2014 Weekly Relays

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management

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2014 PATAFA Weekly Relays – Report & Results

Article by Enzo Williams Originally published in 2014.

A Recap of my work Managing Weekly Relays from 2013-2015 while I was the PSC Consultant. This article will be revised to present more infographics and various other edits.

Sept 28, 2014

I have compiled all the reports for the 2014 Weekly Relays. Please note the amount of detail and effort I put into promoting Managing this meet as a PSC Consultant.

2014 saw exponential growth in athlete attendance due to pinoyathletics.info provided working alongside the PSC and PATAFA.


PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays 2014 (Schedules etc.)

  • The PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays started on Sunday Morning, July 13, at Phil Sports Complex, Pasig.



Weekly Relays 2014 Revised Time Table Schedule A-B-C  (available for download here)

We took the feedback from several athletes, coaches, our Tournament Director, Mr. Renato Unso, and Marlon from PATAFA and came up with this.

Unso, Pirie, and Marlon compiled this listing.

“Our Weekly Relays, Your Weekly Relays, the Breeding ground of excellence.”

weekly relay sched revised as of July 25

No Weekly Relays Oct 26 and Nov 2, please see below for schedule C (nonqualifying)

Schedule and Ground Rules of Weekly Relays Serie 2014

Finals is November 15/16 (program to be announced by PATAFA)

Finalists still pending (to be announced by PATAFA)

Team Airforce with BIB Numbers


Qualification Rules and Rules of Finals

  1. The Finals will be November 15/16, 2014, at the Phil Sports Complex (see schedule)
  2. The qualification period is July 13 to October 19, 2014
    1. November 9 is non-qualifying, and athletes’ performances here will not qualify them to the finals.
  3. For events, the following qualify for finals.
    1. Top 8 in Sprints, Relays, and Hurdles
    2. Top 12 in Field Events
    3. Top 16 in 800m up and Walks
      1. For the 800m, we will use cones to divide the mass start for the first 100, after which the runners can break in.
    4. The Top 3 athletes in each event for each category will be awarded medals.
  4. Athletes will compete in their actual age grade regardless of which age-grade they played in during the qualifiers.
    1. The Following age grades are in place.
      1. Senior only 1994 and before
      2. Junior 1995,1996,1997
      3. Youth Born in 1998 and after
  5. The following athletes have been invited to participate in addition to the qualifiers. However, they will not be awarded medals unless they already qualified as per the meet rules.
    1. National Athletes
    2. ASEAN School Games selected athletes
  6. If there are more than 10 athletes in a laned event due to 8 qualifiers plus additional guests, the athletes will be divided into two sections, with the top 3 qualified athletes only getting awarded medals.
  7. The Entry list will be posted tonight, following the above guidelines; however, we will allow the following until November 13 (Thursday).
    1. Corrections are made if there are any errors made on qualifiers who played in the original event.
    2. Any Philippine National Track athletes or ASEAN School Games bound athletes wanting to join the event or enter additional events.
    3. Any athletes who want to scratch from events. (NB. Once an athlete scratches from an event, they cannot rejoin the said event)


Weekly Relays (July 13): Report & Videos 1400 entries (rev 2)

Entries swell to a Record 800 for the 2014 Weekly Relays opener.

July 11

According to PATAFA Treasurer Lucy Artiaga, the PSC-PATAFA weekly relays as of today

now has over 800 participants for this event which will kick off at the Phil Sports Complex in

Pasig on Sunday, July 13.


“We have 800 participants already, and more are still going to enter.”

The PATAFA will allow entries right up until the day of the meet on Sunday.

“We have only enough material for 500 BIB Numbers,” said Ms. Artiaga.


This will mean that handwritten numbers will have to be implemented. The event has three categories Youth 13-16, Junior 16-19, and Senior 20+. We will allow athletes younger than 13 to participate in the Youth category. 


  • The Weekly Relays, which originally began in the 1930s, has served as a meet to develop grassroots, discover new talent and create depth in the athletic system.
  • 800 is the most that have ever attended the Weekly relays opening in its 80+ year history. Last year the weekly relay was held in Dasmarinas, and the opening attracted 400 athletes.
  • At the high point, it got to around 1200 before the numbers dropped when UAAP athletes started tapering for UAAP Championships in December.
  • It is possible numbers could swell to as much as 2500 this year.


We expected more athletes as it was in Manila, but this is an overwhelming number. We will give a final tally in a post-game analysis that we will provide next week and review the results.

  • The first week of the Weekly Relays will use hand timing, but a wind gauge will allow legal breaking of records in jumping events.
  • Electronic timekeeping will be put in place next week, the first year it has been in operation for the weekly relays.
  • The Weekly relays will also serve as a good buildup for the
    • Uni Games
    • tentative National Open Championships November 27-30
    • UAAP Dec 4-7, Asean School Games in Marikina
    • Asean University Games in Jakarta.

(athlete and numbers report coming next)

Article by Andrew Pirie, Consultant for the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Series 2014.


July 13 Report

The PSC-PATAFA weekly relay opening saw record opening mass participation of approximately 1400 entries; it was hard to tell exactly how many athletes turned up. But the numbers were far greater than the National Games, UAAP, and any other meet I had attended. We covered the whole of the left bleacher and most of the entrance stand with participants.

Mr. Renato Unso was the tournament director, and I served as a consultant. We were greatly helped by the 21 of 24 officials that turned up. Due to the sheer capacity of participants, Me and Mr. Unso, I also found ourselves helping with other tasks; Marlon and others from PATAFA were also accommodating.


2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 1



The first event was the 5000m, and Mr. Unso and I went down to help get people to the start line as starters assistants. We ended up with seven women and 30 men participating in a combined race. Not bad, considering most of the ‘higher profile runners’ had long-distance events in Manila Bay and Fort Bonifacio, as well as athletes resting for the forthcoming Milo Marathon Elimination finals.

Because there were thirty men, we went off the IAAF overlap rule if not in the top 16, and overlapped athlete has to withdraw out of the race. One Boy from UP was even doing his shoe lace-up as the race was about to start.

Me and Mr. Unso then became linemen as we only had two linesmen. Note*we need four linesmen as some High School kids from Muntinlupa got so excited they decided to join the race. Unfortunately, the same excitement was not shared by the runners in the 5000m who nearly tripped over them during the race.

Unso and I had to yell at the kids to get off the track.



2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 2
59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race.


*All performances hand-timed, no wind gauge, only one stopwatch used per person officially, and no blocks for youths and juniors.

Unfortunately, as we had far too many participants, I was forced to withdraw from the race as we were understaffed. Only 2 of the 10 ground staff turned up. So Mr. Unso became a block carrier as the starting blocks were not available for the youth (16 below) and junior divisions (17-19) and only available for seniors. Finally, I became a starters assistant helping Jobel coordinate the flow of heats.

The numbers were overwhelming; the youth ended up for kids 10-16. So it was my idea to divide the heats for kids by age level, starting with the youngest going up.

We had around 11 heats in the boys and the girls. Among the participants were the children of former national athletes. Nash Candelario, the son of 2001-2003 SEA Games Champion Ernie Candelario (now national coach), was the youngest albeit the biggest kid in the first heat at 9 years old, finished fourth against some malnourished looking 10-year-olds.

Laurize Wangkay, the daughter of former Palaro 400m Record Holder and UAAP standout Jonah Genilza and the daughter of former SEA Games medalist in the 4×400 Rodrigo Tanuan also-ran.

For the 100m seniors, I implemented seeding on the ability for men’s and women’s.

ORTALIZ easy win

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 3
Former national athlete Honey Joy Ortaliz Salaysay (mother of 3 children), the Weekly Relay Champion last year, won the 100m Dash in 12.7. Albeit the time was far from her personal best of 11.6 (ht) 12.0et, the 30-year-old former UAAP Champion for FEU did well to dispose of the challenge presented to her by her younger rivals.

The second time she got a win over 2012 Palaro and Uni Games Champion Maureen Emily Schrijvers, the 19-year-old Fil-Belgian beauty, clocked a time of 13.0 seconds. With Jessica Bautista and Ruffa Bargola of PLDT finishing third and fourth.


LOPENA makes the stopwatch happy

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 4

It was good to see some national athletes present, adding quality to the meet. NCAA Record Holder and training pool athlete Anfernee Lopena of CSB won the 100m in a comfortable 10.6; officially, it was clocked at 10.55; also, coach Artiaga and another teammate clocked him at 10.55 and 10.71.  Lopena, who only managed fifth at the national games, showed that he was back in shape with the early season win.

It was a quality 100m with National Games 200m Silver Medalist Jose Unso (Phil Airforce) taking second about 2-3 strides behind, closely followed by UAAP 400m Bronze Medalist Gabriel Soriano (UP) and NCAA Bronze Medalist 100m Rodquem Maullon in fourth.

*Note in the 100 Lopena was given 10.6, but 2nd to 5th were given 11.4 from a vantage point it looked like that Lopena was 3 strides ahead which is around .4.

This shows the need for electronics. It’s more accurate to say the first five times were 10.6, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, etc. As several other people timed, Lopena time is accurate, and it’s hard to think that judging on the high-quality field of the first heat, they ran equal or slower times than the winners of other heats.

I suggest we use electronics, and if not available, we have a camera there and adjust times based on video as if the race is close, it’s hard to determine the placegetters.

The second heat was a time trial for FEU, with National Junior 100m Bronze medalist William Galceran getting the better over his opponent FEU block carrier Jerwen Ebcas.

July 13 Weekly Relays 100M Mens and Womens A Race (Video)

These Videos came in the care of the University of the Philippines Track Team and were provided by young sprinter Beney Andresio.

# Mens – Athlete Name Team Video Time Hand Times
1. Anfernee Lopena CSB 11.01 10.55, 10.55, 10.60. 10.60, 10.71
2. Jose Unso PAF 11.43 11.2
3. Gabriel Soriano UP 11.47 11.16/11.18
4. Alan Plana UP 11.49 11.3
5. Pearnel Lobos JRU 11.50 11.3 (given 6th)
6. Rodquem Maullon ARE 11.55 11.3 (given 5th)
7. Lt Blue 11.8
8. Red 12+
# Mens – Athlete Name Team Video Time Hand Times
1. Honey Joy Ortaliz  BSU 12.98 12.7
2. Maureen Emily Schrijvers DLSU 13.38 13.0
3. Trisha Monsod UP 13.55 13.2
4. Celina Revalde UP 13.64 13.2
5. Jee Ann Racoma FEU 13.68 13.3
6. Red 13.90 13.6
7. Jessica Bautista PLDT 14.0
8. White 16.0

Weekly Relays Schedule B (July 20, 2014) and updates /start list for 60m Invite (rev 1)

Below is the revised schedule by Tournament director Renato Unso, Andrew Pirie, meet consultant, and Marlon from PATAFA. The revision came on July 15 after evaluating the layout, and it’s time to finish the meet on Sunday.


60M Removed from Program for 16 Up

As there were 440 athletes in the 100m dash, some 59 heats took 1 hour and a half to get through.

We anticipated that the 60m event at the same time would take too long to complete combined with the 400m, which is also expected to attract a lot of entries; the added time of setting up 110 Hurdles meant that if the 60m pushed through the meet would finish at 1.30 well beyond its allocated time of 12.00 finish if the same number of entries turned up.

We decided to keep the 60m for ages 10-16. The shorter event was better suited as a development event for younger athletes; an invitational 60m for 8 men and one for 8 women only will be staged after the youth 10-16 divisions.

