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2014 Weekly Relays July Part 2


We apologize as these are taking longer to process due to the sheer number of 1400 entries that needed to be added to a master list to encode and the fact we had no electricity due to the recent storms. However, we expect the results for Week 1 can be ready by some stage next week.



7:00 am- 12:00noon

(as of July 15, 2014/2:00 pm)



3000m                                           Women                                        Junior

5000m                                           Men                                               Junior

100mh (.762)                              Girls                                               Youth

100mh (.914)                              Boys                                              Youth

100mh (.838)                              Women                                                        Junior

100mh (.838)                              Women                                                        Senior

110mh (.991)                              Men                                               Junior

110mh (1.067)                           Men                                               Senior

3000msc                                           Boys                                                  Youth

2000msc                                           Girls                                                   Youth

60m                                               Boys                                                  Youth

60m                                               Girls                                                   Youth

Classical Relay                              Girls                                                   Youth

Boys                                                  Youth

Men                                                   Junior

Women                                                            Junior

Women                                                            Senior

Men                                                   Senior

1500m                                               Boys                                                  Youth

1500m                                               Girls                                                   Youth

1500m                                           Women                                                        Junior

1500m                                           Men                                               Junior

1500m                                           Women                                                        Senior

1500m                                           Men                                               Senior

400m                                             Girls                                               Youth

400m                                             Boys                                              Youth

400m                                             Women                                                        Junior

400m                                             Men                                               Junior

400m                                             Women                                        Senior

400m                                             Men                                               Senior

Long  Jump                                     Men                                               Senior

Women                                                        Senior

Triple Jump                                    Boys                                              Youth

Girls                                               Youth

Pole Vault                                       Men                                               Senior

Women                                                        Senior

Javelin Throw                                Men                                                   Senior

Women                                                            Senior

Men                                                   Junior

Women                                                            Junior

Boys                                              Youth

Girls                                               Youth


  1. Scheduled times are tentative and may be moved forward or backward if necessary
  2. we may cancel some events in case of bad weather or other scheduled events at the

track oval

  1. All events will start simultaneously.

2014 PATAFA Weekly Relay (Amended Results Attached)

Jul 13, 2014

59 Heats of the 100m, here in the blocks is Heat 1 of the Mens A Race


  • Notes Lopena time is 10.6ht (The official watch was 10.55, and several other timers confirmed this performance)
  • We have 6 categories here Mens and Womens (Open, Junior 17-19, Youth 16 below); in some cases, it was hard to tell if an athlete is using an incorrect BIB Number or just competing in the wrong age grade. So the following adjustments/rules have been made.
  1. An athlete’s name appears in the event of the wrong gender—E.g. Female in Male results or vice versa. PERFORMANCE DISQUALIFIED.
  2. An athlete is too old for an age division. PERFORMANCE DISQUALIFIED.
  3. An athlete not using BIB. It can be Amended if declared before and after the race on the day.
  4. A younger athlete is declared status in another age category but competes in an age bracket. ACCEPTED.
  5. Suspect Performances, e.g., a thrower running a perfect sprint time, will also be monitored and potentially DISQUALIFIED.
  • Please Note this meeting used Hand Timing. So timing, especially in sprints, was slightly off I had provided timing off Video. But as we are bringing in Electronics as of 27th July 2014, it should no longer be an issue.
  • Apart from Lopena, unfortunately, we will not change any official time as we go off the official results. However, we acknowledge in the sprint events; the timing wasn’t that accurate.
  • We used no Wind Gauge for this meet.

Weekly Relays Report (July 20) Week 2: Continuation of Excellence Obiena breaks 22-year-old National Record

Ernest Obiena

The continuation of excellence continued at Week 2 of the Weekly Relay Serie held at Phil Sports, Pasig, on Sunday, July 20th.

The breaking of a long standing national record proved that we can produce good performances at our own local meets and that is very possible to produce a good amount of depth In the Philippine Track and Field scene.

This was highlighted when 18-year-old Ernest John Obiena leaped 5.01m and broke the 22-year-old National Record of Fil-Heritage legend Edward Lasquete (5.00m) 1992 Barcelona Olympics. US-based Lasquette went on to capture the gold medal in three successive SEA Games during the 90s.

The 18-year-old, who now studies at UST, also set the National Junior Record, which he has raised from 4.31m to 5.01m over the past 3 years.

Obiena, who had extensive training in Italy under coach Vitaly, former world record holder Sergey Bubka, could not qualify for the World Juniors (5.05m, deadline was July 7) as he was set back with a foot injury he is still overcoming. But was able to benefit from overseas training under one of the world’s greatest pole vault coaches of all time). His training in Italy was not for nothing but took a while to kick in.

“Why only now!”

EJ shouted after clearing 5.01m as he had hoped to have hit the standard earlier.

EJ then had 2 failed attempts at 5.05m before calling it a day. The 5.01m looked like a straightforward clearance and could well have been a 5.05m+ jump easily.

EJ Obiena holds the Junior and Senior Record at 5.01m and the indoor record at 5.00m. In addition, he has already passed the SEA Games bronze mark of 5.00m.

Meet technical Director Renato Unso and ATFS Statistician Andrew Pirie were there to observe and inspect the vault.


