2014 Weekly Relays July Report Part 1

59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race.

2014 Weekly Relays July Report Part 1

2014 PATAFA Weekly Relays – Report & Results

Article by Enzo Williams Originally published in 2014.

A Recap of my work Managing Weekly Relays from 2013-2015 while I was the PSC Consultant. This article will be revised to present more infographics and various other edits.

Sept 28, 2014

I have compiled all the reports for the 2014 Weekly Relays. Please note the amount of detail and effort I put into promoting and Managing this meet as a PSC Consultant.

2014 saw exponential growth in athlete attendance due to pinoyathletics.info provided working alongside the PSC and PATAFA.


PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays 2014 (Schedules etc.)

  • The PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays started on Sunday Morning, July 13, at Phil Sports Complex, Pasig.



Weekly Relays 2014 Revised Time Table Schedule A-B-C  (available for download here)

We took the feedback from several athletes, coaches, our Tournament Director, Mr. Renato Unso, and Marlon from PATAFA and came up with this.

Unso, Pirie, and Marlon compiled this listing.

“Our Weekly Relays, Your Weekly Relays, the Breeding ground of excellence.”

weekly relay sched revised as of July 25

No Weekly Relays on Oct 26 and Nov 2, please see below for schedule C (nonqualifying)

Schedule and Ground Rules of Weekly Relays Serie 2014

Finals are November 15/16 (program to be announced by PATAFA)

Finalists still pending (to be announced by PATAFA)

Team Airforce with BIB Numbers


Qualification Rules and Rules of Finals

  1. The Finals will be November 15/16, 2014, at the Phil Sports Complex (see schedule)
  2. The qualification period is July 13 to October 19, 2014
    1. November 9 is non-qualifying, and athletes’ performances here will not qualify them for the finals.
  3. For events, the following qualify for finals.
    1. Top 8 in Sprints, Relays, and Hurdles
    2. Top 12 in Field Events
    3. Top 16 in 800m up and Walks
      1. For the 800m, we will use cones to divide the mass start for the first 100, after which the runners can break in.
    4. The Top 3 athletes in each event for each category will be awarded medals.
  4. Athletes will compete in their actual age grade regardless of which age grade they played in during the qualifiers.
    1. The Following age grades are in place.
      1. Senior only 1994 and before
      2. Junior 1995,1996,1997
      3. Youth Born in 1998 and after
  5. The following athletes have been invited to participate in addition to the qualifiers. However, they will not be awarded medals unless they already qualified as per the meet rules.
    1. National Athletes
    2. ASEAN School Games selected athletes
  6. If there are more than 10 athletes in a laned event due to 8 qualifiers plus additional guests, the athletes will be divided into two sections, with the top 3 qualified athletes only getting awarded medals.
  7. The Entry list will be posted tonight, following the above guidelines; however, we will allow the following until November 13 (Thursday).
    1. Corrections are made if there are any errors made on qualifiers who played in the original event.
    2. Any Philippine National Track athletes or ASEAN School Games-bound athletes wanting to join the event or enter additional events.
    3. Any athletes who want to scratch from events. (NB. Once an athlete scratches from an event, they cannot rejoin the said event)

Weekly Relays (July 13): Report & Videos 1400 entries (rev 2)

Entries swell to a Record 800 for the 2014 Weekly Relays opener.

July 11

According to PATAFA Treasurer Lucy Artiaga, the PSC-PATAFA weekly relays as of today

now has over 800 participants for this event which will kick off at the Phil Sports Complex in

Pasig on Sunday, July 13.


“We have 800 participants already, and more are still going to enter.”

The PATAFA will allow entries right up until the day of the meet on Sunday.

“We have only enough material for 500 BIB Numbers,” said Ms. Artiaga.


This will mean that handwritten numbers will have to be implemented.

The event has three categories Youth 13-16, Junior 16-19, and Senior 20+. We will allow athletes younger than 13 to participate in the Youth category. 


  • The Weekly Relays, which originally began in the 1930s, has served as a meet to develop grassroots, discover new talent, and create depth in the athletic system.
  • 800 is the most that have ever attended the Weekly relays opening in its 80+ year history. Last year the weekly relay was held in Dasmarinas, and the opening attracted 400 athletes.
  • At the high point, it got to around 1200 before the numbers dropped when UAAP athletes started tapering for UAAP Championships in December.
  • It is possible numbers could swell to as much as 2500 this year.


We expected more athletes than it was in Manila, but this is an overwhelming number.

And will give a final tally in a post-game analysis that we will provide next week and review the results.