The following athletes have been invited to participate in the invitational 60m based on merit (having won a medal at a major national or collegiate meet) with their achievements. If athletes do not start the race, the lanes will be left empty.

*The race will use Fully Automatic Timing


60M Womens Invitational Draw


  1. Jenny rose Rosales, UAAP Co-Record Holder & UAAP Champion (100m)
  2. Honey Joy Ortaliz, Weekly Relay Champion (100m) & Former National athlete & UAAP Champion
  3. Maureen Emily Schrijvers, 2012 Palaro & Uni Games Champion (100m)
  4. Mary Anthony Diesto, 2014 Palaro Champion (100m)
  5. Avegail Dizon, UAAP Bronze Medalist (100m)
  6. Trisha Monsod, PNG Bronze Medalist (100m)

60M Mens Invitational Draw


  1. Peter Padal, NCAA 200m Silver Medalist
  2. Rodquem Maullon, UAAP Bronze Medalist 100m
  3. Anfernee Lopena, NCAA Record Holder 100/200 & 2013 PNG Junior Champion (100m,200)
  4. Noli Torres, PNG Bronze Medalist 100m & PRISAA Champion 100m
  5. Daniel Noval, NCAA Silver Medalist & National Junior Record Holder (100m)
  6. Jose Unso, PNG Silver Medalist 200m
  7. Gabriel Soriano, UAAP Bronze Medalist 400m
  8. William Galceran, PNG Bronze Medalist 100m JR



We have secured electronics for the weekend. Please note that performances used under good conditions will serve for evaluation, qualification for SEA Games, and record purposes. Furthermore, as this is also a permit meet, the PATAFA athletes who perform well here will also be eligible for the National Ranking Lists.

Other Changes

Also, we made other changes with throwing events as there were some overlaps in the program, meaning that throwing events could not have occurred simultaneously.


We apologize as these are taking longer to process due to the sheer number of 1400 entries that needed to be added to a master list to encode and the fact we had no electricity due to the recent storms. However, we expect the results for Week 1 can be ready by some stage next week.



7:00am- 12:00noon

(as of July 15, 2014/2:00 pm)



3000m                                           Women                                        Junior

5000m                                           Men                                               Junior

100mh (.762)                              Girls                                               Youth

100mh (.914)                              Boys                                              Youth

100mh (.838)                              Women                                                        Junior

100mh (.838)                              Women                                                        Senior

110mh (.991)                              Men                                               Junior

110mh (1.067)                           Men                                               Senior

3000msc                                           Boys                                                  Youth

2000msc                                           Girls                                                   Youth

60m                                               Boys                                                  Youth

60m                                               Girls                                                   Youth

Classical Relay                              Girls                                                   Youth

Boys                                                  Youth

Men                                                   Junior

Women                                                            Junior

Women                                                            Senior

Men                                                   Senior

1500m                                               Boys                                                  Youth

1500m                                               Girls                                                   Youth

1500m                                           Women                                                        Junior

1500m                                           Men                                               Junior

1500m                                           Women                                                        Senior

1500m                                           Men                                               Senior

400m                                             Girls                                               Youth

400m                                             Boys                                              Youth

400m                                             Women                                                        Junior

400m                                             Men                                               Junior

400m                                             Women                                        Senior

400m                                             Men                                               Senior

Long  Jump                                     Men                                               Senior

Women                                                        Senior

Triple Jump                                    Boys                                              Youth

Girls                                               Youth

Pole Vault                                       Men                                               Senior

Women                                                        Senior

Javelin Throw                                Men                                                   Senior

Women                                                            Senior

Men                                                   Junior

Women                                                            Junior

Boys                                              Youth

Girls                                               Youth


  1. Scheduled times are tentative and may be moved forward or backward if necessary
  2. we may cancel some events in case of bad weather or other scheduled events at the

track oval

  1. All events will start simultaneously.

2014 PATAFA Weekly Relay (Amended Results Attached)

Jul 13, 2014

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 5
59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race


  • Notes Lopena time is actually 10.6ht (The official watch was 10.55, and several other timers confirmed this performance)
  • We have 6 categories here Mens and Womens (Open, Junior 17-19, Youth 16 below); in some cases, it was hard to tell if an athlete is using an incorrect BIB Number or just competing in the wrong age grade. So the following adjustments/rules have been made.
  1. An athlete’s name appears in the event of the wrong gender—E.g. Female in Male results or vice versa. PERFORMANCE DISQUALIFIED.
  2. An athlete is too old for an age division. PERFORMANCE DISQUALIFIED.
  3. An athlete not using BIB. It can be Amended if declared before and after the race on the day.
  4. A younger athlete declared status in another age category but competes up an age bracket. ACCEPTED.
  5. Suspect Performances, e.g., a thrower running a perfect sprint time, will also be monitored and potentially DISQUALIFIED.
  • Please Note this meet used Hand Timing. So timing, especially in sprints, was slightly off I had provided timing off Video. But as we are bringing in Electronics as of 27th July 2014, it should no longer be an issue.
  • Apart from Lopena, unfortunately, we will not change any official time as we go off the official results. However, we acknowledge in the sprint events; the timing wasn’t that accurate.
  • We used no Wind Gauge for this meet.

Weekly Relays Report (July 20) Week 2: Continuation of Excellence Obiena breaks 22-year-old National Record

Ernest Obiena

The continuation of excellence continued at Week 2 of the Weekly Relay Serie held at Phil Sports, Pasig, on Sunday, July 20th.

The breaking of a long standing national record proved that we can produce good performances at our own local meets and that is very possible to produce a good amount of depth In the Philippine Track and Field scene.

This was highlighted when 18-year-old Ernest John Obiena leaped 5.01m and broke the 22-year-old National Record of Fil-Heritage legend Edward Lasquete (5.00m) 1992 Barcelona Olympics. US-based Lasquette went onto capture the gold medal in three successive SEA Games during the 90s.

The 18-year-old, who now studies at UST, also set the National Junior Record, which he has raised from 4.31m to 5.01m over the past 3 years.

Obiena, who had extensive training in Italy under coach Vitaly, former world record holder Sergey Bubka, could not qualify for the World Juniors (5.05m, deadline was July 7) as he was set back with a foot injury he is still overcoming. But was able to benefit from the overseas training under one of the world’s greatest pole vault coaches of all time). His training in Italy was not for nothing but took a while to kick in.

“Why only now!”

EJ shouted after cleared 5.01m as he had hoped to have hit the standard earlier.

EJ then had 2 failed attempts at 5.05m before calling it a day. The 5.01m actually looked like a straightforward clearance and could well have been a 5.05m+ jump easily.

EJ Obiena holds the Junior and Senior Record at 5.01m and the indoors record at 5.00m. In addition, he has already passed the SEA Games bronze mark of 5.00m.

Meet technical Director Renato Unso and ATFS Statistician Andrew Pirie were there to observe and inspect the vault.


Verano gets close

Former NCAA standout Roldan Verano (formally JRU) came within range of securing a spot for the SEA Games 2015. The 24-year-old Verano, who, like a lot of distance talent, hails from South Cotobato originally is currently the coach at St. Pauls College.

The 5’2 Verano, Jojo Posadas of JRU coach, stuck behind his training partners Rudyfer Hernandez and Alvin Castanares of JRU for the first two laps before Castanares withdrew from the race, and Hernandez was the pacemaker until the last 200 when Verano decided to go on his own.

Verano’s time of 3:58.6 was a new personal best, improving on his best time of 3:59.74, where he landed bronze at the National Games. The two athletes ahead of him 2013 SEA Games 800m Silver medalist Mervin Guarte 3:55.10, and Wenlie Maulas 3:58.30.

The SEA Games standard was 3:58.37, but Wenlie has moved it to 3:58.30 as only 2 selected for SEA Games.

Verano, when advised before the race, stated

“I will try and go for that time today.”

“It’s a good performance today, we are aiming for 3:55 by National Open.”

said Coach Jojo Posadas.

Verano would be a good addition to the national training pool as he was on the verge of the qualifying standard.


Other Events

It was good to see several members of the training pool participate.

PNG Silver Medalist Julian ‘Happy Clown’ Fuentes won the Mens Long Jump with a leap of 7.11m.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 6

In the Mens 60m, A Race Anfernee Lopena (CSB) NCAA Record Holder in the 100 who ran 10.6 last week got the edge this time over Noli Torres (DLSD), the PRISAA 100m Champion.

National Junior Record Holder Daniel Noval won the 60m B Race.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 7
2 Wins in a row Ortaliz wins the Invitational Womens 60m Dash

In the Womens 60, former National athlete Honey Joy Ortaliz Salaysay (BSU) (30) won the womens 60m, from National Games Bronze Medalist Patricia Monsod (UP) and UAAP Bronze Medalist Avegail Dizon (PLDT).

*No times available yet

Meanwhile, UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales and UAAP Bronze medalist Neslee Angco both of UE, opened their seasons, winning heat 1 and heat 2 of the 400m in 1m00.0 and 1m01.0.

NCAA Champion Rey Aldrin of JRU had the fastest time in the 400m Mens of 50.3.


PATAFA Weekly Relay Week 2 (July 20), (Amended Results Attached)


  • As per week one, athletes with wrong bibs or wrong age categories are again disqualified from results.
  • Some fixes with names added.
  • Athletes with no BIB but declared during meet get performance but no points.
  • Notes in Red
  • Note Fuentes leaped 7.11m but had 4 jumps; we won’t count this for po, ints, but we will note it as a performance.
  • Again just hand timing, no wind gauge used again.
  • New National and National Junior Record EJ Obiena 5.01m

Weekly Relays 27th July: Invitational Lists 200M

July 24, 2014

*We Will be using Electronic Time Keeping and wind gauge

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 8

Weekly Relays Week 3 Report (July 27)

Ernest John Obiena again broke the Philippine National and National Junior Record in the Pole Vault. Obiena, who had recorded 5.01m last week, sailed over the bar at 5.05m before missing near attempts at 5.10m. Obiena performance would have qualified him for the World Juniors had it been done 20 days earlier.

Ernest Obiena
Jeanette Obiena getting used to measuring new national records every week.


Obiena ranks third in South East Asia behind Kreetha of Thailand (5.15m) and Iskandar Alwi of Malaysia (5.15m), the South East Asian gold and silver medalists from 2013.

Obiena proves that we can do national Records and good performances at home. His performances outshone all 20 athletes in the contingent who participated at the Vietnam National Open in Ho Chi Minh.

Pearnel Lobos won the invitational men’s 200m in 22.6 seconds, with the three big names Lopena, Noval, and Jose Unso, failing to show up.  Jenny Rose Rosales won the women’s 200m invitational in 26.9 seconds.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 9
Good participation in the women’s steeplechase. Photo Credits: University of Diliman Athletics Team


Cynthia Jaro, who tried Steeple Chase for the first time, won the event at 12:15.

While in the 800m, Rudyfer Hernandez of JRU held off Michael Abanador of FEU with both runners timing  1:56.

As well as the unexpected absence of electronic timekeepers.

We also noted that very few national athletes participated in this meet.

With the National Open Championships scheduled for November 27-30, it’s questionable which meets those not bound for Asian Games will use to get ready.


