Milo Marathon 2017

2017 Milo Marathon Finals: Titles and Tears for Tabby (Top 10 Results)

A Tough Day for Tabby. Mary Joy Tabal crosses the line for her 5th Milo Title.

A Tough Day for Tabby. Mary Joy Tabal crosses the line for her 5th Milo Title. Photo Credits to Milo Philippines

It was a tough day for Mary Joy Tabal. Who had to cope with the sad news that her beloved father had passed away yesterday. Asked whether she wanted to continue to run. Tabal responded I would as my father will be waiting for me past the finish lines. Tabal, 28, fought her emotions the whole race winning her fifth Milo Marathon title. And dedicating the win to the memory of her late father.

Truly a piece of History under the most unfortunate of circumstances. Tabal tied the record of Arsenia Sagaray, sharing 5 Milo Marathon wins.

She cheered on in front of her home crowd. The popular dainty 4’11 runner took time off her training in Tuscany, Italy, to give back to Milo and cheered on by Cebu’s phoebe every step of the way. Tabal proved once more she is ‘The Peoples Champion.’ 

Tabal took the title in 2h58.01, 10 minutes shy of her Milo Record. But with the circumstances entirely understandable. 2001 and 2005 Games Champion Christabel Martes took silver in 3h04.20, and 2009 SEA Games Champion Jho-ann ‘Banayag’ Villarma took bronze in 3h11.26.


Women’s Results

Tabal looking for a fifth title, Milo Marathon a few days from now, Women’s Review and Rankings

Nov 30, 2017

Milo Marathon Women’s Review

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician

The Peoples Champion Returns to Cebu to defend her title.

Cristabel Martes

SEA Games Champion and Olympian Mary Joy Tabal look to make it five for five golds in the Milo Marathon.  Tabal is the only woman to win the Milo Marathon 4 times in row2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. If she can make 5, she will draw the record of Arsenia Sagaray and 2001,2005 SEA Games Champion Cristabel Martes. A piece of History for the Milo Marathon.

Tabal will fly back from her training camp in Tuscany, Italy, having run half Marathons in Spain and Singapore to prepare for the Milo. While Tabal’s focus remains on the Asian Games in 2018. She is excited to perform in front of her home crowd if she launched her running career.

The 41st Milo Marathon will be held in Cebu in few days on December 3. And the course starts at the Cebu Normal University.

Cristabel Martes

Tabal, although expected to romp off with her fifth Milo Marathon fairly easily. Battle will surely be for the minor places. Perhaps the biggest challenge will come from 38-year-old Cristabel Martes.

The Baguio-based Martes is part of the legendary long-distance running stable of Mario Castro. While Martes’s times of 1h23.45 (Milo, Urdaneta) and 3h03.28 (Run Rio Series) Manila this year pale in comparison to Tabal’s 1h16.28 (Scotia Bank, Ottawa, National Record) and 2h48.26 (SEA Games Gold Kuala Lumpur).

Martes can still hold her ground against the other woman in the race as she is the only other entry that has a PB below 3 hours in the Marathon.

Using a Runners World Marathon predictor, we compared Half Marathons and Predicted Marathon times.

Aileen Tolentino

Ailene Tolentino of Philippine Army

Another top contender is Aileen Tolentino of the Philippine Army, who has run 1h26.18 (CDO leg), which converts to 2h59.56. It will be interesting to see if Tolentino can join the Sub min club and land a top 3. Other contenders include Ruffa Sorongon (Tagbilaran Leg, 3h04.31 est).

Former Milo and SEA Games Champion Jhoann Banayag-Villarma (Lucena Leg,  est 3h06.24). And the promising Christine Hallasgo, who returned after giving birth, to win the Butuan leg (est. 3h09.12).


Philippines Womens Half Marathon and Marathon All Time Lists

Womens 21k
1 1h16.28 PHI Mary Joy Tabal
2 1h23.45 BAG Christabel Martes
3 1h26.18 Ailene Tolentino
4 1h28.30 Ruffa Sorongon
5 1h28.58 Nhea Ann Barcena
6 1h29.13 Jho-An Banayag Villarma
7 1h30.45 Malaybay Christine Hallasgo
8 1h31.28 Esterlita Organiza
9 1h32.07 Judelyn Miranda
10 1h32.35 Alexandra Ganzon
Womens Marathon
SEA GOLD 2h48.26
SEA SILVER 2h55.43
SEA BRONZE 2h58.17
1 2h48.26 PHI Mary Joy Tabal
2 3h03.28 Cristabel Martes
3 3h15.36 Lany Cardona
4 3h16.15 Cinderalla Lorenzo
5 3h18.30 Lizane Abella
6 3h22.18 Maricar Camacho
7 3h23.29 Lany Cardona
8 3h32.48 Jennlyn Nobleza
9 3h35.51 April Rose Diaz
10 3h37.42 Maria Josephina Liao

