2016 Philippines University Games (Athletics)

Felyn Dolloso

2016 Philippines National University Games Highlights Dolloso 6.02m Long Jump

DUMAGUETE, October 27, 2016. The University Games’ highlight came from local Favorite 23-year-old Felyn Sausa Dolloso (DLSU Dasmarinas).

Dolloso leaped a big improvement on her personal best to win the gold medal with a 6.02m effort.

The mark improved on Dolloso 5.70m from Bangkok, Thailand from way back in 2013. Felyn defended her title and improved her winning mark of 5.63m last year in Bacolod.  

She hopes to hit the SEA Games qualification of 6.41m for the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games in 2017. Currently, Dolloso ranks third in the country. She is behind three-time Olympian Marestella Torres (from San Jose nearby town to Dumaguete) 6.72m. And SEA Games 4th placer Katherine Khay Santos 6.03m.

Dolloso is a former member of the national training pool. As a result, her performance has been yo-yoing around the last few years.

She hopes to gain some consistency from her coach Marestella Torres, guiding her development in the last few years.

Unfortunately, the University Games is not sanctioned by the national body for athletics, PATAFA.

Hence her performance cannot be held valid for qualification purposes.

Dolloso had surpassed the National Record in the Triple Jump at the PRISAA in Koronadal in April with a 12.69m jump.

Furthermore, the performance could not be counted as the meet was not sanctioned by PATAFA.

Felyn hails from the hilly town of Escalante City, which is in the far North of Negros Occidental, some five hours from Dumaguete. So how fitting was it that, and did this in Dumaguete? As Dolloso had four years ago at the National Games, it established the National Junior Record in Triple Jump until 2015.


Other Performances

Dolloso’s performance even out shadowed the Men’s Century Dash. Another Visaya athlete  Anfernee Lopena (CSB), fresh off his 10.47 #3 all-time clocking, took an easy win in 10.4 to defend his title. Ahead of Romnick Nor (UST) 10.9 and William Galceran (FEU) 11.0. Lopena is a national training pool member and coached by former national coach Joseph Sy.

In the Women’s 400m Louielyn Pamatian (UST) dethroned Jingky Obanon (RTU), the champion for the last two years. Pamatian also won the 800m.

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2016 Philippines National University Games Dumaguete October 26-28

*Please note this meet wasn’t sanctioned by PATAFA, so performances cannot count for

  1. National and National Junior Records
  2. Ranking Lists
  3. Qualification for SEA Games and other international meets representing the Philippines

No Wind Readings all performances hand-timed

*Results from FB of Coaches Joseph Sy (boys), Manny Calipes (girls),  and also Ms. Josefina Baloloy

o add additional results or post corrections, please email pinoyathetics@gmail.com

2016 Philippines National University Games Boys Results

100M: 1. A. Lopena (CSB) 10.5, 2. R. Nor (UST) 10.8, 3. W. Galceran (FEU) 10.9

200M: 1. Lopena 21.5, 2. Nor 22.4, 3. J. Nieles (UST) 22.9,

400M (26): 1. Galceran 50.5, 2 Nieles 50.9, 3 J. Mejia (UP) 50.9,

800M: E. Neri (UST) 1.54.0, 2. L Prado (CSB) 1.57.1, 3. R. Redoble (UST) 1.57.3

1500M (26): 1. Neri 4.14.6, 2. Prado 4.15.0, 3. K. Capangpangan (UST) 4.15.6

5000M (28): 1. E. Abutas (FEU)  16.38.6, 2. Capangpangan 16.40.1, 3. G. Osorio (UST) 16.40.7

3000M Steeples (27): 1. Abutas  10.06.4, 2. P. Gongob (FEU) 10.21.4, 3. Osorio 10.28.9

110H: 1. E. Obiena (UST) 14.7, 2. R. Francisco (DLSD) 15.3, 3. J. Mejia (UP) 15.3

400H (27): 1. J. Mendoza (RTU) 55.3, 2. F. Emerio (FEU) 55.4, 3. J. Mejia (UP) 55.6

4×100 (28): 1. RTU 42.5, 2. UST 42.8, 3. UP 42.9

4×200 (26): 1. RTU 1.28.7, 2. UST 1.29.3, 3. CSB 1.29.7

4×400 (28): 1. UST 3.22.0, 2. RTU 3.26.0, 3. FEU 3.27.6

Classical Relay (27): 1. RTU 1.58.3, 2. UST 1.59.8, 3. UP 2.07.7

5k Walk (26): 1. L. Padua (UST) 26:26.3, 2. J. Bendoy (RTU) 27:31.6, 3. J. Angan (UP) 29:14.3

Long Jump: 1. J Ubas FEU) 7.29m, 2. R. Pablo (CSB) 6.92m, 3. K. Bacas (FEU) 6.90m

Triple Jump (26): 1. Ubas 14.86m, 2. Pablo 14.60m, 3. Bacas 13.96

High Jump (27): 1. Ubas 1.90m, 2. M. Quilo (FEU) 1.85m, 3. R. Ramos (RTU) 1.85m

Shotput (27): 1. F. Quetulio (UP) 12.90m, 2. John Buitain (FEU) 12.21m, 3. Elijah Guevara (UP) 12.13m

Discus: 1. C. Caong (CSB) 39.08m, 2. M. Baguisa (UP) 37.71m, 3. R. Gadian (FEU) 35.71m

2016 Philippines University Games Girls Results

100M: 1. G. Salcedo (UST), 2. A. Andrade (UST)

200M: 1. Salcedo, 2. R. Pamaybay (UST)

400M: 1. L. Pamatian (UST), 2. J. Obanon (RTU)

800M: 1. Pamatian


5000M: 1. J. Mansueto (UST)

100H: 1. J. Baloloy (RTU)

3k Walk: 1. C. Vilas (RTU)

LJ: 1. F. Dolloso (DLSD) 6.02m, 4. A. Bermundo (RTU)

TJ: 1. Dolloso DLSD, 4. Bermundo (RTU)

SP: 1. L. Delfin (UST)

DT: 1. A. Teodosio (UST), 2. R. Josol (RTU)

4×100: 1. UST

4×200: 1. UST, 2. RTU

4×400: 1. UST

4xClassical: 1. UST

Felyn Dolloso
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