Verano gets close

Former NCAA standout Roldan Verano (formally JRU) came within range of securing a spot for the SEA Games 2015. The 24-year-old Verano, who, like a lot of distance talent, hails from South Cotabato originally is currently the coach at St. Pauls College.

The 5’2 Verano, Jojo Posadas of JRU coach, stuck behind his training partners Rudyfer Hernandez and Alvin Castanares of JRU for the first two laps before Castanares withdrew from the race, and Hernandez was the pacemaker until the last 200 when Verano decided to go on his own.

Verano’s time of 3:58.6 was a new personal best, improving on his best time of 3:59.74, where he landed bronze at the National Games. The two athletes ahead of him were 2013 SEA Games 800m Silver medalist Mervin Guarte at 3:55.10, and Wenlie Maulas at 3:58.30.

The SEA Games standard was 3:58.37, but Wenlie has moved it to 3:58.30 as only 2 were selected for SEA Games.

Verano, when advised before the race, stated

“I will try and go for that time today.”

“It’s a good performance today, we are aiming for 3:55 by National Open.”

said Coach Jojo Posadas.

Verano would be a good addition to the national training pool as he was on the verge of the qualifying standard.


Other Events

It was good to see several members of the training pool participate.

PNG Silver Medalist Julian ‘Happy Clown’ Fuentes won the Mens Long Jump with a leap of 7.11m.

In the Mens 60m, A Race Anfernee Lopena (CSB) NCAA Record Holder in the 100 who ran 10.6 last week got the edge this time over Noli Torres (DLSD), the PRISAA 100m Champion.

National Junior Record Holder Daniel Noval won the 60m B Race.

2 Wins in a row Ortaliz wins the Invitational Womens 60m Dash

In the Womens 60, former National athlete Honey Joy Ortaliz Salaysay (BSU) (30) won the womens 60m, from National Games Bronze Medalist Patricia Monsod (UP) and UAAP Bronze Medalist Avegail Dizon (PLDT).

*No times available yet

Meanwhile, UAAP Record Holder Jenny Rosales and UAAP Bronze medalist Neslee Angco both of UE, opened their seasons, winning heat 1 and heat 2 of the 400m in 1m00.0 and 1m01.0.

NCAA Champion Rey Aldrin of JRU had the fastest time in the 400m Mens of 50.3.


PATAFA Weekly Relay Week 2 (July 20), (Amended Results Attached)


  • As per week one, athletes with wrong bibs or wrong age categories are again disqualified from results.
  • Some fixes with names added.
  • Athletes with no BIB but declared during the meet get performance but no points.
  • Notes in Red
  • Note Fuentes leaped 7.11m but had 4 jumps; we won’t count this for po, ints, but we will note it as a performance.
  • Again just hand timing, no wind gauge was used.
  • New National and National Junior Record EJ Obiena 5.01m

Weekly Relays 27th July: Invitational Lists 200M

July 24, 2014

*We Will be using Electronic Time Keeping and wind gauge


Weekly Relays Week 3 Report (July 27)

Ernest John Obiena again broke the Philippine National and National Junior Record in the Pole Vault. Obiena, who had recorded 5.01m last week, sailed over the bar at 5.05m before missing near attempts at 5.10m. Obiena’s performance would have qualified him for the World Juniors had it been done 20 days earlier.

Ernest Obiena
Jeanette Obiena getting used to measuring new national records every week.


Obiena ranks third in South East Asia behind Kreetha of Thailand (5.15m) and Iskandar Alwi of Malaysia (5.15m), the South East Asian gold and silver medalists from 2013.

Obiena proves that we can do national Records and good performances at home. His performances outshone all 20 athletes in the contingent who participated at the Vietnam National Open in Ho Chi Minh.

Pearnel Lobos won the invitational men’s 200m in 22.6 seconds, with the three big names Lopena, Noval, and Jose Unso, failing to show up.  Jenny Rose Rosales won the women’s 200m invitational in 26.9 seconds.

Good participation in the women’s steeplechase. Photo Credits: University of Diliman Athletics Team


Cynthia Jaro, who tried Steeple Chase for the first time, won the event at 12:15.

While in the 800m, Rudyfer Hernandez of JRU held off Michael Abanador of FEU with both runners timing  1:56.

As well as the unexpected absence of electronic timekeepers.

We also noted that very few national athletes participated in this meeting.

With the National Open Championships scheduled for November 27-30, it’s questionable which meets those not bound for Asian Games will use to get ready.




Weekly Relays Week 4 (Aug 3) Invitational 100m Mens and Womens

  • *The listed runners ‘Only’ will run in the first heat of their age category. If they perform exceptional performances, Juniors and Youths will sometimes be invited to join the open race.
  • If athletes do not show up, the lanes will be left empty. We will invite no one else to the event without the discretion of meet management.
  • If non-invited athletes refuse to vacate the first heat, the invitational runners will move back to the second heat without the non-invited athletes.
  • Athletes, please confirm availability by Friday, or. we will redraw lanes.

100m Invite on July 13 Week 1

  1. Anfernee Lopena 10.6
  2. Jose Unso 11.2
  3. Gabriel Soriano 11.2
  1. Honey Joy Ortaliz 12.7
  2. Maureen Emily Schrijvers 13.0
  3. Trisha Monsod 13.2

2014 Weekly Relays August

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