2017 Milo Marathon Mens Rankings Whole Year

Mens Marathon
1 2h35.18 PAF Rafael Poliquit
2 2h37.12 Cebu 95 Rafael Pescos
3 2h39.34 Davao Joerge Andrade
4 2h39.36 Jeson Agravante
5 2h39.39 Maclin Sadia
6 2h39.57 Eugene Postrado
7 2h42.10 Eric Panique
8 2h43.34 Eduardo Buenavista
9 2h44.34 Erinio Raquin
10 2h45.04 Eric Laurel
11 2h45.16 Azlan Pagay
12 2h46.59 Jerald Zabala
13 2h47.31 Noel Tillor
14 2h49.17 Richell Laguido
15 2h49.25 Elmer Bartolo
16 2h50.16 Bryan Quiamco
17 2h52.30 Bobby Tadlas
18 2h52.34 Ramil Neri
19 2h52.51 John Ray Onefa
20 2h55.49 Joseph Somera



















Article Coming on Poliquit, Agravante, etc.


With the Milo Marathon tomorrow, Pinoyathletics.info catches up on the Men’s  Review for the Milo Marathon. With the quality of our Men dropping significantly, having not secured a SEA Games medal of any color since 2013. The race looks to be an open field.

With no certain favorite for the Milo Marathon crown. The Milo Marathon will kick off tomorrow in Cebu.

Jeson Agravante 2016 Milo Champion arrives in Cebu to defend his title.

Looking to defend is last year’s Champion Jeson Agravante, who holds a PB of 2h35:13. Has not run any Marathon or even Half Marathon races since the SEA Games in August. So far this year, back in March, Agravante clocked 2h57 at the Scotia Bank Marathon in Ottawa Canada, he did not finish at SEA Games due to cramps. It’s hard to access how well Agravante will do tomorrow as his current performances are unknown, and he has focused mainly on training.

Please note ‘The Master’ Rafael Poliquit, who was the 2014 and 2015 Back to Back Milo Champion and has the fastest time in 2017 of 2h35:18, will not be joining. The fans will have to wait another year for The Masters moment.

Someone who has an excellent chance is Richard Salano, whose Half Marathon time would equate to a 2h31 Marathon. According to Runners World Calculators.  

Also in contention for a Top 3 slot are Gerald Zadala, Bryan Quiamco, Bobby Tadlas, and Cesar Castenato, who have registered good Half Marathon times, and local favorite Rafael Pescos, who has run 2h37:12 which won the Milo NCR Marathon.

Philippines Mens Half Marathon and Marathon All Time List

Mens 21K
1 1h11.32 ARMY Richard Salano
2 1h12.42 Gerald Zadala
3 1h13.12 Bryan Quiamco
4 1h13.13 Malyabay Bobby Tadlas
6 1h13.28 Cesar Castaneto Jr.
5 1h13.29 Jimboy Lugay
7 1h14.32 ARMY Jujet De Asis
8 1h14.36 Cam Sur Jeric Payong
9 1h14.37 ARMY Gilbert Laido
10 1h14.45 Romnick Dago
Mens Marathon
1 2h35.18 Rafael Poliquit
2 2h37.12 Rafael Pescos
3 2h39.57 Eugene Postrado
4 2h43.43 Eric Panique
5 2h45.16 Azlan Pagay
6 2h47.31 Noel Tillor
7 2h52.30 Bobby Tadlas
8 2h52.34 Ramil Neri
9 2h54.16 Eugine Postrado
10 2h55.49 Joseph Somera




















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2017 Milo Tarlac Leg – De Asis beats Buenavista in 21K

Aug 15, 2017

Jujet De Asis

TARLAC CITY – Jujet de Asis took a stunning win over 2x Former SEA Games Marathon Champion Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista. In winning the 41st National MILO Marathon qualifying race Sunday morning (August 13). At Maria Cristina Park.  It was a tight race that was decided in the final stretch.

De Asis finished the 21-kilometer course in 1:14:33. A good 16 seconds faster than the five-time MILO King Buenavista, who checked in at 1:14:49.  Third Place went to Jomar Angus with a time of 1:16:07.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Division. Shane Acosta finally ended years of frustration with her first championship in a clocking of 1:44:00 to ease out Angielyn Pablo (1:49:54) and Maricar Gammad (1:51:48).  Acosta started racing 21 kilometers in 2014 and settled for runner-up finishes after winning the 2013 Tarlac 10-kilometer category.

Others who went home victorious that morning were Philip John Gongob (36:49) and Merry Joy Trupa (40:09) for 10 kilometers, from Maria Lyca Sarmiento (41.25).

Mitch Fulgado (17:27) and Maria Angelica Yabo (24:24) for five kilometers and Jericho Tacutaco (11:50) and Joana Marie Gagarin (14:25) in the three-kilometer kiddie race.

PFC Mary Anne Cperez 10Km 3rd place (F) at 41st Nat’l Milo Marathon, Tarlac City Leg last Sunday.
Source: http://www.justrunlah.com/2017/08/14/de-asis-shocks-buenavista-in-milo-tarlac/
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