2017 Mindanao Peace Games

May Edayan of Holy Cross Davao City wins the 200 and 400m at this meet. 2017 Mindanao Friendship Games. May Edayan

2017 Mindanao Peace Games

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician 

The 2017 Mindanao Peace Games were held in Davao City. With the athletics held at Ateneo De Davao. While there were only a few selected women’s events this year. The event focussed mainly on promoting women’s sports.

The results were supplied by Prof Airnel Talatala Abarra the Head Coach of the Ateneo De Davao Athletics Team. No Spectacular Results. But a good start to the Mindanao Friendship Games in terms of promoting women’s sports.

Please note all times listed are hand timed. The Ateneo track has a standard 8-lane 100m strip, and 4 lanes around which are 300m. Meaning that the 400m will start at the 100m start line and finish at the finish line in 1 full lap of the oval.

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