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2016 Asian Beach Games Athletics Report

September 19, 2016

Day 3-4 Report: Diones adds a Bronze

Asian Beach Games Athletics
Diones, Asian Beach Games Athletics

Mark Harry Diones added another bronze medal to go with Veteran Marestella Torres bronze in the long jump. Diones a Criminology graduate from JRU who is trained by legendary coach Noel George (Jojo) Posadas leaped 15.72m to secure the Bronze. His best jump is 16.11m and he was fourth at last years SEA Games. He finished behind Nguyen Van Hung of Vietnam the 2013 SEA Games Champion (16.63m) and Pratchaya Tepparak of Thailand (15.81m).

The Asian Beach Games continued for the Philippines campaign.

The Philippines quartet of Anfernee Lopena, Isidro Del Prado Jr., Jomar Udtohan and Mark Harry Diones clocked a time of 30.93 which got fourth and a well-beaten last place. Behind Thailand 26.19, Oman 26.58, Vietnam 26.93. China was disqualified.

Also several results I cant be bothered summarizing right now.

Beach Athletics

Men’s Cross Country Individual Final

Zone 4 – Road Events 29 SEP 2016 09:05

RankBibNameNOCDate of BirthResultTime
1056YOUSEF Idriss Moussa QAT01 JAN 199719:06.45  
2130PHAM TIEN San VIE21 OCT 199119:16.199.74 
3059HAIRANE Jamal QAT26 MAY 199319:34.2127.76 
4123DO van Tinh VIE01 JAN 198719:45.2238.77 
5057ABBAS Hashim Salah QAT15 APR 199419:50.0643.61 
6119TRAN van Cong VIE18 NOV 199019:50.1343.68 
7127VO VU Linh VIE09 SEP 199620:00.5054.05 
8090SRISUNG Boonthung THA30 MAY 198120:05.7859.33 
9091NAMKHET Sanchai THA16 DEC 198920:06.0459.59 
10021LUO Tianfan CHN02 SEP 200120:16.891:10.44 
11058ALI Musaab Adan QAT17 APR 199520:29.491:23.04 
12097INNUM Nattawut THA02 FEB 199420:40.981:34.53 
13098GRAIYARAT Tanaton THA03 SEP 199620:58.041:51.59 
14048GUARTE Mervin PHI03 AUG 199220:58.151:51.70 
15128le QUANG Hoa VIE10 MAR 199721:12.492:06.04 
16043ULBOC Christopher Jr PHI23 NOV 199021:30.532:24.08 
17092YAPRAJAN Yothin THA08 MAY 199221:33.382:26.93 
18025ZHAO Yingkui CHN12 FEB 200021:44.192:37.74 
19044ANGUS Jomar PHI18 APR 199422:20.643:14.19 
20050MAULAS Wenlie PHI26 JUN 198920:37.341:30.89 
21052CAMINO Immuel PHI28 JUN 199322:55.413:48.96

The Overall Placing of the men’s cross country team was as follows for team events.

RankBibNameDate of BirthResult 
1  Qatar 9 
1056YOUSEF Idriss Moussa01 JAN 199719:06.45 
3059HAIRANE Jamal26 MAY 199319:34.21 
5057ABBAS Hashim Salah15 APR 199419:50.06 
11058ALI Musaab Adan17 APR 199520:29.49 
2  Vietnam 12 
1105PHAM THI Hue26 SEP 199613:56.29 
2130PHAM TIEN San21 OCT 199119:16.19 
4123DO van Tinh01 JAN 198719:45.22 
2107NGUYEN THI Oanh15 AUG 199514:02.01 
3109LO THI Thanh09 NOV 199714:12.05 
6119TRAN van Cong18 NOV 199019:50.13 
7127VO VU Linh09 SEP 199620:00.50 
4106HOANG THI Thanh27 MAR 199414:28.32 
5108VU THI Ly02 FEB 199514:43.36 
15128le QUANG Hoa10 MAR 199721:12.49 
3  Thailand 29 
7074THANARONNAWAT Natthaya12 JUN 197915:07.05 
8090SRISUNG Boonthung30 MAY 198120:05.78 
9091NAMKHET Sanchai16 DEC 198920:06.04 
8075NUANLSRI Woraphan21 AUG 199115:18.13 
10073ASSAWAWONGCHAROEN Tanaphon03 APR 197815:30.09 
12097INNUM Nattawut02 FEB 199420:40.98 
13098GRAIYARAT Tanaton03 SEP 199620:58.04 
11081PRICHAPRONG Suneeka12 JUL 199615:36.67 
12080YAEMSEE Kamonporn25 OCT 199316:42.26 
17092YAPRAJAN Yothin08 MAY 199221:33.38 
4  Philippines 49 
14048GUARTE Mervin03 AUG 199220:58.15 
16043ULBOC Christopher Jr23 NOV 199021:30.53 
19044ANGUS Jomar18 APR 199422:20.64 
20050MAULAS Wenlie26 JUN 198920:37.34 
21052CAMINO Immuel28 JUN 199322:55.41

