Arca’s strong group to leave without a medal.



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