Weekly Relays Week 4 (Aug 3) Invitational 100m Mens and Womens

  • *The listed runners ‘Only’ will run in the first heat of their age category. If they perform exceptional performances, Juniors and Youths will sometimes be invited to join the open race.
  • If athletes do not show up, the lanes will be left empty. We will invite no one else to the event without the discretion of meet management.
  • If non-invited athletes refuse to vacate the first heat, the invitational runners will move back to the second heat without the non-invited athletes.
  • Athletes, please confirm availability by Friday, or .we will redraw lanes.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 10

100m Invite on July 13 Week 1

  1. Anfernee Lopena 10.6
  2. Jose Unso 11.2
  3. Gabriel Soriano 11.2
  1. Honey Joy Ortaliz 12.7
  2. Maureen Emily Schrijvers 13.0
  3. Trisha Monsod 13.2


PLDT’s ‘Piston’ hits SEA Gold Standard in 1500m

August 11, 2014

23-year-old PLDT Athlete Roldan Verano, 23, clocked the second-fastest time in South East Asia Sundays Morning Weekly Relays at Phil Sports, Pasig.

The pint-sized yet stocky Verano, a former NCAA standout, bears a striking resemblance to Marathon King Eduardo Buenavista.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 11
Verano (JRU) takes on his rival Guarte (SSC) in red.


Verano’s time of 3:55.3 was not only a 3-second personal record but gave him the second-fastest time in South East Asia this year. It also surpasses the 3.58.02 Gold Medal time of Mohd Jironi Riduan of Malaysia at the 2013 SEA Games.

The fastest time in South East Asia was from National Record Holder (3.47.65, 2011 SEA Games) Mervin Guarte, who clocked 3:55.10 to win the national games in May, Wenlie Maulas was second then in 3:58.30, and Roldan Verano third in 3:59.74.

Verano, however, improved to 3:58.6 and then 3:55.3 taking full advantage of the Weekly Relay meets to better his performances.

The 1500m was a fantastic race with JRU team-mate Rudyfer Hernandez 3:57.8 and Jomar Angus (FEU) 3:59.5, both registering personal best times. Former national coach George Posadas train both Verano and Hernandez.

The SEA Games Bronze minimal standard was 3:58.37 with Guarte, Verano, Rudyfer, and Maulas all under that even there may be bright days ahead for Philippine Middle Distance running. Next Saturday at Pasig is the 800m and all the above have been invited in a Grand Prix of 800m Runners.

Verano’s time was hand time, but we used 3 stopwatches; his times were 3:55.10, 3:55.24, and 3:55.71 as the middle time was 3:55.24; the official result is 3:55.3 with .14 conversion rule 3:55.44 is his converted time.

“I have qualified for the SEA Games,” said a delighted Verano. “I hope this performance is good enough to give me a slot in the national team, I really hope but I have my fingers crossed just in case”.

Verano proves that the Weekly Relays fulfill its motto of being a breeding ground of excellence, with upcoming athletes performing exceptionally well.


Patch Unso back in shape

Another athlete that showed a return to form on Sunday was National Junior Record Holder and former National Record Holder in the 110 Hurdles Patrick Unso. The 22-year-old who a few years ago was the country’s most dominant Hurdler ended up playing second fiddle to Eric Cray and then Clinton Kingsley Bautista in the 2013 and 2014 National Games.

Today was a different story. Running in lane 8, the DLSU masteral student clocked 14.2 (.11) glided much more smoothly over the hurdles than earlier in the year in what was pretty much a solo effort against some college runners. His time which is around 14.4-14.4et), showed he is now in better shape than the 14.77 he recorded at the National Games in May, albeit still away from his 14.21 personal best at the 2013 National Games.

Meanwhile, National Champion UST Tigress Michelle Loterte, who had her first race this year, easily took the honors in the women’s Hurdles in 15.4 (.33) (15.64 on conversion), quite far from her 14.96 personal best she established 2 years ago.


Neck to Neck Battle in the invitational Mens 400m

With top 400 Hurdlers Junrey Bano and Jaime Mejia not starting. It was a 6 man field in the mens 400m Invitational A Race. UAAP Bronze medalist Gabriel Soriano (UP) led the way, but then a strong finishing Rey Aldrin the NCAA Champion (JRU) overhauled Gab in the last 30m, with Gab fighting on in a blanket finish. Aldrin clocked 49.88 and Gab 49.92 (both hand-timed), 2013 National Junior champion Reymond Alferos of Mapua was third in 50.5, and National Junior Bronze medalist Dustin De Vera (UST) 4th in 50.7.

Meanwhile, in the Womens 400m Invitational A. UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales (UE) made short work of opponents winning in 58.8 (.56 and .72) with Leah Ann Creer ‘Bear’ (DLSU)second in 1.00.6 (.56) and Neslee Angco of UE third in 1.01.3 (.26).

Creer team-mate the Palaro Champion Mary Anthony Diesto won the Long Jump in 5.23m, despite a strong challenge from several UST girls who also leaped above 5 meters.


Weekly Relays is moved to Saturday this week only (rev 1)

August 11, 2014

Advisory is that we will move the weekly relays from Sunday 17th of August to 16th of August for this week. I have been informed that Phil Sports is being used for another event on Sunday, so it has moved to Saturday for this week only. It will be Schedule C (please get the schedule details here)

We will post the fields for the invitational races shortly once we have the entries confirmed.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 12

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 13

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 14

*Also add mens 800m John Rued Acanto 1:56.74.

Week 6 Report: Obiena raises National Records to 5.15m (Aug 16)

Ernest Obiena
Ernest Obiena

Ernest John Obiena again raised the National and National Junior Record to 5.15m. The 18-year-old Obiena has taken the Junior Mark to a mere footmark of its former 4.30m all the way to 5.15m over the past few years.

Obiena is an example of an athlete who benefited from the IAAF’s Italian Training via former PATAFA President Go Teng Kok. He trained for three months in Italy with coach Vitaliy (former Bubka, former world record-holder).

Obiena returned with a foot injury but could leap 5.01m to break the long-standing mark of Olympian and 3 times SEA Games Champion Edward Lasquete (5.00m), followed by a 5.05m the following week. He came back a few weeks later today to leap 5.06m, 5.10m, and then 5.15m to pull the record to new heights.

EJ, who narrowly missed out on the Asian Games 5th place requirement of 5.20m, hopes to see action in Singapore Open this coming week. He has greatly benefited from the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relay Program.

The Performance of 5.15m ranks EJ first equal with Iskandar Alwi of Malaysia. He also tied the winning Gold Medal mark of Kreetha Sintacheewa of Thailand 5.15m, Alwi 5.10m, and Sompong of Thailand 5.00m at the 2013 SEA Games. Sintacheewa, who is training in Italy, now has a best of 5.10m this year.

Invitational A draws out the best of the rest.

I have implemented the Invitational A race, drawing out increased performances from the ‘Best of the Rest.’ While not all the top athletes are competing here, it is beginning to attract some of the Philippines’ better athletes. What the Invitational ‘A’ is a pre-planned first heat for the track events in some cases one week before the event where the entries are decided based on best times and seasonal best times and recent performances, ensuring that the best athletes in the meet are all placed against each other which leads to increased performance.

I want to thank all those who support the concept of the Invitational ‘A’. We would point out this race is about quality performance. If there are spare lanes, we prefer to leave them free to retain the race’s quality. (as a few of the invited are unable to attend due to school, injury, or other reasons)

I will list some examples below with today’s results.


800m Mens Invitational ‘A’

  1. 1:52.6 Paul Billones (SB)
  2. 1:52.9 Roldan Verano (PB)
  3. 1.53.1 Ebren Neri (PB)
  4. 1.55.0 Joe Marie Juelo (PB)
  5. 1:55.4 Rued Acanto (PB)
  6. 1:56.4 Jomar Angus (PB)

(as you can see, Paul Billones ran the best time for this year, and the next 5 runners all improved their personal best times. This would not have been possible without a good allocation of runners in events as they probably would not have been placed usually in the Invitational  A race together).


200m Men’s Invitational ‘A.’

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 15
The Invitational A draws out some of the best sprinters the country has to offer
  1. 21.9 Jose Unso
  2. 22.1 Isidro Del Prado Jr. (SB)
  3. 22.2 Rey Aldrin (PB)
  4. 22.6 Rodquem Maullon
  5. 22.7 Peter Padal
  6. 22.8 Pearnel Lobos
  7. 24.6 some other dude


(we evenly placed the first heat with 6 invited runners running sub 23, the 24.6 guy wasn’t actually invited to the first heat but put himself in the race where he was clearly outclassed by nearly 10 meters from the place in front of him. National Silver Medalist Jose Unso blitzed the field some 5-6 meters ahead of Del Prado, the UAAP Champion after 100m; however, Del Prado fought his way back from 5th at the 100m to second, but Jose put too much on the rest at the start. Anfernee Lopena was not able to attend due to an upset stomach. Still, we are delighted at the dedication and support regularly, showing up to Weekly Relays. Romnick Nor had a sore hamstring, so wisely opted not to run).


200m Womens Invitational ‘A.’

  1. 25.4 Eloiza Luzon (PB),
  2. 25.8 Jinky Obanon (PB),
  3. 26.1 Maureen Emily Schrijvers (SB),
  4. 26.4 Glaiza Salcedo,
  5. 26.5 Leah Ann Creer

(a good evenly matched heat of athletes who were all on paper sub 26 runners based on PB. UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales withdrew as she had class today. UAAP Silver medalist Eloiza Luzon, 18, recorded a new PB of 25.4 to win the Womens Invitational A Race. The Former Palaro Champion from Northern Mindanao held off Jinky Obanon, second to Jenny last week, and improved her 25.9.

In the 2nd heat, Happy Denuyo won in 26.7, and in heat 3, Palaro 100m Champion Mary Anthony Diesto in 26.9. Diesto was actually listed as heat 2, but the lanes filled up, so she had to go in heat 3.

400H and Pach injured in 4×100

Patrick Unso won the 400 Hurdles in 53.5; the other race results are not currently available, but again we evenly matched it as the slower runners already grabbed most of the lanes in Heat 1. So heat 2 became the Invitational ‘A’ Race.

Unfortunately, Pach injured his hamstring in the 4×100 on the last leg. I immediately alerted the medics to go over there, and I had to assist with medical treatment and advise the medics to crush the ice as they were applying big chunks on him, which was ineffective.


Invitational A Concept and Start Lists for Weekly Relays Sunday 20th of August (revised)

Aug 20

The Invitational A has been introduced to the weekly relays by ATFS Statistician Andrew Pirie, a PSC Consultant for the meet. I work for Commissioner  Gomez, who assisted in helping revive the Weekly Relays a few years back.

As some do not understand this event’s purpose and concept, we have outlined this concept of this idea. This is to help promote athletics. We want people’s support; we are not trying to alienate or leave anyone out; we want to persuade people it’s a good idea. We are very thankful for everyone’s continued support in promoting athletics.

The Weekly Relays is the breeding ground of excellence, and the elite race will help inspire upcoming athletes by giving them something bigger to aim for in the future.


The Concept of the Invitational A race is as follows.

  • It is an elite race that is only for athletes who are invited to participate.
  • The athletes are chosen based on best times for the year or personal best times based on the Philippine Ranking Lists.
  • If the best athletes are not available, we keep going down the list until the best 8 available are selected for the race.
  • These eight names are locked in before the race starts.
  • This concept is applied for track events, but there is no reason why we can’t also apply it for field events.
  • The first heat of an event is considered the Invitational A Race.

New ideas

  • The Invitational A competitors would be announced before the meet.
  • The Invitational A competitors will be announced by lane before the start of the race.


  • To ensure the quality of an Invitational A race, athletes who are not invited to the race may not join.
  • If there are empty lanes as athletes withdraw, they remain empty in an Invitational A Race.
  • Athletes who sneak their way into Invitational A Races will be asked to leave or disqualified from the official results.
2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 16
Due to the number of withdrawals, we have redrawn the weekly relays Invitational A race



Ernest John Obiena again raised the National and National Junior Record to 5.15m. The 18-year-old Obiena has taken the Junior Mark to a mere footmark of its former 4.30m all the way to 5.15m over the past few years.

