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2015 SEA Games Team Philippines Athletics

2015 SEA Games Team Philippines Athletics

Recommendations Per Event

South East Asian Games 2015



Eric Cray (10.52) ??

Brandon Thomas (10.72)


Archand Bagsit (21.72)


Archand Bagsit (46.88)

Edgardo Alejan Jr. (47.07)


Mervin Guarte (1.51.51)

Wenlie Maulas (1.51.91)


Mervin Guarte (3.54.87)

Roldan Verano (3.55.3)

3000m Steeples

Christopher Ulboc Jr. (9.01.69)

Rene Herrera (9.11.91)


Eduardo Buenavista (2.24.11)


110 Hurdles

Clinton Kingsley Bautista (14.22)

Patrick Unso (14.28)

400 Hurdles

Eric Cray (50.00)

Junrey Bano (52.11)


Eric Cray (10.52)

Brandon Thomas (10.72)

Clinton Kingsley Bautista (10.80)

Anfernee Lopena (10.81) or Udtohan (10.93/21.86)

Archand Bagsit ??


Bagsit (46.88)

Alejan (47.07)

Bigyan (47.43)

Caido (47.62)

Cid (48.05)

Cray (48.28 indoors)

Long Jump

Henry Dagmil (7.80) ?

Donovant Arriola (7.64)

Julian Reem Fuentes (7.55) ?

High Jump

Tyler Ruiz (2.13)

Pole Vault

Ernest John Obiena (5.21)


Caleb Stuart (17.88)


Caleb Stuart (49.96)


Caleb Stuart (68.66)

Arniel Ferrera (61.18)


Jesson Ramil Cid (7069)

Janry Ubas (6627)



Princess Joy Griffey (11.62)

Kayla Richardson (11.78)


Princess Joy Griffey (23.93)

Kayla Richardson (24.03)


Zion Corrales-Nelson (54.18)


Mary Grace Delos Santos (37.50)


Mary Joy Tabal (2:51)

Long Jump

Marestella Torres (6.47)

Katherine Santos (6.25)

Pole Vault

Riezel Buenaventura (3.80)


Rosie Villarito (49.13)

Evalyn Palabrica (48.25)


Narscisca Atienza (5241)

4X100 Relay

Princess Joy Griffey (11.62)

Kayla Richardson (11.78)

Katherine Santos (11.99)

Zion Corrales-Nelson (12.02)

Kyla Richardson (12.09)

Final List of SEA Games 2015 Athletes in Athletics

1. Eric Cray
2. Archand Bagsit
3. Jesson Cid
4. Henry Dagmil
5. Christopher Ulboc
6. Mervin Guarte
7. Arniel Ferrera
8. Narcisca Atienza
9. Edgardo Alejan
10. Eric Panique
11. Riezel Buenaventura
12. Johan Caido
13. Ryan Bigyan
14. Caleb Stuart
15. Mary Joy Tabal
16. Eduardo Buenavista
17. Ernest Obiena
18. Princess Joy Griffey
19. Kayla Richardson
20. Janry Ubas
21. Rosie Villarito
22. Tyler Ruiz
23. Katherine Khay Santos
24. Bryan Mercado
25. Clinton Kingsley Bautista
26. Patrick Unso
27. Evalyn Palabrica
28. Mark Harry Diones
29. Roldan Verano

30. Mary Grace Delos Santos
31. Wenlie Maulas
32. Rene Herrera
33. Junrey Bano
34. Donovant Arriola
35. Jessica Lyn Barnard*

36. Kyla Richardson

2015 SEA Games Lineup in Track and Field

May 23, 2015

While initially 34 athletes were selected for the SEA Games using ‘The Transparent Scaled System’.

Hence data from was provided to aide with the selection process. Also, a further two athletes were added on appeal to the task force. While 34 was a generous raise by the POC Taskforce from the 24 slots given to athletics in 2013. Also, It’s becoming evident there is a lot of growth in the sport of athletics in terms of medal potential.

Hence an analytical write-up and the rest of the selection methodologies will follow.


The Selection was as follows

  1. Athletes who had exceeded the Gold, Silver and Bronze standards in the December 2013 to March 2015 period
  2. In the results of more than 2 athletes. Its 2 per event exceeding the standard methodology is explained in separate articles.
  3. The remaining slots went to the athletes who were closest to the bronze medal standard based on IAAF Points difference from 2013 Bronze and performance in the December 2013 to March 2015 qualifying Period. Until all the remaining slots were all taken.

Due to unavailability as his NCAA Finals commitment in the United States overlapped with the SEA Games as it was on at the same time Bryan Mercado (100,200,4×100) who was originally chosen withdrew and his spot was given to the next most qualified athlete Mark Harry Diones (Triple Jump).


All 5 2013 Defending Champions Qualified

  1. Eric Cray 100, 400 Hurdles, Relays
  2. Henry Dagmil LJ, 4×100
  3. Archand Bagsit 400, 4×400
  4. Christopher Ulboc 3K Steeples
  5. Jesson Cid Decathlon, 4×400

10 of the 14 Priority athletes qualified including those mentioned above qualified in the qualifying period

  1. Edgardo Alejan 400, 4×400
  2. Arniel Ferrera HT
  3. Nars Atienza Heptathlon
  4. Mervin Guarte 800, 1500
  5. Riezel Buenaventura PV

The Following Athletes hit the Bronze standard or above but had no medal last SEA Games

  1. Eduardo Buenavista Marathon (Gold St)
  2. Ernest Obiena PV (Gold St)
  3. Marestella Torres LJ (Gold St)
  4. Roldan Verano 1500 (Gold St)
  5. Caleb Stuart SP, HT (Gold St)
  6. Katherine Khay Santos LJ (Gold St), 4×100
  7. Princess Joy Griffey 100, 200 (Silver St), 4×100
  8. Kayla Richardson 100, 200 (Silver St), 4×100
  9. Tyler Ruiz HJ (Bronze st)
  10. Donovant Ariola (Bronze st)
  11. Janry Ubas (Bronze st)
  12. Mary Joy Tabal (Marathon) (Bronze st)
  13. Rosie Villarito (Javelin) (Bronze st)
  14. Ryan Bigyan 4×400 member (bronze)
  15. Joan Caido 4×400 member (bronze)

Closest to bronze based on IAAF Pts (not in order)

  1. Junrey Bano
  2. Rafael Poliquit
  3. Evalyn Palabrica
  4. Mary Grace Delos Santos 10k
  5. Wenlie Maulas
  6. Mark Harry Diones
  7. Rene Herrera 3KS
  8. Clinton Kingsley Bautista 110H, 4×100
  9. Patrick Unso 110H, 4×100

Late Qualification

  1. Jessica Lyn Barnard 3KS, 1500 (Priority athlete, Bronze standard)
  2. Kyla Richardson 4×100 (Bronze standard)

The Following athletes also hit the standard of bronze but were not able to join for reasons below

  • Marco Vilog (800) (PRISAA Rules (Bronze)
  • Sony Wagdos 1500 (PRISAA Rules) (Bronze)
  • Rudyfer Hernandez 1500 (more than 2 qualified) (Bronze)
  • Jenny Rose Rosales 100 (work commitments 4×100, more than 2 qualified individuals) (Bronze)
  • Julian Fuentes (more than 2 qualified) (Bronze)
  • Benigno Marayag (more than 2 qualified) (Bronze)


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