After consultation as these results are very doubtful or not accredited by IAAF only Olympic Council of Asia. They cannot be considered for national records, rankings, and selection purposes.

Final Medal Standings for Athletics Asian Beach Games 2016

Medal Standings

Beach Athletics

RankNOC   Total
1 VIE56314
2 THA2237
3 CHN2226
4 IRI1113
5 OMA1102

Barakat Al Harthi runs a very fast 6.44. Questioning the performance.barakat

Not to take anything away from the amazing performance of 27-year-old Barakat Al Harthi of Oman. But the question is. For statisticians.

Is this 60m Time at Asian Beach Games legit?

Barakat Al Harthi (Oman) ran an incredible time of 6.44. Which is .05 within the world record of Maurice Greene (USA) 6.39?

The winning time at World Indoors is 6.47 by Trayvon Brommell.

According to, he has a PB of 10.05 in the 100 and 6.67 in the indoor 60m.

1. Is it electronic timing?
2. Was it on dirt or rubberized oval?
3. Was it possibly wind-aided as its outdoors?
4. Was the distance of the 60m verified and approved by IAAF or the necessary 3rd party?
5. Is the meet sanctioned by IAAF or just by the Olympic Council of Asia

So do we have a new star/beast/freak emerging? or was one of the above factors playing in favor which cant make this a legit performance?

Well, I wish this guy all the best legit or not for this time he clearly has a big future ahead of him in the world of sprints.

Asian Beach Games Day 1-2 Report Athletics Marestella Sunang Takes Bronze

Sept 27, 2016

Three times Olympian Marestella Sunang took the bronze medal for the Philippines on the second day of the Asian Beach Games in Vietnam. Sunang who holds the SEA Record in the Long Jump at 6.72m, launched an out of season 6.10m. She finished behind Bu Thi Thu Thao (6.32m) the SEA Silver medalist in 2015, and Nguyen Thi Truc Mai (6.11m) both from Vietnam.

The Long Jump had a dirt runway, not a rubberized runway making strong performances more difficult.

In the Mens Long Jump Julian ‘Happy Clowns’ Fuentes was fifth in 7.21m. Outside his 7.69m PB. Peifeng Zhong of China won in 7.53m.

Relay Teams in Men’s 60m x 4 and a five man 6km each cross country relay are awaited in the 3rd and 4th day of competition.

Barakat Al Harthi (Oman) took the 60m title in 6.44.

Asian Beach Games Team Philippine Athletics

Sept 26, 2016


The Philippines sent the following Athletes in Athletics to the Asian Beach Games.

The Following athletes will represent the Philippines in Athletics

  1. Isidro Del Prado Jr., 60m Mens, 4×60 Relay
  2. Jomar Udtohan, 60m Mens, 4×60 Relay
  3. Anfernee Lopena 60m Mens, 4×60 Relay
  4. Julian Fuentes Long Jump, 4×60 Relay
  5. Harry Diones Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4×60 Relay
  6. Christopher Ulboc XC, and Team XC
  7. Immuel Camino XC and Team XC
  8. Mervin Guarte XC and Team XC
  9. Wenlie Maulas Team XC
  10. Jomar Angus Team XC
  11. Marestella Torres Long Jump, Womens 60?

For the Cross Country, it has 5 team members and each will run 6km, the total distance is 30km. Its good to see Cross Country ran which is not promoted enough in the Philippines as it should be. Road Running seems more popular.