Obiena is an example of an athlete who benefited from the IAAF’s Italian Training via former PATAFA President Go Teng Kok. He trained for three months in Italy with coach Vitaliy (former Bubka former world record-holder).

Obiena returned with a foot injury but could leap 5.01m to break the long-standing mark of Olympian and 3 times SEA Games Champion Edward Lasquete (5.00m), followed by a 5.05m the following week. He came back a few weeks later today to leap 5.06m, 5.10m, and then 5.15m to pull the record to new heights.

EJ, who narrowly missed out on the Asian Games 5th place requirement of 5.20m, hopes to see action in Singapore Open this coming week. He has greatly benefited from the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relay Program.

The Performance of 5.15m ranks EJ first equal with Iskandar Alwi of Malaysia. He also tied the winning Gold Medal mark of Kreetha Sintacheewa of Thailand 5.15m, Alwi 5.10m, and Sompong of Thailand 5.00m at the 2013 SEA Games. Sintacheewa, who is training in Italy, now has a best of 5.10m this year.


Week 7 (24.08.14) Weekly Relays Schedule B Report

Entries were watered down this week as the Milo Little Olympics was in progress at Marikina over Saturday and Sunday, which saw a drop as this was for kids 16 and under. Instead of 15 heats of kids in the 100m, there were just 2 or 3 in the youth grade. A lot of athletes chose to take this week off as well due to the long weekend. Also, this weekend, a team of Asian Games-bound athletes were participating in the Singapore Open.

UST, who would use this as a rest week, brought a full team as they discovered their alternate training facility Marikina had been closed. DLSU, due to a hard workout yesterday, opted not to attend. A team traveled all the way from Lyceum of Batangas to participate, while DLSU Dasmarinas didn’t participate as the bus service wasn’t available. UP had a school team building, so I wasn’t able to attend.

JRU, FEU, Adamson, and several other colleges competed. At the same time, Ateneo is looking at joining the meet next week.


Invitational A Races

I announced the Invitational A Race entries on the loudspeaker at the start, so they were aware of the participants. Unfortunately, as I had to make sure the competitors were present, I couldn’t announce them lane by lane this week, but we will implement it this coming week.

The Mens 100m was up first with the absence of the countries best sprinters. Arellano Rodquem Maullon emerged as the clear winner in the mens 100m Dash in a time of 10.8. Arellano coach Pines Lim is mentoring the 18-year-old NCAA Bronze medalist. The man who originally discovered future SEA Games Gold Medalist in 400 Hurdles Grace Melgar, the 2007 SEA Games Silver Medalist.

The stocky Maullon, who smashed the ground hard-rocking side to side, had his first win. Having lined up and not finishing in the top three during the 2014 Weekly Relay Serie in any race so far.

PRISAA Bronze Medalist Albin Albano of Lyceum of Batangas was second in 11.0, and PLDT Abdul Apues, a former NCAA Bronze medalist, was third in 11.1.

*Please note the first heats times are still being adjusted, and the need for Electronics to sort out this would have been helpful.

The Second heat was won by Renzo Capingian of Mapua in 11.0, with National 110 Hurdles Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista tucked back in heat 7 to win in 11.0.

The Womens 100m was a solid lineup with athletes who originally withdrew, re-entering the race. UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales of UE won the 100m in 12.3; Rosales led but couldn’t quite shake off the challenge of Eloiza Luzon of UST; last year’s Uni Games champion closed behind in 12.4.

Surprisingly Marimar Amarga of FEU clinched third in 12.6 (much to the similar example set by FEU teammate Avegail Dizon where she got a surprise 3rd at the UAAP last year). Uni Games silver medalist Glaiza Salcedo of UST was 4th in 12.6. UAAP Long Jump Champion Happy Denuyo of UST 5th in 12.6, and Christine Del Rio of FEU 6th in 12.6. With 6 of the 7 competitors in the womens breaking 13 seconds.

The winners of the A Race’s were rewarded T-shirts from the Academy of Speed via Pinoyathletics.


5000M Races good fields also

In the Mens 5000m, National Champion in 10,000m Richard Salano of UE won in 15:22, last series 5000m winner Anthony Nerza of Airforce was second in 15:24 with 2013 National Champion Rafael Poliquit 15:27. It was a high-quality race featuring NCAA Silver medalist Immuel Camino and UAAP 10,000m Record Holder Ben Alejandrino making a comeback.

In the Womens 5000m, Cristina Jaro of Airforce improved on her best time to run 19:22, the second-fastest time this year in the event, her younger sister Cellie Rose Jaro UE clocked 19:37, a personal best for second place.


Weekly Relays Week 8 (Schedule B) Invitational ‘A’ Start Lists

Aug 29

This Weekend will be schedule B. Our series of Invitational ‘A’ Races continues. Bringing together the best athletes available in Manila in a head-to-head battle has drawn out SEA Games Qualifications, Personal, and Seasons best in the elite fields.

This weekend, the action continues at PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays the development of excellence in Track and Field with the Mens 110 Hurdles, Mens 400m, and Womens 400m Dash getting invitational status. However, due to insufficient quality entries in the Womens 100 Hurdles, this event is no longer considered an invitational event.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 17

A solid men’s 400m Field will see NCAA Champion Rey Aldrin, who has dominated this event, winning the last 2 invitational series; he will have some good challenges from the returning UAAP Junior Record Holder Jaime Mejia and 2013 National Junior Champion Reymond Alferos. Still awaiting a decision from is National 400 Hurdles Champion Junrey Bano, who would be the fastest man in the race if he accepts the challenge.

In the Womens 400m, Jenny Rose Rosales, the UAAP Record Holder (54.65), slowly makes her way back into shape, having won the last two of these events with 1.00.0 and 58.8. In addition, Palaro Champion Leah Ann Creer and UAAP Silver Medalist and teammate Neslee Angco who finished second and third in this race should also feature in this race aswell as National Champion Jinky Obanon.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 18

Even though the womens 100 Hurdles has been canceled due to insufficient interest, the Mens 110 Hurdles is sure to be a good one. National Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista will take on two promising teenagers NCAA Champion Francis Medina and Nestley Tercero, the Palaro Bronze Medalist. Also, Mejia, Unso, and Fransico could challenge but have to confirm their participation.

Please note all these races are now locked, meaning we will not accept any replacement entries at this late date. We will leave the lanes empty if athletes pull out or fail to show.

This Weekend will be schedule B. Our series of Invitational ‘A’ Races continues. Bringing together the best athletes available in Manila in a head-to-head battle has drawn out SEA Games Qualifications, Personal, and Seasons best in the elite fields.

This weekend, the action continues at PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays the development of excellence in Track and Field with the Mens 110 Hurdles, Mens 400m, and Womens 400m Dash getting invitational status. However, due to insufficient quality entries in the Womens 100 Hurdles, this event is no longer considered an invitational event.

Please note all these races are now locked, meaning we will not accept any replacement entries at this late date. We will leave the lanes empty if athletes pull out or fail to show.


Week 8 Report (31.08.14) Ubas impresses, new prospects emerge.

Ubas Impresses in Pole Vault and Long Jump

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 19
Little Janry Ubas puts himself on the all-time list for the Mens Pole Vault at the Weekly Relays.

Janry Ubas took the mens long jump with 7.14m, just 1cm off his best performance from SEA Games Champion Henry Dagmil 7.12m. National Junior and Palaro Champion Jerry Belibestre of Bacolod, who scored a new PB of 7.09m.

The 16-year-old Belibestre, who is in Manila en route to a training camp sponsored by the IOC in Qatar, is accompanied by Mr. Miguel Arca. Belibestre has had a wonderful season winning three national age-grade titles also with the Batang Pinoy.

Ubas continued to show fine form with a new personal best of 4.60m in the Pole Vault, the National Champion and UAAP Record Holder finished second. The win went to National and National Junior Record Holder Ernest Obiena, who took the win this time in 5.00m.

Ubas leap was ninth on the Philippine Mens All-Time list for Pole Vault. The pint-sized jumper has won national medals in all four of the jumping events.


Rosales wins, but a new prospect emerges.

Jenny Rose Rosales of UE had her third straight victory in the Invitational women’s 400m Dash Weekly Relay Serie. The 20-year-old, who holds the UAAP Record at 54.65, clocked a seasonal best time of 56.3. Her previous times being 1.00.0 and 58.8.

However, a new prospect emerged in this event. Jinky Obanon of RTU, the petite 19-year-old, latched onto Rosales the last 100m, not dropping back any space on Rosales, who had a 5 stride lead and clocked a new personal best of 57.7.

UAAP Silver Medalist Neslee Angco of UE was well back in third place in 1.00.0. While Leah Ann Creer, the Palaro Champion, did not start the race.


A surprise win in 400m

It was a surprise win of sorts when specialist Triple Jumper Mark Harry Diones of JRU defeated his teammate, the NCAA 400m Champion Rey Aldrin, 49.5 to 49.7. The tall 20-year-old drawn in lane 1 out strode Aldrin to capture a new personal best time. Aldrin had previously won the last two Mens Invitational ‘A’  400m events.


CKB beats the best the Philippines has to offer

In a field that involved all the best Hurdlers the country had to offer, National Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista emerged victorious in the Mens Invitational A Race with a time of 14.6. Albeit slightly off his 14.73 winning times at the national games.

The only athletes not in the race were National Record Holder Eric Cray, based in the United States, National Junior Record Holder & UAAP Champion Patrick Unso.

CKB held off PRISAA Champion Robert Fransico (15.0) and NCAA Silver Medalist Domingo Cabradilla (15.3), also beating NCAA Champion Francis Medina, UAAP Decathlon Champion Ian Delos Santos, UAAP JR Record Holder and Palaro Champion Jaime Mejia and Palaro Bronze Medalist Nestley Tercero.

It was a seven-man race due to a lack of Hurdle; the 5’11 CKB was clear of the field with 2 hurdles to go.

In the Womens 100 Hurdles, UAAP and National Champion Michelle Loterte, who lacked any decent competition, improved her season’s best to 15.3, about .7 seconds ahead of second place.


More improvements in the 1500m

With SEA Qualifier Roldan Verano (3:55.3) taking a well-earned rest, this time’s win went to his teammate from JRU Rudyfer Hernandez (3:58.8), whose time this week was a second slower than the SEA Qualifying mark he posted three weeks ago. John Rued Acanto of Perpetual clocked a personal best of 3:59.2, while Jomar Angus of FEU equaled his best mark with 3:59.5.

This now puts six men below 4:00.0 for 2014 compared to just two last year.


Week 9 (07.09.14) Invitational ‘A’ Races

Firstly, please note that all entries/registration to the PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relay officially closed on August 31, and we will not be taking any new entries. The registration period was June until August 31 for the 2014 Weekly Relays.

Below is a list of the Invitational A races. I have put runners who are unsure about their participation but haven’t pulled out in the outside lanes to avoid reshuffling the lane assignments. Therefore, we will leave the lanes empty. Please confirm availability before Friday if listed here.

BANO going for SEA Games Qualifying Mark

National Games Champion Junrey Bano, who finished just outside a medal at the 2011 SEA Games, will appear when he finished fourth. Bano needs to clock 51.5 (+.24 conversion) 51.74 to go below the SEA Games bronze mark of 51.79. At the National Games, Bano ran his season’s best of 52.11 after Eric Cray strained his hamstring in the heats. In Vietnam, Open Cray and Bano got 1-2 for the Philippines with 52.29 and 52.61. The Duo is also 1-2 in South East Asia 2014.