  • The first week of the Weekly Relays will use hand timing, but a wind gauge will allow the legal breaking of records in jumping events.
  • Electronic timekeeping will be put in place next week, the first year it has been in operation for the weekly relays.
  • The Weekly relays will also serve as a good buildup for the
    • Uni Games
    • tentative National Open Championships November 27-30
    • UAAP Dec 4-7, Asean School Games in Marikina
    • Asean University Games in Jakarta.

(athlete and numbers report coming next)

Article by Andrew Pirie, Consultant for the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Series 2014.


July 13 Report

The PSC-PATAFA weekly relay opening saw record opening mass participation of approximately 1400 entries; it was hard to tell exactly how many athletes turned up. But the numbers were far greater than the National Games, UAAP, and any other meet I had attended. We covered the whole of the left bleacher and most of the entrance stand with participants.

Mr. Renato Unso was the tournament director, and I served as a consultant. We were greatly helped by the 21 of 24 officials that turned up. Due to the sheer capacity of participants, Me and Mr. Unso, I also found ourselves helping with other tasks; Marlon and others from PATAFA were also accommodating.




The first event was the 5000m, and Mr. Unso and I went down to help get people to the start line as starters’ assistants. We ended up with seven women and 30 men participating in combined race. Not bad, considering most of the ‘higher profile runners’ had long-distance events in Manila Bay and Fort Bonifacio, as well as athletes resting for the forthcoming Milo Marathon Elimination finals.

Because there were thirty men, we went off the IAAF overlap rule if not in the top 16, an overlapped athlete has to withdraw from the race. One Boy from UP was even doing his shoe lace-up as the race was about to start.

I and Mr. Unso then became linemen as we only had two linesmen. Note*we need four linesmen as some High School kids from Muntinlupa got so excited they decided to join the race. Unfortunately, the same excitement was not shared by the runners in the 5000m who nearly tripped over them during the race.

Unso and I had to yell at the kids to get off the track.



59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race.


*All performances are hand-timed, with no wind gauge, only one stopwatch used per person officially, and no blocks for youths and juniors.

Unfortunately, as we had far too many participants, I was forced to withdraw from the race as we were understaffed. Only 2 of the 10 ground staff turned up. So Mr. Unso became a block carrier as the starting blocks were not available for the youth (16 below) and junior divisions (17-19) and were only available for seniors. Finally, I became a starter’s assistant helping Jobel coordinate the flow of heat.

The numbers were overwhelming; the youth ended up for kids 10-16. So it was my idea to divide the heats for kids by age level, starting with the youngest and going up.

We had around 11 heats in the boys and the girls. Among the participants were the children of former national athletes. Nash Candelario, the son of 2001-2003 SEA Games Champion Ernie Candelario (now national coach), was the youngest albeit the biggest kid in the first heat at 9 years old, finished fourth against some malnourished-looking 10-year-olds.

Laurize Wangkay, the daughter of former Palaro 400m Record Holder and UAAP standout Jonah Genilza and the daughter of former SEA Games medalist in the 4×400 Rodrigo Tanuan also ran.

For the 100m seniors, I implemented seeding on the ability of men’s and women.

ORTALIZ easy win

Former national athlete Honey Joy Ortaliz Salaysay (mother of 3 children), the Weekly Relay Champion last year, won the 100m Dash in 12.7. Albeit the time was far from her personal best of 11.6 (ht) 12.0et, the 30-year-old former UAAP Champion for FEU did well to dispose of the challenge presented to her by her younger rivals.

The second time she got a win over 2012 Palaro and Uni Games Champion Maureen Emily Schrijvers, the 19-year-old Fil-Belgian beauty, clocked a time of 13.0 seconds. With Jessica Bautista and Ruffa Bargola of PLDT finishing third and fourth.


LOPENA makes the stopwatch happy

It was good to see some national athletes present, adding quality to the meet. NCAA Record Holder and training pool athlete Anfernee Lopena of CSB won the 100m in a comfortable 10.6; officially, it was clocked at 10.55; also, coach Artiaga and another teammate clocked him at 10.55 and 10.71.  Lopena, who only managed fifth at the national games, showed that he was back in shape with the early season win.

It was a quality 100m with National Games 200m Silver Medalist Jose Unso (Phil Airforce) taking second about 2-3 strides behind, closely followed by UAAP 400m Bronze Medalist Gabriel Soriano (UP) and NCAA Bronze Medalist 100m Rodquem Maullon in fourth.