Organized by the Olympic Council of Asia it is held this year in Da Nang Vietnam. There will be 172 events in 22 sports.

The Sports played involve a Beach type setting hence the name.


There are 14 events in Beach Athletics.


60 metres
4 × 60 m relay      
Cross-country team      
Triple jump      
Long jump      
Shot put      


60 m      
4 × 60 m relay      
Cross-country team      
Triple jump      
Long jump      
Shot put     14.36

Mosqueda claims sole ownership of National Junior High Jump record

Aug 8, 2016


Kaylene Mosqueda who originated from Iloilo, but is now studying at FEU claimed sole ownership of the National Junior Record, erasing the names of the three joint record holders in this event.

The 5’7 Mosqueda, 18 improved her personal best of 1.65m to 1.68m on July 24 at the weekly relays in Pasig a program of the PSC.

The previous records of 1.66m were held by Two former FEU Girls Aprilen Laudencia set in 2012, and Anjelica Janda set in 2014. Also sharing the old record was Cherry Mae Banato the palaro record holder and current champion set at the 2016 Palaro.

The Performance places Mosqueda 6th on the Philippines All-Time list for Women’s High Jump. The National Record is held by Narcisca Atienza at 1.81m.



2016 July Roundup Philippine Athletics – Nelson and Richardson out after the first round of World Juniors

Jul 21, 2016

The Philippines was represented by Fil-Heritage athletes. Zion Corrales-Nelson and Kayla Anise Richardson 17 and 18 in the 100 and 200-meter dash in Bydogscw, Poland at the Bi-Annual World Junior Championships. It was the second world juniors for the duo who two years ago in Columbia competed in the 200 & 400 and 100 & 200 respectively.

Zion Corrales-Nelson, better known as the national 400 Record Holder, finished 24th of 46 entries and failed to progress in the Women’s 100m with a time of 11.80 (0.2), just outside her personal best. She needed to run 11.78 to qualify through.

SEA Games Champion Kayla Anise Richardson clocked 11.97 (2.7), very far from her national junior record of 11.65.

Ewa Swoboda of Poland had the fastest qualifying time of 11.10. World youth champion

Candace Hill of the USA qualified third in 11.43.

The two girls will seek action in the 200 meters in a few days.

Meanwhile the top four in the national rankings this year are Kayla, Zion, Kyla and Samantha Limos. Eloiza Luzon,20 of UST a new member of the national training pool has failed to impress with 12.73 in her last 2 runs and her best time of 12.10 was from 2014. Kayla, Zion, Kyla are 18 with bests of 11.65, 11.79  and 11.85, while Limos, 14 has clocked 11.99.

World Juniors 2014: Archive RP Athletes (merged)

Athletes who meet the IAAF Standards for World Juniors as of 19.06.14

World Junior qualifiers

World Junior Championships Oregon, USA

1) Must-Have a Filipino Passport and approved by the PATAFA (Philippines Track and Field Association)

2) Born in 1995 to 1998

3) Qualifying Standards are outlined by the IAAF if you don’t hit the standards according to the guidelines of the IAAF you don’t won’t be sent we/have and will have qualifiers so we are not taking athletes (wild cards) who do not hit these standards. (standards provided for by the IAAF).


Eugene, USA

22-27 July 2014

Entry Standards

Men Event Women

  • 10.55 100m 11.90
  • 21.50 200m 24.50
  • 47.70 400m 55.25
  • 1:50.50 800m 2:09.10
  • 3:48.00 1500m 4:28.00
  • 3000m 9:35.00
  • 14:15.00 / 8:15.00 (3000m) 5000m 16:40.00
  • 31:29.30 10,000m
  • 9:10.00 3000m SC 10:50.00
  • 100mH 14.20
  • 14.64 (1.067m) or 14.24
  • (0.995m)
  • 110mH
  • 53.30 400mH 60.75
  • 44:20.00 10,000m RW 51:00.00
  • No standard 4×100 Relay No standard
  • No standard 4×400 Relay No standard
  • Heptathlon 5250
  • 6875 (1.067m; 7.26kg SP;
  • 2kg DT) or 7090 (0.995m;
  • 6kg SP; 1.75kg DT)
  • Decathlon
  • 2.16 High Jump 1.82
  • 5.05 Pole Vault 3.95
  • 7.55 Long Jump 6.10
  • 15.60 Triple Jump 12.90
  • 18.25 (6kg) or 16.50 (7.26kg) Shot Put 14.30
  • 55.00 (1.75kg) or 51.50 (2kg) Discus 47.50
  • 67.50 (6kg) or 61.40 (7.26kg) Hammer 57.00
  • 68.50 Javelin 49.00