Cray, who will be focussing on Asian Games, is missing from the race, as is Patrick Unso, the #3 for the year, which sustained a hamstring strain a few weeks ago at this meet. In addition, Clinton Kingsley Bautista opted out of the Invitational A and will appear in a later heat.

The 30-year-old Bano, who is at the twilight of his career coming back into some good shape after a troubling 2013, will be up against a set of younger opponents NCAA Champion Francis Medina, Palaro Champion Jaime Mejia, UAAP Silver medalist Gerald Morales.


With the older athletes who dominated the sport in the past years, Josie Malacad, Keizel Pedrina, and Carmela Leonardo faded out of the picture, a new younger set of girls will do battle in the 400 Hurdles. While it’s unlikely they will reach the elusive 59.95 standards required for SEA Games, it will be interesting to see who emerges as the countries next 400 Hurdler.

This years fastest is Michelle P. Loterte of UST, the National 100 Hurdles Champion who got third at the UAAP behind Jenny Rosales, and Carmela Leonardo has the best time in the field 1.03.04. However, the strongest this year is National Junior Champion Josefina P. Baloyloy. Also featured is Marilyn Avila, the PNG Champion, and the 2013 UAAP Silver medalist Jayed Penarubia.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 20

Jose Unso, who won the last invite meet in 21.9, goes in as the favorite. He will be up against NCAA Record Holder Anfernee Lopena and National Junior Champion Romnick Nor. Also in the race will be UAAP JR Record Holder Jaime Mejia and NCAA Bronze medalist Peter Padal.

At that meet, the Womens 200m will see the clash between UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales and the silver medalist Eloiza Luzon. Rosales won the first invite meet in 25.3, and Luzon won the second in a new personal best of 25.4.

A splendid lineup may also feature Karen Janario, the 15-year-old National Junior Champion, who we are awaiting confirmation from. In addition, Jinky Obanon ran a PB of 57.7 last week, Uni Games silver medalist Glaiza Salcedo and UAAP Bronze medalist Neslee Angco.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 21

Week 9 Weekly Relays (07.09.14): young Medina impresses

The end of the third cycle of the weekly relays drew close in the first week of September. It was a string of good performances, but the emergence of a promising young hurdler who won the 400m Hurdles Invitational ‘A’ Race added some fire to the meet.


2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 22
Medina on his way to winning the NCAA Title


Francis Medina of UPHR, the NCAA Champion (54.40) who Leyte Coach Trece trains, took full advantage of a field missing some of the bigger names of Philippine Athletics to win in 54.1, the 18-year-old who is preparing to make his debut for the Philippines at the 2014 ASEAN School Games in Marikina later this year, held off a neck to neck challenge the last 120m from NCAA Silver medalist Domingo Cabradilla of JRU (54.1 unofficial also PB), and Palaro Champion 17-year-old Jaime Mejia of UP (55.0 unofficial, who is also selected for ASEAN Schools in this event).

Mejia has a few caps for the Philippines, now running last year at the ASEAN Youth Champs in Thailand and Thailand Open.

The appearance of National Games Champion Junrey Bano of UST in a later heat, despite being invited to join the first heat,  jogging to an easy win in 53.0 (unofficial). The relaxed hit out for the national champion was his first appearance at the weekly relays, and he will require a time of 51.79 to join SEA Games Champion Eric Cray at the SEA Games next June in Singapore.

The Invitational ‘A’ 400m Hurdles was won by Palaro and National Junior Champion Josefina Baloyloy of RTU (1:04.8 unofficial); in another heat National Games Champion Marilyn ‘Daffy’ Avila of FEU struggled in pain with a sore hamstring to win her heart. Both Baloyloy and Avila have been selected to represent the Philippines at the ASEAN School Games at the end of the year.

It would be Daffy’s second appearance for the Philippines has won the Junior Gold Medal last year at the Thailand Open. Baloyloy, on the other hand, would be making her debut.

Baloyloy, for her efforts, was awarded an Academy of Sports T-shirt from pinoyathletics.info.


NERI looms at possible UAAP Record

In the Mens 800m, it was Elbren Neri (UST) clocked 1:52.8, which puts him in contention for the long-standing UAAP Record of Nelbert Ducusin (FEU) (1:54.1) in December. Neri won comfortably over Jomar Angus.

*Official times hopefully available by Monday.


Extreme headwinds in the 200m Dash hampered fast times.

Strong headwinds hampered fast performances today in the 200m Dash.

The 200m Mens Invitational A only had 5 starters, with Jose Unso and Rey Aldrin, who won the last 2 editions not starting. NCAA Record Holder Anfernee Lopena CSB won 22.2 (unofficial) from NCAA 100 Bronze medalist Rodquem Maullon of Arellano JRU’s Pearnel Lobos. With Peter Padal, the NCAA Silver medalist 4th and the National Games Junior Champion Romnick Nor of UST 5th.

It just seemed that Maullon attacked the curve more aggressively, with Lopena in Lane 5, closing the stagger on Nor in Lane 6 after 30m and then cruising the rest of the way.

The Invitational Women only had five entries. With Glaiza Salcedo not participating and Neslee Angco missing the first heat and resorting to heat 2.

UAAP Record Holder Jenyrose Rosales of UE won in tough conditions (25.3 unofficial), she pulled away from UST Eloiza Luzon (25.8 unofficial) Jinky Obanon of RTU.

Meanwhile, the countries most promising young athlete Ernest John Obiena, 19, cleared 5.00m again to win the Junior Boys Division.

*Will check official results on Monday.


Weekly Relays Week 10 (14.09.14)  – Noli !!!!!! & Jennyrose win rain-soaked 100m Dash

In its 10th Week, the 2014 Weekly Relays yielded decent sprint performances, albeit still hand-timed in the 100m Dash. Despite the rain reducing the attendance in the kid’s division to almost nil and a lot of the better athletes staying indoors, there were still eight heats in the mens 100m and four in the womens.


Jenny Rosales storms away from the field in the Women’s Invitational ’A.’

Despite the rain and depleted entries, Jenny Rose Rosales had her third straight win in the 100 Meters at the weekly relays, again clocking 12.3; Rosales pulled about a stride away from the FEU girls halfway mark extended it to three strides at the end.

Gasping for 2nd and 3rd places were the FEU teenage duo of Marimar Amarga (12.6) and Christine Del Rio (12.7).

The UAAP Record Holder is coached by one of the most be-medalled athletes in SEA Games history, Elma Muros, at UE. Rosales made her candidacy known for the 4×100 Relay Team at the next SEA Games by taking a lackluster field. After the other top local sprinter/jumper, Katherine Khay Santos, could not start due to flu, several athletes decided to stay inside due to the weather.

Rosales 2012 UAAP Mvp with Coaches Jojo and Elma Posadas. Rosales. Rosales 400m time set 3 records at the UAAP. National, National Junior and UAAP.

‘A’ win for Noli Torres

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 23
Noli Torres in action in a previous race.


The Invitational field was won by PRISAA Champion and National Pool member Noli Torres who clocked 10.8, supporting the weekly relay serie. Torres is coached by former SEA Games National Sprinter/Decathlete Arnold Villarube.

Running in a pair of shoes he had borrowed before the race, the 22-year-old, the bronze medalist at the National Games, got off well and held off the fast-finishing teenager Rodquem Maullon, 19 of Arellano.

Maullon, who had won the last Invitational A Race, also clocked 10.8. In third was NCAA 200m Silver Medalist Peter Pol Padal of JRU in 11.0, followed by RTU’s Allan Plana, who clocked a new PB of 11.0. (hand times 10.71,10.79,10.91,10.92) it marked the first time during the weekly relays where more than one person clocked below 11 (albeit hand-timed) in the same race for 2013 and 2014.

PATAFA Relays Week 10 (21.09.14) Invitational A: Guarte vs. Verano

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 24
Verano (JRU) takes on his rival Guarte (SSC) in red.


1500M Show-Down: The Top 2 in South East Asia go head to head

It is an interesting race with 3 of the 4 athletes who have surpassed SEA Games bronze participating. Two old foes from the NCAA Days, Mervin Guarte, National Record Holder, and 2011 SEA Games Silver medalist, up against Roldan Verano of JRU. Guarte, who boasts a personal best of 3:47.65 from the 2011 SEA Games and leads the SEA Rankings in 2014 with 3:55.10, will be up against the rising Roldan Verano #2 South East Asia 2014, who reduced his best times from 3:59.74 to 3:55.3 within a few short months. Guarte himself reduced his best from 3:57 to 3:47.65 leading up to the 2011 SEA Games.

Verano, a full-time employee of PLDT, is the PNG Bronze medalist also has surpassed the Gold Medal Standard of the SEA Games. Verano’s training partner Rudyfer Hernandez who has improved rapidly this year, will also race.

Also in the field will be Gilbert Rutaquio, 17, who is suiting up for the ASEAN School Games in December.

The Following has been nominated to the lineup for the Main Race of the 1500m. To prevent overcrowding, only a maximum of 15 will be racing in the first heat.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 25

400M Fields strong despite UST rest weeks

Despite a depleted field due to UST taking rest weeks, it looks like a decent field for the 400m. In the Womens, Jenny Rose Rosales, the UAAP Record Holder, leads the field. Rosales has won the last 3 A Races, improving her time rapidly from 1.00.0, 58.8, 56.2, nearing her career-best of 54.65.

Looking to join Jenny in the SEA Games relay squad, and on the improvement is 19-year-old Jinky Obanon, who clocked a PB of 57.7 last 400m. A time of 55.9 is required for Obanon to join the relay squad, which also would feature Fil-Heritage National and Junior Record Holder Zion Corrales-Nelson (54.18) and National Games 100/200 Champion Princess Joy Griffey (53.5 split/55.96 PB).

Also featured will be Rosales training partner, UAAP Silver Medalist Neslee Angco, and PNG 400 Hurdles Champion Marylyn ‘Daffy’ Avila.

In the Mens 400m, Rey Aldrin, who won the last three editions of the invite series, is taking a rest. His teammate Harry Diones, who had a surprise win over Aldrin in a new best time, will start, and hopefully, PNG 400 Hurdles Champion Junrey Bano, the fastest man in the field 48.95 this year and a PB of 48.26. NCAA Bronze medalist Peter Padal and UAAP Bronze medalist Gab Soriano are also featured.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 26

Hurdles Fields

A junior hurdle invitational race has been introduced. Quite a drained field in the Mens with National Record Eric Cray based in the states, Junior Record Holder Pach Unso recovering from an injury, and National Games Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista opting not to run in the first heat. Palaro Champion Jaime Mejia, Palaro Bronze medalist Tercero, NCAA Silver medalist Cabradilla will match up in the Invitational A Race.

While in the womens SEA Games, Silver Medalist in Heptathlon Narcisca Atienza has been invited, as have Batang Pinoy Champion Karen Janario and Palaro Champion Melissa Escoton.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 27

PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Week 11 (21.09.14)

The athletes of legendary coach George Posadas continued to shine in the invitational races of the Weekly Races.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 28
Roldan Verano in green.

Roldan Verano, who has brought his time down to 3:55.3 over a month ago and hit the Gold Standard for the SEA Games, showed great consistency in backing this time up with a devastating final kick to win in 3:55.4.  Roldan had to run around 4 slower athletes the last 100m (see note at the bottom of the article) as he outkicked the rest of the field. His times were 3.55.12 and 3.55.39, so officially, it’s 3.55.4 (hand-timed).