*Note in the 100 Lopena was given 10.6, but 2nd to 5th were given 11.4 from a vantage point it looked like that Lopena was 3 strides ahead which is around .4.

This shows the need for electronics. It’s more accurate to say the first five times were 10.6, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, etc. As several other people timed, Lopena’s time is accurate, and it’s hard to think that judging on the high-quality field of the first heat, they ran equal or slower times than the winners of other heats.

I suggest we use electronics, and if not available, we have a camera there and adjust times based on video as if the race is close, it’s hard to determine the placegetters.

The second heat was a time trial for FEU, with National Junior 100m Bronze medalist William Galceran getting the better of his opponent FEU block carrier Jerwen Ebcas.

July 13 Weekly Relays 100M Mens and Womens A Race (Video)

These Videos came in the care of the University of the Philippines Track Team and were provided by young sprinter Beney Andresio.

# Mens – Athlete Name Team Video Time Hand Times
1. Anfernee Lopena CSB 11.01 10.55, 10.55, 10.60. 10.60, 10.71
2. Jose Unso PAF 11.43 11.2
3. Gabriel Soriano UP 11.47 11.16/11.18
4. Alan Plana UP 11.49 11.3
5. Pearnel Lobos JRU 11.50 11.3 (given 6th)
6. Rodquem Maullon ARE 11.55 11.3 (given 5th)
7. Lt Blue 11.8
8. Red 12+
# Mens – Athlete Name Team Video Time Hand Times
1. Honey Joy Ortaliz BSU 12.98 12.7
2. Maureen Emily Schrijvers DLSU 13.38 13.0
3. Trisha Monsod UP 13.55 13.2
4. Celina Revalde UP 13.64 13.2
5. Jee Ann Racoma FEU 13.68 13.3
6. Red 13.90 13.6
7. Jessica Bautista PLDT 14.0
8. White 16.0

Weekly Relays Schedule B (July 20, 2014) and updates /start list for 60m Invite (rev 1)

Below is the revised schedule by Tournament director Renato Unso, Andrew Pirie, meet consultant, and Marlon from PATAFA. The revision came on July 15 after evaluating the layout, and it’s time to finish the meeting on Sunday.


60M Removed from the Program for 16 Up

As there were 440 athletes in the 100m dash, some 59 heats took 1 hour and a half to get through.

We anticipated that the 60m event at the same time would take too long to complete combined with the 400m, which is also expected to attract a lot of entries; the added time of setting up 110 Hurdles meant that if the 60m pushed through the meet would finish at 1.30 well beyond its allocated time of 12.00 finish if the same number of entries turned up.

We decided to keep the 60m for ages 10-16. The shorter event was better suited as a development event for younger athletes; an invitational of 60m for 8 men and one for 8 women only will be staged after the youth 10-16 divisions.

The following athletes have been invited to participate in the invitational 60m based on merit (having won a medal at a major national or collegiate meet) with their achievements. If athletes do not start the race, the lanes will be left empty.

*The race will use Fully Automatic Timing


60M Womens Invitational Draw


  1. Jenny rose Rosales, UAAP Co-Record Holder & UAAP Champion (100m)
  2. Honey Joy Ortaliz, Weekly Relay Champion (100m) & Former National athlete & UAAP Champion
  3. Maureen Emily Schrijvers, 2012 Palaro & Uni Games Champion (100m)
  4. Mary Anthony Diesto, 2014 Palaro Champion (100m)
  5. Avegail Dizon, UAAP Bronze Medalist (100m)
  6. Trisha Monsod, PNG Bronze Medalist (100m)

60M Mens Invitational Draw


  1. Peter Padal, NCAA 200m Silver Medalist
  2. Rodquem Maullon, UAAP Bronze Medalist 100m
  3. Anfernee Lopena, NCAA Record Holder 100/200 & 2013 PNG Junior Champion (100m,200)
  4. Noli Torres, PNG Bronze Medalist 100m & PRISAA Champion 100m
  5. Daniel Noval, NCAA Silver Medalist & National Junior Record Holder (100m)
  6. Jose Unso, PNG Silver Medalist 200m
  7. Gabriel Soriano, UAAP Bronze Medalist 400m
  8. William Galceran, PNG Bronze Medalist 100m JR



We have secured electronics for the weekend. Please note that performances used under good conditions will serve for evaluation, qualification for SEA Games, and record purposes. Furthermore, as this is also a permit meet, the PATAFA athletes who perform well here will also be eligible for the National Ranking Lists.

Other Changes

Also, we made other changes to throwing events as there were some overlaps in the program, meaning that throwing events could not have occurred simultaneously.


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