  • · Only athletes aged 16, 17, 18 or 19 on 31 December 2014 (born in 1995, 1996, 1997

or 1998) may compete. The maximum number of events in which a Youth athlete

(born in 1997 or 1998) can compete is two individual events plus one of the relays.

If the two individual events are Track Events, only one of these may be longer than


  • · A maximum of two athletes from any one Member can compete in each event (with

the exception of the Relays).

  • · Three athletes can initially be entered per event, provided each has achieved the

Entry Standard, but only two will be allowed to compete.

  • · Members who have no male and/or female qualified athletes whom they wish to

enter in any Championships event, may enter one unqualified male athlete OR one

unqualified female athlete in one event of the Championships (except the Field

Events (see below), Combined Events, 10,000m, 3000m Steeplechase and 5000m


  • · Members who have no male and/or no female qualified athlete but whose best

athlete excels in a Field Event, may submit to the IAAF, by the time of the

Preliminary Entry deadline, the name of their athlete plus performance they would

like to enter in the Field Event. The Technical Delegates will make the final decision

and, to do so, may seek the opinion of the relevant Area Association.

  • · If the host country of the World Junior Championships does not have an athlete

qualified in an event, it may enter one athlete in these events regardless of any

entry standard.

  • · Every Member may enter one team for each relay race, composed by a maximum

of six athletes. Any four athletes among those entered for the competition, whether

for the relay or for any other event, may then be used in the composition of the

team for the first round.


  • · All performances must be achieved during the period 1 October 2013 to 14 July

2014. Please note that the Final Entries deadline remains three Mondays before

the first day of the competition, i.e. 7 July 2014.

  • · All performances must be achieved during an official competition organized in

conformity with IAAF Rules.

  • · All performances must be achieved during competitions organized or sanctioned

by the IAAF, its Area Associations, or its Member Federations. Thus, results

achieved at school competitions must be certified by the Member Federation of the

country in which the competition was organized.

  • · Performances achieved in mixed events between male and female participants

(see Rule 147) will only be accepted under the following circumstances:

o For all field events and races of 5000m and over held completely in the

stadium the results will be:

§ Automatically accepted if achieved at National Permit competitions

§ Accepted only with the Area Association’s approval if achieved at

competitions under IAAF Rule 1.1 (i) and (j)

§ Never accepted if achieved at competitions conducted under IAAF

Rule 1.1 (a) to (h)

o For Road Races (Race Walks) the results will always be accepted

  • · Wind assisted performances (over 2m/sec) will not be accepted.
  • · Indoor performances will be accepted.
  • · Hand-timed performances for events up to and including 800m will not be


  • · For Race Walks, road performances will be accepted.
  • · For the running events of 200m and over, performances achieved on over-sized

tracks will not be accepted.

Kyla Richardson 100m Start List


Filipina #2 100m Sprinter Fil-Heritage Kayla Richardson has drawn lane five in the first heat of the Women’s 100m at the World Junior Championships in Oregon. Kayla who has a personal best of 11.78 will face some quite stiff competition as she is the sixth-fastest of the eight in the heats. 17-year-old Ewa Sowoba of Poland who ran 11.46 and Jamaican Kedisha Dallas are the best two in the heats.

The Top three fastest in each heat and the next three fastest times advance there are 7 heats meaning 24 will make it through to the Semi-Finals.

Kayla Richardson of the Philippines
Kayla Richardson of the Philippines

Kayla who has been accompanied to World Juniors by her father Jeffrey Richardson, at 16 is young enough for the next World Juniors in 2016 may be able to achieve the realistic goal of breaking the National Junior Recordset by Princess Joy Griffey at 11.75, set at the 2004 US Junior Olympics. The valuable experience gained from competing at this high level will definitely prepare her well for the World Juniors in two years’ time and also more immediately at next year’s SEA Games.