Despite National Record Holder Mervin Guarte, who was scheduled to start, Verano still almost his best time without Guarte present.

Verano of PLDT, who is being strongly considered for the training pool, blew away his training partner Rudyfer Hernandez who was second in 4.00.0

(NB. Several coaches had requested that the field be limited to 16 entries and additional entries are placed in separate races.  The advisory was that we would have an invitational A Race.)


1500 Meter Issues over having one invitational Race of 16 Athletes

Contrary to the protest and refusal of an official (who will remain anonymous), I decided to keep them all in one heat with 30+ athletes on Sunday. IAAF Rule 166 states that if there are more than 16 entries, the event can be split into 2 heats/divisions. While Rule 166 may only abide for competitions, there is no rule against combining athletes into one heat; the only reason considered is to try and get the meet to finish early, which by all means could have meant another 5 minutes and would have prevented the overlapping first placer getting hindered by four athletes who got in his way around the curve.

However, the officials are paid until 12.00, so it should not have been an issue as the meet was over before 11.00.

400 Meter two more wins for Posadas’s squad

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 29
Harry Diones with JRU Assistant coach Elma Muros at NCAA

National Training Pool Triple Jumper Mark Harry Diones of JRU continued to bring down his 400-meter time with a personal best of 49.1 (from 49.5) to win his second invitational title Pearnel Lobos 49.5, and Peter Padal 49.6 both clocked best times to finish second and third. NCAA Champion and training partner Rey Aldrin who won the last 2 invitationals, was rested.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 30
Jenny Rose (left) and Friends.

UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rose Rosales continued her streak with her fourth invitational A win in the 400m this time in 56.8; Rosales, who has a personal best of 54.65, wasn’t able to register as good a time as the last series where she ran 56.2.

Rosales won over Leah Ann Creer of DLSU, the Palaro and National Junior champion, who clocked 1.00.1 for a second.

National Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista wins again in the Invitational A 110 Hurdles.

Clinton Kingsley Bautista

Clinton Kingsley Bautista, the National Champion in the 110 Hurdles after toying whether or not to play in the Mens A Race, won convincingly in 14.7 seconds; Domingo Cabradilla of JRU, the NCAA Silver medalist, was second.

While tuning up for his debut for the Philippines at the ASEAN Schools in December was NCAA Champion Francis Medina, who won the Junior Hurdles Invitational A in 14.9 from Alvin Vergel and Pole Vault Record Holder Ernest John Obiena (15.5).

Michelle Loterte won the Womens Hurdles without any serious challenge in 15.3 seconds, the third Invitational A title. Loterte, the bronze medalist at the last ASEAN School Games, aims for a spot in that team in December.

PATAFA Weekly Relays Invitational A Week 12 (28.09.14): 200M Mens Unso vs. Lopena vs. Bigyan

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 31

In what may be the best 200m set for the weekly relays in recent memory. Three upcoming members of the national training pool will do battle on Sunday. National Games Silver medalist Jose Unso (DLSU) will be starting in the middle, who won the second invitational A series. Anfernee Lopena (CSB), who won the third invitational A Series, outside him. Lopena is the NCAA Record Holder in this event. Meanwhile, in Lane 2 will be PRISAA Champion Ryan Bigyan, the PNG Silver medalist in the 200m. Unso is 24, Lopena is 20, and Bigyan is also 20.

Unconfirmed is Rey Aldrin of JRU, who won the first Invitational A and is the NCAA Champion over 400m.

Rosales should have #4 wrapped up

Meanwhile, UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rose Rosales,20 of UE, will surely take her 4th Invitational A title in the 200m Dash. Rosales is more than a second faster than her nearest rival, Leah Joan Creer, 17, the Palaro Champion.

UST athletes will not be competing as it’s their last week of competition, which leaves the field somewhat watered down. However, UAAP Bronze medalist Neslee Angco will start in lane 6.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 32

A semi-decent field in the Hurdles. In the mens, Junrey Bano still needs to crack 51.6ht = 51.74et. To surpass the SEA Games 51.79et to qualify for SEA Games. Bano, who participated last time in the weekly relays but opted for a slower heat, clocked 53.6.

Meanwhile, teenager Francis Medina, 18, the NCAA Champion, is preparing for his first stint for the Philippines in December at the ASEAN School Games. Medina clocked a personal best 54.1 last Invitational Race for the win.

NCAA Silver Medalist Domingo Cabradilla, who was second behind Medina in that race, will also line up. Along with UAAP Decathlon Champion Ian Delos Santos.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 33

The highlight of this race will be the participation of some of the fastest runners in the country. SEA Games Silver Medalist Mervin Guarte starts as an obvious favorite.

Along with PNG Silver medalist Paul Billones who is gunning for the SEA Games std of 1.51.62/1.51.4ht. SEA Games 1500m qualifier

Roldan Verano will also try his luck over the shorter distance where he broke his long-time personal best of 1.52.9 last invitational.

PNG Bronze medalist Marco Vilog of Lyceum of Batangas will also have his first run this season with his team to make the long trip up North.

Rudyfer Hernandez, who has also surpassed the SEA Games 1500m standard, and his teammate Alvin Castanares the NCAA Silver Medalist, boost a super strong field.

The only two top half milers missing from this race are Wenlie Maulas, the 2013 Bronze Medalist at the PNG, recovering from a compulsory AFP 21K race, and Elbren Neri (UST) UAAP Silver medalist, whose team is taking a rest week from the competition.

In the Womens Palaro standout, Trisha Ramirez will be up against UAAP Champion Neslee Angco, who just set a personal best of 2.18.9 last Invitational. Angco might be doubling up with the 200-800 these weekly relays. Also invited is UAAP Record Holder in the 3000m Steeples Jenismyl Mabunga (FEU). Who may or may not participate as she with Army and just ran a 21K.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 34

2014 PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Week 12 (28.09.14) Results

Week 12 Weekly Relay Results,

kindly prepared by Ms. Tynne Artiaga, the encoder of PATAFA.

Several name corrections need to be made due to wrong BIB’s I will revise this when I have time.

Weekly Relays Week 10 (14.09.14) Invitational Start Lists


Due to the demand for the Invitational ‘A’ Races in the weekly relays. In Week 10, we will now have an Invitational ‘A’ and ‘B’ Race in the 100m Dash for Mens and Women’s.

Having started this year, the invitational Race concept has drawn out several PBs and SEA Qualifying marks. It is also a way to identify how well athletes can perform in a more elite race situation.

LOPENA and TORRES, go head to head again, but watch out for young MAULLON

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 35
Anfernee Lopena (green shorts) holds Maullon in the 100m at the NCAA. The two clashed again at the Weekly Relays.

With NCAA Record Holder Lopena the fastest man in the field looking like the favorite in the A Race with the best time of 10.73 this year, (Lopena won the first two editions of this in 10.6 and 10.7). But, unfortunately, Lopena has yet to represent the Philippines as he had to forgo this to align with the NCAA’s residential requirements.

He will, however, face a tough challenge from National training pool member Noli Torres of Dasmarinas, the PNG Bronze medalist, and PRISAA Champion. Lopena finished behind Torres, placing fifth at the national games Final, but he had two wins over Noli during the invitationals over 60 and 100. Torres debut for the Philippines at the Vietnam Open earlier this year.

Upcoming Rodquem Maullon won the last invitational 100m (10.8), his first and only won weekly relays this year. Maullon of Arellano was the NCAA Bronze medalist trained by master veteran coach Andaya and now by Pines Lim. Maullon, who, according to coach Lim’s goal, is to get down to 10.5, has been nominated for selection for the ASEAN School Games at the end of the year, which would be his first debut for the Philippines.

Best of the ‘B’

The B Race is also a powerful field, with National Junior Record Holder Daniel Noval opting to play it safe by building his confidence later. Noval will be up against UAAP Champion Jasper Tanhueco of DLSU and National Games Hurdles Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 36

UNDEFEATED ROSALES faces a challenge

“I like the invitational meets as it gives me a good race every week, try and line up some more athletes.” – Jenny Rosales

was the value that UAAP Record Holder placed on the importance of the Invitational Series of the weekly meet. The next two years, the 20-year-old who emerged as the Palaro Champion in the 100-200-400 and then the UAAP Record Holder in the 100-200-400 may get that wish this week.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 37
Khay Santos (left) and Jenny Rosales (right)

Looking to end the local streak of Rosales, who is undefeated in the 100m (including 12.3×2 to win the last 2 invitational Series), is National Jumper Katherine Khay Santos, who is not only the SEA Games Bronze Medalist in the Long Jump from 2011 but also the 2012 National Games Champion in the 100m at Dumaguete. Santos holds a personal best of 12.17 versus Jenny 12.22. And the duo is considered the best of the local female sprinters as of today. Santos might double up in the Long Jump later in the meet.

Santos and Rosales are being considered in the National squad for the Womens 4×100, featuring 4 Fil-Heritage athletes (Princess Joy Griffey, Kayla, and Kyla Richardson Zion Corrales-Nelson).

Also featured in the race are some younger sprinters and a veteran. The 30-year-old mother of three Honey Joy Ortaliz, who is last year’s Weekly Relay Champion and the winner of the first leg of the Invitational Series, will lineup next to Kath in lane 2. Ortaliz, a former national team member, represented the Philippines in the 2003 and 2005 SEA Games.

While also lining up some of the country’s promising young sprinters Palaro Champion Diesto and her teammate National Junior Champion Leah Ann Creer of DLSU. Diesto and Creer are better known for Triple Jump and 400m.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 38

*More Data to come as other invite races might be held.


Invitational C (28.09.14): Good 200 A Race & Obiena again breaks record

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 39

In the much anticipated Invitational ‘A’ 200m race, Anfernee Lopena of CSB emerged. The 20-year-old NCAA Record holder blasted out of the blocks and never looked like conceding the race at any stage; he clocked 21.8.  Although his margin of victory would have indicated a faster time.

Playing catch up was PNG Silver medalist Jose Unso of DLSU, who timed in at 21.9 after a rather cumbersome start Unso fought back from fourth to second, battling it down the home straight with head thrown back.

Taking third place was PRISAA 200m Champion Ryan Bigyan, the National 400m Silver medalist in 22.0. Bigyan, whose start showed blocks made little difference, was coming 6th off the curve but fought his way to third place.

The other five competitors Pearnel Lobos (4th), NCAA Silver medalist Peter Padal (5th), UAAP 100m Champion Jasper Tanhueco (6th), NCAA 100m Bronze Medalist Rodquem Maullon (7th), and Doysabas (8th), all runners in this race ran below 22.9 seconds, which was faster than the winner of all the other succeeding heats proving the value of the Invitational A Races in the weekly relays.

Jenny Rose Rosales clocked a season’s best 25.1 to have the fastest time in the womens.

The country #2 Hammer Thrower Jessa Hernandez of UST threw a new PB of 38.13m.


Journey of the Pole Vault Record continues

Ernest John Obiena again broke the National and National Junior Record in the Pole Vault, this time, he threw 5.21m (which must be a southeast Asian junior record?), beating his old mark of 5.20m.


PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Week 13 (04.10.14) Invitational ‘A’ lists

Last Cycle of Weekly Relays

The next cycle of Schedule A-B-C will be the last chance for the athletes to qualify for the elimination finals. After this cycle, only qualified athletes and invited national team members will be allowed to compete.

However, national team members who did not qualify in earlier rounds of weekly relays would only be invited to events that don’t have lanes; they will be unable to participate in 100m, 200m, 400m, 110 Hurdles, and 400 Hurdles.

