2016 Taipei Track and Field Open Report

2016 Taipei Track and Field Open Report

Taipei Open Track and Field Analysis

May 22, 2016

A full write-up on Taipei opens later with an in-depth analysis. Only Anfernee Lopena and  Immuel Camino exceeded their personal best performances of the athletes sent.

In the days of Keon and Tony Benson athletes being sent overseas should have been ready for the minimal which is breaking PB. Some athletes even ‘Failed’ to break their season’s best (Starting January 2016).

While an even better target should be to break National Records, some of which are still lagging far behind our South East Asian neighbors, or reach at least at the very least the SEA Games bronze criterion. The SEA Games is one of the lowest standard international meets.

The PSC has given a 41 million budget this year to PATAFA its biggest budget in known history. Hence this leaves very few excuses for poor performance.

The Taipei Open was held on 19 and 20 May 2016. A small contingent was sent to represent the Philippines.

Please note Camino’s time of 9.16.84 is very close to the All-Time Top 10 list with 9.16.3 being the standard While Lopena’s 10.67, ranks him 9th on the Phi All-Time List.

Lopena has been primarily coached by Joseph Sy at CSB, while Camino has been trained by New National Coach Rene Herrera ‘The Calve man’ (5 times SEA Games Champion) in Baguio.


Improve Best Times

  1. 7th Final Anfernee Lopena 10.81 Mens 100m, Heats 10.67 0.3 PB (Previous 10.74 NCAA February 2016)
  2. Silver Immuel Camino 9.16.84 Mens Steeples PB (Previous from 2014 NCAA 9.19.74)

Season Bests

  1. 4th Riezel Buenaventura 3.55m Women’s PV (Seasons Best) (PB is 3.90 2012)
  2. Silver Harry Diones 15.75m +2.2 Mens TJ (Seasons Best) (PB is 16.11m 2015)
  1. Immuel Camino 15.26.88 (Seasons Best) (PB is 15.08.39, 2014)

No Improvements on Seasons Best

  1. Ernest Obiena 5.25m (please not still quite a solid performance and Silver Medal) (PB is 5.50m 2016)
  2. Evalyn Palabrica 45.92m (Bronze)  (PB is 48.25m 2014)
  3. Jomar Udtohan 10.84 (Heats) 10.75 semis (PB is 10.65 at nationals in May)
  4. Donovont Arriola 7.02m, 13th Men’s Long Jump (PB is 7.64m 2015)
  5. Mark Harry Diones 6.77m, 19th Men’s Long Jump  (PB is 7.29m 2015)
  6. Clinton Kingsley Bautista 15.25 12th Mens 100 Hurdles (PB is 14.22 2014)
  7. Men’s 4×100 41.30 heats, 6th 41.24 finals  (Ran 40.54 at nationals 2016)
  8. Elbren Neri 1.54.07 heats, 1.55.09 Finals 5th (PB is 1.52.16 2016)



  1. Ernest Obiena Pole Vault Mens
  2. Mark Harry Diones Triple Jump Mens
  3. Immuel Camino 3000m Steeples Mens


  1. Evalyn Palabrica Javelin Women’s

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