It’s important to note that Kayla is at somewhat of an advantage due to less traveling time compared to most athletes in the event so it could actually place better than sixth.

This is Kayla’s second time represented the Philippines having finished fifth in the finals at the Asian Youth Champs.

The two big guns Dina Asher-Smith of Great Britain who has run 11.14 and Kaylin Whiney of the USA 11.10 have drawn heat 5 and heat 7.

The World Juniors is now over for Zion (Left) and Kayla (right) (Photo Credit: Editha Nelson & Jeffrey Richardson)
The World Juniors is now over for Zion (Left) and Kayla (right) (Photo Credit: Editha Nelson & Jeffrey Richardson)

Kayla and Zion at World Juniors

The World Junior Championships is now over for Kayla Richardson and Zion Corrales-Nelson the two athletes were the first-ever athletes to qualify by meeting the IAAF standards for the World Junior athletes for the Philippine Islands. In the past, the Philippines had relied solely on wild card entries and only sent one athlete.At 16 years of age, the US-born Richardson and Canadian born Zion were the youngest competitors in the even with girls born in 1995-1998 participating. Although they were not able to pass the first round in this meet the international experience will prove useful to them in future international meets.

Kayla had run for the Philippines already at the Asian Youth Games in Nanjing and Zion at the Asian leg of the Youth Olympics in Thailand. Kayla finished 5th in the 100m at that meet, while Zion got Bronze in the 200 and the 400. Zion performances allowed her to achieve qualification for her next meet the World Olympic Youth Games in Nanjing China next month in August. Zion was rewarded the next month at the British Columbia Championships were she clocked 54.18 to break not just the Junior but Senior National Record and at 15 became the countries youngest current record holder of an open age record.


At 16 years of age, the duo will both be young enough for the next World Junior Championships in 2016. They also will be more favored to make it past the heats in the 2015 World Youth Championships in Lille France this time against athletes born in 1998 and 1999 only.  While the qualifying standards are not yet out for the 2015 World Youth

Championships based on 2013 entry standards 12.45, 25.55 and 57.60 are very easy targets

as the qualifying period is Oct 1 to July 1 (if it holds the same for 2015).

With other Fil-Heritage girls emerging and lower standards for this meet, it may be possible for the Philippines to send a big team as part of its development program.

The SEA Games June 5-15 also beckons. With Kayla already hitting the silver standards in the 100 and bronze in 200 and Zion needing to clock 53.73 to get into the 400. They would be joined by 27-year-old US-based sprinter Princess Joy Griffey who has qualified with silver standards for both the 100 and 200. The trio would then join with one other runner who is yet to be decided to form a formidable 4x100m relay team.



Kayla Richardson finished fifth in her heat at the World Junior Championships. Unfortunately, she was not able to qualify for the Semi-Finals of 24 as the top 3 and the next 3 fastest times qualified through to the next round. The slowest qualifying time to the Semi-finals was 11.93.

Kayla finished 39th overall at the World Juniors. Although off her best of 11.78. The valuable experience Kayla will gain from this meet will prove useful for the 2015 SEA Games where she has met the Silver Mark of 11.85 and the World Youth Champs next year in Lille France. The World Juniors was for athletes 1995 to 1998, whereas World Youth is 1998 and 1999.


Meanwhile, Fil-Canadian 15-year-old Zion Corrales-Nelson was disqualified from her race for stepping out of her lane: (DQR163.3(a) IAAF rules. Zion’s best time of 54.18 would have easily qualified her for the Semi-Finals. She needs a time of 53.73 to qualify for the 2015 SEA Games.


Zion (24.34) and Kayla (24.53) finished 5th and 4th in their heat. Neither progressed they did not reach there best times of 24.15 and 24.03. Singapore’s Shanti Veronica Pereira ran 23.99 (+2.1) to make it to the next round. Shanti finished sixth in her semi-final in 24.24 and did not progress to the final.

 *Meanwhile late report is Princess Joy Griffey ran 11.77 last week to win her race in Washington. Again no wind reading recorded.

 Children of Asia Meet Report

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