A decently strong Mens A Field in the 100m Dash. With #3-#4 and #5 at the National Games, Torres, Noval, and Lopena lined up. Also joining them will be UAAP Champion Jasper Tanhueco.

Meanwhile, in the ‘B’ Race, nonevent specialists highlight this event. National Games Hurdles Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista will be up against NCAA 400m Champion Rey Aldrin, Pole Vault National Games Champion Janry Ubas, and UAAP Bronze medalist in 400m Gabriel Soriano. Also, 100m PRISAA Bronze medalist Aljun Albano is entered.

The Womens A Race is fully packed featuring UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rose Rosales, who is undefeated in the 100m this weekly relays, 2011 SEA Games Bronze Medalist in Long Jump and 2012 100m Champion National Champion Katherine Khay Santos, 2013 Uni Games Champion Eloisa Luzon, National Junior Champion Leah Ann Creer and Palaro Champion Mary Anthony Diesto.

While the second heat contains a former member of the National Team, Honey Joy Ortaliz ’30’ up against some promising upcoming runners such as 15-year-old Karen Janario, the Batang Pinoy champion.

A special Junior Mens Race has been drawn up. The centerpiece is NCAA Bronze medalist Rodquem Maullon against National Junior Champion Romnick Nor and PNG Junior Bronze medalist William Galceran.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 40

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 41

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 42

Tiger Cub Luzon ends Jennyrose 100 meter winning streak

(Oct 8, 2014)

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 43
1-2 Rosales and Eloiza Luzon after the 2013 UAAP at Dasmarinas.

Pasig, Weekly Relays, October 5.

UST Tiger Cub Eloisa Luzon ended the local winning streak of Jenny Rose Rosales, 20 in the 100 Meter Dash. Rosales, who was undefeated since coming to Manila 2 years back, had won the last four Invitational A Races and is the UAAP Record Holder in the 100m,200,400m.

Luzon,18, recruited by UST last year, is the 2013 Palaro and Uni Games Champion.

A powerful start saw the petite sprinter placed in lane one pull away from the rest of the field, three clear strides of Rosales, who caught up but still fell one stride behind.  Luzon was rewarded with a new personal best of 12.2 seconds (hand-timed), improving her 12.4 clockings.

The Teenager will look to make her debut for the Philippines at the ASEAN School Games, where she is lined up in the 100, 200, and 4×100 meter Dash.

Both Rosales and Eloisa Luzon have been firm supporters of the weekly relays, and pinoyathletics congratulates them both for a well-run race.



Luzon, whose desire is to join the national team one day, was recruited by UST coaches Manny Calipes and Joey Ming Lao, who advised her to focus on finishing her studies first, and then when she is ready, she can join the national team.

Although one of our best local sprinters, Luzon is still in the shadow of several Fil-Heritage athletes led by Princess Joy Griffey and 16-year-old Kayla Richardson.

Her recent performance has moved her standing from 8th to 6th place in the 2014 Converted Rankings.

Thus, her coaches have displayed clear intelligence, who see her as more ready for the 2017 SEA Games.


INVITATIONAL ‘A’ increases depth


  1. Eloiza Luzon (UST) 12.2 PB (96)
  2. Jenny Rose Rosales (UE) 12.3 (94)
  3. Glaiza Salcedo (UST) 12.4 PB (96)
  4. Happy Denuyo (UST) 12.5 PB (95)
  5. Leah Ann Creer (DLSU) 12.6 (97)
  6. Marimar Amarga (FEU) 12.6 (96)
  7. Mary Anthony Diesto (DLSU) 12.9 (97)

All the invited athletes turned up except for Khay Santos. Had she been there, all eight would have run below 13 seconds. This is the fastest Weekly Relay Women’s race in recent memory. Some of the other races also produced sub-13-second girls in the top two.

It s good to see a boost in local women’s sprinting with more women showing up to run.


Weekly Relays Week 14 (12.10.14) Invitational ‘A’ Lists

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 44
The DUCK!!!!!

Ryan ‘The Duck’ Bigyan leads an all-star cast in the final qualification round for the Mens 400m Invitational ‘A’ Race. The 20-year-old Bigyan is the National Silver Medalist in the 400 Meter Dash. Bigyan will be up against JRU Jumper turned quarter-miler Harry Diones, who has won the last two invitationals A Races with a PB of 49.1.

Also in the race will be Diones three teammates, including NCAA 400m Bronze medalist Peter Padal.

Teenagers Reymond Alferos the 2013 National Junior Champion, and the emerging Aaron James Intertas of Letran.


Best of the B Race

The ‘B’ Race will also be quick with SEA Games 800m Silver Medalist Mervin Guarte in the middle, flanked by De Vera and Niels, named for the ASEAN 4×400 meter relay squad School Games.

UAAP Record Holder in 400 for Juniors Mejia, National 1500m Silver medalist Wenlie Maulas, National 800m Bronze medalist Marco Vilog and UAAP Decathlon Champion Ian Delos Santos make it an interesting mix of high caliber national athletes from different events in this race.


Rosales and Obanon towards womens 4×400 at SEA Games

In the Womens 400m, Jenny Rosales and Jinky Obanon again battle it for spots in the SEA Games 4×400 relay. Rosales has won 4 of 4 invitational races, but in the third edition, dragged 19-year-old Obanon through to a 57.7 personal best. Obanon will need to take her best time below 56 seconds before the deadline for a good relay lineup next year.

As it stands, the duo would look to join Griffey and Zion Nelson in the womens 4×400 relay. Unfortunately, in the past 2 years, we have lost Krizia Apelar, Keizel Pedrina, Lorna Olarita, and Josie Malacad from our womens relay pool.

Silver Medalist at UAAP Neslee Angco is also in the race.

ASEAN School tryout athletes PNG Junior and Palaro Champion Leah Ann Creer, Sarah Dequinan, and Louielyn Pamaitan will also feature.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 45

Hurdles is also an interesting lineup; first, in the Women’s SEA Games, Silver medalist in Heptathlon, the fastest Hurdler in the land Nars Atienza, 35, has been invited to race against UAAP Champion Michelle P. Loterte.  Also invited but unsure of attendance is Batang Pinoy champion Karen Janario of Leyte, 15.

In the Mens Race, CKB, who has won the last 2-3 editions, is a favorite. With PRISAA Champion Fransico and NCAA Champion Francis Medina, 18 also in the race.

2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 46

Weekly Relays Week 14 (12.10.14) Report

#1 in 2013 Khay Santos

The last edition of Schedule B for 2014 Weekly Relays came to a close, with some national athletes making last-minute qualifying attempts for the finals slated November 15-16.


Surprise win for Michelle Loterte in the 100 Hurdles

UAAP Champion Michelle Loterte (UST) clocked 14.9 to hold off SEA Games Heptathlon Silver Medalist Narcisca Atienza 15.2. It was a late reaction from the 35-year-old Heptathlete, who has a personal best of 14.82, with Loterte easily gaining 2 strides before Atienza left the blocks.

Loterte, whose best is 14.96, hopes to get the UAAP board nod for selection at the ASEAN University Games in Palembang, Indonesia, December 12-16. In the last edition in 2012 in Laos, she took the bronze.

“I was surprised to win over Aty. Nars today I didnt expect that but am glad she helped me run this time today. Her start was very delayed i think I was two meters ahead before she left the blocks. Maybe she is just getting back into competition and I’m sure it will be more interesting in the final”

The 21-year-old Loterte, a former member of the national training pool, with absolute respect for her older compatriot she will meet in the Weekly Relay Finals November 15-16.


Other Athletes in action

Meanwhile, 2011 SEA Games bronze medallist Katherine Khay Santos (Phil Airforce) leaped 5.84m in the long jump to qualify with the best performance. Santos’s best is 6.25m from 2011, and her season-best is 5.90m from the Vietnam Open.

In the 400 Meter Men’s PNG Silver Medalist, Ryan Bigyan took the first heat in 49.1, with NCAA Bronze Medalist Peter Padal in 50.0 and 18 years old Jay Patrick Niels UST third in 50.1. While in the second heat, after winning the 110 Hurdles, Clinton Kingsley Bautista (FEU), without breaking a sweat, clocked 49.2. Bigyan, whose best is 48.35, and Bautista 48.75, will match up in the weekly relay finals on November 15-16.

Meanwhile, in the women’s UAAP, Silver medalist Neslee Angco UE took the Invitational Womens 400m Dash, in the absence of teammate Jenny Rosales (who won’t he last four) to clock a seasons best 59.3 (PB 57.62) from Rechelle Abotolmo of UST 59.4 in a blanket finish.

*Official Results still to come these performances were from the timekeepers.


PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays under the Microscope (Oct 16)

The Weekly meet has been in place for around eighty years. With evidence of earlier meets (reference from the Philippine Athlete Periodical, which ceased publication in the 1970s).

The modern weekly relays have been under Commissioner Jolly Gomez since 2011 and act as a supplementary program for Philippines Track and Field grassroots development.

Held at Rizal Memorial 2011, Philsports 2012, Dasmarinas 2013, and then back to Ultra 2014.

The breeding ground of excellence in Philippine Athletics


2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 47
59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race


  • Record Numbers of Participation
  • Around 3000 entries in total, the most ever recorded, in the first week, there were more entries than there were in the whole of 2013 or any other preceding year.
  • The first week saw 449 entries in the 100m Dash alone in the six age groups.
Ernest Obiena
Ernest Obiena breaking records faster than they can be updated.

  • Continual National Records by Ernest John Obiena (5.01m, {5.05, 5.10, 5.15m), 5.20m, 5.21m
  • SEA Games Qualification Gold Standard by Roldan Verano 3.55.3 and 3.55.4 below the 3.58.01 Gold medal winner.
  • Invitational A Races pre-arranged for better quality results led to several PB and SB athletes, particularly sprints.
  • Better Media coverage via PATAFA Facebook group and pinoyathletics.info
  • Mr. Unso made tournament director after success as tournament director of UAAP. Allowing more feedback from officials.
  • The Technical  Officials performed their functions extremely well. However, ground staff had to be reminded to put out starting blocks for sprint events.
  • A better run and well-thought-out program of events than previous years were evaluated and reviewed three times to give the athletes the best performances possible.
  • Feedback from Athletes on ways to improve the meet.
  • Time table is finishing early or running in time. This was no longer an issue for the first few meets, but after mass consultation from officials, athletes, and those involved, we did not expect such a high turnout after the first few weeks.
  • High turnout in particular in the below 16 division, which as expected declined in later weeks due to several other ongoing meets Milo, Batang Pinoy, and regional Palaro type meet.


The only snag was that electronic timekeeping operators were not readily available, and it is suggested to avoid further issues. The PATAFA would purchase its own equipment and train several operators, so it’s always available. Electronic timing is crucial as it’s required to separate very close finishes and needed to establish new records in track events.

Overall, I would like to say that Commissioner Jolly Gomez reviving the Weekly Relays was an excellent idea and great assistance for athletics. It provided the breeding ground for the development of depth in events. Also, talent emerges here of national caliber.

It also serves as a great grass-root program due to the sheer participation of athletes below 16.

It is definitely a ‘Sports for all program’; there is no entry or registration fee, and it caters to athletes of all ages of varying levels of ability. Meaning if you are not an A Grade or an elite athlete, there will always be a level of competition you can be comfortable with.

And had established other weekly relays in Bacolod and Isabella. The vision was that this would further spread into other parts of the country, such as Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Baguio, and Leyte. Perhaps this is something to be looked at for future years.

The good thing about this Weekly Relay Series of events is that it gets better every year with constant evaluation and improvements being made. In addition, it addresses the needs and suggestions of the wider athletic community.


Nothing kills the meet’s atmosphere more than an announcer just reading out BIB Numbers and nothing else. So, what value does this bring to athletic fans?


  • Use Electronic Timing, especially in sprint races.
  • Live Commentary in the race, so the public is aware of what’s going on. The athletic community wants to know more than just BIB Numbers.
    • Personal Best of athletes
    • Titles athlete has won
    • Any Records held
    • Perhaps prizes for winners of races to encourage elite participation
  • Expand out into the other provinces to increase and develop their athletes’ depth further, which would lead to a stronger national team in the long run.

Herrera headlines weekly relay last round of qualifying (Oct 18), 3000M Steeples: SEA Games Five Time Champion Headlines event

farah herrera
Mo Farah of England 2012 Olympic Champion congratulates Rene Herrera, Philippines, who finished the last heats of the 5k

In the last qualifying edition of Schedule C, a powerful field has emerged for the Mens 3000m Steeples.

Former Five Times SEA Games Champion Rene ‘The Calve-man’ Herrera, who holds a personal best of 8:47, will headline the event. The 35-year-old Olympian had come back with a win against 2013 SEA Games Champion Christopher Ulboc at Vietnam open in June.

He will need to run below 9 minutes 04 to beat the 9m04.04 sea games bronze standard.

Also in the race will be NCAA Champion Mervin Guarte (Philippine Airforce) (9:18 PB), NCAA Silver Medalist, and PNG Bronze Medalist Immuel Camino (Arellano University) (9:19 PB), and UAAP Champion Richard Salano (University of the East).

Christopher Ulboc will not participate in the race, and PNG Silver medalist Hernane Sore was invited but had not confirmed his attendance.

Invited in the womens race are Herrera’s understudy PNG Champion Jessa Mangsat (Philippine Airforce, 11:10 PB)  and UAAP Champion Jenismyl Mabunga (Philippine Army, 11:26 PB). The SEA Games qualifying mark, which also happens to be the Philippine Record, is held by Fil-Heritage athlete Jessica Lyn Barnard (11:04.84). Mangsat and Mabunga will also match up at the weekly relay finals and the National Open next year.

This being the last rounds and many athletes focusing on University Games (Oct 27-30). Therefore, there are no invitational ‘A’ Races scheduled. This year, the Invitational ‘A’ concept now wraps up a successful season, which saw many promising performances (*Report to come on the Invitational ‘A’ Concept next week).

This will be the last round of qualifying for competitors to try and make the Weekly Relay Finals on November 15-16.

The finalists will be announced next week.

The Weekly relays 2014 started in July and has been running continuously since. One of the oldest track and field events in the country started in the 1930s under various sponsors. And can view a review here.


Weekly Relays Final Team Pts: FEU sweep 3/6 team titles (break down attached)

As several members of the athletic community are questioning the allocation of points. The PATAFA encoder Ms. Tynne Artiaga has now kindly provided us with a breakdown of the points. Upon examination, I think this is a good justification of her findings, and meticulous analysis of the points break down. I would like to commend Ms. Artiaga for her effort as we are dealing with data from around 3000 athletes, which requires a lot of revision and is a very time-consuming affair.

We have to appreciate that Ms. Artiaga has done the best job possible with the data provided. Now I was asked about the issue of BIB swapping. As Ms. Artiaga is not at the weekly relays, she can only work with the presented data. Obviously, if there is a thrower with a speedy sprint time, such as a sprinter with a massive throw, then and can look this into. That is where feedback from the athletic community is appreciated.

Tyne has also made several revisions to the results as she has been very open to the athletic community’s feedback in making the necessary fixes.

Therefore we are giving the athletic community until Thursday the 13th of November to make any queries or bring up any issues regarding the scoring. You should develop specific examples to present to the encoder regarding any points adjustments or suspected BIB Swapping.

After Thursday also alterations are hereby closed, and the adjusted Final Scores will be the awarded trophies.



2014 Weekly Relays : Insights into Event Management 48

A clear show of dominance saw FEU sweep three of the six divisional titles in the 2014 Weekly Relay Serie.

Coach Roselyn’s girls were assisted by former SEA Games Decathlon bronze medalist Obet Fresnido, clearly dominating the junior womens division with more than 200 points ahead of Bulacan State University’s ex-national sprinter Honey Joy Ortaliz coached. FEU also took the Womens title over 15 time SEA Games Gold medalist Elma Muros UE Girls.

Meanwhile, Coach Dario, with his three sidekicks Arnold Villarube, Joebert ‘Grover’ Delicano, two former SEA Games medalists, and Joel Sta. Mina, a former UAAP Champion, led the Mens Team.

The Junior Men’s team, the duo of former National sprint champion Paul Coloma and Leyte Academy Coach Trece, took the Junior Mens title over JRU.

The rising Muntinlupa Emeralds were just over 100 points ahead of the Dasmarinas Boys in the Youth Divison. However, in the youth girls division, Dasmarinas was very dominant ahead of Kalayaan Nat’l HS.

Trophies will be awarded during the Finals on November 15-16.

Attached is a full listing of scores

Thank you to PATAFA Encoder Christine (Tynne) Artiaga for compiling the scores of PATAFA (attached)


Notes on 2014 Weekly Relay Finals Guidelines (rev 1)

After a Discussion with Tournament Manager Renato Unso and PATAFA Auditor Jeanette Obiena, and made the final decisions on the Weekly Relays.

  1. The Schedule will be as follows from here on
    1. November 9, Schedule C
    2. November 15/16, Weekly Relay Finals
  2. In the following weeks, there will be no weekly relays staged for the given reasons.
    1. October 26, (October 24-26 Milo Little Olympics Finals, Marikina) (Youth) and (October 27-30 University Games of the Philippines, Iloilo) (Senior and Junior) will limit participation, making it not possible to have a round of 16.
    2. November 2 (November 1 and 2 is all souls day, and it’s expected meager attendance) Manny Martinez, venue manager, advised oval unavailable for these days.
  3. The Final will have the following.
    1. No 60m Dash
    2. Top 8 qualifiers for each age category 100m, 200m, 400m, 110 Hurdles, 400 Hurdles, Classical, 4×100 and 4×400 Relays
    3. Top 12 qualifiers for all field events
    4. Top 16 qualifiers for 800m and above
  4. Athletes will be seeded in finals by their actual age athletes regardless of their age category, during the competition.
    1. Athletes born in 1994 or before will participate in the Open Age Category for finals.
    2. Athletes born in 1995, 1996, and 1997 will compete in the Junior Age Category for finals.
    3. Athletes born in 1998 and after will compete in the Youth Age Category for finals.
  5. National Athletes can join events 800m and above and field events. However, if they have not qualified in earlier rounds, they will not award medals.
  6. The Suggestion to hold a Decathlon during the finals was turned down, as according to IAAF Rules, 4 hours is not sufficient to stage a Decathlon and would invalidate the results.
  7. In Long Jump, Triple Jump, the Top 8 will be allowed 3 additional jumps.


Regarding the Weekly Relay Finals Amendments

This should be held on November 9, as attached. It synchronizes better with the calendar. Any excess funds can be used to cover other costs (equipment needed) or put towards tune-up meets starting next January to help athletes prepare for the national open (March tentative suggested).

  • 5 October (Schedule A)
  • 12 October (Schedule B)
  • 19 October (Schedule C)
  • 20 October A
  • 26 October B
  • 2 November C
  • 9 Proposed Finals

Another set of A-B-C (9, 16, and 23) would mean finals on 30, which would not be feasible as it conflicts with the ASEAN Schools and is too close to the UAAP and Milo Marathon.


PSC-PATAFA Weekly Relays Day 1 Final

Nov 15, 2015

Three dips under 49 seconds in the 400m Final

In the pouring rain, three 20-year-olds, who are not members of the national relay team, showed they were hungry for the relay slots of the Mens 4×400.

With the National open scheduled in Mid March, the top four athletes in the final will book thee tickets in the 4×400 relay team in Singapore.

With none of the current relay team participating, three athletes have been recommended to the national training pool, taking the first three places in the Mens 400. PRISAA Champion Johan Caido of Baguio threw himself over the line, falling face-first ahead of the fast-finishing Ryan Bigyan.

Bigyan of Batangas  (PNG Silver medalist) is good friends with Caido and shares the same year and date of birth.

The duo both clocked 48.5, with Caido winning on fractional hand timing 48.42 to 48.50. The third was Triple Jumper Harry Diones of JRU in a PB of 48.7.

Bigyan and his ducks won the 4×400 for Lyceum of Batangas in 3.20.6 from JRU and UE.

2013 National Junior Silver medalist Reymond Alferos easily won the Junior section in 50.1.

Noval is back

After his win at the Uni Games (with an unsanctioned 10.5), Daniel Noval of CSB, who has a personal best of 10.65et, blew away his opposition to add the title of Weekly Relay Champion.

Noval has an imposing resume as National Junior Champion, Former Palaro Record Holder, Former NCAA Record Holder. The 21-year-old spun his way through the whole race with a time of 10.6. Blowing off a decent field, including NCAA Bronze Medalist Rodquem Maullon 10.8, National 200m Silver Medalist Jose Unso 11.0, and National Bronze Medalist Noli Torres 11.1.

Keeping his dream to play in the  Mens 4×100 Team in the SEA Games alive and secure his training pool position. Noval will be up against some speedy Fil-Heritage athletes and his training partner Lopena at the National Open.


Duo 1-2

PNG Junior Champion Romnick Nor (UST) took the 100m narrowly in 10.96 (ht) from NCAA Record Holder Udtohan (SSC) 10.97 (ht) actually in this very race full of drama’s Udtohan actually pulled his quadriceps muscle which led to a long period of rehab. The duo will compete at the ASEAN School Games in the 100m and 4×100 together.


Girls get to it as well.

UAAP Co-Record Holder Jenny Rose Rosales held off 2012 PNG Champion Katherine Santos 12.11 to 12.12 (hand-timed) in the Open Womens 100m Dash.

This was the first race for Santos, who hasn’t run since the Thai Open 14 months ago. It was out good and kept clear of Jenny until the last 20m where she tied up with slight cramps in her hamstring just getting pipped on the line.

Jenny and Kath are being tipped for the SEA Games relay squad with  Fil-Heritage athletes.

Rosales went onto win the 400m in 56.3.


UST 1-2-3 in Junior Womens 100m

Another name to look out for in the future but focuses on finishing studies first before trying out in 2017 is UAAP Silver medalist Eloisa Luzon who won the Junior 100 in 12.12 (ht).

Luzon will debut for the Philippines at the ASEAN School Games in December in 100 and 4×100. Made it a 1-2-3 sweep for UST.

Her teammates since high school as all three girls hail from Northern Mindanao Glaiza Salcedo was second in 12.4 (200m for ASEAN School Games), and Aldee Faith Denuyo was third in 12.5.

The UST girls joined forced Loterte to win the 4×100 in 48.3.

Als, Leah Ann Creer, the National Junior Champion, won the youth grade in 12.5.


Hurdles strong fight

National Hurdles Champion Michelle Loterte just held off SEA Games Heptathlon Silver Medalist Narcisca Atienza 14.86 to 14.90 (ht). Unfortunately, ASEAN School athletes Karen Janario and Melissa Escoton did not participate as they had a 26-hour bus ride from Leyte.

Narcisca Atienza won the High Jump in 1.65m and Loterte the Triple Jump in 11.51m.

Janry Ubas won the Mens Triple Jump in 14.97m.

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